Fresh home from deployment soon...I wanna have fun!

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    Hi what's going on everyone, I'm currently in the Army and soon to be back from Afghanistan soon and ever since I've accidentally stumbled upon BBC pics via tumblr I've been doing nothing but thinking of how it would be to use my BBC on someone's beautiful wife and just a woman who knows exactly what she wants. I love the fact that there is all these ladies here that love and almost worship the black cock. Amazing I tell you! I'm gonna be in upstate NY, I also frequent DE and MD and willing to travel to make some great memories. Either way I'll be posting some pics when I get home. Message me if I sound like fun. Thanks.....Dirk

    Ps I'm an handsome athletic 5'9" black man with a nice sized cock:)

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    A welcome home gift from the U.K. my bbc virgin wife. Bedroom 006.jpg