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Getting Pregnant ...

Any bulls wanna get to know us and own a young white couple we are looking. She is fine with unprotected sex and Id be happy to raise a black baby. This is my fiance Rachel...we are both ready for black ownership. We love big black guys dominating us and following their orders.
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Any man who can become your Master...deserves to be called " daddy "
It never happened with any of my ex-s but there was atleast one bull my ex-wife and I secretly discussed allowing to get her pregnant because she was so in love with him and she wanted selfishly to give him an excuse to be a lifetime part of our lives. It never happened but I would later encourage no pill and bareback only for regular lovers. The pill was always there but my dream is to have children then find the right woman to have atleast one live in lover she falls for and we get pregant and them being a part of our lives on and off. The times ive discussed this the timing wasnt right but once when out we saw a very young pretty very pregnant white girl talking over lunch with a much younger african student. We speculated they were a couple and it was his baby, they werent together you could tell but she was attracted to him you could atleast tell that. It gave us the idea to sign up to house an african exchange student at our place one day and her seduce him. It never occured because we divorced before that (unrelated to this lifestyle) but that stuck with me and i still would do that. Currently just met a younger pretty blonde who discussed adopting a african baby and dated a guy from atlanta. If I find he was black ill encourage her to cuckold me eventually if we work out..if she is open to adoption she may be open to having a black baby with a lover..She is southern, pretty, blonde and to see her breast feeding our new baby infront of me and her lover and then handing the baby to me while they go into another room to fuck while im holding the infant beside them or in the crib beside our marital bed and me serving them would be heaven. her telling him how beautiful their baby is and how good it feels to breastfeed it and how he is a member of the family and he can have her whenever he wants now..me thanking him and encouraging him to cum inside my wife with his superior cock and how much we both want him to come over regularly and be a part of the family and meet everyone and trading keys with him in case she needs to be with him in his bed. Even better if the pregnancy attempt is announced and timed for her cycle with me aiding and servicing them breeding by fluffing him, holding her legs open, putting him inside her and enouraging them to fuck deeper and licking her legs and toes with him announcing before he comes inside her so I can feel him thrust and cum inside her and be a part with them in conceiving, being available all night and day while she is obvulating to make the breeding sessions more pleasant, wiping them down, bringing them food, dressing them and bringing them food so they can lay down or stay naked around the house and mate, covering tables and having blankets on the floor and couch in case they want to mate spontaneously in the house at leasure. My ex wife enjoyed walking around nude and at unannounced and inapprorpriate times letting her lover take her infront of me while eating or talking or watching tv as a way to show him how dominate he was with us and that I didnt matter as much as their sexual needs when he was around he was the boss.