Forcing white boys to wear wifes panties


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Forcing white boys to wear their wifes panties while I fuck her. It's so humiliating for white boys, and the wife always gets a good laugh out of it.

This is one of my favorite things to do.
omg yes i love it when my wife takes away my boxers and makes me wear her pretty pink laced panties and you see the panty line which she always outlines in public i love being her sissy


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I love when she makes me wear them because I can finally act like a sissy fag and she enjoys the absolute power. Her ultimate fantasy when I get home is for me to wear panties under my clothes and go to the club and when she finds a nice guy she likes she will dance with him and then invite him back to the table where I will show him my panties. Im into that idea as well but worried it will scare him off.