Gang Girl Pimped

Chapter 1: Ranchero Night

I was still sleeping when I heard a loud knock on the door. It was Maria, my neighbor...also the gang mom for the local street gang, The Black Rag Gangstas. She was Mexican but had been running with the black street gang for years. Her husband had been a cop, but he got busted for dealing dope. He did time in Folsom but left her when he paroled out. I opened the door, and she invited herself in. She was in her 50s but looked like 70. Chain smoking and heavy drinking did that to her. She sat down and lit one up, while I hunted for her ash tray. She got right to the point.

"Emma, I need you and your friend Rosie at my house for a party Friday night. You know, the usual deal. By the way, I'll have a cup of coffee with you while I'm here. We can visit like girlfriends." She thought that was extremely funny.

I went to the kitchen and started the coffee while Maria smoked and hacked in my living room. The usual deal was that every couple of weeks she loaded her house up with the young women in the neighborhood for her gang's block parties and pimped us out to the illegals, neighborhood laborers, and small businessmen who were looking for some fun. We were always supposed to get half, but that usually ended up being about a third of what the men paid for us. In addition, were expected to give "freebies" to the gang members. I didn't have much choice in the matter, and neither did Rosie.

Our world changed drastically last year. We had been freelancing with our own escort service, and doing well. One night we got a call from one of our regulars, a Mexican guy who owned a couple of barber shops. He told us he had a friend with him at a motel, and he wanted us for the night. When we got there, he was there, and so were 8 members of the Black Rag Gangstas, the black street gang that ruled the south side. Our customer excused himself, apologizing as he left. Rosie told the gangsters that we were outta there too, but when we turned to leave, a 300 pound, shaved head, tatted up Gangsta had blocked the door.

Rosie started "mother fucking" the fat guy, ordering him to move, and he responded by dropping her with a solid punch to the stomach. We were both stripped naked, and for the next several hours the Gang fucked and sodomized us repeatedly and forced us into other acts of degradation. When they finished, they called Maria to the room. She arrived with her daughter Berna.

The two women inspected us like cattle. Satisfied we were what she was looking for, Maria got right to the point. She told us the Gang controlled all prostitution on the south side, and by working on our own, we were stealing from her. She informed us we were now working at her massage parlor one night a week to pay back the money we stole. In addition, we would have to give her our cell phone, and she was taking over our business. She would keep sixty percent of the money we got until we repaid what we owed her. Then it would be a fifty-fifty split. Rosie started to object, but Maria cut her off. She produced a photograph of Rosie walking her little boy to school and made it clear we had no say in how things were going to be run from here on in.

I brought Maria her coffee and sat down with her on the sofa. After a little forced small talk I asked her about the party. She was intentionally vague only emphasizing that she wanted us at her house by seven o'clock, and we would be driving somewhere.

I asked, "Well, what do you want us to wear...the usual?"

Maria laughed, "No, you girls save your little black hooker dresses for some other time. We are doing something special with all of you this time. VIP coming...Big Home Boy from state prison. Just dress normal, and do your hair and makeup before you come over...I want red nail polish on your fingers and toes and bright red lipstick...we gonna surprise you."

As she was headed for the door, and she made a sarcastic remark about me making good coffee, and that I could probably do that for a job when I couldn't peddle my ass any more. All I could do was mutter, "Asshole," as I watched her drive off.

I called my friend Rosie and laid out the plan for Friday. We spent about an hour on the phone talking about ways to get back at Maria and her gang. Rosie absolutely hated her but was totally intimidated because of her kids. She was hot tempered and tough, and I knew that she would someday have her revenge on this bitch. Rosie and I were Filipina girls from Southern California. We had been friends since high school and hooked up with Mexican guys from the Barrio who were in the Navy. That's how we ended up here in her neighborhood. My husband dumped me shortly after we married, and he ended up robbing a bank and shooting someone. He's doing 25 to life, and we were now divorced. Rosie's husband was murdered during a drug deal. Neither one of these guys was in good standing with any of the local street gangs, so Rosie and I were both fair game after they were gone.

