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My husband and I used to play a game occasionally where I would pick up a guy and bring him home for sex. We would time it so that we would have about fifteen minutes before my husband would arrive home from work. By then my "lover" and I would have been kissing, touching and making out a little but no sex. My husband would drive in the yard and I would pretend to panic telling my lover that my husband was home and that he would have to be quick and leave by the back door. It would be fun to watch him fumble as he tried to get his fly and his belt done up because I would usually play with their cocks while we kissed. My husband would come in the front door and we would have a good laugh about it and then share torrid sex. One afternoon I met a hot black guy and decided he would be a fun target for our game which I had prearranged with my husband. everything went as planned but around the time when my husband should have arrived he didn't and things were getting hotter by the minute until we reached the point where some good fucking was the only thing left to do. I didn't know what to do so I let him start to fuck me with his huge black dick. It was wonderful and I came very quickly but was worried about what my husband would say when he arrived to find things had gone a lot farther than they were supposed to. My black stud gave me the fucking of my life making me cum over and over again before he filled me with a huge wad of semen. I kissed him and said he better leave as my husband might arrive at any moment. I gave him my number and told him we would do this again. I was thinking again and again. About twenty minutes later my husband arrived to find me alone. He explained he had experienced car trouble and that's why he was late. In a worried tone of voice he asked what had gone on with our "mystery man". I didn't have the heart to tell him that I had just had the most incredible fucking of my wife so I just said I couldn't find a suitable stud so he didn't have to rush home anyway. Not sure if he believes me though as he still wanted to fuck me and he kept commenting on how swollen my pussy was. Oh well.