For Her Pleasure

A young black man presumes that when an older white woman is servicing him on her knees, she's subsurvient. But that's just his perception. Reality is different. Though he's rutting her like a whore, he hasn't realized that it's all 'for her pleasure'. *** Maggie sat back and gasped again. Marc was now naked from the waist down and his over-sized erection seemed to raise and lower in front of her face with each pulse of his heart. She studied it for a second time. He had cum so quickly on their drive from the supermarket. Little did she realize his offer to help her with her groceries would lead to this. In the parking lot he had simply transferred her groceries from her cart to the back of her station wagon, then scooted behind the wheel and started the car.

But even before placing the car in gear, Marc had unzipped his pants and pulled out what Maggie judged to be a blue ribbon erection – already poised for the photo op. Maggie congratulated herself. Flirting eventually does pay off. Husband David said there would come a time when she would thank him for keeping the old car with that large bench front seat. He surely knew what he was talking about. A console would have made it impossible for Maggie to lay across the seat and suck the young black assistant manager. She must remember to thank him - maybe an apple pie. "Mrs. Johansson, I'm so full that I hurt. Would you like to relieve me of some the pressure?" The pride in his voice was obvious. Maggie smiled as she leaned over to take nourishment from the big sausage. And relieve him she did. It didn't take long. And full? That was an understatement. Marc's release had come faster than she could swallow. But though some slipped from her mouth and oozed down the long, thick shaft, the ride home offered opportunity to meticulously nurse the big cock clean.

But Maggie wanted to give it a careful inspection; she wanted to handle it, to completely test it. Hidden now from the leering eyes of drivers that couldn't resist honking their horns, she could in the privacy of her kitchen kneel and carefully scrutinize the large piece of dark man-meat. And with time to rub and stroke the big black beauty, Maggie was overjoyed. Certainly she was a lucky woman. His penis was beautiful and perfect. And what was most delightful was its abnormal size – quite large – at least 8 inches, maybe even nine. It was certainly longer than her husband, David's, by 4 inches, and much, much thicker. The deep blue bulging veins on the sides, crowned with a perfectly colossal mushroom-shaped head were difficult to see because the cock was so black. And with a mixture of saliva and spent sperm, it had a lusty, crusty sheen. She didn't say it aloud, but it was her intention to not only suck it, but to also fuck it. Marc didn't know it yet, but he was going to help her with much more than her groceries. No doubt it would stretch her, but how would that feel? And what about its length? Could she take it all? She had heard of cocks this large, but never had one. How did other women take something this large? She was unsure, but was nevertheless resolved that this was to be the day she would be rutted like a whore.

Maggie slid her hands up his thighs, moving forward until she was inches from his penis. If there was ever a cock that deserved to be worshiped, it was this one. Slowly her hands again took hold of the fat shaft, gently, almost like it was expensive crystal. Marc moaned and bucked involuntarily. "Settle down, we don't want you to go off too soon this time. A good blow job should be slow and sensual," she said. Her remark was a subtle reminder of how quickly in the car was his discharge, but she never mentioned how she intentionally made it happen. Marc was leaking – a large drop of clear syrup was forming on the end. If she didn't do something soon, like molasses, a thinning silver thread would lower the hefty drop onto her dress. Licking her lips, she had no intention of allowing this succulent droplet to escape her hungry mouth. Bringing his seeping cylinder to her lips, carefully she extended her tongue below the monstrous dark head and allowed the clear ointment to flow onto her tongue. Mrs. Butterworth would have been proud. Closing her mouth around the big spongy head, she then milked the cock forward vacuuming what was available. Marc almost climaxed from hearing Maggie's words. It was the way she dragged her words while looking at him. "A good blow job..." she had said. Staring into his eyes she then exaggerated licking her lips. He began to tremble all over – short, spasmodic jerks. Maggie shot her tongue out, flicking it across the head and tasting more of his sweet juice. He was so emotional and his flow now was steady. She could bring him off if she chose to do so, but that was not her plan. Marc moaned again, and eased his hips to her. It was a pleading gesture. She smiled, but otherwise ignored it. Using her tongue to repeatedly lick around the head, Maggie teased the sensitive skin where the head and shaft met. She was being very careful not to over excite him. She knew from the ride home that he could cum very quickly. And he was still full.

Again taking the head into her mouth, she gently nursed the big mushroom. She then used her teeth to apply a little pressure around the edges. Maggie loved to suck cock, and to find one so large and so black and so youthful was like winning the lottery. Pulling away from the shaft she again took a moment to appreciate Marc's cock. Smiling, she increased the pressure of her hand slightly and applied several rapid but gentle twisting strokes. The effect was wonderful. He was becoming noticeably harder. And the contrasts of her small white fingers in their attempt to encircle the greased black cylinder only served to increase her own flow. Leaning in she kissed the head and broke the tense silence: "Feel good?" Marc could only nod. Of course it did. Even he could recognize a good cock sucking. Maggie was keenly aware how much young men enjoyed having their cocks sucked. By the time she finished with him, he would follow her around like a new puppy. Cock sucking was an art form for Maggie. She was good, and she knew it. Now, Marc knows it. Smiling up at Marc, she opened wide and the black tube disappeared. Maggie is one of those women that likes the taste and the feel of a dick in her mouth. It had been one of her favorite things to do when she was younger. Older now, Maggie used all of her skills to bring the young black assistant manager to the edge. He had pleaded for her to let him cum but she would tightly squeeze the base of the big shaft delaying his eruption. In this way she kept him on the edge for a long, long time, which enabled her to kiss and nibble and suck and enjoy the big cock before she emptied him of another load. Marc stared in amazement as he watched this remarkable woman – this wonderful cocksucker - worship the meat. She seemed to be in a world of her own.

