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Games people play

I love to play sex games. Games such as role playing, truth or dare, and fantasy fulfillment. For example Friday night my husband went over to a buddies house for some late night poker. I fell asleep around 2am and he was not home yet. I would awake in the morning to him teasing and kissing me. My favorite wake up call.

In the first few minutes he kissed his way around my body as he stripped me of my silk nightie. Then he gently kissed me as he subtly cuffed my hands to the bed frame. Once I was secure, he gave me one last deep kiss. Then with me laying naked cuffed to the bed, he said he hopped I would enjoy the day. Then he left.

A short while later the door opened and I heard someone coming up the stairs. I thought it was my husband, but quickly found it wasn't. It was one of his poker buddies. All he said was, I never thought he would pay up. After that he stripped down and spent the next hour or so using me. I sucked him, he sucked me, til finally he spread my legs and began stroking. After putting on a condom, he slid inside and pounded away. I was just about to cum when he filled his condom. I begged him to make me cum. He just left.

A short while later another of his poker buddies showed up and followed very similar to the first. I sucked, he sucked, then he teased a bit and finished in his condom. Only difference was he teased me after. He massaged and teased my chest. I love having my tits massaged and teased. He would leave shortly, but not after attaching a couple of rubber nipple clamps. As I lay there in waiting, my nipples got so hard.

I began fantasizing about what might happen next. I was getting so wet thinking about the possibilities. Then the door opened again. I waited to see who it might be next. I got quite a surprise. A large black man came into my room. I had never met him before so my pulse began racing. He simply walked to the side of the bed and stripped out of his cloths. Then he uncuffed me. He gently rolled me over onto my belly and he began one of the best massages I have ever had. Especially since he made sure his big black shaft rubbed against me as much as possible.

In no time I was begging him, he simply lifted my hips and slid in from behind. I could not believe how good it felt. After a few strokes he asked if I wanted more. I agreed and he grabbed my hips and thrust deeper. I groaned as he went to new places inside me. He pulled my hair gently to get better thrust inside. He then rolled me to my back and slid inside again. After a good long pounding, I felt a swelling and suddenly he thrust deep inside me and held me strong. He began cumming deep inside me. As he did, he thrust his hips against my clit. I arched my back and began gasping as my orgasm over took me.

I wouldn't wake up until my husband came in to the room. He began telling me how it all happened as he took his turn. It shocked me when he told me how he lost me in a bet the night before and could not wait to hear what they would do to me. I began telling him what they did as he began kissing and sucking my clit. It was the first cream pie he ever ate that wasn't his. I came several more times.

I love playing games and my husband knows it. I am wondering what other games people play and how they got started playing them. Share if you like.
I love it when my wife teases me. Not sure it's a specific game, but when she is in charge and doing what turns her on, our sex is so much more intense.

She is very conservative and it has taken some time to get her into a few things. Recently she was really horny and tied me to the bed. She teased for a while, then I got my shock. She stopped and got some toys out. She teased a bit more, but it was really surprised when she pulled out a toy I didn't even know we had. A huge black dildo. I lay there wondering what she was going to do with it when she started stroking herself with it. She never masterbates, never, but as part of the tease I had to lay there and watch her. It was incredible. I was rock hard as I watched her give herself her first orgasm.

She then climbed on top of me until I filled her. Then, as I was still tied up, she smiled as she slid forward and ordered me to suck her. I love cream pies, but she had never given me one, I always had to take it. As she worked towards her orgasm, she leaned back and slid her black dildo deep inside her lips. As I sucked her clit she would rock forward and back allowing the black cock to slide in and out. I could feel and taste the cum as she orgasmed on my face.

One of the best games we had ever played. Hoping for another round in the near future.