Forced to have sex?


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This came up in another thread and some people got all outraged at the mention of rape. So brace yourself.

It's actually not an uncommon fantasy for women, yet some of them report feeling guilty about it. Studies show about 40% fantasize about it with varying frequencies:

So before everyone goes ballistic, yes, real rape is a horrible act which should be condemned. And women who do fantasize about it aren't wishing for it to happen in real life. But that doesn't mean you can't have a rational discussion about the fantasies a lot of women have.


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Do any wives on here like the fantasy if being forced to have sex? My wife likes this, not all out rape just fantasy play. Like she is forced to do it then stars to like it. Just curious if other w
ives like to be "taken".[
our fantasyyy:exciting: ,i dream one day to watch a huge bbc to fuck my wife like a rap


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This rape fantasy stuff definitely intensifies the excitement of the sex act for some people, however, I really discourage guys from participating in this activity with females. Its often difficult for guys to identify when the female is resisting, and saying NO, as to whether she is acting or really saying "NO". If the play acting gets a bit rough, and the female decides she's had enough and wishes it to stop, and the guys don't stop, you're going to have one pissed off female who's likely to file legal charges, and she's probably going to be holding a pussy full of DNA proving who raped her. Not good for us guys, 'cause the courts are going to side with the female almost every time. Even if the guys are proven innocent, they've probably spent a ton of money on lawyers, and I mean a TON of money. Lawyers cost $300 an hour ... go figure! Rape & baby custody are two things courts love siding with the females on ... my suggestion to guys, Don't Do It! She wants to experience the feeling of rape, let her go downtown at 1AM by herself.
She wants to experience the feeling of rape, let her go downtown at 1AM by herself. [/quote]


You don't recommend roleplay, then go to suggest she puts herself at risk of real rape...