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So how many husbands out there like seeing and fucking their wives gapping pussy after her bull is finished with it? I do lets me see how well he fucked and just how much he enjoyed her pussy.
All I can think of when I see a gaped pussy (courtesy of a BBC), is immediately sticking my hard little pink dick inside of her stretched and creamy hole. Can't even call it a fucking, as I'd probably not feel the least bit of friction, and I'd cum immediately. I'm sure my wife would laugh and tell her bull that that's one of the many reasons why she needs him. The bull, I'm sure, would enjoy a good laugh along with her, before telling me to get my mouth down there and clean up the mess. Pathetic thing is, I'd find it to be the best 'fuck' (if you can call it that) I'd ever had


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The first time my wife and I had sex was just a couple hours after she had sex with her x-BF. He was my roommate for 2 years in school and had dated my now-wife for a year. She and I were friends long before we ever had sex; probably the reason our marriage is strong is because we did have all that extra time to form a friendship, first. Anyways, I'd lay awake some nights hearing my roommate pounding my future wife's pussy and I was so envious. Then he broke up with her, she came to me for a shoulder to cry on, and we ended up in the sack. She initially resisted, telling me she'd had sex earlier, but I was determined to get into her pussy. She relented, and it was my intro and first experience with creampies; I wasn't disappointed, and I liked it. There's absolutely no feeling quite like a pussy that has recently had a larger cock inside it, and is holding the nectar of another man inside it.

Anyways, that was almost 20 years ago and we're still going strong. :)
While Pam was a virgin when we married, it took almost eight years to get her to try some strange cock, and as luck would have it was a massively big black cock, slightly over 11 inches and very very thick. Funny but the pleasure of blackening Pam went to an old university friend and roommate of mine, Edwin! Edwin and Pam screwed each other all night and into the break of dawn, consequently I didn't get the opportunity to get into her at that time. I did however, if I recall correctly, on the fourth night of their escapade, just after Edwin unloaded into Pam for the third or fourth time that evening, he received a LD call from his twin brother, Eduard who was in Paris at the time. The call became somewhat lengthy and Edwin excused himself and went out and sat on the patio to continue the conversation. Pam was far from sataited, playing coyishly with herself, suggested I chew pussy. I wasn't about to do that but I wasn't about to let my nice errection go to waste. Like you MacFries, I wasn't in her but seconds and the feel of her wetness combined with Edwin's hot cum was more than I anticipated, I had the greatest orgasm imaginable! Pam laughed as I, for whatever reason, rushed to the bathroom to clean up before Edwin came back in off the patio. I returned several minutes later and Edwin was between Pam's leg as eating her pussy like a hungry wolf would eat a morsel of rabbit! We haven't told him what happened prior to his return to the attention of Pam to this day! Lol
So how many husbands out there like seeing and fucking their wives gapping pussy after her bull is finished with it? I do lets me see how well he fucked and just how much he enjoyed her pussy.
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