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A few weeks ago I was invited over to a friend's place for the evening. We had know each other for a long time and although he had quite a lady's man reputation, he had settled down and had been married for about three years. His wife was an interesting gal, very sexy and lots of fun. They seemed to be a good match.

After a few drinks, Brad asked me if I was game for a little fun and I asked him what he meant. Kind of to my surprise, but not totally, he asked me if I would fuck his wife while he watched. I looked at Renee and she just sort of smiled. Obviously this had been planned. I said that if they were okay with it, I'd love to.

Renee and I started kissing and making out while Brad sat by and watched. He started rubbing his cock through his pants. Soon Renee was sucking my cock and I was hard as rock enjoying the erotic nature of this encounter. Brad suggested we move to the bedroom and soon Renee and I were naked on the bed. I pushed her legs apart and began eating her pussy while Brad continued to watch. She was moaning with pleasure and I was getting more and more excited about fucking her right there in front of her husband, who, by now, had his cock out and was jerking off slowly.

"Come on baby," Renee moaned, "fuck me now. She positioned herself underneath me and I moved in between her legs. Brad moved to the side of the bed to get a better view and Renee began sucking his cock. I took this as my cue and slid my rigid dick deep inside her hot cunt and began pounding her.

We fucked for a while but the whole situation was so hot that I couldn't hang on and shot my load deep inside of her. To my surprise Brad quickly moved between his wife's legs and began licking my cum out of her pussy. I had never experienced anything like this before and it was amazing. I then watched as Brad slid inside his wife's slick hole and fucked her again. Renee reached out to me and took my spent cock in her mouth and drained the last of my cum.

To my pleasure we did the whole thing over again about an hour later and then I left them to their kinky life. Hopefully, I'll be invited back soon.