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    One night my wife and I were fucking and she started telling me her fantasy of making love to a black man while I watch. Well, at first I was shocked but the thought of watching a black stud fucking my wife really got me hot and we fucked all night! It wasn't until 2 or 3 months later that one night Karen had brought up the idea again. Well, one thing led to another and we decided to put an ad in a local swingers magazine. It was a few weeks later when we received our first response from a guy that was 6'2" and hung like a horse. Anyway, we decided we were going to video tape this. We thought it would be neat to be able to watch this tape when we ourselves were making love.

    That night came and I can tell you I was very excited! Karen was very nervous but I could tell she was as excited as me if not more. She spent a lot of time getting ready. Her date had mentioned how he liked red nail polish and she decided to do both her fingers and toes! He had also mentioned to Karen how it turned him on to see white women with shaved pussies so I guess she decided to surprise him and she had me help her shave her pussy clean. She had picked out a very tight fitting dress that showed just enough cleavage and decided to wear a half bra that only held up her full breasts but left the nipples uncovered. Then she put on a garterbelt with sheer nude stockings and a pair of her 5" spike heels. She's a knockout when dressed like a slut! This guy was in for a real treat.

    We had arranged to meet at a Bar which turned out to be filled with black men. We really got some looks when we entered. It wasn't long before her date, Dan, arrived. He was taller than he had mentioned and had muscles like a boxer! This guy was huge! I looked over at Karen when he introduced himself and she turned to jello! I could tell she couldn't wait to get this guy in bed. Dan couldn't keep his eyes off my wife looking straight at her cleavage and deep into her eyes. We had a couple of drinks and Dan had asked Karen to dance. As I watched them on the dance floor I noticed how dark it was and he was leading her to the corner. As far as I could see he had his big hands down cupping her ass and squeezing her cheeks. I don't think he thought I could see. Then I looked again and I couldn't see them. I decided to use the mens room and to do this I had to cross over the dance floor to enter. As I got near the door I found my wife in Dan's arms. They were kissing and he had one hand on her tits. He had slipped his hand inside her dress and was rubbing one of her nipples and it also appeared that he had his tongue deep inside my wife's mouth. I went back to the table. I had the hardest cock from watching my wife being handled by a black man. I just can't explain it. Once they returned from the dance floor, I suggested that I go next door and get us a room and it would give me time to set up the video camera. Of course, Dan thought that was a good idea. As I left the Bar, I turned back to see him holding my wife's hand and looking in her eyes. I got the room and setup my video camera, it must have been 2 hours before they arrived. When I opened the door, my wife's makup was smeared and her hair was messed. I had known something was going on down at the bar. They asked me if my camera would work with the lights down low and I said sure. They moved over to the bed and sat down, holding each other and kissing.

    Dan had moved his large hand up my wife's dress and it looked like he was rubbing her pussy. Then I saw him bring his hand out and lick his finger. My wife was dripping wet! He then reached around and unzipped her dress until her full tits came into view. Dan lowered his head and started to lick and kiss her tits. Her nipples were as hard as rocks. She started pulling off his shirt and he stood up so she could undo his belt and his pants dropped! I could see his cock sticking staight up from his underwear. Karen pulled them off next and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Dan's cock looked as big around as my wife's forearm. The head was huge . It was at least 10 inches long. The amazing thing about his cock was that it got thicker at the base. This would mean the deeper he would go into her the more he would stretch her. Karen had dropped to her knees and was licking the head of this giant cock, no way could she get it all in her mouth. She was only able to get the head into her mouth, and believe me she had her mouth full. Karen spent a lot of time licking his cock and balls, which looked like he had two hardballs stuffed in a sack.

    I moved the camera in for a closeup and could see the veins sticking out from his mammoth cock. He knew what he had and and knew how to use it. Before long Dan picked my wife up and laid her on the bed. He looked over at me and said, Mark I want you to take your clothes off and fuck your wife. I didn't understand what he was doing at first. Anyway I got out of my clothes and got on top of my wife as I was told. After all this guy was big and I didn't want to get on his bad side. Karen was dripping wet as I began to fuck her and Dan started to whisper in her ear. I don't know what was said but Karen smiled and they started to kiss as I fucked her. I could see his tongue enter her mouth and it looked like she was sucking it deep into her mouth.

    All of a sudden Dan said, let me take over. I moved off and watched this big guy move into position above my wife. He was rubbing the big head of his cock along her pussy slit and she was arching up trying to get him to put it in. He teased her for several minutes until he grabbed both of her legs and pulled them up to her shoulders. He than placed the giant head of his cock at her pussy slit. I knew he would stretch her. He slowly moved the head of his cock back and forth until it made its way inside and she groaned. He kept up the slow motion and kept sliding in an inch at a time. By the time he was halfway inside her she was having her first orgasm and bucked up against him which in turn made his cock go in deeper. It took several more minutes before he sank all the way in to his heavy sperm filled balls which slapped against her ass. Then he started a rhythm increasing his speed every few minutes. Karen was going wild by this time and she had several more orgasms. I could see her pussy lips were stretched out around his huge cock.

    He kept driving his cock home and then he let out a loud groan and he was cumming. I saw him stiffen and then he plunged his cock deep inside Karen and I could see the underside of his cock as the hot seed was being planted deep inside my wife's womb. I remembered at that time that Karen wasn't on any birth control and I was safe. This alarmed me but I was so excited myself I didn't think about it anymore at the time.

    Dan left his huge cock inside my wife for what seemed like 15 or 20 minutes before he slowly pulled out. He was keeping my wife's legs in the air so none of his seed would leak out. I could see the large puddle inside her. Her pussy was gapped open and stretched out of shape. Dan told me to take a close look, this really turned me on. My wife was now hooked on black cock!

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    Good for you
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    very good
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    time to toss the salad mmmmm
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    we would love to watch you on cam.please let us know how & when.thank you
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    Very hotttttt.... My pussy is throbbing
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    we did the same , however it was at a party my friend had organized , her friend was married to an african man short and stubby but had the gentle face , during the evening he was in conversation with my husband , when getting home i asked what was the fasination with the black man.
    Steve told me he was interested in fucking me as i loved BBC and had organized him coming around one night.
    I got in the mood on the day , when he arrived we kissed at the front door , steve had set yp the bedroom and was waiting for us to come in.
    you can gather what happened but Steve watched the whole thing and wanted moor.
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    I love watching, just see her getting fucked and hear her begging for more, turns me on so much, and i get to clean both for the next round.....can't get enough.
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