Flag Girls Gets Fucked

This is a story i read and found amazing to share with u all, it is copied and all thanks to the author for putting on such an amazing work.

will post it chapter after another as the thread wont take it all at one time

Chapter 1

The black jeep wrangler bounced as it cruised over the causeway. There was a loud HONK and the two women in the jeep jumped. Some college boys in a convertible Mustang moved over into the wrong traffic lane and pulled up beside the jeep. The guy in front made kissing faces at the driver of the jeep. A guy in the back seat, held his thumbs out pointing at himself. Dixie smiled and blew them a kiss before an oncoming car forced the boys to speed up and pass them. The guys pulled over in a parking lot just ahead.

“They’re hoping we follow them,” said the driver, Dixie Meriwether, her long blonde hair trailing behind her in the wind. They’d taken the top down the moment they rented the jeep to enjoy the Florida sun.

“I know,” replied her passenger, best friend, and former college roommate, Rose Clark. “Slow down when we get close.” Dixie slowed the jeep on the overseas highway without pulling off the road. “Sorry boys, just got engaged,” shouted Rose. She held her hand up to show the sparkling diamond ring.

“And I’m married,” added Dixie, holding her own hand up with two sparkling rings on it. Dixie honked the horn and sped up, leaving the disappointed boys behind.

“You ready to tell me where we are going yet?” Rose reached up and pulled her straw cowboy hat down farther over her head to keep it from blowing off. She was fairer skinned then Dixie and burned easily, but she still liked the sun. Her reddish brown hair was tied up in a ponytail behind her head. She wore dark shades to keep the sun out of her green eyes.

Dixie looked over at her friend. Her blue eyes were hidden by sunglasses. “Islamorada. We’ll be there soon. It’s a party spot, pools, beach, dancing. Nearby is a place you can swim with dolphins. We’ll hang out there over the weekend and explore the keys the rest of the week. Key West is a blast. Billy Ray took me there on our honeymoon. I can’t wait to get there.”

“We getting a motel first?”

“Naw,” added Dixie. “We’ll stop and party some first. We should be there by noon. We can find a place to stay afterwards.”

“If you say so,” replied Rose. She was more of a planner and less carefree then her friend. Rose needed to have everything mapped out before she went anywhere.

“Here’s a sign. Islamorada, just a few more miles.” Dixie drove the remaining miles. She waved as some guys driving the other way honked at them.

Dixie pulled the jeep over at a parking lot right on the overseas highway. They could hear steel drum music playing from the resort area. The island had several motels along the resort, but all had no-vacancy signs. Dixie saw her friend glancing at them nervously. “Don’t worry, we’ll drive back up to Homestead for a room if we need to. No biggy.”

Rose nodded. She was tired of being on the road and needed to get out and stretch. Both women lived on opposite sides of Georgia. She was 27 and Dixie was one year younger. They’d taken trips together yearly for the last five years, a tradition they started one spring break in college. This one was ostensibly to celebrate her engagement, but in reality they never needed a reason to go away together. Her fiancé, Jake was away on business and didn’t mind her going away with Dixie. Dixie’s husband was fifteen years older then his wife and stayed busy running a business. “This place looks intriguing.”

“I’ve partied here once or twice,” said Dixie, putting the top up on the jeep. “I think a lot of the young fun crowd in Miami come down here on the weekends so it should be hopping. There,” she said after securing the top on. “Time to break some hearts.” Dixie was wearing a pink tank top and cutoff jeans. She reached to the hem of her top and pulled it off over her head. Her impressive bosom was tightly restrained by the DD cups of a bikini bearing the insignia of the Confederate battle flag.

“What about our stuff?” Rose was wearing a flower print sundress. She pulled it off her shoulder and let it fall to her feet. She was wearing a USA flag print bikini. She was shorter then the tall blonde beside her and wore high heeled sandals to appear taller. Her breasts were as big as Dixie’s, but looked larger on her shorter frame. Rose’s belly button was pierced and sparkled in the sunlight.

“We lock it in the car.” Dixie stepped out of her jean shorts. She wore flip-flops because she was close to six feet tall and didn’t need heels. Her body was tanned, toned, and very lithe, her large bosom making her appear top heavy. Her navel was also pierced, but with a CSA flag pin that matched her bikini, not a diamond stud like Rose‘s pin. She was proud of her Georgia heritage. In addition to the bikini and pin, she had a CSA flag tramp stamp just above the firm globes of her rear end.

“I can’t believe you talked me into wearing this bikini again,” said Rose. Her bikini was a good five years old, but the colors were still bright. She preferred more conservative bikinis now and only wore her flag bikini on trips with Dixie.

“Why not?” asked Dix. “We look as good as now as we did at nineteen. I think our boobs and asses might even fill them out a little better. One night after leaving a frat house party, a drunk Dixie and Rose had wondered past a tattoo parlor. Dixie had always wanted to get a Confederate flag tattoo on her lower back, but had lacked the courage. Rose held her hands while Dixie got her tattoo. Three days later, they were shopping for a new bikini to show off Dixie’s tattoo and stumbled upon Confederate one on a mannequin. Dixie thought it was perfect and managed to talk her shy friend Rose into buying a matching American flag bikini. The next day the Flag Girls were born and became something on a legend on campus. Both women were stunning and stacked. They turned heads wherever they went and one time even caused a fender bender.

Rose tucked her purse under the seat after removing a roll of cash, she tucked the cash under her panties, near her pubic hair. Dixie did the same. “Oops, those boys are watching us,” said Rose.

“All the boys will be watching us,” said Dixie, winking. She hid the keys under the bumper before turning back to her friend. Then she noticed the “boys” Rose was referring too. Two over muscled black men sat astride motorcycles nearby in the parking lot. They looked like “gangstas” fresh out of prison. One didn’t have a shirt on. His bulging chest and biceps were covered in blue black tribal tattoos. He had a military style flat top. The other was fatter with a gut, but still had huge muscular arms. He wore an open leather vest with nothing on underneath. The tattooed one looked to be in his mid twenties and the fatter one about twenty years older, but both women found age hard to tell with black people. “What are you looking at?” called Dixie as they walked across the parking lot.

“Ssssh,” whispered Rose.

“I see a hot bodied white bitch in a racist bikini,” said the older man with the big belly.

Dixie growled in frustration. She hated having people tell her that her flag was racist. “This bikini is not racist.” She pointed her finger at the man. Rose was inching behind her unconsciously trying to make herself smaller. The black men were parked right at the crosswalk and the two women had to pass them closely.

“It’s Confederate, right?” said the heavy black man.

“Represents the enslavement of our ancestors,” said the hard bodied thug.

“First off, it’s the Confederate battle flag, not the state flag. It represents the brave soldiers who fought and died for state’s rights. Aaargh! I’m sick of explaining that to you people.”

“What do you mean YOU people?” grunted the fat one.

“Bullshit,” said the muscular one. “How about you? Quit hiding that hot body behind the blonde. You a racist too with that flag?”

Rose stepped out in shock. “It’s the American flag! It’s patriotic!”

“It’s as big a symbol of racism and oppression as the other one.”

“B-but it’s not,” stuttered Rose.

“Come on Rose,” said Dixie pulling her. “Those two black boys are too dumb to listen to reason.”
The walk sign appeared flashing and the two women hurried across the highway towards the resort.

The two black men glared at the retreating women and then they turned to each other and grinned.

Dixie and Rose made quite an entrance. Every eye in the place turned on them for a moment. There were

plenty of hot women in bikinis around, but none that matched the two Georgia peaches. “Let’s look around

first,” said Rose. “Scope out the place.”

“Lets get a drink first,” said Dixie. Nearby was a crowded tiki bar. Two bartenders were working it. One was

a giant black man, very dark skinned with long dreadlocks. The other was an attractive woman with a tee

shirt tied up to show off her flat stomach. Her shirt had a large black spade on the front. Her belly button was

also pierced with a spade pin. She was as fair skinned as Rose, but with redder hair and more freckles.

“Two light beers,” yelled Dixie to the black bartender.

“Ja mon,“ he said. “Coming right up.“ The bartender nodded and handed over two cans. “Six bucks,” he

said in a Jamaican accent that went with his look. Like all men, his words were directed at her breasts and

not her face. He was not an attractive man. His skin was very dark, he was thin, had a gold tooth, and his

Rastafarian hair style looked dirty.

Dixie slipped her fingers inside her panties, noticing the black man’s stare followed her fingers down. She

pulled out her wad of cash and handed him a ten. “Just give me two dollars back.”

“Ja mon,” he replied, giving her the change.

Dixie laughed when she read his nametag. It said Jamon.

The two women sipped their beers and wandered the resort. They passed a small stage with a Reggae

band filled with dark skinned islanders. They were called Rasta With Meatballs. Dixie held up her drink over

her head and started dancing with the crowd. Rose joined her. They danced for a bit. When they left, Rose

caught some young men sneaking a picture of them with a cell phone.

“I pledge allegiance,” said a voice. Rose turned to see a handsome twenty something with his hand over

his heart staring at her bosom. “To the flag, that can barely restrain those big ass titties.” He turned and high

fived his laughing friends.

Other men hit on them. Some were nice. Some were stupid. One nice guy bought them drinks and all he

wanted was for his buddy to take his picture with “The Flag girls”. Every time he saw them that day, he

would stop and salute.

An hour after arriving, Rose and Dixie were having a blast. They visited Jamon for drinks, danced, took

dips in the pool, and waded out into the shallow water on the beach. Guests started calling them the flag

girls and wherever they roamed, they heard, “Here come the flag girls.” or “Looking good flag girls.”
Dixie told everyone they met that they were celebrating Rose’s engagement which led to a lot of shots and

free drinks. Two young men asked if they wanted to go for a jet ski ride. They accepted and rode behind the

guys out to a sandbar. Boaters had anchored off the sandbar and were having a barbecue/keg party. They

joined the party with their two guy friends. They had a great buzz going as the sun was going down and the

guys pulled the jet ski’s back up on the beach. “You two staying here?” asked one guy.

Dixie smiled. “We don’t know yet, but we’ll be back tomorrow.” She and Rose waved as the left. The boys

looked disappointed. Some guys no matter how much you tell them that you’re married or engaged, still

think they have a chance with you. Neither Dixie or Rose had ever cheated on their men. “This was a blast.”

“Yeah,” agreed Rose. “Maybe our best trip ever.”

“And it’s only day one girlfriend.”

“Everyone’s been so nice.”

“Everyone’s always nice to us,” said Dixie. “We’re hot.”

“Yes,” said Rose, shaking her head sadly. “A curse we have to live with.”

Dixie laughed. “A perfect day if it hadn’t been for those two black men.”

“Sssh,” said Rose shocked. She’d heard Dixie use the “N” word before, but not in public. Luckily, they were


“Sorry, they just pissed me off.” Dixie took Rose’s hand and held it as the crossed the highway. “Screw

those black men. Today was perfect… OH SHIT!”