Friday night arrived, and we reported to Maria's house as ordered, and from there, she drove us to her ranchero, a small farm with a big party house out in the desert. We were expected to help her set up. Once that was done she took us into the master bedroom and tossed a bunch of black g-strings on the bed. Okay whores, pick out your undies. Each had twin red cherries with stems embroidered on the genital covering. The two cherries were a sarcastic reference to our two sex holes being "virginal." If a girl came to the gang's attention and got deflowered by the Gangstas she got the two cherries tattooed on her butt. "

Berna passed out the short robes she wanted us to wear, some were green, some red, and some white,...colors of the Mexican flag. "Okay ladies, get undressed and let's see how these fit. No bras tonight, and leave the sashes loose...let those titties bounce. You'll all be barefooted jewelry except for you anklets." The anklets were 14k gold with the word "Gangsta" linked into the chain. A small gorilla pendant hung from the chain...that was the Gangsta mascot, a silver back gorilla. We always wore these whenever we did a gang function.

When we were naked, Rosie and I actually got a compliment from Berna who told the other girls to look at our nice tight little bodies. We were both in excellent physical condition and had worked out hard together for most of our adult lives. Rosie was a little taller than me, but we were built the same, small titties, "black girl butts," and a tiny waist. Like a lot of girls from the Philippines, we had tight little nipples that puckered up at the slightest Hershey Kisses. we both enjoyed going a lot of attention, especially on a cool breezy day. When Rosie dropped her shorts and took off her underpants, I saw her tattoo. Each of us "Gang Girls" had one on our ass, an African shield colored red, green, and black, over a pair of crossed spears. In addition, we had small silver back gorillas tattooed on our necks just below the ear, and on our ankles. These "brands" marked us as gang property for life.

I stood next to Rosie as we prepared. There were only ten other girls besides us. This meant we were going to be servicing a lot of men, but we should make some money. Two were new. They looked like they were 18 or 19 years old, and seemed nervous. I went over and stood between them. "You just watch me, I'll show you what to do and how to act. I've done this a few times."

The girls smiled at me, the tall girl, Debbie, said, "Thank you Emma. We are really nervous. We both partied with the homies, but this is the first time with the "Farmeros."

"Yeah, well they are not so bad. These Mexicans from Mexico have been away from their wives in for quite a while. They will be very appreciative of whatever you do for them. The guys whose wives are up here come to see us because their wives don't turn them on anymore. Maybe you can show them some tricks to take home with them."

I pulled my new g-string on, and it barely covered my pubic hair. Once I got out there and started moving around, I was going to show hair. I'm very petite, and I saw that some of the bigger girls were having a lot more trouble than me covering it up. We all put on our robes, and Berna and Maria came in to give us a final pre-flight check before showtime.

Naturally, they focused on me. "Just look at you puta, that cute "grinning gash" pussy looks like it's trying to break out of there." Berna laughed at her own joke, and Maria put her hand between my legs and squeezed me. "Momma, I bet the 'Big Homie' is going to want this one. She's got that juicy whore's cunt. She ran her fingers through my hair and gave my face a soft little tap, "Very pretty too."

Maria smiled, "No. He'll want a new girl. That puta has had too many dicks in her, and you can see it in her face. You girls need to know that the Big Homie is here tonight. He's the gang shot caller, real Black Guerrilla Family dude who just got out on parole. He has been in lockdown for 20 years and hasn't had a woman in all that time. Whoever fucks him better do it like your ass is on fire."

I asked her what he looked like, so we would know, and she just said, "You'll be able to pick him out Stupida...he ain't Mexican."

We could hear the house starting to fill up, loud talk, laughter, the sound of glasses clinking and bottles opening, and the music. They played Tejano music...had a beat like a polka and all lyrics were in Spanish. Berna told Maria to listen for her signal and then send us out.

Berna continued the briefing, "Okay, we are going to try something new tonight."

She passed out white garters to each of us, and explained, "These are for your dancing changes in the money. If you let someone play with your tits or put his hand between you legs for a feel, that's two dollars. A mini lap dance costs $10, and you only grind his cock long enough to let him suck your nipples, play with your ass and pussy a little, then get off. The homies will be watching and will help you if one of the pendejos won't let you go. Don't slap anyone. We'll take care of the situation. When I tell you, you all run out into the living room and form a circle moving and dancing around the coffee table. That has been draped with pillows and quilts in case we decide to do some lesbian shows. You dance around, shaking your tits and asses and those little money makers between your legs. Think sexy, be dirty, nasty little whores, and make them want to fuck you. Momma has spent a lot,of money on this show tonight, and she wants you to get it all back for her with a nice profit. Remember, she makes money, you make money.

