For cuckolds: where is your favorite place to gobble the black man's baby goo?

From where do you like to suck and lick the sperm from the most?

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Rick Willis

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I absolutely love to lick it from her anywhere ..............her just taken pussy is heavenly............for me though I have a huge foot fetish so my most favorite is to lick it off her sexy feet and toes!
or lets she where to gooble it..sometimes in my bed room..after he fucks my slutife...
but my wife has also sent me to an adult store with booths and instructed me to suck every cock..3 of which were bbc..that was my fav place to gobble bbc goo.
I love it when the black stud tells you he has been saving his spunky load all week.Then he unloads a huge amount of cream into my wifes well fucked cunt,leaving her lying open legged with her stretched pink cunt oozing with hot,cream.I eagerly get between her legs and eat her juicy,spunk filled hole as the black stud watches.
Damn that was Hard vote for me .. I vote str8 from the source ,,, But its Damn near a tie ,on lickin his cummm from her well fucked cummmm-runnin pussy or ass ,, Luv cummm-pies..... But My Fav Is SUCKIN a Heavy Thick Blk Dick