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From Fantasy to Reality...Do you really want a black dominant for your wife?

We have been married a little over 20 years and about 5 months ago I brought the idea of a female led marriage to my wife and proposed a new way for us. Before this, know that my wife did not know what cuckold meant nor did she ever watch porn - except for a couple times we were on vacation.

That was all before meeting Master Griss.

He totally understands the cuckold lifestyle and has understood both of our wants and needs and has facilitated our exploration with one another. He is a Master in the truest sense of the word. He will get inside you, he will understand you, he will make you go where you may not want to go but need to go.

That has been the part of her transformation that is most impressive. Step by step and in little tiny steps, he has taken her from being a sexually conservative wife to a dominant wife (dominant to me - submissive to him) secure in her direction and confident in her sexuality.

Now, after just 5 short months, I sit here writing you caged in my chastity device and on my 14th day of no orgasms and She has as one of our rules that she can fuck anyone she wants, wherever she wants, whenever she wants. I am made to repeat this mantra many many times for her.

But, this journey did not start just 5 months ago. It was years and years in the making. I had fantasized about being submissive for many years. I was never quite able to muster the courage to confide in my wife and explain to her my wants and needs. Truthfully, I didn't understand them myself.

I had begun chatting with Master Griss years ago. I found him in a yahoo group and we began an online discussion and he taught me a lot about submissiveness, dominance, and the cuckold lifestyle. He is extremely dominant, passionate, intelligent, perceptive, intuitive, and caring...and demanding.

He helped me understand and clarify what my needs and wants are. I realized I wanted more for my wife. I wanted her to experience all life had to offer and while we had an unbelievable marriage, sexually there were some deficiencies. I had never made her cum with my penis and I knew she deserved better.

Master Griss taught me to appreciate what I could bring to the relationship and that she could experience these things and make our marriage better.

This is key.

And, what I never really believed.

I never really believed that our marriage would be better.

I always feared that there would be this missing piece and therefore our marriage would always have something missing.

So, I put the whole idea on the back burner and never talked about it with her.

That is until our 20th anniversary. Through a series of events I was able to gain the courage to propose this new lifestyle to my wife. AND, she accepted!

Then, after a couple months I reconnected with Master Griss, rather providentially and improbably.

Since then, I have taken his advice and followed his guidance and he has been communicating directly with my wife.

She is growing so much through all this and realizing so much more about herself that she never realized. I love watching this growth and transformation. It is very rewarding and also extremely erotic!

And, without Master Griss, I know we would not be where we are in the process. Just think of it, in 5 months, we have gone from a happily married couple with little to no sex life, to a happy and passionate married couple having the best sex of our lives. I even make her orgasm with my penis now! But, I also am caged and denied orgasms as she owns my penis and balls for her use and enjoyment. No more jacking off, but a lot more passion!

Things are changing in our marriage and will change. I am open to that.

If you truly want to have your wife to lead your marriage and lead a cuckold lifestyle, you can do it. You need a solid foundation of communication and openness and also good people around you.

If you want this, I suggest contacting Master Griss. He will change your life and your wife.

My wife has gone from a woman who viewed all races the same with no particular appeal to black men to a happy hotwife who loves spending time with Master Griss and loves the differences black men have to offer.

Mind you, these were all fantasies of mine in the past. They are now my everyday reality.

If you don't really want that reality, don't contact Master Griss as there are plenty of websites to live out your fantasy.

If you do, I strongly suggest you email him at

You will neverhdotappier with any decision you make in your life. And more importantly, your wife will enjoy ecstasy and contentment.

If you have a beautiful and maybe even conservative wife and want or need to explore the cuckold lifestyle, Master Griss is the best choice to lead you and your wife in this necessary transformation.
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We have been married a little over 20 years and about 5 months ago I brought the idea of a female led marriage to my wife and proposed a new way for us. .....
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I've got a pretty good handle on things, but I'd still like his email address. A little re-enforcement can't hurt. Inbox the info to me please.