We waited for our cue, and I looked at the some of other girls for the first time. I knew most of them. Tammy, the white girl was there. Her's was a fucked up story. She was a redhead in her early forties, still very attractive, and had been a paralegal working for one of the gang's lawyers. She started hanging with the Gangstas, and they ended up suckering her into trying to smuggle dope to them in one of the prisons. She got caught with a condom full of heroin in her cunt. Rumor had it she had been set up by a girl who was jealous of her. She ended up doing two years, her husband divorced her and took her kids, and the gang held her responsible for losing their dope. She now worked full time for Maria at the massage parlor. The Mexicans really liked her red bush...something different.

Finally Maria told us to go, and we ran down the hallway and into the living room. A cheer went up from the men as we entered. there must have been over 200 of them jammed into the house...about half were seated on folding chairs, and the rest were standing. The room was pretty big, but with that many, it was pretty crowded and stuffy. The air was thick with marijuana smoke, and as I started my dance, I quickly spotted the guest of honor. He was seated by himself on a loveseat...shaved head, bandana, and a black tank top. He was heavily tattooed, very muscular, and he was flanked by two bodyguards. He had an air of power, and importance about one word from him and someone was dead. I circled the coffee table a couple times, stopping to accept a couple of groping tips. The first guy liked my nipples, and gave them a painful roll between his thumb and fingers. A lot of these guys were hard workers, and their hands were heavily calloused. The feeling of that rough skin on my breasts was kind of a turn on.

The second guy went right for my cunt. He slipped his money into the garter and then put his big hand between my legs. He knew nothing about how to touch a girl, and it felt awful. I pulled away thinking about his poor wife if he had one. Next, I moved to the VIP and stopped in front of him. I gave him a private dance for about a minute before he gestured to me to move to his lap.

I straddled him, feeling his erection, and I offered him my tits. He sucked each nipple, and played with my ass while I grinded on him. After a couple minutes, he tapped me on the hip and said, "I'll see you later. Go make some money for the Hermana now...give some of your girlfriends a chance to entertain me."

I continued to make the rounds, and I was making a little money. I gave ten lap dances and made about another 40 or 50 dollars from the guys who felt me up. Maria was already sending the girls off to the guest rooms to have sex with the men. I saw a couple of my lapdance customers negotiating for me, but Maria was shaking her head, "No." The real money was made by fucking the guests, but she was obviously saving me. Maria charged $100 for a blow job and a fuck. Anal sex was $200, and all of us did that. It was not an option. By now most of the girls were off fucking, and the new girl Linda and I were the only ones still left dancing. Maria got on the microphone, "Okay vatos, who wants to see these two lesbianas fuck each other?"

A loud cheer went up, and Maria made eye contact with me. That look from her told me to strip down and get on the coffee table with Linda. I was nude in a couple of seconds, but Linda just stood there, with a kind of shocked look on her face.

I went over to her and helped her out of her robe, caressing her breasts as I did so. She was small like me, but had big tits, with fleshy pink nipples. I whispered in her ear, "have you ever been with a girl before?"

Linda looked into my eyes replying, "No. I don't know what to do."

I told her I was going to help her out of her g-string and then I would help her lay down on the coffee table. I said, "Linda, just let me do what I need to do. Relax and try to enjoy it. I'm going to lick your pussy. Act like you're into it, and I hope you like it. At some point I'm going to put my pussy in your face. If you want to eat me, that's cool, but if you don't, just pretend. They can't see, and I'll act you're driving me wild. By the way, this is where we can earn. These guys will be throwing money at us if they like our action, and we get half the take.

