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Fun loving Raleigh area white couple

Hey B2W,
We are a fun loving, down to earth white couple living near Raleigh, N.C. who enjoy exploring our life together. We are crazy in love with each other and we both love our sexuality. We embrace each others passions and desires and love to indulge in them. His cravings and desires revolve around sharing his babygirl with other good looking, well build, very well endowed dominant black men who can really show her the light of interracial relations. She loves W2W encounters, so ideally we would LOVE to find a cool ass interracial couple to become friends and more with. It is a very VERY long shot, but hey, it is worth putting it out there. Here we are:
She is 46
Stand 5'6" tall
weighs 145 pounds
beautiful blonde hair
amazing blue eyes
a sweet phat ass that just won't quit
sweetly shaved goodness between her thighs
She is bisexual, loves nice thick tools to indulge in, and craves to be taken by more than one man at a time

He is Daddy
Stands 6'1" tall
Weighs 230 pounds
Shaved head
Sexy hazel eyes
A nice and thick 8.5 cut inches
Usually locked up by her in his cock cage, key around her neck
Loves interracial sex, loves cuckolding, cream pies, and always wants to be present or a part of his babygirl's sexuality!