“What?” Rose asked, following Dixie’s gaze. Her friend was staring at the jeep they had rented. The top

had been ripped open with a knife and all four tires had been slashed. “Oh shit,” said Rose, softer then

Dixie had.

“No no no.” Dixie released Rose’s hand and ran up to the jeep. “No no,” she muttered. “It’s gone. Oh no. It’s


“What’s gone?” Rose ran up and froze.

“Everything,” said Dixie in shock.

The jeep was empty. The clothes they were wearing earlier, their suitcases, travel bags, and their purses.

No purse meant no money, no credit cards, no identification. “Where’s our stuff?”

“I’m sorry,” Dixie shook her head in denial. “I’m so so sorry. This is all my fault.”

“Damn straight this is your fault,” said Rose, raising her voice. “You don’t lock your stuff up in a convertible


“I know. I’m sorry.”

“We should have gotten a motel beforehand and dropped our stuff off.”

“I’m sorry,” moaned Dixie, tears running down her eyes. Tears started flowing down Rose’s eyes too and

the two girls embraced. “I’m so sorry,” said Dixie again. “It must have been those black men. They fucked

us over.”


Dixie and Rose turned at the sound of a throat clearing. A handsome muscular black man was standing

near them. He was shaved bald. He looked to be a few years younger then they were, very fit and muscular.

He wasn’t wearing a shirt, but had on sandals and red lifeguard shorts. “Sorry,” said Dixie recognizing him.

He’d been the guard on duty at the pool most of the day. “We’ve been robbed.”

“I can see that,” said the black man. “Let me get security out here to help you two.”

“Yes, that would be great,” said Rose. She hoped the helpful young black man hadn’t heard Dix use the “N”


The lifeguard ran across the highway and returned with another black man. The new black man was

wearing a grey tee shirt with security written across it. He was one of the largest males either of the girls

had ever seen. The guard looked like a body builder. He had a military looking flat top. “Ladies, I’m Gage

with resort security. My friend Mark here filled me in on what happened. I apologize on behalf of the resort.

This kind of thing rarely happens here. I’ll need you to fill out a report. Why don’t you just follow me?”

“Gage, I’ll meet you at the bar,” said Mark. He turned to Dixie and Rose. “I’m sorry this happened to you


Dixie just rolled her eyes and frowned. Rose said, “Thanks for your help, Mark.” He nodded and walked


Dixie and Rose followed Gage to a small office in the main hotel building and just off the pool. He sat

behind a desk and motioned for them to sit down. “Here’s a form to list everything that was stolen from your

vehicle.” Gage took out a piece of paper and passed it to Dixie. “What was stolen?”

“Everything,” whispered Rose.

“Do you like my bikini, Mr. Gage?” asked Dixie angrily. “You keep staring at it. Well I hope you like it

because that’s all we have if you can’t get our stuff back. I’m talking money, credit cards, suitcases filled

with clothes and underwear.”

“Just write it down, Ma’am. Everything you can think of. Did you see anyone suspicious?”

Dixie’s anger was growing. “I know exactly who did it. There were these two nig… er black men on

motorcycles that watched us get out of the car and they tried to start a fight with me about my choice in


“I see.” Gage jotted something down on a form. “You’re sure you aren’t just suspicious of them because

they were black?”

“Of course not,” growled Dixie. “It was absolutely those two.”

“And the stuff that was stolen,” Gage made another note. “It could be carried by two men on motorcycles?”

Dixie’s face turned a little red as she pondered the question. “Yes, er no, I mean yes, I think so. My suitcase

was rather large. It could be carried with difficulty by a man on a motorcycle, but they’d probably have to

ditch it soon.”

Gage took out another form. “Write out a description of the suspects and I’ll send it to the police. The police

might be able to locate them.” Gage took out a small camera and a clipboard. “Go ahead and work on

listing the stolen items while I go take some pictures of your car and the damage. Who’s car was it?”

“I rented it,” said Dixie. “We didn’t want to put the miles on our cars.”

“Good, I’ll see if the thieves left your rental agreement and we can call in the report. They should have you

towed and running again tomorrow.”

“That is good news,” said Dixie. “I can have my husband wire us some money.”

“Oh god!” interjected Rose, alarmed. “It’s Friday after business hours. We wouldn’t get any money until

Monday. We might be living on the street this weekend.”

“Hey Gage, will the resort put us up?” Dixie looked hopeful.

“They would on a weekday, but we are all booked up.” Gage looked thoughtful. “Go ahead and fill out those

reports and I’ll go out to your car. I’ll see if I can come up with a solution to your problem.”

Dixie finished listing all the items that had been stolen from her. She pushed the form over to Rose who

started on her missing items. Gage came back in just as Rose was starting. “Any news?” asked Dixie.

“Nobody saw anything from what I can tell and our cameras don’t point at the parking area across the

street.” Gage gestured to a few display screens. One showed the tiki bar with Mark sitting on a stool.
“Feel free to use the phone.”

Dixie picked up the office phone and paused. She didn’t know his cell phone number since it was stored

under his name, Billy Ray in her own phone. She ended up calling her house and leaving a message for

him, saying that she would be out of touch and that he should wire them some money as soon as possible.

She could pick it up at the resort Monday and to send enough to cover both she and Rose since Rose’s

fiancé was away. She then called the rental company and arranged for a tow truck. Luckily, they would send

a replacement vehicle tomorrow. “Thanks,” she said to Gage when she hung up the phone. “Well Rose, I

don’t know about tonight, but tomorrow we can live in our car.”

“I’m not living in a car. I say we get the resort to pay for us to get a bus and just go home,” said Rose, almost

starting to cry again.

“Travel by bus in these bikinis?” Dixie shook her head. “Lets find a spot that parties all night. It’ll be like


“Oh Dixie, we aren’t in college anymore.”

“Why don’t you stay with Mark and I this weekend,” suggested Gage. The two white women turned to stare

at him in surprise. “Hey, it’s the least we can do. There’s actually five of us, but two of my roommates took

off for Key West today so their beds are freed up and you can sleep there. Jamon’s our other mate, but he

won’t be home until after last call.”

Dixie was almost staring at the black man in horror. Billy Ray would have a heart attack if he saw her riding

in a car with two black men let alone staying in a house with them. “I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“No,” agreed Rose.

“Look it’s really no problem. We have the room. Anyone around here can vouch for us. Friends crash with

us all the time. Look, I’m getting off now. Join Mark and me at the bar for some drinks and don’t worry about

paying for them, Jamon will hook us up and we can discuss it.”

“Thanks Gage,” said Dixie, but we should think it over.”

“I’m feeling kind of dirty,” said Rose. “Lets go take a shower and get washed up.“ Both girl’s bodies were

dirty from sweat, salt water, chlorine, and tanning lotion.

“Good idea,” said Dixie. “I’m feeling grimy myself. We’ll talk over your offer and meet you at the bar, Gage.”

“See you there,” said Gage. “Oh, I think I have some shirts you could wear.” He opened a file cabinet and

tossed the girls two white tee shirts.

“Thanks,” they said in unison, thrilled to have something to cover themselves up with.

The resort had a large restroom with shower stalls. There were some other women changing and

showering. Dixie and Rose pulled their tops off. Dixie was about to set hers on a bench when Rose

stopped her. “Mine’s coming in with me. If this gets stolen, we’ll be naked.”

“Except for these shirts Gage gave us.” Dixie held her white tee shirt up. “It’s not even a real shirt. It’s only a

half shirt. The thing is barely going to cover my tits.”

“What’s written on it?” asked Rose. There was only one stall open and both women crowded into it.

“BBC ONLY” Dixie looked at it. “Whatever that means.” She pulled off her panties while Rose removed her

own. Nude, both friends squeezed under the shower head, big breasts pressing together as they tried to

clean themselves off. They’d showered together often in college and didn’t think twice about sharing a

shower or having their nude bodies rub against each other. They discussed their situation as they took turns

soaping their hair. They didn’t have towels so Dixie pulled the shirt on while she was still wet. The tight shirt,

clung tightly to her breasts, leaving her flat, tanned, athletic stomach bare. The confederate flag pin in her

belly button sparkled. The water on her breasts soaked through the tee shirt leaving little to the imagination.

BBC ONLY ran across the tops of her breasts. Both long nipples and even her areola were perfectly visible.

Dixie pulled her bikini bottoms back on and stepped into her flipflops.

Rose didn’t like Dixie’s wet tee shirt look so she put her bikini top back on and her bottoms before pulling

her tee shirt on. This helped hide her nipples. Her shirt was longer, but just as tight. It left her belly button

exposed, but covered her breasts and top of her stomach. Her American flag bikini top was visible through

the wet tee shirt, but the impression of her nipples was fainter. Her areola were puffy and her nipples were

long. They were visible through just about anything she wore as were Dixie’s. She looked down and read

her shirt. I (HEART) BBC ran across the tops of her large bosom.

Jamon, Mark, Gage, and half of everyone else at the crowded bar stared at them as they approached.

“What’s BBC?” asked Rose loudly, pointing at her shirt. She looked startled as her question drew some


Mark smiled. “British Broadcasting Company. They made a television special on the Keys a few years


“You discuss it?” asked Gage. He had removed his security guard shirt and was wearing an open flower

print Hawaiian shirt that showed off his over muscled chest. He’d also lost his black shorts and was

wearing colorful pajama bottoms that clashed with his shirt.

“We haven’t made up our minds,“ said Rose. “Excuse us a moment.” Rose grabbed Dixie’s hand and led

her over to the other side of the bar.

“We don’t have much of a choice, Rosie,” said Dixie.

“I know, but we don’t know these guys or whether or not we can trust them.” Rose waved her hands to get

the Irish looking female bartender’s attention.

“Can I get you something?” asked the bartender. Her nametag read, SIOBHAN.

“No thanks,” said Rose, leaning in. “I just have a question. My friend and I are stuck here. We were robbed


“I know your situation,” said Siobhan. “I heard Mark and Gage telling Jamon that you might be staying with

them tonight.”

“Oh good.” Rose glanced over at the two black men sitting on the bar stools. Jamon was busy mixing

drinks. None of the blacks were paying attention to them. “I’m just a little nervous since we don’t know these

guys. Can you vouch for them? Are they gentlemen?”

Siobhan smiled at both Rose and Dixie. “I can tell you this about them. They’re all real men and they know

how to treat a lady.” Siobhan winked at them and turned to go wait on someone.

“Satisfied?” asked Dixie.

“Still nervous,” replied Rose.

“Look, I don’t like the idea of staying with three black men any more then you, but what are our other


“Come on then,” said Rose. The two flag girls returned to their stools by Mark and Gage.

“Make up your minds yet?” asked Gage.

“Yes, we’d like to take you up on your offer,” responded Dixie. Dixie gave Rose a reassuring nod. Rose just

frowned, but didn’t say anything.

“Great,” said Mark. “And don’t worry, everything will be fine. You can hang out here with us tomorrow and

drive your rental back to our place. Monday, you should have some cash and get a hotel.”

“Thanks,” said Rose sitting down beside Mark. “But I’m so upset over getting robbed that by Monday, I’m

just going to call this vacation a disaster and go home.”

