Fuck You White Boi!


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another thread. wow. and this one is very aggressive. lots of racial tension and fear. :)
Yes. I would like to expand it, but these pics are hard to find. They're out there. However, finding them is time consuming. If you come across anything in your I. R. Art travels that would fit this thread or any of my other threads feel free to post the pics.


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love it. :) , its viciously uncaring to betas and so sexy - . . . . . . . . . . . .for the non-b2w white guys, this must be deeply troubling. - which is fun and sexy. . . . . . .the b2w whiteboys love it though. which in some aspects is a shame. the 'acceptance' by b2w whiteboys, . . . it takes away some of the Mean Girl thrill. teasing them and piercing their denial of their sexual insecurities and racial fears. . . . . . . . . i like when betas try to compete, think they are Alpha, think they have a shot. that makes it so much more rewarding to be a Mean Girl, race-traitrix, Humiliatrix, and an unattainable genetic-trophy :) . . . . white betas who have given in , are denying us the joy of crushing their balls and fanning their genetic horrors.