Fun times pt1

What is your favorite sensation while blindfolded.

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Walking into the room was always a surprise with my favorite couple. Her hands and ankles strapped to the bed, hands out the the side, blindfolded she laid there waiting. He looked at me and there was no need for words. I completely understood. It was time to make her writhe with pleasure with a very little pain. She knew I was there because He disappeared to open the door for me but she had no idea where I was. My eyes grew sharp as I surveyed her naked body. I had no idea what He had already done but my edge was creativity. He new I'd come up with something and she'd be left wondering blindfolded what it was I was using. I reached into my back pocket where I had a small business card holder and took out a business card. "Hmm" I thought to myself as a dragged the edge against my forearm to gauge the level of pain it would inflict. Perfect.

I took the card and placed the corner gently on her side just above her ribs. As He was on the other side kissing her, she knew I was starting but her head tilting to the side and her eye brows wrinkling in the middle told me she had no clue what I was using. I pressed the edge gently into her ribs and dragged the edge over them. She gasped and quickly drew in a breath. I smiled at him and he smiled back. Bingo! I dragged the edge of my card down the inside of her upper arm, and down her forearm. Her hand reached out fast almost catching me off guard. I tapped her on the nose with the card. She smiled at my gentle correction and complied relaxing her body. I noticed the beautiful little welt that plumped up on her ribs and arm. I began to wonder think "hmm... lets confuse her a little more." I took out another card and dragged one across her stomach wile the other was crossing her neck. Success, she had no idea where I was and her head tossed from side to side trying to figure it out while He worked her inner thigh with his flog. She let out small whimpers and we both knew what she wanted. She was craving a cock but would get none for now. The games had only just begun.

Her response was wonderful. She loved it when I dragged the card down her thigh. Using the corner I poked my way around her inner thigh. I could see her dripping wet while He picked up a bigger flog and went to work on her breasts. After teasing her thighs, arms, chest and neck, the clever little tool lost interest for me. However I noticed a glass of water that had condensation dripping down the side. Haha... toy # 2... To be continued...