Dixie sat on a stool beside Gage. “Maybe, the police will find our stuff before then.”

“And we can loan you some money for food until then,” added Gage.

“Thanks again,” said Rose. “That’s very generous. You guys are too good to be true.”

“It’s nothing,” said Gage. “Jamon, hook the ladies up with some beers and set us up with five sex-on-the-

beach shooters.”

“No, you’re lifesavers. Thanks and I mean it,” said Dixie. “We’re very grateful. You guys are regular knights

in shining armor coming to the aid of some damsels in distress.”

“Well, black knights,” said Gage, winking at Dixie and everyone chuckled. Jamon set four shots in front of

them and kept another one for himself. Gage held one up. “To new friends,” he toasted.

“To new friends,” said Mark, Jamon, Rose, and Dixie clinking their shot glasses against his.

The four new friends spent the next hour drinking each having several more beers and three more shots

ranging from Jagermeister to Tequila. Dixie and Rose had been drinking all day, but the robbery had

sobered them up some. By the time, Gage announced that it was time to go back to their condo, the “flag

girls” were quite drunk.

Gage and Mark led them past a giant stuffed shark at the entrance to the resort and towards the highway

through the Keys. Both the women were unsteady on their feet. Mark was walking beside Rose. He put his

arm around her shoulders to help her, but she pulled away. She almost fell getting away from his touch, but

he grabbed her arm. She pulled her arm out, but he held firm to her hand. Rose decided this was alright

and ended up walking hand in hand with Mark across the crosswalk.

Dixie was just as unsteady. Gage wrapped his big muscular arm around her back and pulled her tight

against his strong body. She jumped at first, startled, but realized he was just trying to help her. If Billy Ray

could see me now, she thought. Dixie drunkenly looked down her body, she could feel his hand, but not see

it past her big breasts. Gage’s hand was right on her flat belly. His hand felt big and strong, his black skin

touching her tanned white stomach. She wondered what the contrast might look like, but she couldn’t see

thru her bosom. His hand shifted a bit, his fingers were spread apart, his thumb was under the short titty

hugging BBC ONLY shirt. His nail just touched the bottoms of her breasts. As she looked down, Dixie was

embarrassed to see her nipples starting to harden. The shirt had dried by now and wasn’t as clingy, but it

was still tight. Her nipples were long and pointy. She watched them harden, the entire areola puffing out.
They were always sensitive and hardened easily, a cool breeze, friction from her clothes, and especially at

the first hint of arousal. Dixie frowned not knowing what was making them so erect now. It couldn’t be from

Gage’s touch, could it? He was strong, masculine, and good looking, but he was black and Georgia

peaches did not get turned on by having a black man touch them.

The public parking lot was only a quarter full at this time of the evening. The foursome passed Dixie’s

trashed rental and Mark led them to a four door truck. He opened the back door for them, Rose climbed in

and slid over so that Dixie could follow. Mark slammed the door, he and Gage took the front seats, and they

were off, heading back North towards Key Largo.

Rose and Dixie held hands in the backseat for comfort in this strange situation they now found themselves

in. They’d been robbed, were penniless, owned nothing but small bikinis and loaner tee shirts (plus shoes,

sunglasses, and a straw hat), were in cars with two strange black men, and on their way to an unknown

location. Both women were glad that their husband and fiancé couldn’t see them now. Their nerves were

spared a little when Mark finally pulled the truck into what looked like a decent condo complex. Dixie had

been expecting low income housing with gangs of blacks loitering around selling drugs. She was relieved

to see the condos were all clean and the only people she saw were white with one Mexican couple out

pushing a stroller.

Mark turned the car into an empty driveway and pulled up to a blue and white three story condo. “Here we

are,” said Mark. “Home sweet home.”

They exited the truck and Mark unlocked the condo. “Here we are ladies, not too big and with five guys

living here it can get crowded. Luckily, Amir and Shawn rode down to Key West and you can use their room

on the top floor. Shower on the second floor between mine and Gage’s room. Jamon’s also on the top floor.

Not his real name by the way. Here what you see is what you get, laundry, living room, kitchen, dining and a

small bathroom. Make yourselves at home and help yourself to anything in the fridge. Me casa su casa.”

“You guys are way too kind,” said Rose.

“I’ll grab us some beers,” said Gage. He went to the kitchen and returned with four Corona’s with slices of

lime in them. He passed the beers out. He held his beer out until the others banged theirs against his.

“Cheers,” he said.

They drank for about ten minutes getting to know each other. They toasted again when Rose told them that

she’d just gotten engaged. Mark and Gage were high school friends taking in roommates to help pay the

bills. Mark drained his beer and announced, “I need to go get a quick shower. I’ll be right back down.”

“And I will get us three more beers,” said Gage, returning with three more Coronas.

Dixie accepted hers and took a sip. “Excuse me,” she said, standing and walking towards the bathroom.

Gage let her get to the doorknob before saying, “Dixie wait. Sorry, but that bathroom isn’t working. You’ll

have to use the upstairs one.”

“Isn’t Mark in there?”

“Yeah, you’ll just have to wait.” Gage took a big sip of beer. He watched the Confederate flag girl cross her

legs and dance around a little. “Can’t hold it?”

Dixie grimaced. “I‘m afraid I‘m a little out of practice holding my booze. My bladder’s about to burst.”

Gage’s lips curled up in a smirk but quickly disappeared. “Go upstairs then.”

“I can’t, but I don’t want to pee all over the floor.”

“Can’t have that. It’s not polite for guests to piss all over their host’s floors. Just knock and tell Mark you’re

coming in.”


Gage watched her CSA flag bikini bottomed tight ass wiggle as she climbed the stairs. He smiled and

turned his attention back on Rose.”
Since OP doesn't seem like he will post the rest...


Dixie knocked on the bathroom door, but there as no answer. She pushed it open and steam came out of the bathroom. She could hear a shower running. "Mark?" she called.

"Yes," said his voice.

"I need to pee and Gage said the downstairs bathroom isn't working."

"It isn't? I mean, yeah that's right, it doesn't work. Sorry, I forgot. Sure come on in."

"Thanks, I'll be quick." Dixie entered the room and raced to the toilet. She pushed her panties down and sat on it, her urine coming out almost immediately. She sighed in relief. With a satisfied smile on her face she looked around. The bathroom had a large shower and to her shock, it was clear glass. The glass was steamy, but she could clearly make out Mark's nude form through the glass. She couldn't help but stare, not at his muscular form, but at the giant appendage sticking out between his legs. The glass must be magnifying it, she thought. His penis stuck out and down, but as she watched, Mark's hand came up and started stroking it.

"Oh shit," she mumbled, he must think I've left. He's actually playing with himself while I watch. Mark's hand moved down and seemed to release his shaft, but he was just grabbing the base between two fingers. His penis looked at least a foot long from where she sat. He turned and the big head of his penis pressed against the glass door. She could clearly see the huge head from the crown to the urethra. It was as big as a golf ball. She saw it even clearer when Mark opened the door and stepped out without shutting off the water.

He stepped right by the toilet, his huge erect penis pointing at her face. "Jeeesuuss," said the Southern belle, drawing the lord's name out as she stared down the foot long shaft.

"Whoops, sorry Dix. I thought you were done," said Mark, making no move to cover himself up. He even moved the huge penis a couple inches closer to her shocked face.

"I don't believe it!" Dixie seemed mesmerized by Mark's giant shaft.

"Never seen a big black cock before, obviously" said Mark.

"No, I can't say that I have," whispered Dixie still staring in awe at Mark's penis. "I didn't know penises got that big."

"Penises don't, Dixie. Big black cocks do. What's hubby, half as big? Smaller?"


"Too bad. Your body was built for something bigger. White women cum like crazy once they get a real man's cock in them. Why don't you touch it?"

"I shouldn't," said Dixie, but her hand was already up and reaching for it. Using two fingers and her thumb she touched the bulbous head, squeezing it. Mark's cock head wasn't as spongy as she would have expected. It was almost as hard as a rock. Dixie angled her hand until the head slipped between her fingers and she ran her hand down his entire shaft and then back up. "It's so hard, Mark!"

"It gets that way when pretty white girls in bikinis touch it."

"It's hot too and I can feel your pulse." Indeed, the big penis was crisscrossed by long blue-black veins that throbbed with every heart beat. His cock felt like a living thing. "Can I feel your balls?"

"Be my guest."

Dixie lifted up the huge penis and looked at the wrinkly brown sack beneath his legs. Each testicle was as big as her fist or about the size of a tennis ball. Billy Ray's balls were probably only walnut sized. She hefted each nut and then the entire sack, feeling it's weight in her palm. When she finished examining his scrotum, she pulled his shaft back down, her hand slowly stroking it out of instinct. "I can't get over how big your penis is," she said, still in denial.

"Look down," ordered Mark. Dixie looked down at the shaft she was stroking. She'd bent it down so that the head was pointed at her chest. The fat knobby end of his penis was pointed right at the BBC ONLY lettering on her tee shirt. "Again, that ain't no penis. That's a big black cock. Got it?"

"Yes," she whispered. Dixie watched her hand gliding up his wet cock. Her breasts were visible to either side of the huge shaft. Her nipples were completely hard, puffy and swollen. The tight tee shirt left little to the imagination. No doubt Mark could see how aroused she was. She'd never felt more embarrassed.

"Say it."

"It's a big black cock," she agreed. The cock in her hand jerked a little when she spoke and for a moment she thought he'd ejaculated. His cock had just shot a load of precum on the letter C on her tee shirt. The C was now wet. Mark's cock was producing a lot of precum now, the head glistening with his fluid. She pulled it up towards her mouth to keep her shirt from getting messier.
"You ever suck cock before?"

"Just my husband and not in years," she answered. Truthfully, it had been many years. Her wedding night to be exact. She'd blown him several times before marriage and he'd gone down on her. She didn't let Billy Ray cum in her mouth. When he got close, she would remove it from her mouth and jerk him off, letting him cum on her tits. He liked that. She pictured Billy Ray's little white penis in her hand, straining to reach six inches compared with the foot long black monstrosity she was slowly stroking now. Billy Ray had cum on her tits, but it hadn't been much more then the precum, Mark's cock was spitting up now. "I mean no, I've never sucked cock before, just a penis."

"Good. Then I get to be the first. Open wide." Mark pushed his cock through her fist and towards her mouth.

"I shouldn't," said Dixie as Mark's cock pushed against her lips and she opened her mouth wide enough that the head could slip inside her.


Rose smiled at something Gage said. She took a sip of beer and looked over at the black man going on with a story about how Mark was swimming in a river nearby and thought a alligator was about to eat him, but it was only a manatee. She laughed with Gage's description of Mark's screams as he swam towards a dock. Gage was such a large masculine man, but he was charming and she felt comfortable being alone with him. Even given that he was black and she was nearly nude in only a bikini and tight tee shirt. She should have been nervous as hell.

