Fourteen Inches


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Fourteen Inches

My wife and I have been married for five years and have

enjoyed a long monogamous relationship. I never claimed

to be real experienced at sex prior to our marriage and

my wife went to the altar a virgin. However, we learned

quickly and developed a very satisfying sex life. In

fact, both of us like to have sex almost everyday. If

we can't for some reason, we both get kind of cranky

and obsessed until our urges are satisfied.

This has made us very compatible over the years. Tracy

is a petite brunette with an ass that turns heads (mine

at least). At 5' 1" and 102 lbs. she has oversized

breasts that capture one's attention. I thank heaven

that she picked me to be her life partner.

About six months ago I received a call from an old

"buddy" saying he was going to be in town for a couple

of weeks and would like to get together with me and my


Steve and I had been really close before he stole my

girlfriend from me our senior year. We had not talked

since graduation. He went off to college and became

an architect while I got a job at the mill. The only

reason I eventually forgave him is because I figured

he had done me a favor. The girl I had been dating

turned out to be a total slut. She hadn't put out for

me, but had developed quite a reputation after Steve

had finished dating her. A short time later I met Tracy

and my life has been wonderful ever since.

Anyway, Steve offered to buy us dinner at a nice

restaurant while he was in town. During dinner, Steve

mentioned he would be staying at a hotel out of town

because a convention had booked all the local rooms.

Well, Tracy would have none of that and kindly offered

the use of our extra bedroom for the duration of his


Steve quickly accepted.

We hardly saw Steve the first couple of days he stayed

at our home because of his work schedule. However,

Thursday evening Tracy accidentally walked in on him

while he was getting out of the shower. She ran back

into our bedroom gasping with a look of shock on her


I asked her what had happened and she explained that

she had seen Steve naked. I told her it was no big

deal and that he'd get over it.

She said that it was indeed a big deal, an eight inch

'big deal' and he hadn't even been hard.

I laughed about it a little nervously, but didn't think

much more of the incident until later that night. My

wife and I were getting sexy and she was slowly strok-

ing my 5 inches when she mentioned the size of Steve's

cock again. She wondered out loud how big it was hard.

I told her that I would ask him if she wanted to really

know, thinking to shock her out of this silliness. She

giggled and seemed to forget the whole thing and we had

some great sex that night.


The next day I thought "what the heck" and told Steve

about the incident. He laughed and said that for

Tracy's information he was 12" long when he was hard.

I looked at him in amazement, then shrugged thinking of

my own size. I couldn't believe that I had penis envy.

Steve must have read my thoughts because he asked me

about the size of mine. When I told him honestly that

I was 5", when hard. I had never really thought about

size before, but when leaned close and said he knew how

I felt. I gave him my "yeah, right" sarcastic look.

He lowered his voice and asked if I could keep a

secret. I nodded then he said that a couple of years

ago his penis was even smaller than mine. I looked at

him in further disbelief. He looked me straight in the

eyes and said "It's true, I found a way to permanently

increase the size of my cock!" My expression didn't

change. "I'll bet it could work for you too if you

wanted! It's really pretty simple and doesn't hurt a

bit!" he added in response to my skepticism.

I had to admit that I was intrigued by the thought, I

could just imagine skewering my lovely wife deep and

hard with my king-sized cock. That would shut her up,

I thought.

Steve could somehow tell that I was interested but

wary. He put his hand to his chin like he was deep

in thought, formulating an idea. Then he raised his

eyebrows as if he had just come up with some sort of


"What?" I asked.

Steve insisted that I let him help me out, that he'd

walk me through the whole process, and that he even had

the equipment for me to use. He said that he wanted the

satisfaction of helping out an old friend, and perhaps

make up for taking my girlfriend all those years ago.

"Besides," he continued, "Tracy needs to experience the

thrill of a full size cock. Women who do are never

satisfied with 'little' again."

Later that night, I discussed our talk with Tracy. I

asked her what she thought of Steve's offer. Would she

prefer me with a large cock? She was silent for a

while. Finally, she sighed and said, "Well, if there

is nothing to lose, then what the heck?"

