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    My husband and I went on vacation to Florida last spring with his best friend
    and his wife. She's white but her husband is a black man. The first night there,
    I offered our packs of coffee to them because we aren't coffee drinkers.
    The next morning, shortly after my husband
    left for his run on the beach, Rick showed up for the coffee. Having just gotten
    out of the shower, I was in my robe, which was nothing sexy. He said Rachel was
    down at the pool saving us some chairs, so I walked out on the patio to see
    where she was sitting. I thought it was odd that Rick didn't follow me out until
    I realized that in the morning sun, he could see a perfect silhouette of my body
    under the robe! When I returned inside the room, I noticed he was doing his best
    to hide his hard cock under his swimsuit. He was getting more embarrassed by the
    second when he couldn't stand up to leave. Finally I told him to take off his
    trunks. His cock was amazingly huge, twice the size of my husband's. I had to
    have it. Long story short, we fucked right then and there in the hotel room
    and he filled me with the biggest cumload I'd ever seen . My husband and his wife
    never found out.

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    Love that picture...particularly her cute little toe ring :) :blackheart: Lanie
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    sometimes you just have to do it ;)