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This forum thread is intended for 'Real' Couples and Women only to post an AD who are seeking Black men to meet.

If you are a guy looking to hookup, then you need to post in the "studs, stallions, and bulls seeking" section. This section is not for gay/bisexual men looking for sex.

In the AD you must provide the following:

1. A clear statement of where you are located and what you are seeking.
*NOTE: Per site Forum Rule #13 do not post personal INFO such as email, phone numbers, etc.

2. A clear picture of yourself and more than just a close-up of your vagina (consider verifying yourself as real to help as well).

3. Only post once in this section and Ads not meeting the criteria outlined will be removed.

* Repeat offenders will be banned from posting in this Forum for 30days.

* Ignorance of these rules is no excuse and no exception. You will only get one warning.

* Posters who are discovered to be fake or 'catfishing' will be banned.

* Final Note for men: Before responding to a post in this section, please check the date of the post and click on the profile of the original poster to see if they have visited the site recently. There is no sense replying to posts made in 2011 or posts that are time specific. For example, a post entitled "looking to hook up January 1 in NYC", and it's now August 17" shouldn't prompt you to respond.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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