I suspect that she was more excited than she let on

because the sex that night was some of our best ever.

After we came down she asked what the procedure was for

the "enlargement". I told her that Steve had not yet

filled me in on all the details, but we would find out


I woke up in the middle of the night to find Tracy next

to me in bed and rubbing her pussy. I pretended to just

roll over so she wouldn't notice that I was awake. The

thought of being fucked by a large dick had obviously

had its effect on her.


The next afternoon Steve called me into his room. He

reached into a bag and pulled out what appeared to be

an oversize transparent bicycle pump. "This is it!" he

proudly proclaimed.

I must have had a confused look on my face because he

smiled and said "trust me." He went on to explain the

general procedure. I was to use this device 3 to 4

times a day to "invigorate" my member. He said it

involved sticking my cock into the end of the tube and

pumping on the handle. During use of the tube my cock

would greatly expand in size until I came. After

orgasm my cock would return to its normal size.

This all would happen during the "development" phase of

the process. The development phase could last from a

couple of weeks to many months if I slacked off on the

invigoration. However, eventually the change would


When my cock had become acclimated to the increased

size, it would simply not get smaller after an invigor-

ation induced orgasm. Presto, huge cock! He said the

best part was that the invigoration phase was fun.

Tracy could even help out! He even estimated that

based on the size of my cock right now I could antici-

pate at least 14" when finished. I would dwarf his own

large member.

He also said that it was important to "set" the final

size once achieved, otherwise it might not "take" pro-


According to him, setting the size requires a constant

external pressure on the penis just after final size is

attained. This pressure somehow negates the vacuum

effect that the tube causes, thus setting the size.

Fortunately, an accommodating pussy does just the

trick. I didn't really understand what he was talking

about. I was never all that great in science.

But Steve assured me that we could worry about that

later. Besides, he said, "Tracy will love it!" Well,

that was all it took to get me started. I took the

tube and headed to the bathroom. My first attempt was

a little clumsy, but I soon got the hang of it. My

cock really did look bigger in the tube. The orgasm

shook my body. I thought the treatment might end up

being more fun than I anticipated. Later that day I

invigorated twice more until my cock was limp.

When Tracy came home I told her all about it. She got

so charged up that she jumped me on the spot. It was

then that I realized the main side-effect. The

invigoration process left my cock too sore and tired

to be of any use to Tracy. I rubbed her off, but it

just wasn't the same. She really needed more than that to

satisfy her needs. We both agreed the payoff would be

worth it.

After about a week Steve prepared to leave for home

saying he would be back in town in a couple of weeks.

He instructed me to keep with it and encouraged Tracy

to think of large cocks in her dreams. He knew it was

only a matter of time before her dream would be a



As it turned out, Steve didn't get back into town for

about three weeks. Again, he stayed in our spare room.

Tracy seemed especially glad to see him. I wanted to

ask him if he thought treatment was working on me and

when I could expect some results.

It was getting tiring using the tube three times a day.

My cock was like a limp rag doll between sessions, and

Tracy was starting to getting really cranky.

After he was done unpacking, I asked Steve for an

assessment of my progress. Even though I was really

embarrassed to do it, I showed him my erect penis to

get his opinion whether or not I had grown.

He said he wasn't sure, but everything appeared to be

on track. It could happen any day now.

Tracy and I were thrilled. All that effort was going

to pay off I was positive.

Steve cautioned us that although it "appeared good",

the final enlargement might still be some time away.

There was no real way to predict the exact time. He

then asked me if I had thought anymore about preparing

to "set" the final size.

I told him that I didn't really understand the ques-

tion. He reminded me that it was very important to

complete the procedure otherwise all the effort could

be lost. I must have looked puzzled. Steve took a

deep breath and said "remember, the best and easiest

way to achieve the proper pressure is to fuck an

accommodating pussy."

I did vaguely recall him mentioning that. I asked what

the problem was, Tracy had been waiting for this moment

for 4 weeks.

