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After she agreed to sex with a black man my wife told me to make it worthwhile. She wanted an African King is she was going to give up her pussy. After some hunting around we met just the right man for the job. He arrived at our house around eight on the night we had chosen. He was everything she had demanded. He was handsome, and tall, at least 6'6" and very very fit. After the pleasantries had been exchanged, he asked what exactly we wanted and I explained that I wanted him to fuck my beautiful wife while I watched. With the task established we went up to our bedroom where I took up my position across the room in an easy chair and Jill and the black stud, having removed most of their clothes, moved onto the bed and began kissing and exploring each other's bodies. He soon had her bra off and was kissing and sucking her large breasts making her nipples taunt. His hand was between her legs and I hear him tell her how wet she was. He pulled her panties off so he could have unfettered access to her sweet pussy.

As Jill's hand moved between his legs she gasped, "Oh my God, you're huge!" she said in an excited voice. "How big are you?"

"Fourteen inches," he replied, "and its all for you baby."

Jill looked back at me, "it's incredible, he's like a horse."

I knew that already since it was one of the questions I had asked him when I set the whole thing up. Jill pulled her boxers off and his massive tool fell out. She immediately began stroking it to see how hard it would get.

"Do you like it dear?" I asked

"What do you think?' she replied.

She knelt over him, her tits swaying as she began sucking his magnificent cock with her ruby red lips. I liked that her wedding ring glistened as her hand worked his shaft. I took my own cock out and began jacking although I knew I had to take it easy if I wanted to last through the fucking.

They soon trade positions and he began licking and sucking her pussy which drove Jill wild. She loves getting her pussy eaten and I'm sure the thought of fucking his black bull made her even hotter. I continued to gently rub my dick which wasn't even half the size of his.

"Fuck me now," Jill finally moaned. "I have to have it in me." Her stud moved between her legs and rubbed her slick pussy with his massive cock head. I couldn't believe what I was watching as he eased the huge piece of meat into her cunt. She gasped as he entered her. I though she would pass out. They had to stop until she got used to his size and then slowly their bodies began moving together and soon he was fucking her with about half his cock. She was in heaven and her nipples were hard as rock as her tits rolled side to side as she took more and more of his huge ebony shaft.

Her stud's muscular ass flexed as he drove himself into her and I knew he was building to the "pounding phase". I moved to the bed and knelt beside it taking Jill's hand in mine and reassured her as the thrusts became harder and deeper. I told her how beautiful she looked getting fucked by her African bull and urged her to let go and enjoy it. Soon she was screaming in pleasure as he slapped against her, his cock burying itself deep, deep inside her with each thrust. She came once, then twice, and then again, screaming louder with each climax, urging her stud to cum as well and fill her pussy with his huge black load. Finally he thrust deep into her and with a bellow he released his flood of semen deep into her cunt. After they had rested for a few moments he rolled off her and I watched in amazement as his huge cock slid out of her inch by inch. How could she had taken that monster like she did?

"Okay dear," Jill said, "its your turn". I knew what she meant and moved between her legs. Her pussy was flooded with his cum and I buried my face into her slick womanhood and began licking it clean. "Lick it all out," she told me, "I don't want a single drop left or you won't be allowed to cum. My cock was pulsating and I knew I had to shot my own load soon so I worked hard at licking all that black seed from her hot pussy.

"Okay, that's enough," Jill said, "you can cum now. I moved up and knelt between her legs and jacked my small load onto her stomach. It couldn't compare to the pool of cock juice her black lover had just produced. Jill looked at him and they both laughed, but I didn't care. My desire had come true. I had just watched a horse-hung, black stud pound my wife and that is what I had wanted.

"One last thing dear," Jill said it a teasing voice.

"What's that," I asked excitedly.

"I said I wanted all the juices cleaned up," she replied.

""Yeah," I asked.

Jill reached over and took hold of her bull's huge cock and pointed it toward me. It still glistened with a mixture of his own cum and her pussy juice. As I took his massive tool in my mouth, I realized I was forever her cuckold.