The only real conversation she'd ever had with a black male before was answering his, "May I take your order?" question. Rose glanced at the clock on the wall.

"My story that boring?" he asked.

"Not at all. I was just wondering what was taking Dixie so long."

"She has been awhile. Maybe you should go check on her."

Rose frowned. She took another sip of her beer, looked at the clock again and then up the stairs. "I think I will. Maybe she's getting sick. We haven't drunk this much since college." Rose got up off the couch, put her beer on the table and walked up the stairs. Gage watched her go.

"Dixie?" said Rose as she approached the bathroom door. It was partially closed. The light was on underneath it, and she could still hear the shower running. She reached the door and slowly pushed it open until she could put her head through. What she saw made her gasp in shock. "DIX...Mmmph," she mumbled as a huge black hand slapped across her mouth and she was pulled back into a hard muscular chest.

"Sssshh, don't disturb them," whispered Gage in her ear.

Rose watched in horror as her blonde best friend, little Miss Southern pride redneck, married five years, and someone she'd known for almost ten years slurped on the biggest blackest penis Rose had ever seen. It must have been seven inches long and Dixie had the head in her mouth. As Rose watched, she realized just how wrong she was. Dixie pulled back, but the head didn't spring free of her mouth. Inch after inch of hard black cock appeared until his huge penis pulled free and jerked up to his stomach. Rose had grossly underestimated the giant penises size. Mark put a hand on the back of Dixie's head and pulled her into his balls. Rose watched Dixie's tongue come out and lick his giant nut sack. Dixie soon pulled back, bent his penis down and started sucking it again. "NmmOmmph," Rose muttered, her voice muffled by Gage's beefy hand, while shaking her head in denial at what she was watching.

"It's ok," whispered Gage in her ear. He slowly removed his hand. "Let them have their fun."

Rose shook her head in shock. No no no kept going through her mind. This can't be happening. This can't be real. "She's married," Rose whispered back, still shaking her head as if to clear it of the image she was seeing. "She doesn't even like black people."

"She does now. She's gonna be fucking him before the night is over."

"NO," said Rose loudly, but the couple didn't hear her over the noise from the shower. "She'd never cheat on Billy Ray."

"You think Billy Ray has a cock like that? Does what's-his-name, Jake, come close to Mark in size?"

"No," said Rose, suddenly feeling funny. She couldn't look away from watching Dixie suck off the black man. Her friend was bobbing her head rapidly, struggling to take more and more of the shaft in her throat. Dixie's nose was slowly approaching Mark's pubic hair as she tried to suck his entire cock down her throat. Rose was no longer horrified. The bottoms of her American flag bikini bottoms were becoming damp, then wet, then soaked. Her nipples were hardening. She'd worn her bikini top to keep them hidden, but they were so hard, her nipples and areola were visible through the bikini and the white tee shirt.
"How long is Jake?" whispered Gage.

"F-five, six inches. I don't know."

"Pathetic Rose. I'm sure Dixie's husband doesn't have much better. No wonder she's sucking the first real man's cock she's ever seen. Sucking it like a pro I might add. Look how erotic it is."

"Stop it."

"Come on Rose. Admit it. Admit that watching your friend suck that black cock is turning you on."

"Gage please?" she begged. "We should go. Leave them alone."

"Wait! Something is happening."

Rose heard Mark grunt loudly. Dixie jumped in shock, her eyes opening wide and staring down the five inches of black shaft sticking out from her mouth. She struggled to pull back. Rose swore she could see the outline of Mark's cock down her friend's throat. It was throbbing and Dixie was gulping. Mark moved his hand to her forehead and pushed back. Most of his cock slid free from her mouth. Rose watched Dixie's cheeks bulge out, white sperm dribbled out from her lips and down her chin. Dixie swallowed the load and then her cheeks bulged out again. Mark pulled his cock free and blasted a huge wad of semen on Dixie's face. Dixie reared back, pulling away from the shooting monster. The next wad struck the BBC ONLY letters on her tee shirt. Men simply did not cum that much. Her husband's ejaculate was only enough to roll on her tongue, but then she'd never seen balls as big as Mark's before.

Rose stepped back to remain hidden. She assumed they were done. They would get cleaned up and return downstairs soon. Instead, Mark pulled Dixie to her feet. Her panties were already around her ankles from going to the bathroom. He stepped on them and pushed them to the floor while pulling the BBC ONLY halter over Dixie's head. Dixie was stripped of her clothes in several seconds. She stood nude before the black man, her proud breasts on display for him. Mark, Rose, and Gage could see her large erect areola standing out in the middle of a pale white triangle tan lines from her confederate bikini top as well as the white patch around her blonde pubic hair. Mark stepped back and into the shower, pulling Dixie with him. They watched Dixie's firm round ass, tanned except where it had been covered by her bikini disappear into the stall. The shower door closed. Gage pushed the bathroom door further open so that the two voyeurs could get a better view. The white blonde outline of Dixie was leaning spread eagled against the wall of the shower, while a muscular black outline was lining his huge cock between her legs. "OH! It's so big!" moaned Dixie when the outline thrust forward.

"Told you they would be fucking," whispered Gage.

"Oh my god," cried Rose. She started shaking her head again. "I... I need some air." Rose stepped out of the steamy bathroom and into the hall. "I can't believe she's doing that."


Rose jumped at Dixie's scream of pleasure. He'd just entered her and already Dixie was cumming? "Come on," said Gage taking her arm. "Lets go somewhere we can talk about what's happening."

"FUCK ME! Fuck me with your big black C-AHH-OCK! OOH YESS!"

Rose looked back in horror as Gage led her down the hall. It sounded like Dixie was cumming again. Gage opened the door to his room and led a stunned Rose inside.
"Fuck me Mark. Fuck me. I love it. I love it," grunted Dixie with each thrust of Mark's powerful cock. She'd just had the two biggest orgasms of her life plus they'd just gotten started and he'd only gotten about seven inches in her.

"Told you this pussy was built for big black cock," growled Mark, looking down at his black shaft spreading her pussy lips wide open. Dixie had a fantastic ass. One of the best he'd seen on a white woman. The CSA flag tramp stamp waved on her back. He grabbed her waist and pulled her into his thrusting cock. Mark's thick black thumbs pressed hard into her tattoo, trying to cover the symbol many blacks found racist. He fed her another inch and then another. Dixie moaned in pleasure.

Dixie had never been fucked like this. She was loving every minute of it. "Ow," she grunted when his cock head banged against her cervix. "OW!" she yelled, when it banged her cervix again. "That's it Mark, you've filled me up."

"Not quite," he replied. His cock head pushed hard against her cervix. It didn't hurt this time. She could feel her cervix softening as he pushed hard against it. "Gonna resize this pussy," he growled, pushing his cock through her cervix and into her womb.

"CUMMING!" screamed Dixie in shock as she took every inch of his cock. His heavy balls slapped against the back of her thighs. Dixie's orgasm was mind numbing and her eyes rolled up in her head. She thought she'd lost it for a moment, but when she recovered, she was still bent over in the shower. Mark was fucking her so hard now, he thighs hurt from the hard slapping of his large nut sack. "It's so big," she moaned still in awe of his size. Suddenly, his cock was gone and Dixie whimpered from the emptiness inside her. She felt the large head of his cock rubbing against her pussy lips before it slipped inside her.

"Tell me when I'm as deep as your husband."

Dixie moaned as the fat cock pushed deeper. "Stop," she cried, not really wanting him to stop.

"That's all." Mark flexed his dick. "That's only three inches. Pathetic."

"It's hard to tell," gasped Dixie. "You stretch me out so much more. He's about five and a half inches."

Mark moved his cock almost halfway in. "That's as deep as your husband goes."

"Yes," moaned Dixie almost crying in pleasure. "YYYEEESSS!" she screamed as Mark slammed his entire cock back inside her.

"And that's how deep I go, slut." Mark grabbed her hips pulling her back hard into his thrusting cock.

"OH yes cumming fuck me Mark fuck big black Ah cock fuck cumming oh my god Mark MARK yes I love it YES fuck SOOO GOOOOD can't stop cumming black cock fuck me Mark Mark Mark MARK?"


"Not on pill oh god I'm cumming pull out don't cum in me fuck me gonna cum again cumming all over your big black COCK. CCUUMMIINNGG!"

"So am I," said Mark as he buried his cock and shot the first load of his potent seed directly in her womb.

"NO!" Dixie tried to scream in denial, but she was in the throws of a powerful orgasm. She'd never felt anything like this before. Jet after jet of sperm was spraying her womb, filling her up. Each jerk of his cock shot more sperm into her womb, prolonging her orgasm. The pleasure radiating outward from her womb was unbearable. Dixie screamed in pleasure as she had either one never ending orgasm or a rapid series of orgasms that matched every spurt from his cock. She couldn't tell and it didn't matter. Her womb filled rapidly, semen flowed into her pussy, running down his shaft and pouring onto the shower floor.

Mark's cock quit jerking and he leaned over her panting. "That was great, baby," he said.

"The best," replied Dixie. She felt his cock shrinking inside her as it lost it's steel. He slowly pulled back until it plopped free. Her cervix closed, trapping his seed in her womb, but most of his sperm flooded out from her pussy, dripping to the shower floor. Dixie pushed herself up and turned around to face her black lover.

Mark pulled her into his arms. Her voluptuous white body melted against his hard black torso as he kissed her deeply. Mark finally broke the kiss. "Lets go to my room," he told her.
Rose was in a state of shock both at watching her friend cheat on her husband with a black man and at the way it had aroused her. Gage led her by the arm over to his bed and sat her down. She finally stopped shaking her head in denial. "I can't believe it," she whispered.

"It's only natural for two sexy people like that to end up fucking," said Gage.

"She's married." And he's black, she thought. Rose looked up at the giant black man. He had removed his Hawaiian shirt and was standing before her on only the colorful pajama pants. They sagged low on his hips. Something large was pushing up against his crotch. She looked away from him and around the room. It was sparsely furnished. The only stand out feature was a large workout bench with barbells.

"I'd say she found something better. Listen, you can still hear them fucking."

Rose cocked her head. She could indeed still hear Dixie's screams of orgasmic joy coming from the shower. She shivered and closed her eyes. When she opened them, she found herself staring at Gage's curly black pubic bush. "What are you doing?"

Gage had his hands on the waistband of his baggy pants. He'd pushed them down just a little. "Tell me you don't want to see it?" he asked, pushing them down a little further.

Rose gasped as the long tubular piece of black flesh slowly grew before her eyes. She could see four inches of it growing out from his pubic hair, but the shaft was growing and straining to rise. Many inches further down, a big knobby cock head was pushing against his pajama bottoms, struggling to get free. "I don't want to see it," she said, staring in awe down at the beast pushing hard against the fabric.

"Yes, you do," said Gage, pushing his pants down another inch. "Just tell me to stop and I won't show it to you."