I undressed Linda and led her to,the table, laying her down gently. I held her ankles and opened her wide, while moving my ass to the music. I leaned down to her and whispered, "Play with your tits." Linda cupped her breasts and raised her hips as something of an invitation. I kissed the soles of her feet, sucked her big toes briefly and then moved to her vagina. I began by placing little nips and kisses all around her genitals. When she began to respond, I licked her from anus to clit several times before pushing my tongue into her. She was aroused and moaning. I could feel her feet on my back, and our audience was liking what they saw. I rose to my knees while I licked her, exposing my cunt and anus to the crowd. I started to feel the dollar bills hitting my ass...the guys would crush them up into spit balls and aim them at our asses. I caught a glimpse of Maria while I was eating her, and she signaled she wanted to see us go 69. I reversed my body on the table and lowered my ass toward Linda's mouth. Surprisingly, she began licking my pussy with no hesitation. She found my clit and worked it with her need to act on my girl knows how to pleasure another. The money kept coming in when Maria came to the table and knelt down beside me. She handed me a large dildo that had been fitted onto a mouth piece, like one a boxer would wear. It was thick and black, about 9 inches long, and she put it in my mouth, "Fuck her with this," she said.

Maria had coated the dildo with KY jelly, so I was able to enter Linda easily. I began to mouth fuck her, getting deep into her to the point my nose was touching her asshole with each thrust. I was holding her open while I fucked her by trapping her thighs with my arms, and she was kicking her little feet and curling her toes spastically. She was a good fuck and was going to be making some money for the gang.

I continued to give it to her when I felt a cocklike tip pressing against my hole. With a long single thrust, Linda pushed her dildo into me. Our audience let out a united, "Ole!" as I screamed out in surprise. We continued fucking each other, and suddenly an orgasm started to envelop me. I collapsed on top of Linda as the contractions of my climax enveloped me. For some reason, Linda started finger fucking my ass, and the men went wild, shouting about my "culo." Shortly after I came, I felt Linda's orgasm. Her's was intense, and it took all of my strength to hold her legs as she kicked frantically. Well spent, we just lay there for a minute or two. The money was still coming in, and I could see several men bidding for us with Maria.

Maria had picked up all our money and sent Linda off to one of the guest rooms with her first client. I knew him. He ran a taco shop with his wife. He was a good tipper, nothing weird, and the perfect first customer for my new friend. For me, as I figured, she took me by the arm and led me to the VIP.

I had picked up my robe and g-string, but Maria took them from me, "Stupida, you are not going to dinner with this man. You stay naked for the rest,of the night."

Maria gave me over to the Big Homie saying, "Okay Big John, here is your homecoming present. Her name is Emma, always horney, and she will take care of you tonight."

Big John took me by the hand, to Maria's Master bedroom. I went to the bed and turned it down, laying down. Neither one of us said anything. He dimmed the light and undressed. It seemed that every inch of his lean muscular body was covered with prison ink, but the one that caught my attention was the BGF on the right side of his chest. That tattoo said it all. He was the real thing.

He took off his underwear, and he was already rock least 10 hard inches of thick, uncut gangster dick and balls. He moved toward the bed, and I sat up, reaching for his cock. He let me touch him, and I stroked his manhood a couple times before he held me by the back of my neck. He wanted me to suck it. I went to my knees on the bed, and took him into my mouth. I hit that spot underneath his glans with my tongue, and soon had him moaning. After a couple of minutes, he got into bed with me, laying on his back as I pleasured him. I licked that cock, sucked that cock, used my long hair and tits on that cock, and the whole time I held his testicles in my hand, massaging them. They were the size of hen's eggs...all man.

I was giving him one of my best blow jobs, and was about to straddle him for a fuck when he began to ejaculate...just a couple of drops at first but then the flood came in an eruption that blasted the back of my throat. He just kept spurting, and I kept swallowing, eager to get it all. I continued to suck him after he came, making sure he was dry before I released him. He let out a long sigh, and I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and use a mouth wash (Maria knew to have someone put my hooker kit in her bathroom. I carried everything I needed, Hermes toilet water, deodorant wipes, condoms, anal lube and KY jelly, a disposable razor, and my toys.).

I returned to the bed and went right for his cock, "let me see if we can get this hard again. I want you inside of me tonight."

Big John laughed, "Okay girl, use your magic tongue on me. You gotta good mouth."