Steve shook his head and repeated "Accommodating! Do

you think Tracy will be able to handle all 14" of your

dick when she has been used to your original 5 inches?"

I stuttered "I, I, I don't know. I guess we'll just

have to try."

Steve asked if I was willing to risk all that hard

work. Would Tracy be willing to put up with another

month or more of no sex?

Steve was right, I had to make sure this worked. I

asked what we could do.

Steve thought a few seconds and then said, "I think you

have several options. You could find a hooker or some-

one else able to accommodate your large size. Of

course they would have to be close by whenever you

invigorate. I'm not sure how Tracy would like that.

A second option is to use something, like a dildo, to

expand Tracy prior to the big day. I'm sure it would

take several sessions and there is the danger of that

it might not work as well as you making love to her.

A third option is to find some sort of device to simu-

late the correct pressure, and hope it's right the

first time.

Finally, you could find someone with a penis large

enough to open Tracy up to within a reasonable proxi-

mity of your 14 inches, but that would be just as

awkward as hiring a hooker."

Well, I knew a hooker was out of the question, Tracy

would never stand for it. Certainly, a device was too

risky. That left the dildo or, unfortunately, a sur-

rogate penis. I was against the last option and was

sure it would not be acceptable to Tracy either.

Thankfully, Steve noticed my discomfort with the idea

and put some of my fears to rest. He informed me the

expansion process using a surrogate was really a

"clinical" kind of procedure. It wasn't as if someone

would be making love to my wife. It was more like a

therapist giving a massage. But I still wasn't con-



Tracy and I discussed our options later that night.

Steve had painted a pretty scary picture of what could

happen, and Tracy is very nervous about the whole

thing. A simple yeast infection commercial gets her


At that point it seemed as if all our acceptable

options had eliminated themselves. I asked Tracy if

she thought we should call the whole thing off. Was

a large cock worth the price that we would have to


Tracy thought about it for a moment, gave me a little

hug, and told me that she was willing to make any

sacrifice for my sake. Besides, she didn't want to

admit that we had wasted all that effort. She finally

decided that the surrogate penis would be the most

likely thing to work, and besides it really would be

more like a trip to the doctors office. O.K., Maybe

more like a house call.

It was decided. As distasteful as it seemed, we would

need someone to prepare Tracy to accommodate my new

super sized cock. We were out of other acceptable

options as we saw them, and we both knew we would have

to see it through to the end.

It was Tracy who first suggested Steve for the task of

preparing her. She had accidentally walked in on him

while he was naked, in his room. He had been mastur-

bating as she'd walked in. He had asked her earlier

to stop by to help him sew on a button.

As she walked in, he saw her and gave his cock another

couple of quick strokes and exploded in orgasm sending

his cum high into the air.

She had gasped and had felt weak in surprise and shock

but managed to quickly exit from the room. Later that

night as I was finishing my invigoration she relayed

the story while wildly rubbing her cunt. As I was

cleaning up she told me how sorry she felt for him. He

didn't appear to have a girlfriend and was left to seek

his own release.

She then lit upon an idea. Steve was such a good

friend, and obviously knowledgeable, wouldn't it be

nice to let him do the honors with her. He was the

size we were looking for and certainly knew what was


I was apprehensive about having Steve be with my wife

but she seemed to settle on him as the one. She asked

me if I would approach him about it. I reluctantly

agreed. After all, Steve had been a great help through

all of this and any penis envy that I had would soon be


When I asked him, Steve seemed surprised and expressed

some concern about my reaction to someone ministering

to my wife. I said I thought I could handle it as long

as I was there to comfort Tracy.

He disagreed with me, he said that it was his experi-

ence that it's not a good idea to have the husband

around during this kind of activity. He couldn't do

it if I was there. His concentration would not be on

the job at hand. Doctors don't allow family members

into the operating room.

I told him that I admired his clinical attitude and

that I guess I could stay out of the way. Based on my

concession, he agreed to do it. He then added that

they should start soon because my expansion could occur

any day.

