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Last weekend, we were in the Caribbean on vacation it all started when this very tall, muscular and handsome black man named James introduced himself to my wife and me. James was easily 6’3” and weighed at least 200 pounds of solid muscle, which you could easily see as he was not wearing a shirt and his body was covered in oil. He also had a huge bulge in his trunks.
“Hi my name is James, welcome to Jamaica”, he said, Jill and I were sitting on the beach enjoying the sun and a few drinks. James told us he had just arrived from Toronto and was looking forward to a little vacation and relaxation. We all sat around and talked for over an hour until we were burning up.
We all headed into the water to cool off, as we walked to the water I noticed James checking my wife out.
“Sorry man”, he said as he saw me watching my wife, “She is just so beautiful, hard to keep your eyes off her”.
“Don’t worry man; I don’t have any problem with you checking her out”.
We swam for awhile then headed back to the beach. When we got back to the lounges, Jill took her top off and lay on the beach. James was staring at my wife’s breasts as she rubbed them down with oil.
“I may have to go back in the water before long”, James commented as he stared at me wife, we all laughed and we had another drink. James and I decided to get another drink so we walked up to the bar together. That is when I ask James if he thought my wife was attractive.
“Yes”, he said “very”. We all had another drink and decided we were going to go shower and that we should meet for dinner.
When my wife and I got back to the room she quickly pulled off her swimsuit and told me to eat her pussy. I buried my face in her wet pussy and began eating her like crazy. I told her that James thought she was sexy, and that I bet he wanted to fuck her. This just made my wife hotter as she began humping my face harder.
“You want to watch him fuck me don’t you baby?” Jill asked me.
“Yes”, I told her.
“I don’t know if I could do that baby”, she moaned as I continued to eat her pussy, "he's so fucking big!"
“Come on baby tell me you wouldn’t like to feel his muscled body on top of you as he fucked you”.
“Yesssss I would”, she moaned.
“Think about his big black cock sliding inside you stretching your pussy wide open as I watch you from the closet”.
“Ohhhhhh”, Jill moaned.
“You want to fuck him don’t you baby, tell me the truth baby”.
“God yes, I want to fuck him so bad baby, I want to feel his big black cock deep inside my aching pussy? She moaned.
With that I came all over the side of the bed and my wife came as well. We cleaned up and took a quick shower together.
“You really want to see me fuck James?” my wife asked me in the shower.
“Yes”, I told her “I want to see him fuck you so bad; I can just imagine him sliding that big black cock of his in and out of you while you moan and whimper”.
Jill looked down to see my cock hard again, “You really do want this don’t you baby?”
“Yes”, I told her.
“I will try but I cannot promise anything. God, I'll bet his had twelve inches hanging there!”
I played with my wife’s pussy until she was just about to cum again and then told her I would let James finish her off with that big black cock.
"Oh God yes," Jill almost cried, "I can't wait to get fucked by that big black stud!"
Later that evening we invited James back to our room. We told him what we wanted and he was more than happy to fulfill our desires. Soon their clothes were off and Jill was sucking his huge dick right there in front of me.
“God its feels so big and so powerful, I have never felt anything this strong before”, I could see my wife’s eyes were glazed over with lust as she was hypnotized by his big black cock. Jill continued to work on his cock, sucking and licking it for several minutes until she stood up of her knees and lay down in the bed.
“God, James, I need you to fuck me, please”, she moaned as she spread her legs and fingered her soaking wet pussy. James slowly moved his muscular black body between her long white legs. James held his long black cock in one hand and began slapping Jill's wet and swollen pussy with it.
“Fuck me dammit, fuck me please I need your big black cock”, she whimpered. James then began slidding his cock up and down her wet slit, coating his cock is her ample juices.
My wife was losing her mind as she pumped her hips and squeezed her tits as James played with her pussy with his cock.
“Here you go baby just what this tight white pussy needs”, James said as he place the huge head of his cock at the entrance to her pussy.
“Ohhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkk so bigggggggggggg, so thickkkkkkkkk”, my wife screamed as the head and an inch or so of James’s cock slid into my sweet wife’s pussy for the first time.
“My god you are tight, baby, this is going to take some work”, I heard James say as he worked his tight muscular ass up and down slowly working his cock deeper and deeper into my wife hungry pussy.
“Ohhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhhh, yesssssssssssss so fullllll James so tight”, Jill muttered in ecstasy.
James looked as though he had worked nearly half of his cock inside her when she whimpered “Too big James I cannot take you all, stop it’s hurting me please”.
James stopped pushing deeper and told her to just relax and to give her pussy time to adjust. Several minutes of kissing and touching passed and I heard my wife tell James she wanted more of his cock inside her and that it was not hurting anymore. Soon James was thrusting back and forth working more and more into my once sweet wife’s burning pussy.
“Oh god, yes fuck me James fuck with that big black cock”, Jill whimpered as all but maybe an inch or two was now inside her.
Both my wife and her black stud’s bodies were covered in sweat now as they fucked each other hard.
“Oh God cummingggggggg”, Jill screamed as her tiny white hands grabbed James’s muscular black ass.
“God yesssssssssss, fuck me dammit, fuck this married slut you black stud”, Then with one powerful thrust James buried his huge cock balls deep into my wife's insanely stretched cunt.
“Ahhhhhhhhhhh, shittttttttttttttttttt so deepppppppppppp, god feels so fucking good”, Jill whimpered in almost a delirious state.
James was now pounding Jill’s helpless pussy like a machine, thrusting balls deep with long powerful strokes. The entire bed was shaking as my wife was being fucked like she had never been before. I could barely make out my wife?s words in between her moans and whimpers of pleasure.
“Fuck meeeeeeeeee James fuck meeeeeeeee, yesssssssss, yessssssss god I love that black cock of yours”, she whimpered.
James then pulled out his huge cock and shot his massive load all over her tits and stomach before sliding it back into her well-used pussy. Her body was covered in his black seed. "Is that what you wanted to see?" James asked me with a big smile on his face.
I said it was for sure and watched as he continued to fuck Jill a little longer with his spent cock. Finally he withdrew and stood, his limp cock hanging half way down to his knee. "That was hot baby," he said to Jill, "you are one hot fuck!"
Jill smiled as her hand rubbed her swollen pussy, "and you are one hot stud." Jill looked over at me and I knew what she wanted. I smiled and nodded my approval.
"Fuck me again," she pleaded with James.
"Absolutely baby, absolutely. Just give me a minute or two to recover," he said as he stroked his long black cock, bringing it back to life.