White boy who just moved Florida. Looking for a white girl that is into interracial cuckolding. I lived a interracial cuckold relationship for three years and Fucking love it. Looking for another!


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White boy who just moved Florida. Looking for a white girl that is into interracial cuckolding. I lived a interracial cuckold relationship for three years and Fucking love it. Looking for another!
Please do tell about this IR Cuckold relationship you lived in and what you loved about it and what you forsee would happen if you found a white girl for the next relationship.
Please do tell about this IR Cuckold relationship you lived in and what you loved about it and what you forsee would happen if you found a white girl for the next relationship.
Well I'll try to keep this short with giving you a little back ground on me as well. I kind of developmented a interest in this life style at a early age by numerous scenarios playing out before I even new this life style even existed. But boy did I find it and have loved it ever sinceBy the time I got with my ex I was a full blown wanna be cuck through interracial porn, stories, blogs and websites such as btw. When we met she immediately started telling me about her past sluty moments she did some things in her past to lead be to believe she'd be very happy to have this type of relationship, especially the fact that she confessed that she has cheated in every relationship she's ever been in. So since she opened up to me so much I figured I would feel her out on the situation. I told her that I thought all of her stories were very hot and that they really turn me on. I said that I really get off on girls being sluty and that if we got together that she could do whatever she wanted and that I'd remain loyal to her. Well her ears perked up when I said that but she kind of shrugged it off after saying she didn't know if she could do that infront of someone she loved and she would be afraid that that her bf would want the favor returned. I did make a good point that she thought it was better to deceive someone she loves and do it behind his back instead of doing in front of him to make him happy too and she said good point. Well we ended up getting together and getting a place together and we had a great sex life and did through out the hole relationship. Well at first things started off slow but after a while dirty talk during sex, getting her to dress sexier and sexier in public and teasing guys, slowly introducing interracial porn, then a black dildo, she finally said she would do it about a year into our relationship. She was ready to fuck her first black man and let me watch. Well the first time was with a guy she worked with, I wanted to find someone with some experience in this type of situation but she said she felt comfortable with him because she's known him for over a year and he's already been hitting on her this hole time (which I knew about) I didn't want her to because I was afraid of it causing problems at her work or in our social life. I also had a strong belief that he wasn't a strong suitor to get the job done. Well I figured I'd take what I could get. The next time we went out drinking, after we got drunk, to my surprise she asked if we should call him and I said yes. Well let's just say I was right about him, he was smaller then me (7 inches)and couldn't keep it hard.while watching the hole situation unfold and it actually happinging was still very exciting and hot. Both of us were very unfulfilled. So after another failed attempt she finally agreed to find someone online with me. She posted a add on a dating site and again to my surprise she was pretty Pacific in terms of what she was looking for. I was nervous that one of my friends or someone we knew are you going to be on the same side and see her profile. So after a while of goin through quite a few that didn't meet the requirements and a ton of morons that didn't even come close like white guys we finally found a guy that replied saying that he was experienced in this lifestyle and asked if we'd like to see a pic of his cock. She immediately was very interested in him great looking, big muscles, tall in his early 40's (I was27 and she was 24) which definitely helped cuz she has always had a thing for older men. So he sent the pic and it was a true solid 9 inch cock and at least twice as fat. We said we were down and she got so turned on that she jumped my bones right then and there and we Fucked like rabbits and when we were done she Fucked herself with the dildo. That weekend he drove down and we met at the club and we all hot it off like whoa! He was super cool definitely someone I would become friends with in even a normal situation. She was just in love with him he charmed her very well and he was a great looking very muscular tall black man. We would dance some then they would dance some we all had a great time and she said it was time go. On the way to the house we smoked a blunt and when We got home and and before I could close the door he grabbed her and started kissing her she led him to the bedroom and I held back to allow them to set they're on tone undisturbed. I grabbed A beer, sat on the couch, pulled out my cock and waited to hear anything. I could hear kissing noises and then that turned into sucking noises. I couldn't wait any longer I had to see. So cock in hand I walked into the bedroom to see my smoking hot blonde gf sucking this huge black cock I sat down in a couch in the bedroom .it made me so happy to know she's finally gonna get a BBC. I could tell it really struck a cord with her too cuz she was sucking that thing like it had the cure. It was a weird feeling cuz not only was I super turned on by how she was goin hard on the biggest dick she ever had but i was also proud of her. She started rubbing her pussy under her dress and shortly after she said she couldn't wait any longer. It took him some work to get most of it in her and he started Fucking her with what he could get inside. It didn't take long for her to start building a orgasm and when she was close is when he finally was able to go balls deep. That obviously sent her over the edge and she started Cumming. That sent me over the edge and I came as well. Me and my girlfriend cam again before he did. We all passed out, me on the couch and them in the bed. I woke up in the middle of the night with the lights out to them Fucking again which I think was my favorite part of the night. I got to hear them thinking that I couldn't hear them it was amazing. I could hear there whispers to each other she was telling him things like she's never felt like that before or came that hard he also came in her which was something we agreed that wouldn't happen. The hole time I'm jerking off trying to be quiet. I still came before he did. I think she was on her second when he came in her. I woke up first and she was hogging the covers and his huge cock was on display and she had her one leg wraped around his stomach with her ass just out of view under the blanket. I had a moment of looking them over and looking at his cock thinking about how it was Fucking her. I went and took a shower and they were still asleep. I went to the kitchen and started cooking breakfast. They finally woke up and were in the bedroom for another 10 mins before the came out and it was never mentioned that they Fucked again we ate breakfast like nothing happened. Well they hooked up probably another 10 times and she had several other bulls we broke up for various other reasons and I moved to Florida and don't wanna have to go throw all the bullshit again to get to that point again. Hope this is half way readable and what you were looking for.