Rose stared in horror, dismay, and disbelief as inch after black inch of the biggest blackest cock she could have imagined revealed itself. "Stop," she said, at six inches. "Stop," she said at seven inches. At eight inches her pussy spasmed and she didn't say anything. "Stop," she said so softly he could barely hear her at nine inches. "STOP!" she said loudly trying to take back control of the situation. The fat shaft had tapered a little and the flare on the head of his penis was appearing.

"Too late, this thing needs some breathing room," said Gage, pushing his pajama bottoms down to his knees.

Rose quivered as her pussy gave another spasm. His cock shot up, rising almost to his hard stomach before falling back down to point straight at her face. "Oh my god," she gasped. "It's as big as Mark's."

"Not quite. Mines about an inch shorter, but it's thicker."

"It's so big, so thick... so black."

"Yes, that's a big black cock you're staring at and it's gonna make you very happy. Go ahead and touch it."

"I couldn't," said Rose, staring.

Gage impatiently reached down and grabbed her arm. He slid his hand down to her wrist and brought her small white hand over to his fat eleven inch cock. Rose didn't resist and wrapped her hand around his shaft. There was more then an inch gap between her fingers. She slid her hand up and down his hard shaft a few inches, completely fascinated. "There that isn't so bad, is it?" asked Gage.

"No," she whispered.

"A little bigger then that fiancé of yours I bet?"

"Just a little," she lied. Jake was only half as long and half as thick, maybe less. There was no comparing the two men's penises. Jake lost in all respects, length, width, hardness, testicle size, the flare on the crown, and even the size of Gage's urethra looked three times longer then Jake's. Rose had been with three men in her life, all white, and all with penises five to six inches long. "A lot bigger," she corrected, something telling her that he knew she was lying. "This is like no penis I've ever seen."

"That ain't no penis, Rose. That's a big black cock. Penises are the small pale things you find on white boys."

"A big black cock," she stated. Her hand stroked up to the hard head hovering just above the I (heart) BBC on her tee shirt. She ran her hand back down to the base. "I should go to my room." Rose couldn't take her eyes off the hard black rod in her hand.

"You don't want to go to your room Rose." Gage stepped forwards, the tip of his cock moving up to press on her lips. "I think you want a taste." But he had gone too far.

"NO!" she cried, the very tip with his urethra pressed on her tongue as she cried out. Rose reared back to escape it and finally let the black shaft go from her hand.

"What's wrong, baby? Don't you like it," asked Gage, stroking his shaft.

"No, it's amazing, but I'm engaged."

"So? Dixie's married and she did more then suck Mark's big black cock. It's cause I'm black, isn't it?"

"No, that's not it at all." Rose shook her head. Unlike Dixie who did have a problem with black people, Rose had more of a separate, but equal attitude towards them.

"So if I was white, you'd be sucking me off right now?"

Yes, she thought, I probably would. Maybe, she was more racist then she thought. "No I wouldn't, I'm engaged and I haven't even done that for my fiancé." Rose wasn't a blow job virgin. She'd sucked both her five inch boyfriend and her six inch boyfriend, but not Jake's five and a half inch penis. She liked him too much and didn't want him to think she was a slut.

"Maybe you ain't racist, but I still need to get off. All I want is a quick blow job. I'm doing you a big favor letting you stay here this weekend and I aim to find the asshole that robbed you too. You'd be sleeping on the beach if it weren't for me."

Rose was confused. Was he threatening to throw her out if she didn't blow him? Was he just pleading his case? She stared cross-eyed down the long shaft. He was waving it hypnotically in front of her face. "I suppose... I guess I could jerk it off for you," she said. Rose had jerked off Jake on their second date. She found it was kind of fun.

"Fair enough. I'll take it. Give the head a little kiss and I'll go get some lotion." Gage watched as she hesitated. "Just one kiss."

Rose smiled and leaned forward, kissing the big cock head right on the tip. It squirted at her touch, wetting her lips. Absentmindedly, she licked her lips, tasting his pre ejaculate. "Alright then."

Gage winked at her. He left for the bathroom and returned with a bottle of hand cream. He tossed it to her. "You should take your top off."


"You saw how much Mark came. When this thing goes off, it gets messy."

"I can believe it," said Rose, staring at the big testicles hanging low in his scrotum. She pulled the white tee shirt off over her head.

"The bikini top too."

"No, that stays on and the panties."

"Suit yourself."

Rose squirted lotion on both her hands and then reached out to grab his shaft. She felt a quiver of excitement in her pussy. In a way, she wanted to do this. She wanted to see it squirt. A part of her envied, Dixie, but there was no way she was going to cheat on Jake just four days after he'd proposed. Jerking Gage off would let her play with his big black cock while not actually cheating on her fiancé.

Rose began stroking him with both her hands. She rotated her wrists and she slid her hands up and down the shaft. She started slow, getting a feel of the big black cock in her hand. It was hot and heavy. It vibrated with life. She could feel his pulse as she stroked him and the beat was increasing. She moved one hand down to his balls and massaged them while using her other hand to measure the length of his shaft.

Gage reached down and grabbed the back of her head. He pulled her forwards, moving her mouth towards his shining cock head. For a second, she gave in and kissed it again before pulling back. She didn't blame him for his persistence. Rose leaned back and felt the material of her bikini sliding down her hard nipples. She looked down, past the cock between her breasts and watched as the American flag draping her breasts unfurled and slid down to land under her bosom. Gage had untied the bikini string on the back of her neck when he pulled her forwards. Her top was held on by the string on her back, but her breasts were now exposed.

She didn't stop stroking him even when he reached down to pinch her nipples. He tugged on them and a moan escaped her lips. His cock was getting bigger, harder and throbbing with power. His pulse was racing. She felt it pump. Hot liquid splattered her breasts in a burst. She pulled away from the spurting cock, only to have the next wad cover her face. Rose's mouth fell open in shock and another wad entered her mouth, quickly followed by his cock head. Her cheeks bulged as her mouth filled with hot sperm. She didn't want to swallow, but he was holding her head on his cock. One strong black hand on the back of her head and one on her back, pulling the last string holding her top on. Rose gulped, his semen sliding down her throat, only to gulp again as he filled her mouth again and again and again. His seed tasted good, better then her previous boyfriends and there was so much of it. Rose began moaning as she contentedly swallowed every drop of sperm from his ejaculating cock.
Gage pulled his cock out once she had drained it. Rose was blinded by the sperm on her face. She wiped some free of her eyes just as Gage appeared returning to the room with a towel and a wet washcloth.

"Here," he grunted tossing it at her.

Rose wiped the towel across her face and breasts, cleaning as much sperm as she could off her. Then she wiped her face with the wet washcloth. She moved it down to her breasts, wiping her nipples free of his cum and moving the washcloth down the valley of her large DD bosom. She stared at Gage's black cock as she cleaned herself. It was limp, but swollen and long. He was watching her clean her breasts and his cock began rising again. Rose stared at it. His cock frightened her. She felt her willpower and propriety draining at the sight of it rising up before her eyes. She'd never wanted anything more in her life, but still she resisted. Nothing could make her betray Jake. "I should go."

"Not yet." Gage walked over to her and pushed her back on his bed.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm going to return the favor.


"Oh gawd," moaned Dixie. "You are absolutely amazing." She buried her head in the pillow, luxuriating in the feeling of having Mark's cock slowly fucking her from behind.

Mark was slowly pumping his hips, staring down at Dixie's ass. Her tramp stamp stared up at him, the confederate flag waving, colors bright and proud. Mark was not a big fan of Southern rednecks. He'd been assaulted once by a bunch of good old boys in a pickup flying the same flag staring at him from Dixie's back. Assaulted might be too strong a word. One had thrown a half full beer can that hit him on the head and almost knocked him to the ground. The truck roared off, Dixie blaring from the horn. There had been a girl in the pickup. She'd looked a lot like the girl down on all fours getting off on his black cock. The girl in the truck laughed with the rest, turned and presented a sweet ass in Daisy Duke's, and smacked her ass as the truck disappeared. Mark looked at Dixie's ass. It was firm, well rounded, and a little plump for a woman so athletically built. Her puckered sphincter stared up at him. Mark smiled and slowly pulled his cock out.

"Don't stop, lover," purred Dixie into his pillow. "Put that big black cock back in me and fuck me some more."

"Sure baby," he replied. His pressed his cock head against her labia and rubbed it up and down, teasing her and stimulating her clit. "I'll put it back in." He raised his cock up to her asshole and pressed the head down hard on her sphincter.

"Whoa there," cried Dixie pushing herself up a little. "Wrong hole Mark." The pressure on her sphincter grew and she whimpered as it began pushing inward slowly opening for Mark's cock. "Um Mark?"

"Just relax." He pushed harder watching the head of his cock slowly disappear into the tightest ass he'd ever felt.

Dixie gave a cry of dismay. This was new. "It's too big, Mark. There no way it will fit."

"It'll fit. Now quit tensing up or you'll just make it harder on yourself. I'm gonna fuck this sweet white ass and by the time I'm done, you'll be hooked."

Dixie squealed and moaned as his cock plowed deeper. He grasped her hips and pulled her back onto his cock. He could feel her trembling. His cock had been soaked from fucking he pussy and lubrication wasn't a problem. "Sooo biiig," she muttered. "Billy Ray hasn't done my ass."
"So I'm the first. My big black cock is going where no man has gone before. You liking it yet, slut?"

"Yes," she hissed. "Do it. Fuck my ass." Dixie snaked her arm under her body and found her sopping pussy. She began teasing her clit with her fingers.

"That's it Dixie. Get into it. Get yourself off while I fuck your white ass."

"Yes, fuck my ass. HARDER. Gimme that big black cock." Dixie diddled her clit faster, feeling an orgasm cumming. "Gonna cum Mark!"

"Do it. Cum with a black man's cock fucking your white ass." He spanked her with the flat of his hand and that was all she needed to get off. The white wife's butt trembled around the black shaft buried in it as she had a large orgasm. Mark picked up the pace, letting his cock slide in and out of her rectum as fast as his hips could move. The heat and tightness was too much for him and he pushed all the cock she could handle or about nine inches of meat deep in her ass. His cock spurted a large wad of cum deep in her bowels.

"CCUUMMIINNGG!" screamed Dixie. "I'm ccuummiinngg," she said softly this time.

Mark pulled his still spurting cock from her ass and shot a load across her tramp stamp. The next spurt nearly covered her CSA flag tattoo. The next wad did cover it, but the stars and bars could still be seen beneath his sperm. When his balls finally emptied, her tattoo was hidden beneath a pool of milky white semen, slowly reappearing as his seed slid off her back.


Rose grabbed the hem of her bikini bottoms engaged in a tug of war with Gage. The large black man kneeled between her legs, pulling hard on her panties. "Not sure this is a good idea," she told him.

"Just gonna return the favor. You got me off and now I'll get you off. No sex, I'm just gonna eat your white pussy."

