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for women and cucks- after a bj, do you swallow or spit

what do you do with the cum after a bj on black master

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hi cuckold wimp im a uk cuckold my wife sucks her bull completely dry and then licks him clean . but she will only suck me , never to the point of cumming and never swollow me . she says that her bull tastes really good and she loves his cum in her , either her pussy or mouth . how long have you been a cuck for , we started about a year ago . maybe we can chat , email me if you want to exchange thoughts templar_1@hotmail.co.uk
The first, and only to date (hic!) time my wife had black cock was when my old university friend, Edwin, who happens to be black, took her white only virgin pussy! We have posted about this in the Interracial Story Section on this site. My wife never ever swallowed my cum, she did however swallow Edwin's, then she continued to lick his cock clean of every last droplet it could muster! She did this during several subsequent episodes during the course of events with him! She really does like sucking cock ... more so now than prior to getting blackened ... just that now ... blacker the better!

I later complained to her about this and her response was simply; "Edwin was blowing bigger loads than you did! Besides, his cum tasted better and he made me a lot more horny than you did when I was giving you a blow job!"

Some days you just can't win, eh?


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The bottom line for myself as a submissive cuckold, is to serve as desired whether that means swallowing cum directly as it is being ejaculated from my Wife's lover's dick, sucking and licking it from my Wife's cunt and Her lover's dick after they have finished fucking or licking it up it from wherever it may be as ordered by my Wife. Additionally, if I am told to hold it in my mouth until being permitted to swallow it, I do as I am told.

However, as both a sign of respect for my Wife's lover and my appreciation of his service in pleasuring Her, I would always swallow his cum unless instructed otherwise.

It depends on the bull...some of the bulls like to cum all over my face and then I am allowed to fuck my slut as thier cum runs down my face.. a few cum in my mouth and I hold it as I fuck my slutwife...until I cum.. ...lately all of her bulls have been cumming deep in her so I have not had to hold cum or swallow in a few weeks...or if they are totally not into any of the above some will cum on her pussy...where I lick her clean

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In our case it was different. My wife Susie used to suck her black boyfriend's cock, when they had a relationship before me, just to turn him on. When his dick was hard, they fucked.
Just once she gave him a blow job, until she made him cum, and it was during a long travel over their car by a lonely highway. He had been driving their car for several hours and he was so excited too. Then, Susie held his black cock and sucked it until Axel filled her mouth with his sperm. It brought him a great relief and Susie swallowed his sperm for first time, just to taste it. But it is not something that she enjoy doing.