I laughed, "Yeah I do, but check this out." I knelt next to him and started dragging my nipples across his penis and testicles, kissing his cock and giving it little bites. I positioned my self so he could enjoy my ass while I tried to get him hard for round two, and he got the message. He started finger fucking me, and suddenly without warning he pushed it into my anus. I gave out a little yelp, and he laughed.

"Woman, do you like to have your ass fucked?"

I knew this was coming. Alot of these prison guys get into assfucking the punk inmates. They are certainly not gay, but it's more of a power thing while they are in there, and some of the effeminate inmates are pimped. They also use it to punish. I had an answer ready for him though.

"My job is to give you pleasure. If you want my ass, it's yours anytime you please. But I'm small back there, so please go slow."

That was pretty much a lie. A girl like me is well versed in anal sex. None of us prefer it to vaginal fucking though, so when we have to do,it, the trick is to make the man feel powerful. He will come a lot faster if he thinks he's dominating and hurting you.

Big John bought it. "Okay Mija, I must have your ass, and we have to do this, but I will be gentle."

He was hard again in a couple of minutes, so I lay on my back as he entered me missionary style. His cock felt really good. He had a big head on it that was rubbing my G-spot just right. I held him tightly, digging my heels into his ass while he thrust that convict cock deep inside of me. We came together, and he flooded me again. Usually a guy doesn't shoot that much the second time coming, but this guy was something else...all that time in prison maybe.

He held me close, and I tried to kiss him, but he turned away. I should have known better. It was a Guy thing. These guys won't kiss a whore on the mouth, and they will never eat your pussy. If anyone ever found out they had done that, it would be seen as a sign of weakness at best.

I confined myself to playing with his cock, and when I had him hard for the third go around, I knew it was time to give up my ass. Without being told, I handed him a tube of anal lube, and I assumed the position on all fours, head down, ass up. It was show time.

He began by fucking my pussy for a few strokes. While he did me like that, he massaged my anus with the lubricant, putting dab after dab on me, and pushing it into me with his finger. Once he had enough of my pussy, he pulled it out of me and began finger fucking my ass with his long fat index finger. I went into my act, whimpering with each penetration. After he had my ass greased up to his liking, he coated his dick with the stuff and positioned himself behind me. I felt the tip of his cock against my anus, and prepared myself. With a long slow steady stroke, he pushed himself into me. I screamed, half for real, half faking, and began to time his fucking. The guy who taught me how to fuck with my ass told me to try to push him out when he's pushing in. That relaxes the anal sphincter muscle, and for me, if the guy's not too big, six inches or less, it can actually be quite pleasant. But with a guy like Big John and those extra inches, there was no getting around it. This was going to be a bit uncomfortable.

He fucked me about as gently as he could, and used his hands on my tits and clit in a way that gave me just the right measure of pleasure and pain, occasionally giving me a good slap on the ass. I still made sure to shriek each time his cock went deep into my ass, but this was almost tolerable. That changed when he started to come. Again, he filled me up with his seeds, and then he was through.

He got off while I lay there involuntarily farting to expel the air he had pumped into me. "You gotta nice ass Mija, I loved the way you can take it for a small girl. I'm finished with you for now, so get back to work...make us some money. Maria was waiting at the door.

"About time little puta. I could hear your haughty ass getting it good from that guy. Bend over, let me check the damage."

I bent over and spread my ass cheeks letting her see me. Maria laughed, "Wow little girl, he stretched your ass good. Don't worry, you'll be okay. Get over to the guest rooms. Bunch of paying customers are waiting for you. They liked your act with Linda. We are going to make some money with that. You did a good job tonight my favorite little puta."

I went to the guest room area. These were four small bedrooms. Each of them had been configured with temporary walls, which turned them into 8 fuck rooms. Each had a bare, sperm and sweat stained mattress and box spring on the floor. In the corner there was a small portable wash basin and a stack of clean towels and sheets. After each fuck, we were supposed to change the sheet, douche, wash, and brush our teeth. The clientele were required to wear rubbers which often ended up on the floor requiring us to handle the disgusting things, but even so, Maria wanted us fresh and clean for every man.

