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Focusing on her

I spent a good amount of time buying into the idea that all women are into men with big dicks and most would jump at the opportunity to have some sanctioned strange bbc. I spent time attempting to reassure her that I want to see it happen, that I was not angling for her to allow me to fuck someone else, that she would look very sexy with a bbc etc etc. I did not seem plausible that she was being 100 honest when she says she just isn't into the idea.
I decided to stop being selfish, not that I was purposely only thinking about my own desires I just assumed a large and well hung lover would be her fantasy as well, and focus on her and what she likes. I have spent time learning about her spots, how she wants me to go down on her, fuck her etc. It has been great for us both and our sex life has never been better.
After some recent lovin, we had a chat about dick size and why it does not matter much to her. She revealed that my dick alone would never give her an orgasm, shattering the idea I had about a longer and thicker dick making her cum repeatedly through penetration alone. She revealed how the dick feels good but clitoral stimulation is what she needs and my dick is not that important.
I still fantasize about her fucking a well hung black lover, but learning about what she really wants has taken our sex life to another level and I am very glad I did.


Gold Member
My ex wife was never interested in having an orgasm as much as much as she wanted a guy to cum in her pussy it reassured her that the guy really liked screwing her. Not to say she didnt like bigger cocks but unless it cummed in her she wasnt happy.