That evening Steve entered our bedroom about 8:00 to

start the treatment on Tracy. I watched television in

the living room. Occasionally, I would hear a yell or

a knock from the bedroom. I used the device twice

waiting for them to finish. Eventually I fell asleep

on the couch.


When I woke up the next morning, Tracy was in the

shower and Steve was nowhere to be found. When Tracy

was dressed I asked her how the night had gone. She

smiled and said that it had been all right.

I prodded her for more information but she was reluc-

tant to talk about it. I figured that she didn't enjoy

it all that much, plus the situation was kind of

awkward. I was actually kind of surprised when Steve

and Tracy retreated to the bedroom later that evening.

Tracy was determined to see this thing through.

The pattern repeated itself for the remainder of the

week. Tracy still didn't want to talk much about it

and Steve was only home long enough to slip into bed

with her.

I did notice that Tracy had settled down to her old;

self back when we used to fuck every day. However the

treatment was going, it seemed to be helping her.

Friday was the day Steve left for home. He got up

early in the morning, showered, and stopped by the

couch on his way out. He shook me awake and thanked

me for allow him to help us. He cautioned against

using the device for longer than another couple of

months, something should have happened by then. He

said he would be back every couple of weeks and would

make sure he kept Tracy ready for me until then.

I got up and opened the door for him and thanked him

for all his help. After he left, I slowly walked down

the hall into my bedroom. Tracy was sleeping lightly.

She was wearing a skimpy little teddy with no panties


I had never seen that outfit before. She looked great

in it. The light from the window shown across her legs

and stomach. Her legs were spread open and I peered

down at her pussy. Her cunt was gaping wide open and

cum was all over her face, tits, stomach, pussy and

legs. Her hairless cunt lips were engorged and glowing

red. Her nipples thrust out like pencil top erasers.

Even her clit was standing at attention. The enormity

of her once tight cunt amazed me. My entire penis could

fit inside the opening without touching the sides.

Some time during the week she had shaved off most of

her pussy hair, leaving only a small triangle. It was

matted and soaked with cum.

Steve returned two more times after that and stayed for

a week each time. Each week was similar to the first

week; me on the couch and him working with my wife in

our bed. He continued to splatter cum all over her. I

was allowed to stop in every morning after he left to

check on Tracy. Here cunt was always huge and covered

with cum. I suspected that she was giving him oral

sex. I would notice drops of cum on her chin and

cheeks. She never did that for me.

Finally, one morning Steve said he would be leaving and

probably wouldn't return. He said that he had stretch-

ed out Tracy as far as possible and that his mission

was accomplished. She was ready and no longer needed


I thanked him for all his help, he informed me that if

my cock wasn't larger in another couple of weeks, it

probably never would be. On rare occasions it's not

effective. He told me I could hang on to the expansion

device no matter what happened.

I told him I would keep using it for a while and would

darn well pay for it too. After all, I was the one it

was helping. I was kind of surprised at the price he

said he paid, but figured it would be worth it in the

long run. I handed him a check for $475 and thanked

him again for all his help. He truly was a good friend.

With that he walked out the door and I never saw him



A couple of weeks passed and I remained 5" long. In

that time Tracy seemed to lose interest in her once

nightly rubbing sessions and did not appear at all

concerned with our lack of sex. Whatever Steve had

done, it was having positive effects. I found it

curious that Tracy had taken a liking to her carefully

trimmed pussy and spent considerable time grooming it.

Finally after another 2 weeks, I decided to quit using

the device and get back to my old life. I was disap-

pointed that I hadn't been successful, but at least

Steve, Tracy and I had given it our best shot.

I convinced Tracy to try sex with me the next evening.

Try is the appropriate word because we both could not

feel a thing. I couldn't even cum, there was no

friction at all. It was like humping air. We tried a

couple of more times but to no avail.

I felt inadequate. I couldn't please my own wife.

Several weeks later I returned home from work to find

her in bed with a stranger.

When I walked in, he turned to me and pulled his cock

out of Tracy's cunt and showed it to me saying, "four-

teen inches!"

Tracy just guided his cock back in and moaned.