Rose had let 5" boyfriend eat her out. He seemed aware of his own inadequacies in the penile department and was always willing to go down on her. She loved it. Loved it better then sex with him. Jake had never expressed interest in going down on her. If he had, she would gladly have blown him. She had missed it. She wanted to have her pussy eaten again. She usually came when he'd done it and Rose didn't usually cum. If Gage wanted to eat her pussy, she decided to let him. Rose released the hem of her bikini bottoms and laid back on the bed. Gage yanked them off her legs, twirling her panties around on his finger, grinning triumphantly. Rose looked away from his and found herself staring at her reflection. A large mirror showed the entire bed, her voluptuous body laying on it and the large black man at her feet. She looked away. "Can we turn the lights off?" she pleaded, laying down and staring at the ceiling.

"No, I need to see what I'm doing," said Gage. He slid off the bed, grabbed her ankles and pulled her ass to the edge as he kneeled on the floor. Rose spread her legs wider in anticipation as she felt his breath on her pussy. Then she felt it. The smallest of touches. It pressed against her lower labia working it's way up to flicker her clit ever so slightly. Rose squirmed in anticipation. Her legs opened wider. She gasped when her entire clit was suddenly sucked into his mouth, but he immediately released it and went back to the gentle probing. He quit teasing her with the tip of his tongue and slowly licked it up her pussy, then slowly back down. Rose gasped again, bucking her hips up into his face when his tongue pushed deep. Gage pulled back out quickly. "Need some air," he muttered.

"Don't stop," she begged. Gage went back to work, more aggressively this time. His tongue licked up and down her pussy lips only to worm it's way inside her pussy. He thrust it in and out rapidly, fucking her with his tongue. Rose squirmed and moaned as she writhed on the bed. She clutched the bed sheet tightly as she lifted her hips into his thrusting tongue. "YES!" she hissed. "Keep doing that." However, Gage did just the opposite. He pulled back again. "What's wrong?" She held her head up looking down her luscious body at the black man's head between her legs.

"Sorry, need to catch my breath. I got allergies and can't breath well through my nose."

"Aaargh," growled Rose in frustration. She slammed her head back down on the bed. Almost instantly he was in her pussy again. Her frustration turned to moans. She lifted her hips into his thrusting tongue. "You're doing it baby," she told him, lifting her head to look at Gage's face. His nose appeared to be resting on her pubic mound. He winked at her. "YES, That's IT! Keep doing... Aaargh!" She slammed her head back down when he stopped again. This was too much. She was ready to cry with frustration just before her clit was sucked between his lips again and then his tongue was flicking it and then his tongue was stabbing in and out of her pussy again. Pressure began to grow in her womb, promising an orgasm bigger then any she'd had before. "Oh god Gage," she cried, tears of joy and frustration running down the sides of her head. "Please don't stop this time. I'm gonna cum... AAH... No!" Something was wrong. In some ways, he was much more skilled at this then 5" boyfriend and in other ways he didn't know what he was doing at all. Every time he brought her to the brink of orgasm, he'd stop.

"You ready?" he asked.

"God yes," she moaned. "I've never been more ready." Rose's body jerked as her clit was sucked between his lips again. She felt her pussy lips opening as something entered her. Two beefy black fingers worked their way inside her pussy, rubbing inside her. "Good idea," she muttered. This way he wouldn't need to stop to breath. Her hands were grasping the edges of the bed, trying to slide her body down into Gage's thrusting fingers and probing tongue. She wanted him deeper. The pressure in her womb grew again. It was too much. She was going to blow. "Here it cums... NO! NOT AGAIN!" He had yanked his fingers out of her.

"You need to cum?"

"Yes," she pleaded. Rose's entire body was writhing around on the bed. She was circling her hips like an invisible being was giving her the fucking she needed. "Please. Let me cum. Quit teasing me. It's too cruel."

"I know a way to make you cum," said Gage.

"Anything," Rose begged. "Whatever it takes. Just do it." Rose shuddered as his tongue licked it's way up her labia to her clit. The anticipation was unbearable. Was she finally going to cum? His tongue didn't stop with her clit. It flickered over her pubic mound, briefly touching her curly red-brown pubic hair. Then he was licking up the side of her shaved pubic triangle. His tongue reached the top of her triangle continuing to move up and over her abdomen. It reached her belly button, swirling around her navel until his big black lips pressed down and sucked her diamond studded pin into his mouth. He released it and went back to licking up her stomach. Rose was still writhing underneath his kisses and licks. She sucked her stomach in, his tongue going up and over the lines of her rib cage. What would have been a loud moan turned to a squeal when she suppressed her moan as his tongue reached her breasts. He went left, licking up the large mound of her pale DD breast. She raised her head again and looked at Gage's hair, face buried in her breast. His tongue was looping her nipple area, still licking her breast and not touching her puffy areola. His concentric circles were getting smaller as his tongue moved closer. Soon his breath was on her nipple. Goosebumps popped up on her areola as his tongue slid over it, just barely touching her nipple. Rose almost came when his tongue did flicker her nipple. She moaned, squirming, her hips still moving like she was getting fucked. Her nipple bent up and then down, up and then down as his tongue rapidly flickered over it. His lips pressed down over her areola and sucked the entire thing into his mouth, lips pinching down on her nipple. Rose grabbed the back of his head, pulling him deeper into her breast. They'd never felt this sensitive. She didn't ever want him to let go, but Gage released her nipple, kissing it and then kissing his way up the top's of her breasts. His body was slowly climbing up the bed to envelope her, to possess her, to dominate her. She could feel his hard mass pressing her down into the bed. His tongue was kissing her neck now. She was still holding the back of his head when she felt the first probe of his mighty cock at the entrance to her pussy. Rose was too far gone to deny him access. She opened her legs wider as the big cock head pressed against her pussy lips. Gage was kissing up her cheek, his tongue teasing into her ear. Rose pulled back and raised her head so that her lips were beside his ear. "Fuck me," she whispered in it.

Gage's cock head was already pushing her labia apart when she said it, just the tip slipping inside teasing her.. He pushed down on his hips, his plum sized cock head pushing inside Rose's pussy. She moaned. Gage was impressed at how easily she took him, but then she was soaked. He'd never seen a pussy so eager to get fucked. "Damn this pussy is tight," he muttered.

"Sorry," she whispered. Rose's body was beyond her control. She was humping up into Gage's cock wanting it deeper, wanting it moving in and out of her, wanting it fucking her. "You're a lot bigger then I'm used to."

"Fuck, I wasn't complaining. I like my pussies tight." He worked a little more in, smirking as Rose began humping his cock faster. She was making a constant mewling sound in the back of her throat. He took his time putting it in. She needed to cum bad, but he wanted his cock buried in her pussy before she did. He was practically crushing her beneath his weight, yet she was humping his cock like she was fucking him.

"Goin deeper," he groaned, feeling his cock slide deep in her pussy. Deeper then any white boy had ever gone. Rose kept humping him. Her slim white arms were wrapped around his back trying to pull him deeper. He obliged, pushing nearly all of his cock into her until it pressed against her cervix.

"Ow!" she grunted. "Is that all of it? Now please fuck me and fuck me hard."

"Almost," grunted Gage, flexing his cock in her pussy. She squealed in delight thinking he was about to start fucking her, but in reality he was letting his precum soften her cervix. "You said you was engaged?" he asked.

"Yes, what about it?" Rose asked. She didn't want to talk about her fiance, she wanted to fuck. She was now trying to slide her body underneath his muscular mass to get him to fuck her.

"You was in-Gaged, now Gage in you." The strong black man pushed his cock through her cervix and planted the head in her womb.

"OOW! Ooh oh yes, that's good, so deep. Your cock is so big in me." Rose was purring, luxuriating in the feeling of being completely stuffed with cock. He held still, his entire cock buried inside her. Rose's body gave a little spasm when he made his cock jerk. He did it again and she gasped. Gage had gotten her so worked up, she was ready to cum, just from having his huge cock flexing inside her. "Aah. AAHH! Pl-please Gage," she gasped. "I feel it again. Please let me cum this time."

Gage felt a little sorry for her. She was begging for it, even sobbing a little. "Sorry, not yet," he told her, slowly withdrawing his cock out until just the head was in her.

"NO!" Rose wrapped her legs around his hips and clutched him tightly. "You can't do this to me."

Gage pulled back a little so that he could look in her eyes. Rose looked like a madwoman, half crazed. "What the fuck? Maybe I will." He slowly slid his cock back inside her. "Then again..." Gage started pulling back again.

"NOOooo! Fuck me Gage. Please? I want it sooo bad." Rose was crying now. Tears of frustration rolling down her cheeks.

"You want what?"

"It! I want IT. I want your... big black cock. Yes, that's it. I want your big black cock. Fuck me with your big black cock. YESsss!" Rose screamed in delight as he finally began working his big black cock in and out of her. "That's it. Thank you Thank you. Fuck my white pussy with your big black cock, Gage." She looked over at the mirror and couldn't believe how erotic it looked seeing her pale white body beneath the black man's muscular black one.

"You got it, slut," he growled. Gage began pounding her rapidly. The full length of his cock slid in and out of her pussy. His powerful thrusts were forcing her down into the mattress which pushed her up into his thrusting cock.

"OOohh MY GAWD!" screamed Rose in awe of what she was feeling. Her body leapt up to meet his thrusting cock. He'd only thrust his cock into her womb a half dozen times when her dam finally burst.

"CCUUMMIINNGG!" Rose's body started humping his cock faster then he was fucking her. She'd never felt her pussy react like this. It was clamping down around his shaft, trying to hold it still only to balloon up sending waves of pleasure through her body. It didn't stop there either. Another six thrusts and she was cumming again and again a few thrusts after that. Each one seemed bigger then the first. Each one wracked her body with pleasure. Each one left her exhausted and breathless. She could no longer talk, or scream in joy. "Unh Unh Unh," was all that could come from Rose's lips with each mighty thrust of his formidable cock. She had long lost count of the orgasms, but the biggest was yet to cum. Gage thrust his cock to the back of her womb and held it buried. His hot black seed exploded from the head, flooding her womb. Rose's body leaped into his, shaking underneath him. Each blast from his cock sent more and more potent semen into her womb, filling it, and forcing semen down into her pussy, to squirt out over their conjoined crotches. Rose felt everything go black and then she fell limp.

"Never... tease... black cock... slut... fuck... weekend long..."

"Whaaa?" Rose slowly came to her senses, aware that the big black man was still inside her, still covering her body with his strong muscular one. She was aware that he had been talking to her, but could only make out a few words.

Gage chuckled. "I was sayin, that I'm never gonna tease you again. Admit you're a slut for big black cocks and I'll see that you cum all weekend long."

"I'm not a slut, but I do love your big black cock, Gage," whispered Rose. She lifted her head and kissed his hard chest. "I'd love it if we did this all weekend long."

Gage's cock had softened considerably, but he still felt huge compared to her fiancé. He pushed himself up, pulling his cock free of her pussy and Rose thought that Niagara falls had suddenly materialized in her pussy. Sperm began pouring from her. "Go get cleaned up," he told her.

