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German Actress Fired For Having Sex With Black Man


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Politicians where ever they may all tend to be hypocrites. The political party fired her because she fucked a black man. The head of the political party that fired her was watching porn and saw her. Apparently he gets off on IR sex as long as it doesn't involve a spokesperson that they use.

Not a Myth

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This girl was Banging black guys long before she became a porn star and might be still on the side.
She obviously does not hate herself since she was trying to help save her native Germans the only way she new how.
She mostly grew up in a big city there were in many naborhoods were Germans are half or less of the population now and relized she needed to do something.

You all need to realize that many of these parties are not about "hating" at there core. Sure you got you loud mouths who say stupid stuff that is not helping there cause, but most of them see no other way to save there peoples from slow genocide by mass immigration.
There about preserving the native German, Russian, British, ect peoples of those countries.

Since whites are only 8-9% of the world population and northern Europeans only make up 2-4% Blondes and red heads, they have a point. They are not the Chinese or Indians they can't afford open boarders.

People have to realize if you want to preserve Human bio diversity, then you have to have countries or states were they are the vast majority and are not in threat of being genocide weather by a military, government or a slow breeding out.

The only people I know who are for white folks being breed out are sick in the head and need professional help.
Usually I find them to be self hating white people who support genocide, self hate is a terrible mental disease. Self hate makes people look ugly and repulsive.

I am not talk about the fantasy roll play on here, I am talking about real people who really hate themselves.

All my black buddies that I served with in the military are horrified at the idea of no more Blonde women in a couple of generations. I think you know why.
Human bio-diversity is as import to survival of humans as it is for birds, as the great Muhammad Ali said himself.

Lol, your reason to justify this bullshit are ridiculous since blacks in Germany make less the 1% of the population, and your suggesting that they are all on a mission to 'breed out the white race' which the most ridiculous propaganda I've ever heard. They're just trying to get on with their lives just like everyone else.