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Fulfilling fantasy part2


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I woke up the next morning and turned on the computer
and went straight to our pictures. Good! Phillip
commented on most of the pictures I had posted and
sent a new email directed to my wife. I decided not to
open the mail, I'd leave it for Brittney to reply back
hoping she'd fall for the bait. I skimmed through some
of the comments noticing how polite Phillip's comments
were but yet right to the point. I cleared the browser
history and set the computer log to save everything
including emails. This way I'd know everything
Brittney did on the computer while I was at work.

She had just got out of the shower when I walked in
the bathroom to shave. She was drying herself off with
a big fluffy towel making her tits giggle every time
she touched them.

"Honey, I didn't have time to look at everything but
some guy put a bunch of comments on your photo
collection online."

Brittney kissed me with a smile and replied. "OK. I'll
get a chance to peek after you go to work."

I had my usual bowl of cereal and a cup of coffee with
Brittney. We had our typical morning conversation
before I went to work and reminded Brittney about the
comments one more time without trying to act

My dick stayed hard most of the day thinking about
Brittney looking at Phillips pictures and reading his
comments. I certainly hoped she wouldn't be offended
or too scared to reply to him. It was lunch time. I
decided to send Phillip a text message. It was simple
just asking him if Brittney replied yet. I sat down in
the cafeteria eating my lunch when I got a reply back
from Phillip.

"Communicating with your wife now."

That got my heart beating faster. My dick was getting
even harder again. Luckily I was sitting alone today.
Two of my friends were on vacation so I wouldn't have
any explaining to do. What did Phillip mean by
communicating? They must be sending emails back and
forth I thought. I was so excited my body felt a
little weak.

I spent the remainder of the afternoon working in a
horny state of mind. I couldn't wait to get home that
night and see what Brittney and Phillip were up to if
they really did communicate. I arrived home at my
usual time giving Brittney a kiss as she cooked dinner
in front of the stove.

"How was your day?" I asked.

She seemed to be happy as she stirred noodles in the
pot on the stove. Brittney was cooking spaghetti with
meatballs. One of my favorite dishes. She told me it
would be a few minutes before super was done. I stood
right behind her as she stirred that pot and reached
around to rub her crotch area through her jeans.

She immediately squirmed back shoving her ass back
against my legs in a playful way.

I asked. "You must be horny this afternoon."

My other hand cupped one of her tits through her bra
as she twisted her head around to kiss me on the lips.
She was still grinding her hips back against me. She
was obvious very horny this afternoon. I kept giving
Brittney light little kisses on her lips as I asked.

"Did you have a nice day while I was at work?"

She immediately smiled murmuring yes back to me as she
stuck her tongue between my lips for an even better
kiss. The water in the pot started to boil over and
she had to stop and take care of it. I lifted her hair
giving her a kiss on the back of the neck while she
worked the mixing spoon in the pot. She finally turned
and told me.

"You better go get ready for dinner before I burn
something. We can fuck later."

Brittney very seldom acted this horny and mentioned
anything about fucking after dinner. Phillip must have
said something to her and was I was going to check. My
first stop was my office. The computer was already
powered up so all I had to do was click on the log. I
was overwhelmed by the amount of data on the log and
decided to start at the top.

Brittney logged on and wrote emails to a couple
friends than she went right to our photos. Looked like
she checked out a bunch of pages and pictures. I
scrolled down a little further and there was Phillips
email to my wife. My heart was beating faster and my
dick was already hard with excitement. Phillip was
rather polite but up front in his email about my
wife's photos. He'd politely asked if she could
respond to his email and scrolling down a little
further I see that she did.

Brittney thanked him for the complements he made on
her photos. She explained to Phillip that she wasn't a
model. Just posing for her husband. My dick got rock
solid hard reading the next line she wrote him. She
told Phillip she found his photos very intriguing. She
was being honest with him telling him she thought he
had a nice body. She also said she was curious about
the woman in his photographs. She said she didn't
understand the fact that he said that the woman was
married and he had an affair with her. Brittney asked
him flat out why the woman's husband allowed that to

I was surprised to see an email response a few minutes
later. I started reading Phillips reply. Phillip
explained to my wife that he was fulfilling that
couple's fantasy and needs. He specifically explained
that the wife in the photographs enjoyed the sexual
pleasure he could provide her with that her husband
couldn't provide.

He didn't brag but he pointed out that he was much
better equipped than most husbands and he went on to
explain the fantasy that many white wives have about
having sex with a black man. Phillip went into detail,
including how women loved to look down as his black
cock penetrated their pussies. He told Brittney that
some women were able to orgasm as soon as they saw his
cock sliding inside them. He enjoyed helping their
fantasies by taking his time to do it right.

He explained to Brittney that most white husbands got
more excited watching their wives fuck a black man
than they did actually fucking their wives. He said
the husband of the wife in the pictures got great
satisfaction knowing his wife was being pleased in
such a way he couldn't provide. Phillip went on to ask
Brittney about the size of my cock and if I'd ever
said anything to her about watching her with another
man. I was surprised he was being so direct with her.