Rose spent the next thirty minutes in the bathroom, sitting on the toilet, trying to force what seemed to be a gallon of semen from her well fucked pussy. Her cervix had closed back up and she swore she could feel his seed sloshing around in her womb. She was thankful she was on the pill. All was quiet in the next room. Mark had apparently given Dixie as good a fucking as Rose had gotten. Not that she was complaining, but she wondered how they had gotten into this strange situation.

Rose found a dozen packs of unopened toothbrushes. She brushed and then returned to Gage's bed, sliding in next to him. She uncharacteristically reached out to fondle his mighty cock and was surprised when it swelled up a little. This big black guy was amazing! "Wake me up in the morning lover and we can do this again," she purred, half asleep.

Gage pulled away from her. "Sure thing babe. I gotta go piss. Back in a few."

Rose was already half asleep when he left the room.


Gage stopped off to urinate in the bathroom. After flushing, he began stroking his cock back to erection as he stepped through the door to Mark's room. A light was still on, but set to a dimmer setting. The couple on the bed were laying on their sides spooning. Mark was on the outside, his cock nestled between Dixie's ass cheeks. Gage tapped Mark on the shoulder until the black lifeguard woke up. Mark nodded and slid off the bed. Dixie moaned in displeasure, but didn't wake up.

The two black men snuck back into the bathroom and filled each other in on their nights. Mark stood and pissed inside the toilet while Gage told him about Rose's hand job and his teasing her until she was begging to be fucked. Mark laughed and bragged about his sexual trifecta- oral, inter, and anal- with Dixie. The two black men joked around together, stroking their cocks back to full erection. Neither the least uncomfortable being nude together for they had done this sort of thing many times. When they left, they switched rooms, walking towards the sleeping white women with full erections.

Gage kneeled on the bed and pulled a protesting sleepy Dixie onto all fours. "Again?" she moaned. "You're a fucking god, Mark." Dixie buried her head in the pillow.

Gage kneeled behind her and slowly pushed his cock into her well fucked pussy. She moaned in delight as he began fucking her. Gage suppressed a chuckle when he looked down at her tramp stamp. Some of Mark's sperm was still wet, but for the most part, her confederate flag tattoo was covered in a black man's dried flaky semen with a sticky wet spot here and there.

He grabbed her hips and pulled her back into his thrusting cock. This was some good pussy. Rose too for that matter. The flag girls both had seemed starved for some big cock. Their pussies tightly gripped a big cock, vibrating and expanding whenever they came. With each vaginal contraction, Rose and Dixie's pussies contracted inwards as if trying to pull their cocks in even deeper.

"Oh Mark, your cock is amazing," she cried after her second orgasm with Gage. "It feels even thicker then the last time."

"It is a little thicker and I ain't Mark," said Gage, burying his cock and filling her womb with his seed.

"GAGE!" screamed Dixie without even looking over her shoulder. She struggled a little trying to pull away, but as soon as his sperm hit her womb, she was screaming in orgasm again, her body reversing course, pushing back into his ejaculating cock.


Mark was taking Rose doggy style and she was loving it. "I swear your big black cock is even deeper then last time," she moaned. He chuckled as her body began trembling as she had a large orgasm. "Only your big black cock can make me cum that hard, Gage," she cried, her voice muffled as it was buried in a pillow.

Mark stared down at the tight little puckered asshole staring up at him. It was pure and untapped. Rose had never felt a black cock or a white penis up her sweet virgin ass. Mark stuck his thumb in his mouth and wet it with his salvia. Then he grabbed her ass cheeks hard and pressed the tip of his thumb against her sphincter.

Rose squealed like a pig the second she felt pressure against it. "What are you doing?" she asked confused and trying to pull away from the thumb in her ass. "No Gage. It feels funny. Not in my ass. Take it out... OH! Shit! I'm cumming again." Rose trembled again as she came all over his thrusting cock while he worked his thumb in an out of her ass. He needed to slow down or he was going to blow soon and he wanted to break her ass in properly. Mark took every one of his conquests anally, especially the white ones. White girls could be haughty, but sodomizing them always seemed to have a humbling effect on them. He'd broken in a lot of white asses, but never two within hours of each other. Mark pulled his cock and thumb out, then guided his foot long cock up to her rosebud.

The head had pushed through her sphincter before she'd recovered from her orgasm. "WHAAA?" she grunted. "Ow! Gage, what are you doing? OW! OW! OW! Wrong hole! Jesus, Gage, stop it."

"I'm taking this fine white ass," grunted Mark, feeling his cock fighting to work it's way deeper.
Just saying...this is waaay longer than I expected it to be


"Ow ow OW OW! Ow," muttered Rose, her face scrunched up as his huge cock worked it's was into her bowels. "Gage it hurts. Please? OW! OH! Mmmh OW! Yes! Oh yes! No Gage, pull it out. It's too deep. Gage can't you hear me?" Rose was panting heavily as she pleaded.

"He can't here you. He's in the next room fucking Dixie."

Mark watched as she lifted her head off the pillow and looked at Gage's sex mirror on the wall. The look on her face was priceless as she stared at him. He winked and waved at their reflection before turning back to fucking her ass properly.

Rose continued to stare at the mirror. She never said another word for a good five minutes before she looked away from their reflection and buried her head in the pillow. "YES!" she hissed. "Fuck my ass, Mark." Rose moaned and then her body trembled again. She was cumming from just having her ass fucked.

Rose didn't even need to diddle herself to get off like Dixie had. When she came to her senses. Rose was sobbing and crying. She seemed genuinely upset. Mark slammed his cock forward as deep as it would go and flooded her bowels with sperm. "Do it. Fill my ass up, Mark," she moaned, still crying.

Mark's cock was finally spent and needed a rest. He pulled it out and watched her sphincter slowly close. With as much sperm as his big balls held, it always amazed him how long it took for the trickle to appear. Rose's rosebud would never again quite look the same and it didn't close all the way. It took a good fifteen seconds before a white dot appeared in the center of her sphincter and then his sperm began pouring out of her ass in a steady flow. Rose sobbed into the pillow. "What's wrong baby?" he asked, playfully smacking her ass with the flat of his hand. Spanking always humbled them too. "Didn't you like it?"

"No, I loved it."

"Then what's wrong?"

"Gage was right. I am a slut for big black cocks." Rose sobbed into the pillow.

"Nothing wrong with that, slut," he told her. "You should be proud."


Dixie woke up as light from the window shined into her face. She was still in Mark's bed, but it was the large more heavily muscled form of Gage sleeping beside her. They were on the covers, both still nude. She leaned up to stare down at his cock. Even soft, he looks hard, she thought. His cock was a plump ten inches and laying across his thigh. She couldn't control herself and reached down to touch it.

At first, she just caressed it, running her fingers along his shaft. Then she grabbed it and squeezed. It's hardness had been an illusion. It was huge, but completely floppy. She shook it and felt it swell in her hand. His mighty cock head swelled up like a balloon and then began to rise. She stared at the growing black cock in awe.

"Now that's how I like to wake up," groaned Gage still half asleep.

"Your black cocks are amazing," said Dixie while staring at the thick eleven inch shaft in her hand. "I've never seen anything so big as you and Mark, but then I never ever thought I'd sleep with a nigg..."


"Never mind," said Dixie.

"Say the word, Dixie."

"No, I'm sorry. It was a slip."

"You were gonna say black man. Say it. I don't mind."

"I thought you people hated the "N" word." Dixie knew she had slipped up. She hoped she hadn't upset him too much. She'd grown up with a white father and brothers who always called blacks "black men" and her husband used the word even more then they had. Her tan face drained of color as she remembered the last time Billy Ray had used the "N" word. The had passed a black man holding hands with a white woman. "black man lover," Billy Ray had growled after they passed. What would he say if he knew his wife was now a black man lover?

"It depends on the context," said Gage. "Personally, I love hearing the word black man from a white woman's lips. I'll show you what I'm talking about. Climb up and ride my big black cock," he ordered.

Dixie felt relieved that he was still willing to fuck her after she'd slipped up. She stood up over him and lowered herself down on his cock. The head slowly pushed into her. "There it is," she moaned, feeling him swell inside her.

"Stop," he ordered. "Tell me what's inside you."

"Your cock," she gasped, wanting to just slam her pussy down over his big shaft. Instead, just his cock head was probing inside her pussy. "Your big black cock is in me."

"No Dixie. Say the word."

"Your big black man cock is in me," she moaned.

"You may slide down now," he told her. "Who's cock stretches you out more, mine or your husband's?"

"Yours," she told him.

"Say the word."

"Your black man cock stretches me out more."

"Good girl Dixie." Gage reached up and grabbed her tits. "Who's hands are playing with these big white titties?"

"Your strong black man hands, Gage."

Gage chuckled. "Who's cock goes deeper?"

"Your big black black man cock, Gage," she screamed as his cock head entered her womb. Dixie felt her thighs sit on his legs as she took his entire cock.

"Who's cock do you want to fuck right now, Dixie? Your husbands?"

"No, I want to fuck your big black black man cock," she cried, enjoying the game.

"Then fuck that black man cock you white slut."

"Yes Gage," she moaned, beginning to bounce in his lap. "I'll fuck your big black black man cock good, Gage. I'm gonna fuck this black man cock good. I love your black man cock." Dixie threw her head back and ran her hands through her hair as she bounced in his lap. His hands were still squeezing her breasts roughly, teasing her nipples. "Oh god," she moaned. "I'm gonna cum, Gage. Your black man cock is making me cum."

"Cum then Dixie. Cum all over that big black man cock."

"YES!" Dixie screamed slamming herself down on his cock as her orgasm exploded from her loins. "CUMMING!" Dixie thrashed around for a moment before sitting back up.

"Can a little white prick make you cum like a whore, Dixie?"

"No Gage. Only big black black man cock can make me cum like that." Dixie felt a little sad as she began bouncing in his lap again. Gage was right. Only black man cock could do that to her body. Billy Ray could never in his wildest dreams make her cum like that. Her smallest orgasm with Gage or Mark was better then the best sex she'd ever had with her husband. Hell, getting ass fucked by Mark had been better then sex with Billy Ray. "Oh god, going to cum again," she cried. Until last night, she'd never had a multiple orgasm before. Hell, she rarely had singular orgasms.

"Which cocks do you want to fuck from now on?"

"Only black cocks," moaned Dixie as her orgasm approached. "Only black man cocks."

Gage laughed almost evilly. He began bucking his hips, thrusting his cock up into her. "Which cocks are superior?"

"black man cocks," she told him. "Almost there," she moaned.

"You on the pill?"

"NO!" She'd forgotten about that. She and Billy Ray were trying to have a baby. Gage needed to pull out, but it felt so good having a black cock ejaculate inside her womb.

"Then take my black man seed." Gage finally released her tits, grabbed her hips and pulled her down onto his cock as it exploded in her womb. "Gonna knock you up with a black man baby."

