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Frank & Cindi

Hello we are a 40 yr old couple that have been married going on 18 wonderful yrs and just recently in last few months got into the swinging. Well my hubby got me into the interracial swinging. My hubby has always been dirty until one night he woke me up from a dirty dream and told me about it. then i was hooked. on april 16th 2011 we traveled up to houston to meet a guy we met on adult finder and wow it took off from thier. we have met every month since just for some good dirty sex. (fucking). the next day we wake up like nothing happend at all and carry on with our everyday lifes. life has been good and we are having just a little adult fun. NO HARM in that.


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She's adorable! That's awesome you've hooked up with someone on a steady basis. I'd feel safer that way I'm sure.