Still nude, I made my way to my usual room. Several of my regulars and a lot of new guys were waiting for me. This was going to be a long night. I smiled and took the first guy by the hand and led him in. I put a fresh white sheet on the bed and lay down while my man got undressed. He was a new guy, and I always curious about seeing a guy's cock for the first time, and it was how I remembered them...long and thin, short and fat, circumsized and natural, dark, light, pink, and then there were the monster cocks...the kind I dreamt about. Sometimes I wondered how they got that big. I loved playing with those, but intercourse was always a challenge. Most of these "big" guys were pretty good about trying to be gentle with the girl, but every once in a while I would get a bastardo.

I suspected this new guy was going to be packing big meat, and I was right. As he dropped his drawers, I let out a long sigh, he was huge. When he was nude, he sat down beside me on the bed and snorted cocaine. He offered me a couple lines, and I took him up on it. It was good coke, and before I knew it, I was all over his cock. He was a pussy eater too, but when he got into me with that big tongue, I think he realized that someone else had been in there very recently. I felt like telling him, "dude, I washed it for you." anyway, he gave me a quick fuck and then left...just as well, people were waiting.

By the time we were through, I had service 12 men not counting Big John. He was the only one who took me anally, but I was still pretty worn out, and my pussy was aching. I took pride in my work, and knew these were not rich guys. I wanted to give them a good experience, and I wanted them to look for me the next time too.

Chapter 2: Class Pictures

The next day Rosie showed up at my door about 3:00 pm. She had called earlier and woke me up because Maria wanted us to come to her house, ready to work. I was exhausted from last night's party, but I did well for once. Big John had given Maria a $100 tip for me, and with what I got from the others, I came home with over $800. I was still swollen and sore from the party. I serviced a lot of men, and I was pretty good at making them come fast, but I had taken a pretty good pounding. When I got home, I ran a tub full of hot water and bubble bath and just soaked for a couple hours.

We got to Maria's a little early and saw that a photographer was setting up his equipment. Some of the other girls were there along with the upper echelon gang members and Big John.

Maria gathered us all in the kitchen, "Girls, we are starting a new business venture, an escort service. You are the best girls, we think we can get more for you from a higher class clientele. We are going to advertise on-line and through word of mouth with our contacts in the hotels and night clubs. Today you are all getting your picture taken. We have a hair and makeup team here to get you ready. You are going to be getting portraits done for our websites and some nude shots for your business cards."

She produced a sample business card for a girl named Kitty. On the front of the card, Kitty was lying on her side, nude, leaning up on one elbow, and smiling. Her name and a toll free telephone number were embossed across the bottom. On the back of the card, Kitty was holding the same pose except she was showing her ass...cute.

Maria was checking me out, and said, "Okay, Emma, you first, go in there with the photographer." As I walked by her, she handed me a disposable razor, "Oh yeah, one other thing...I want all of you to shave you pussies...shave them clean. Big John's orders.

I went into the living room where the photographer was ready to shoot. I had done my own makeup, so his assistant just touched me up a bit, and I sat for a nice pretty mugshot for Maria's hooker book. I excused myself to go into the bathroom to shave, and Gracie, the photographer's assistant stopped me. She handed me a bottle of depilating cream and said, "Here, don't shave it, just use this. Rub it in, and let it do its magic...couple minutes hair all gone. Don't put any perfume or deodorant on there for at least a day. Try not to get any inside of you and don't use it all."

I had never used this stuff before, but I heard it worked good. I got undressed and applied just a little. It felt okay...was supposed to take a little time, but my hair came off in just a few seconds. I put on some more, and same thing. I was completely hairless in no time. Gracie came in and said, "Looks good...for a small girl, you sure do have a real woman's pussy."

I was always kind of embarrassed about my genitals. My inner labia were thick and prominent, extending well below the rest of my pussy. I spent a lot of time in the nude, and the guys always make comments about my pussy lips, and I'd get embarrassed. During oral sex, my lovers and clientele would like to suck on didn't really turn me on, but if they liked it, that was okay. Sometimes though, they would suck hard enough to make me pee. Whenever that happened, I would always fake an orgasm.

Gracie continued, "You should keep it bald all the time. I do, and my boyfriends love it. Let me have a look at your ass. That's always hardest to get."

