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“Mmm, look at him. Isn’t he gorgeous?” From the distance, I saw William look across from the restaurant bar at a large black man I had been seeing for several weeks. ”He’s handsome. He’s got a nice build. He’s strongly aggressive in bed. And unlike you, cuck boy, he’s got a real man’s cock. He’s all the things you are not, William, and I’m going to enjoy every last drop of him,” I said. ”Yes. I’m going to enjoy him very, very much. Get a good hard look at him, sweetie. He’s about to be fucking your wife. Aren’t you happy for me?”
“Hmm. That doesn’t sound very convincing,” I said. ”So, do you remember the drill? He’s going to walk me to the car. Be out of site. When he is gone and you are sure he is gone, then you come over to the car. You can lay down in the backseat while I drive to the hotel.”
“Okay,” William answered.
“Say, ‘Yes Ma’am,’ cuck boy.”
“Yes Ma’am.”
I smiled. ”Okay. I’ll see you in a while, sweetie. I love you.”
“I love you too.”
I headed back to the table, glancing over to where William was sitting and giving him a clandestine smile, and I apologized as I sat down. ”I’m sorry, Richard. I hate that I had to interrupt our time with a phone call, but it was very important.”
“It’s no problem,” he said kindly.
We finished our dinner, our conversation, and our wine, and then he walked me to my car. ”It’s room 1105,” he said, “I’ll see you there.” We kissed, and I got in the car and started it up and waited. I watched Richard walk away and I looked around for William, and even though I was expecting him, he vaporized out of nowhere and scared me half to death!
“Dammit, William! Don’t do that!”
“I’m sorry,” he said. ”I’m sorry.”
He got in and lay down in the backseat, and I began driving to the hotel. ”Here,” I said, reaching back and handing him a small key. ”Take off that chastity cage and put on those compression shorts. You’ll look like a runner. We will be in room 1105. I want you waiting in the hallway with your phone glued to your ear. Got it?”
“Yes Ma’am, I got it.”
“And you listen good, sweetie. I want you to hear every powerful thrust I get from this gorgeous man. I am sooo looking forward to this!”
When I got to the room, I greeted Richard and then quickly excused myself to the bathroom. I speed-dialed William and heard him answer, “Hi.” I didn’t respond. I just left the phone line open, and I stripped down to the white corset with garters, white lace thong, white stockings, and white heels that I had been wearing under my clothes. I cracked the bathroom door and called out, “Close your eyes.”
I walked into the room, set my bag out of the way, and quietly placed the phone on the nightstand. Then I told Richard, “Open your eyes, handsome,” and I strut my way over to where he sat in the chair.
“Nice baby, nice.” He exclaimed.
“You like, baby? I bought this just for you, sweetie.” I didn’t tell him that I had William go get it.
“Fuck!” He said. ”Fuck. You look fucking awesome!”
I straddled him in the chair on my knees, and held out my wrists as if he could handcuff them. ”I’m all yours, baby. You can have anything you want.”
He looked me up and down almost drooling, and then he commanded, “Take off my shirt.”
“Yes, sir, Richard,” I said with a pout, and I slowly unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off.
“My pants.”
I unbuckled his belt. Unbuttoned his waist and slowly pulled down the zipper. Then I stood up and pulled as he lifted himself, and I removed his pants. I neatly folded them and placed them on the the other chair. Then I stood in front of him and lowered my cheek toward my raised shoulder and pouted submissively. He motioned toward the bed.
“Get on the bed on your hands and knees and show me that ass of yours,” which I did, opening my legs and putting my face flat against the sheets. ”Fuck!” He exclaimed. ”You have the nicest fucking ass I’ve ever seen!”
He got up and began touching me, running his hands all over my ass, across my lace covered pussy, across my barely covered anus. Then he knelt down behind me and buried his face in ass and pussy, pushing hard, moving his face back and forth, reaching with his mouth, holding me against his burrowing face with his hands on the front of my thighs. ”Oh…” I cried out, feeling anxious over his zealous attack. But I quickly relaxed and pushed back against his face.
He stood up, walked around to me, and nudged me to get up so that I was back on my hands. My face was inches from the huge bulge in his boxer-briefs, and he reached down and gently lifted my chin to look up at him. ”I know your husband is enjoying fucking you every night. That’s got to be a dream come true.”
“William doesn’t fuck me every night. He’s a lousy fuck. He’s got a dick the size of a pacifier, and he’s lucky if he lasts three minutes.”
“Oh man! How often does he get some?’
“What month is this?”
“Month?” He chuckled as he said it, and I looked at his bulge again.
“How much longer are you going to make me wait?”
“You need it, huh, girlie?” Richard stepped out of his underwear and put one foot on the bed, placing his solid black cock right in my face. He put his hand behind my head and pulled me to it. ”Then suck on it, baby.”
I eagerly took his warm cock deep into my mouth and sucked hard.
“Ah, yeah, baby,” he said, “you like sucking on that one.”