He watched as her tongue licked him, and then sucked him inside. He moaned each time she would take the shaft deep into her mouth. Though he towered over her in height and size, little did he realize that it was she who was in control of the cock and its flow - it was for her pleasure. Several times he began to throb, near orgasm, but she would squeeze tight at the base until he was under control again. It was the most incredible feeling he had ever felt. Working on him for over a half-hour, Maggie made love to his stiff prod. She would bring him to the edge where in desperation he would grab her head and fuck her mouth trying desperately to get relief only to find she would lead him back from the edge and start over. However, she knew Marc couldn't take much more. The truth was that she couldn't take much more either. Her pudgy muffin was like a spring mountain stream – it was swollen and overflowing its banks. Maggie now wanted him to cum as badly as he did. She wanted a mouth full of cum. She wanted to feel the big cock swell and spurt.

She wanted to feel the oily spray splash into her mouth. Maggie had acquired a taste for cum, and it had been a long time since she had tasted sperm like Marc's - on the sweet side. Marc wanted to jab his hips up to her in the worst way, but he was learning to stand as still as he could, even if his legs were wobbly, and wait for her to lead. Like a Grand Champion at the dog show, she had brought him to heal. Wrapping her hand around the base of his shaft, Maggie held it tight as she pulled her head back and stuck out her tongue, flicking the tip. She looked up at Marc who was still staring wide-eyed at her. She then gently cuddled his balls with her left hand. With her eyes still on Marc, she held open her mouth wide then quickly began to stroke his big black cock. That was all it took. In less than ten strokes he groaned and double over her – one hand on her shoulder and the other on the kitchen counter. She could also feel the rigid convulsions and spasms of his hips as the big meat began to spit. There was no stopping it now. Maggie closed her eyes, put her mouth over the head of his penis, and prepared herself as best she could. Marc was certain his balls were going to explode before they were able to propel the thick bullion. The orgasm was so intense even his neck and head jerked. Though he yelled loudly enough for the neighbors to hear, Maggie held firm, milking blast after blast of the young black man's sweet crude.
Though her head rocked back in surprise at the force of his ejaculation, she kept focused, never losing the head. She loved the way he felt in her mouth. The thick hot cream coated the back of her throat like a thin wallpaper paste; she choked, momentarily. Quickly gathering her thoughts, she swallowed just in time – another blast entered her mouth. She was ready this time, and swallowed it down rapidly, anticipating the next shot. It came quickly, filling her mouth to overflowing. She tried to swallow it all, but it was just too much. The big cock continued to power forward and release – thrust and release. There was just too much of a good thing, and it dripped from the corners of her mouth onto her chin then down the shaft onto his balls. She would get it later. As his cream dripped from her chin, Maggie felt that familiar and undeniable tremor in her pussy. Now she too was about to lose control. Chewing down on the black tube, she gulped a huge swallow and began to climax; her hips were involuntarily bucking as her vagina throbbed. She shook all over and for a moment totally lost control. Wrapping her arms around Marc's legs, she sucked and dry humped so violently that had not Marc been steadying himself with the counter they both would have been knocked to the floor. Maggie was undeterred though and continued to hand milk the cock and swallow her reward. "Oh, fuck!" Marc said. Marc thought he was going to die. He had never felt anything so intense, so pleasurable. He couldn't believe that a cock sucking could leave him so weak and shaky. But then at his young age, he'd never encountered a cocksucker like Maggie. Not only had she expertly siphoned it from him, she drank it down! One thing was absolutely clear to Marc, some do love the taste, and Maggie was one of them. She was going to be getting a lot it – he knew that for sure. But Maggie knew it all along. Well satisfied that she had drawn off a generous load, Maggie released the depleted penis so it could regenerate. Even now though she appreciated how splendid it looked. He was young; it wouldn't take long. Marc leaned back on the counter, deflated physically and emotionally. When he opened his eyes, he saw Maggie smiling up at him.

Her lips and chin were coated with his white cum, but still she looked lovely. Unable to resist, he reached down and pulled Maggie up to him. Turning her around he unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor. Next came the bra then her panties, until she stood naked, except for her shoes. Though they only had two-inch heels, Marc liked the effect. Moving against her Marc slipped one hand on her breasts and the other down between her legs. "Mrs. Johansson, from the size of these nipples and this wet pussy, I think you're excited about something." Then he laughed. Maggie didn't respond except to lay her head back against the young black man's muscular chest. She continued to ripen as she felt his strong arms around her. "Mrs. Johansson, I want you lean over the counter now...I'm going fuck you." That's what Maggie had been waiting for – the magic words. Nodding her readiness, Maggie leaned over the counter and prepared to be assaulted by a thick black beast that should have been considered a concealed weapon and illegal to carry. Marc stepped back and slowly began to rub the semi-hard cock up and down the crack of her ass. Looking at Maggie's big white ass was enough and slowly the cock began to swell and lengthen. Maggie moved her hand back and began to work the cock, too. Things were progressing nicely when they both heard... "Hey...what's for lunch?" It was Maggie's friend, Julie. She had popped in for a brief visit – but her eyes were now frozen in lust as she glared at the tall young black man preparing to step in between her friend's parted legs. Looking back over her shoulder at Julie from the counter, Maggie calmly said, "You're right on time. Have a seat, Julie...I'll be done with him in a few minutes."

Opening her legs and sliding her hand into her panties, Julie quietly slipped into a kitchen chair. And without breaking her gaze on Marc's cock she nodded and said, "Good, I'll have a turn or two with him while you make us a sandwich." Maggie grunted as Marc eased his big cock up and into her, but there was now a wrinkle on his brow and an expression of insecurity and perplexity on his face. "Focus, Marc... focus!" he heard Maggie instruct.