Getting her to go there...

My GF is really turned on by cuckold fantasies and forced-bi. She gets off telling me all the things she is going to do to me, but she'd not comfortable actually doing them. Any thoughts on helping her? How long have those of you in relationships found it takes to go from fantasy to reality?


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Have you done anything to let her know if you are actually willing to do this or not?
Her reluctance may be that she is afraid of ruining your relationship if she tries to make fantasy a reality.

Of course, it could also be that she doesn't have a desire to do this for real and just enjoys teasing you with the fantasy.

Either way, the first step is serious open, honest communication.
Then you need to work on having serious open, honest communication and make sure that you do everything you can to reinforce that no matter what, you love her and want her to be happy.

After that it's easy, you just try doing whatever she decides she wants to do, make sure she knows you love her and are behind her 100% and have serious, open honest communication.

See, it's simple! :D


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Any thoughts on helping her? How long have those of you in relationships found it takes to go from fantasy to reality?
kinkywaves ... it'd help if we had some background on what the 2 of you have done thus far, sexually. Have the 2 of you ever included another man in your sexual activities? Or are the 2 of you at ground zero ... still talking about doing it? A lot of times the likelihood of fulfilling a sexual fantasy, with a reluctant spouse, depends on how you go about it. I've found, with my wife, that the direct approach usually works with her, but that's not been the case with most females I've had relationships with in the past.

Just reading the limited information you posted, I'd say your wife sees you as a sissyboi type ... that's why she's teasing you. Her subconscious is speaking for her. I say this because you, yourself, are indicating you, yourself, WANT her to fulfill her teasing; you WANT this for yourself, not for her. If you're going to become a full fledged "sissyboi" you got to fulfill all the parts of it ... here's my suggestion:

The 2 of you should arrange a 3-some (MMF) with another male, then show her that you're ok with watching her fuck another man in front of you ... take the "sub" responsibilities ... open her legs, spread her labias, and invite her lucky bull male to fuck her ... HARD! If you think it's appropriate with the selected bull, as you spread her labias and he takes the position ... take his cock and guide it into her pussy. Then as he fucks her, tell HIM how much better he's fucking her than you do. Encourage him to fill her with his seeds, and once he's through, eat her pussy and clean up the creampie he's left you. You might even offer to clean his dick if he so chooses. But for sure ... you follow HIS instructions ... you only make offers to assist.

I believe after all this, your wife will be amazed, and your life as a sissycuckboi will be well on its way. ;)
PS ... hope you know what you're asking for, because your marriage & relationship with her will be changed forever ... no going back. You'll either live the life of her sissycuckyboi or the 2 of you will split up, eventually.
Hey guys, thanks for the reply. I probably should have provided a bit more info. We aren't married. GF at this point with long term potential. No play with others. She really gets off on the fantasy though. I have eaten my cum out of her. She is pretty happy with our sex life. We went at it for about 3.5 hours last night. Her being dominant toward me keeps me hard and fucking her, which she really likes. Neither of us would ever be sub to a guy. I'd do it for her, but that's it. It's interesting that most of the posters who get turned on by this seem to be poor in bed. I never got that part. For me it's being sub to her.