I did. I was enjoying it immensely and sucking like I might make him fall in love. He pulled away and told me to lay on my back. ”You’re going to suck my balls.” I turned over, he lowered his sack into my open mouth, and I sucked gently while my hand tenderly stroked his solid thickness. “You could make me cum just like this. I would shoot all over your tits.” It sounded like fun to me, and I had just the person to clean it all up waiting in the hallway.
But Richard likes to fuck, and it wasn’t too much longer before he had removed my thong and was pounding me from behind. I had turned myself just enough that I was facing the phone, it couldn’t have been more than three feet away, and I let out a yelp with each demanding thrust. After that, we went to missionary position, and I held my legs high and wide, calling out, “Yes! Fuck me, Richard! Fuck me, baby!” and he did so with greed. The slap of flesh against flesh echoed in the room and must have been distinct in the adjoining rooms.
Richard began to tense and growl. He was cumming, and I told him, “Cum, baby, yeah. Cum inside me. Cum inside me.”
After he was done, we lay close together and rested. ”I will have to go soon,” I said.
“I wish you could stay the night.”
“Me too,” I said. ”Next time. Next time I will make up a good excuse to be away overnight.”
I got up, found my little white thong on the floor and stuffed it inside my bag. I put my dress back on, walked to the bathroom, and checked my makeup and hair. Then I went to Richard lying in the bed and kissed him as he began to doze. ”Call me,” I whispered, and he barely nodded. I walked to the door and stepped into the hallway. There to my right, just outside the room stood William, still holding the phone to his ear. I walked up to him as he lowered his phone.
“You’re such a good boy, baby. Kiss me.” We kissed, and then I stepped back. His erection was clearly visible in his black compression shorts, the outline as distinct as a drawing. I had intentionally left him standing in that hallway, knowing he would be in that condition. There was a small stain of precum on the front of his shorts. That was the added bonus I had not, but should have expected. I looked at him and smiled. ”I hope you didn’t have too many people walk by with you in that condition.” The truth was, I hoped there had been a parade.
“There was more than I expected,” he answered.
“Good,” I said, and I stood right up against him. ”Did you hear me getting fucked, William?”
“Yes Ma’am.”
I ran my finger gently along his little erection in his shorts. ”Did you hear me sucking Richard’s huge cock?”
“Yes Ma’am.”
“You’re getting harder, aren’t you?”
“Yes, I am.”
“It’s been a long time since I’ve let you cum.” I handed him my bag to carry and said, “Let’s go.”
We got on the elevator and I told him to stop at the third floor. We got off there and I led him to the stairwell. We walked down one half flight and stopped on the landing. I sat down about two steps up, laid back against the stairs and lifted my dress. ”Suck on it, cuck boy. I haven’t had my orgasm yet.”
William got down and did his duty, licking me and sucking my still swollen clit into his sissy mouth. ”You taste Richard down there?”
“Mmm, hmm.”
“You like that, don’t you, sissy.”
“Mmm, mm.”
“You’re lying to me again. I know you like it. And just to be sure you get what you want,” I grabbed a handful of his hair and forcefully pulled him into my pussy, “you lick me from my anus to my clit, cuck boy.”
He laid his tongue firmly against my anus and licked a strong wonderful stroke the whole delicious length. ”Oh yeah, baby. You are such a good little bitch.” He kept stroking and servicing me with his obedient tongue, and I savored my superior position, telling him to, “Lap it up. Lap it all up, bitch boy.”
I was already incredibly aroused and I began to cum, right there in the stairwell. William kept licking, he wouldn’t dare stop without my permission, and my orgasm seemed to go on for a full five minutes. I had to consciously work to keep from crying out. After I was done, William stood up. His precum stain was larger, and I looked at it and giggled. ”You didn’t like it, huh, sissy boy?” He didn’t say anything. ”Look in my bag and get out the vibrator,” I said. He pulled it out and I told him to turn it on, “and put it against your little cock through your shorts. I’m going to sit here and watch you cum.”
He held the vibrator against his hard, little binky and sighed in pleasure. I decided to turn up the heat.
“You just lapped up another man’s cum, you little bitch. I bet you enjoyed every drop. I sure enjoyed having that gorgeous man fucking me. It was a real fuck, William. Not a pathetic two minutes with a noodle like I get from you. He fucked me like a real man, and you, the little cuck boy you are, you stood in the hallway and listened to the whole thing.” I laughed a bit and said, “You are a such good little -”
William began to cum in his shorts. He grunted and spasmed and I watched him flinch and I watched the gooey fluid create a dark, running stain on his shorts. I gave him a minute to calm down, and then I told him, “That wasn’t even two minutes. Awfully turned on are we? I thought you didn’t like it?” He looked down at the loud stain on the front of his shorts. ”Why do you always lie to me, William?”
I got up and began to exit the stairwell. ”Let’s go,” I said. ”I’m tired.” I walked him back to the elevator and through the lobby, and while William drove us both home, I took a much deserved nap.