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Found the fister of pleasure..


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my name is Kim and husband is Steve , I wrote a story about a experience we had at a swingers party, where I was wanting the attention of a magnificent black man who had a huge and thick cock but as he was in demand I missed out and found myself with an older gentleman who introduced me to the art of fisting.
Recently I was out shopping away from my usual area , when I noticed a second hand book shop, looking for a certain book I ventured into the shop.
As I browsed a man asked if I needed help, to my surprise I recognised the voice , it was the man I met in the swingers party, he was so helpful and I started to remember his touch which got me aroused.
He closed the shop and we started to chat , he remembered my interest in the black man and asked if I was still keen on black cock which I told him I was.
He asked if he could play with my fanny again and as I was very wet , just thinking about his fingers and what he did to me I just opened my legs and let him play,he removed my panties and his fingers sent me to an orgasm .
He asked me if he could fist me again,we made arrangements for thr following Thursday .
Thursday came and I went to his shop , he shut up and took me to the back room , I took my clothes of and mounted his couch , he sat behind me massaged my back feeling his fingers down my spine and around my ass just touching my clit sent sparks through me.
He slowly fingered me till he had every finger in me then slowly fed me his fist at the same time whispering in my ear , you need a huge black cock, don't you.then fed moor fist into me sending me to an extra orgasm.
As he fed me moor and moor fist he told me he had a surprise , the door opened and in walked a very naked black man with a huge cock , he lent forward and we tongued kissed , he was the man I missed out at the party.
The older man still fisting me gave me an extra pounding for a whole then told the black man to fuck me , which he did for around an hour