From a therapy couch....

Hi I am Dr. Santos

I am a Brasil based BBC bull and also professional psychiatrist who travels the world.

I have trophy white wives and bored bourgeois wives sharing their personal (often sexual) angst on my therapy couch. Sometimes I have unhappy husbands as patients as well. But I always respect a professional fine line between work and play.

I share my salacious adventures with my sexy sapeo-sexual French-Italian partner, Giulia. Together we are a young cosmopolitan inter-racial career couple. We embark on solo and joint adventures to seduce lovers to the dark side of lust.

Either one of us does a lot of traveling, especially to Europe (Paris and Rome) and I often go to the US.

We also have a tumblr that we use to amuse ourselves when we are apart because of work and travel. We try to post when we can between our busy lives. Check it out and say hello: inbox us.

Want some BBC therapy? Please take a seat. Unstrap your bra or unzip your skirt or trousers. Make yourself comfortable on the couch. Lie back and confess your secret worship of BBC.
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Welcome! I particularly will like to hear about your "therapy" with our members. Just be mindful if the Site's Forum Rules, specifically #10, #11 & #17. I think you will find them quite "educational"! Thank you for your cooperation and I hope you enjoy your stay in our community!