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For Cucks - How did you get into the lifestyle??

For Cucks - How did you get into the lifestyle? Are you living the lifestyle?

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Hi All,
I'm interested in how you got into the lifestyle? I first got into when I was 17. I was dating this girl (my first real girldfriend) who was very sexual, and loved having sex all the time.
It started off with her making little comments when we were having sex, we would be at it, and I'll tell her that I was getting close. She used to, moan and complain and tell me not to cum but kept pounding away which just milked me dry. This went on for a while, no matter how long I lasted it was never long enough. She did cum, but always want to cum more and more before me. Being the good little boy I just kept trying. I know she used to talk to her best friend about our sex and compare notes with her.
We finially broke up because I move away, but we kept in touch and I did see her a few times after.
She got a new boyfriend, and I was quizing her about him i.e what he was like etc, and I ask the obvious about their sex.
I remember the look on her face, when she turn to be and said he was better and lasted longer. Then then with a little sly smile she told me he was bigger as well. That little 'knowing' sly smile, almost like he will always be bigger than you and their nothing you can do about it, like she had one over me.
That got me very hard . . .


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We got started , because hubby wanted to watch me with black men. We got into the swingiing lifestyle at the same time , nudity and swapping partners. It has been 12 plus years since hubby brought home my first black lover. I was a little nervous that first night. Once he was inside me I was hooked. The feel and taste of a large black cock is so amazing, I cannot imagine going without it. We still do the swinging thing with cpls but our real desire it black men and hubby being a sissy for black cock


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Are we talking about cuckolding, here, or IR sex? 'Cause there is a difference, you know! Also, are we talking about wife "sharing" or actual cheating (infidelity) ... there's a difference there, as well!

My wife & I started including others in our sex play (couples & 3-somes) while we were dating in school. So, getting the wife to "play" after we married, was never an issue. We went straight for a year or so because we thought it was the appropriate thing to do, then eventually figured it was ridiculous to suddenly become monogomous because of a piece of paper. Coincidently, our first swing, after marriage, was with her old BF prior to me. We don't swing separately, and she's yet to cross over the color barrier, but I see that happening sometime in our future. Right now we're managing (I think that's the appropriate word here) 2 teenagers.; not an easy task, and they're fairly well behaved, so our outside actitities the past few years have been limited.
Are we talking about cuckolding, here, or IR sex? 'Cause there is a difference, you know! Also, are we talking about wife "sharing" or actual cheating (infidelity) ... there's a difference there, as well!
Hi MacNfries,
thanks for your post, I purposely left it vague to get as many answers as possible.


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Technically, I have never been "cuckolded" as my Wife/Mistress has never taken a lover during our marriage ... at least not as yet.

However, using the looser definitions that people apply to cuckolding, my first experience was with my high school sweetheart. We had broken up and she started to date another (older) guy, then we got back together but she continued to date the other guy as well with my knowledge (actually she made it a condition of us starting over) and it was he who began the more humiliating aspects of cuckolding me for his amusement.
This relationship firmly cemented my submissive needs and later, I always seemed to seek out relationships with domineering women, some of whom also took lovers during our relationships.
As a mid-40s, kind and caring white male I'm looking to find a partner to introduce me to the interracial cuckold lifestyle and hope to say one day that it was this website that introduced me to a lifestyle I've longed to live for a long time.
I wanted it since I was 13. I used to read the letters in my dads dirty magazines. I didn't even waste time on the letter unless it involved a married woman. I joined the army at age 17 before I even finished high school. While living in the barracks I read I penthouse letter about a wife fucking black men. The husband would follow her and jerk off watching.

Ten I was hooked. I met my ex via yahoo chat. I opened with the idea of being a cuckold. She said shed be willing to try. We ended up married but the relationship was sex based. So it didn't last. She also never got as far into cuckolding as I would have liked. Now I'm searching again. Ill be smarter this time though.