Gracie dabbed me up a little more to get a few hairs I missed around my anus and then the told me to wash myself good. When I finished drying off, I went back into the living room and met the photographer. He was an older guy, a big man, and he reminded me of someone I had seen on television. He used a light meter or something and then explained what we were going to be doing. He had tacked a red bed sheet to the wall and pulled it out creating an angled back drop. We were going to use this setup for my business cards.

I got into position, and Gracie brushed my hair a little, getting it just right. The photographer began giving me direction. He told me to face away from him and kneel, "Okay, show me your ass...stick it out there, make me want to fuck you, show me your pussy, doggy style, reach all the way up with your arms, spread your legs further apart, and show me that asshole...make me want to fuck your ass."

At this point, he paused and told Gracie to put some glycerol on me. She came up behind me and whispered, "He wants your anus to look like it's been licked and fucked. I'm going to put some of this glycerol on you down there, and I have to put my finger up your ass. Just relax, it'll be okay."

I felt Gracie's wet finger as she massaged the oil onto my anus, and I jumped with a start when her finger entered me. When she finished the photographer again began to yap at me, "Show me that brown-eye, make me want it. Push it out now, try to fart."

I wiggled my ass and strained, winking my asshole at the camera, but I just couldn't fart. Finally, we were through with the back shots and I turned around to do the front. This was a lot easier. Gracie told me to play with my nipples to get them erect, and when they were hard, she applied the glycerol to them...making them glisten. I went through a lot of poses for him and whenever there was a break, he wanted me to play with myself to keep my pussy swollen and full looking.

I thought I was through, but Big John said, "No." I want some more of this one for my private collection... Over there on the couch. I went over and lay down on my side, trying to look pretty. He snapped a couple of pictures and then Big John said, "Okay Mija, on all fours, head down, ass up, like at my party."

I assumed the position with my legs spread as wide as I could,and he told me, "Now, look back and smile pretty, like you're going to have some fun with my dick in your ass."

I was way beyond humiliation by now, and I did as I was told without hesitation. Big John had one more task. He sent everyone out of the room except for the photographer and had me kneel before him. He dropped his trousers and had me take his flaccid cock in my mouth.

"Suck me hard Cunt."

I gave him head and felt his member grow inside my mouth as the camera clicked away. I made him come in less than 5 minutes, again choking on his load. I was rewarded with a pat on the cheek. "Okay, you're done. Get some clothes on."

I got dressed and started to leave, wondering..."how did things get so fucked up for me?"
Maria saw that I was on my way out and met me at the door, "Not so fast. You have to stay for the group photo, a surprise for El Jefe."

I was pissed, "Jesus fucking Christ," I thought...I had a good idea what this was going to be. I waited around for the other girls to finish their sessions and then Maria got us all together. After another coughing spell, she started in on us with her lecturey tone. "Okay girls, everyone get undressed. El Jefe is going to sit on the sofa, and all of you ladies are going to pose with him...kind of like haram slaves. Emma and Rosie, you two will be sitting beside him on the back of the sofa with you legs spread wide. Linda and Betsy you will lay on each side of him, facing the camera with you heads on his lap. You will make a figure four with you legs, so your cunts show. The rest of you whores are on the floor. We'll get you positioned just right when we start depending on what the photographer and El Jefe want.

After we were all naked again, Big John came out and he was surprised. "What's this?

Maria led him over to the sofa, and sat him down. "The girls wanted to give you a little something to remember this day by. Okay, girls, take your places."

Rosie and me, and Linda and Betsy got into position. The photographer wanted Rosie and me to be closer to Big John, so he moved us in by having us put our legs across the top of the sofa behind his head. I was closest and draped my leg behind his neck, dropping my foot down over his shoulder. I put my other foot on his thigh, and he held me behind my knee. Rosie moved in from her side putting her leg behind me. The other girls got moved around for the next few minutes, and then the photographer went to work with Gracie and Maria giving direction. He must have taken about 100 pictures by the time we finished...but there was one more humiliation. Big John decided he wanted pictures of us kneeling before him...ass shots.

We all gathered before him as he sat on the sofa. We knelt down, legs spread wide, asses out, and turned, smiling pretty for the camera. Then we assumed the submission position on our hands and knees...pretty girls begging for a buttfucking. One last shot was taken with all of us spreading our ass cheeks with our hands...careful not to obscure the Gangsta brand.


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