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getting filmed


Sweet & Cordial
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Not long after my wife & I got married (in our wilder days) we did a vhs of us over a 3 day period, to look like we were having non-stop sex. We made sure we got back into our exact positions we were in after having had our last sex, and we were even detailed on the lighting. It worked out quite well ... me having a half dozen or so consecutive orgasms, etc. But, years later, we now value the video, which I've since copied to dvd, because of our youthful ages then versus how we look now. Only thing we worry about is that one of our kids finding it, so we keep it locked away in our safe these days.
Still, I get a kick out of looking at my wife when she was a petite, size 2 in her early 20's ... before family life consumed us. :( Mac