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I’ve been married to my wife for nine years and we go to several parties a year. Two years ago, I got turned on watching her talk and dance with other men. So, I started encouraging her to dress up and go out to a bar. I go and sit away from her to watch. The first time, I was shocked when she came down in a micro-mini skirt, nylons, heels, and low cut top. We took separate cars and she went to a bar frequented by black men. It only took few minutes before a big black stud started to hit on her. She ended up not getting home until nine the next day. She told me she wanted to do it again. She now wears her micro-mini outfit to stores and other places.
I like to set my wife up on dates with buddies of Mine They take her out to eat and they take her out to a move and then she brings them back home and I watch them have sex It is so hot