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Football Widows

Very excited! Hubby now is being trained daily in his CB-6000s (yes the small version as the original CB-6000 swallowed him up) and our new book is done!!!

Please check it out! The cover art is awesome (thank hubby) and the sex is VERY graphic! And I am willing to hook any of you cucks out who post a review of it on Amazon... If you post a review I will send you or your wife or girlfriend a copy of any of our books straight to your kindle! Perhaps you are a closet cuck and want the wife to read something naughty but are to chicken shit to get her something like this. Or perhaps you are a cuck needing some relief. Simply post a review and message me on this site with the book you want and the email you want it forwarded to... I will do this for the first 10 requests I get! Enjoy and at least check out the cover art!!



Heather was lonely and neglected. Once the leaves started to change color and the wind blew chilly, she knew that her husband Brent would abandon her, many Saturdays and every Sunday, to go watch Pro Football with his friends. Heather considered herself a football widow, and had endured this for years, but at thirty five the blonde housewife could not imagine another twenty weeks of Brent going off and having fun while she remained a slave to the house and their kids. Heather was a real stunner for her age. At 5’6” she had curves that most women paid big bucks for. Her thick round butt and plump but firm breasts made her the object of many men’s desires. But once Heather stumbles on to Brent’s cuckold porn stash things begin to change. Slowly and then like a rollercoaster, Heather takes on a new role in their home and things will never be the same again.
The book follows Heather and her friend Sheri as they grow from curious Football Widows to Football Hotwives. At over 40,000 words the book is filled with cuckolding, interracial sex, gangbangs, and very illicit acts of sex. Keep your lube or sex toys handy as this story is sure to get you wet, keep you hard and raise your blood pressure.
This book is perfect for the neglected housewife needing a release while her man is out with his boys watching yet another “Big Game,” or for the closet cuckold who wished he had a wife who would put him in his place. While for most this story is a fantasy, it’s based in enough reality that it could absolutely happen. Be careful what you wish for, bois…