Brittney answered him back within a matter of minutes
according to the time on the log. She must have been
waiting for his email. I started reading her reply. I
have to admit that I find the idea of a black man
making love to me very stimulating. I couldn't imagine
how a man of your size could even penetrate a woman of
my size. I'm very accustomed to my husband's penis.
You asked about his size which I believe might be
slightly less than four inches. I thought his size was
normal until my girlfriends started opening up about
sex with their husbands.

I learned that most of their spouses were averaging
around seven inches. My girlfriends liked to compare
their husband's equipment to their dildos. I'd never
share the truth about my husband knowing they'd only
make fun of me. I'm married to the kindest and
sweetest man. I could never imagine telling him he
doesn't satisfy me sexually. I have a good marriage.
George is the love of my life!

Phillip replied back within minutes according to the
log. Thank you for being so honest and sincere. I'm
glad you have so much love and respect for your
husband. My experience with married white women like
yourself have explained similar circumstances to me.
Most being the size of their husband's penis. Forgive
me for being so rude in earlier emails calling it a
cock. I hope you can forgive me. I can honestly say
that the married white women I've partnered with all
had good marriages. I felt I was just providing them
with the sexual pleasure they're partners couldn't
provide out of no fault of their own.

Think of me as your personal trainer. A trainer that
works for your personal fulfillment. We'll start by
working your body and using those muscles you never
knew you had. We'll get your body toned into shape.
I'll stimulate your body and teach it to respond to my
touch. Your body will soon adjust to accommodate a man
of my size. Your body and your mind will redefine
itself in a way you've never experienced about sexual
pleasure. A married woman shouldn't deprive herself of
the sexual enjoyment her mind and body so desires.
Brittney. I've be honored to be your personal trainer.

My heart was beating faster as I hurried to read my
wife's reply to Phillip. You make it sound so
exciting. George would never agree to allow me to meet
you and I'd never do anything behind his back to hurt
him in anyway.

Oh shit! I thought to myself. I think Brittney would
fuck Phillip if I agreed. I continued reading.

I have to admit I fantasize a lot about sex with a
much more well-endowed man but never had I ever
imagined him being black! I never imagined myself
getting so aroused thinking about having sex with a
man of a different race. You certainly got my
curiosity of exploring this further but I don't know
how my husband would react even if I were to say it
was only a fantasy.

I wanted to take my cock out and make myself cum right
then and there after reading that last paragraph my
wife wrote Phillip. It's not like Phillip was doing
anything out of the ordinary. My wife was acting like
a slut! I started wondering if she might be just
saying those things to Phillip just to tease him. I
scrolled down further and there was yet another reply
from Phillip.

I couldn't resist browsing through your gorgeous photo
collection again after I sent you my last reply.
Brittney, your absolutely stunning! Your husband,
George is a very lucky man to have you. I would never
ask you to cheat on him. I would be honored and
privileged to help you succeed in exploring your
curiosity and fantasies about interracial sex. I can
help walk you through this if your seriously
considering me as your personal trainer. Let's chat
some more if your available in an hour.

Oh my God! Let me check……Yes…Here's their chat log
from early this afternoon.

"Hi Brittney, glad you could make it."

"Hi Phillip. I'm a little nervous."

"Don't be nervous. Just tell me what's on your mind."

"OK. I'll try."

"Good girl. Are you interested in me being your
personal trainer?"

"I don't think my husband would allow it."

"You might be surprised. I find that most wives
underestimate their husbands. You want to start with a
hot love session with your husband. Get real intimate
with him. Wait until you're in the heat of passionate
love with him. Begin slowly by revealing your most
darkest secret fantasies. Tell him he's a good lover
but you often fantasize about a well-endowed man."

"Oh my! I've never told George anything like this

"That's OK baby girl. Close your eyes when you
speaking to him. Kiss him, do the things you normally
do in the heat of passion with him. Ask him if he'd be
angry if you told him your fantasies. See how he
responds. If he takes the bait than you got him
hooked. Let him ask you about them. Play coy but
pretend to give in and start telling him your desires.

"Should I mention you at all?"

"Very good question. Perhaps you can tell your husband
about the flattering comments I left on your photo
collection. Tell him you saw my pictures. They got you
excited. See how he reacts. You never want to admit
you may have an interest in me personally."

"That doesn't sound too complicated."

"Not at all baby girl. May I ask you what turned you
on the most about my pictures?"

"You have a nice body. Very fit. Handsome. Your size."

"Be honest. You meant the size of my cock?"


"Are you wet & excited now?"


"Good, you should be primed and ready for your
husband. When does he get home?"

"In a couple hours. Should I seduce him when he walks
in the door?"

"Show him you're very interested. Perhaps make a
promise to have sex after dinner. I'll trust you to do
the rest."

"OK. I will. Should I email you in the morning and let
you know what happen?"

"I have a better idea. I'll give you my number and you
can call me as soon as your husband leaves for work.
555-5555 Good luck and I'll be waiting for your call.
Have fun."

"Thank you, have a good night."

Oh shit…..Fuck………What should I do?….. Wait….This is
what I wanted wasn't it? Let me call Phillip. No wait.
He doesn't know I spied on them. I'll just play along
with it. Can't wait to find out what Brittney's going
to say or do tonight.
Dinners ready!