"YES! CCUUMMIINNGG!" screamed Dixie so loudly, she was sure everyone in the house could hear her if not even the neighbors in the next condo. Her orgasm curled her toes, rolled her eyes up in her head, and nearly made her black out. It was her biggest cum yet and it seemed to last forever. Each squirt of Gage's cock into her fertile womb prolonged her orgasm. Blast after blast of his hot black man seed filled her womb, filling it, then flowing out into her pussy until it dripped out onto his balls. Gage held her down on his cock until it finally quit jerking. "Soooo goood," moaned Dixie.

"And that's what I mean by context," said Gage. He slapped her ass several times. "Now get up. I gotta take a shower and get to work.


"YES! CCUUMMIINNGG!" echoed through the room waking Rose. She groaned when she saw Mark laying on his side, looking at her. "Oh no," she groaned. "What have I done?"

"Having regrets, sexy?" asked Mark.

"I cheated on my fiancé. How could I do that to Jake? I slept with another man."

"Actually you slept with two men." Mark sat up on his knees. His hand was in his lap stroking his cock to erection. "Two black men."

"I'm such a slut," she sobbed, starting to cry again. Mark suddenly through his leg over her body and kneeled down over her stomach. "What are you doing?"

"I'm gonna fuck those big white titties."

"Oh god, you're insatiable," said Rose, looking down in awe at Mark's foot long cock. There was one sight she'd never grow used to. She wrinkled her nose in distaste when he spit in his hand and began coating his shaft with his saliva.

"Squeeze them titties together," he told her, forcing his cock down between her bosom. Rose placed her palms on the sides of her breasts and pushed them together. They contoured themselves around Mark's cock. "You ever been titty fucked before?"

"No," she replied. Rose stared at the foot long black cock nestled between her large bosom. Mark began sliding his cock back and forth between them. She was caught off guard when his golf ball sized cock head hit her chin. "Never," she added watching her nipples growing. Despite her guilt and regrets, she was getting turned on again.

"I'm surprised. Them big ass titties were designed for titty fucking." Mark leaned over her holding himself up with his hands. He began sliding his cock faster between her breasts.

Rose angled her head to avoid getting hit again and found the end of his cock sliding up to her nose and back down to her chin. The head brushed past her lips and she couldn't help herself. She stuck out her tongue licking the underside of his shaft as it moved past her lips. Her hands slid up the sides of her breasts until she could pinch her hard nipples while still squeezing her tits around his cock. Her nipples were sensitive and she moaned as she pinched them. His cock head slipped inside her mouth as she moaned. Rose lifted her head further, his cock head began sliding in and out of her lips, she twirled her tongue around it. Her arousal was growing. She wanted his cock down her throat, fucking her pussy or even her ass again, but he seemed determined to get off fucking her tits. She tried harder, bobbing her head now each time his cock slid into her mouth. She could feel it growing, hardening, swelling up until it felt like it might burst and then it did. Mark's hot seed filled her mouth, forcing her head back until it sprang free of her lips. Rose swallowed just as a huge load of ejaculate fanned out from his cock head covering the top of her head. He pushed himself up and pulled his cock out of her tits letting wad after wad fall to coat her soft white mounds. Milky sperm splattered on her nipples, chest, and chin. "It's so good," she groaned, licking her lips. Her body writhed on the bed wanting a cock in it.

"Have some more," said Mark, sliding up so that his cock bobbed over her open mouth. He stroked the shaft milking every drop of his seed out of it. His cum fell down onto her extended tongue and Rose swirled it around inside her mouth, loving the rich taste before swallowing it down. Once his cock was drained, Mark climbed off her. "Gotta get my shower now."

"No," she pouted, "Stay and fuck me." Rose was shocked. Had she just said that?

"Love to, but I gotta get to work," replied Mark. "Try to sleep for awhile. You didn't get much last night. Jamon will drive you to Islamorada." Mark strolled out of the room, his half erect cock leading the way.

"God, I'm so horny," she moaned. Rose could feel a wad of cum slipping down her breast. She scooped it off with her finger and licked it clean. She fought the urge to put her fingers in her pussy. How could she actually be horny after last night, she wondered? Still her exhaustion won out and her eyes closed five minutes after Mark had left.

No sooner had Rose fallen asleep, then she felt strong hands on her ankles, spreading them open. She groggily came to her senses just as a large cock head was pushing against the entrance to her pussy. "I knew you'd change your mind," she whispered.


A worn out Dixie shuffled from Mark's room to find Rose. She was still nude and didn't care. She figured Mark and Gage had already seen her naked and Jamon's room was upstairs. The bathroom door was open. Mark was standing at the toilet urinating while Gage's large body could be seen in the shower. "Good morning," said Mark looking over his shoulder.

"Morning," she replied, smiling at him. "Where's Rose?"

"I left her in Gage's room," said Mark, winking at her.

"Thanks." Dixie's eyes glanced down to his cock. She couldn't help herself. It was still almost a foot long, but hanging down limply after pissing. Dixie slowly walked to the next room, pausing as she heard the sounds of someone fucking.

"That's it Mark, give me that big black cock," growled Rose's voice through the door.

Dixie glanced back at the bathroom. Mark was getting into the shower now and Gage was toweling himself dry. What the hell was going on with Rose, she wondered? Was she dreaming? The door was open a crack and Dixie pushed it open. She slipped into the room.

Jamon was kneeling between Rose's legs with her knees cupped in his arms. He was slowly working his hips so that the tip of his cock was working the insides of Rose's pussy. Dixie snuck against the wall near a mirror and watched.

"Deeper Mark," begged Rose.

Jamon pushed his cock in deep and Rose moaned in satisfaction. "Any ting you want, lovely lady," he said in his island accent.

Rose opened her eyes to see the light glittering off Jamon's gold tooth. "Aaaaaa! Your not Mark!"

Dixie's friend looked absolutely horrified to see Jamon's ugly mug leering down at her.

"No mon, I ain't Mark," he said, picking up speed with his thrusts. "Want me to take it out?"

"Unh unh unh," grunted Rose with each thrust of his cock. "Unh yes... no unh unh unh. Keep unh fucking me."

Dixie was a little surprised at her friend. Rose was deeply in love with her fiancé. She was the last person Dixie thought would ever cheat on their significant other, especially with an ugly black Jamaican. Dixie let out a little gasp when it hit her that this was Rose's third black man in less then 24 hours. And what a black man he was. Jamon was fucking her with the full length of his cock. He was every bit as long as Mark and as thick as Gage. "Lucky slut," she whispered as her arousal and jealousy grew.

Her arousal won out. Dixie leaned back against the mirrored wall and slipped one hand down her sexy stomach, over her blonde pubic hair and between her legs. She began fingering herself while her other hand pinched her nipple. She watched this dark skinned black man fuck her very pale best friend. Rose had the white skin of a typical redhead where Dixie could have passed for a tanned Hollywood starlet. The contrast of the couple on the bed was amazing.

"Oh Dixie, they're sooo biiig," moaned Rose.

Dixie looked down at her friend. Rose had turned to look at the mirror and spotted Dixie masturbating while watching them. "I know, Rosie," Dixie told her. "It's good too."

Rose nodded and turned to look down her stunning body at Jamon's stomach. He may have been thinner and more wiry then Mark or Gage, but his stomach was all muscle. Below that stomach was a very bushy patch of dark pubic hair and then the root of a thick black cock, glistening with her juices. "He's making me cum, Dix. They make me cum so hard."

"I know that too, Rosie," she replied.

"CUMMING!" screamed Rose bucking her hips up into Jamon's thrusting cock.

"Me too," whispered Dixie, her fingers getting her off while watching her best friend writhe around in ecstasy as Jamon speared her with his mighty cock. Dixie had never seen anything so erotically sexy before. She wondered is she had looked as hot riding Gage that morning.

"CCUUMMIINNGG AGAIN!" screamed Rose. This time her body was leaping up to meet Jamon's thrusts. He quit pumping and held his cock buried in Rose's pussy. His head was back and he was sweating. "Fill my pussy," said Rose, still screaming loudly. "CUMMING!"

Dixie quit playing with herself as Jamon pulled his huge cock from her friend. Rose's head was turned away from her and she was sobbing, but it was clearly from pleasure. Jamon slid off the bed and moved towards Dixie and the exit. His huge dark black cock stood straight out from his body. It was still swollen and hard as a rock so soon after cumming. A white drop of semen hung from the tip, stubbornly resisting gravity's pull. "Rest up," he told her. "I go in to work at one o'clock and you can ride with me."

Dixie nodded staring at his cock. It was still huge and hard, but had lost some of it's plumpness. The head began disappearing, but it wasn't shrinking. A thick black wrinkly foreskin was slowly enveloping it. The foreskin finally pushed the hanging drop of sperm off his pee slit and it dropped to the floor. Dixie envisioned herself falling to all fours and licking the drop up, not wanting to let it go to waste, but she didn't. Instead Dixie laid down on the bed beside Rose. Her friend was staring at the ceiling with a stunned, but contented look on her face.


Rose felt the mattress dip as Dixie laid on her side next to her on the small bed. Dixie propped her head up with her hand and stared down at her friend. "What the hell happened, Dix?" she asked.

Dixie laughed. "I'm not sure. All I know is that when I saw that monster sticking out of Mark's legs, I had to have it. We must have been pretty drunk last night."

"We weren't drunk this morning," said Rose. "What do I tell Jake?"

"You tell him nothing dumbass. We just went a little crazy that's all. What happens in the Florida Keys stays in the Florida Keys. I for one didn't know sex could be this good. We'll just get it out of our system this weekend and then go get a room in Key West before returning back to my boring small dicked husband. No regrets."

"No regrets. Thank god I'm on the pill," said Rose. "It's safe for you too?" There was a long pause and Rose said, "Dix?"

"I went off the pill a three months ago."

"Oh dear god!" Rose turned on her side to face her dearest friend. "What if they knocked you up. You could be carrying a black man's baby."

"I know," said Dixie shivering. "I couldn't resist it. Every time one of those things went off in my pussy I had a huge orgasm. Hopefully, Billy Ray already got me pregnant. We been doing it twice a week and even had goodbye sex Thursday night and again yesterday morning before I drove to pick you up. If you can call having his little dick root around in my pussy for a few minutes sex."

"Dixie! That's your husband," said Rose reproaching her friend, but she understood completely where Dixie was coming from. "Still Dixie, it's only Saturday morning. We wont have the money wired to us until Monday. We're stuck here until then. They're going to want to fuck us again tonight and tomorrow. The cat's out of the bag. We can't refuse them."

"I don't want to refuse them. I want to fuck and suck those big black man cocks all weekend."

"Ssshh, you fool," hushed Rose. "They'll hear you."

"Context Rosie, context." Dixie chuckled.

"I want to keep fucking them too, but it's safe for me. You need to make them wear condoms."

"Now there's a sexy sight," said Jamon walking back into the room. He was freshly showered and his dreadlocks were wet, but they still looked dirty. "Your turn Blondie," he said, tugging on his cock to make it hard and approaching the bed.

"Well I'm not about to turn down a chance to try out that monster," said Dixie. "This bed's too small. Want to go back to Mark's or your room?"
"Here's just fine." Jamon's cock was rock hard again, an impressive majestic sight sticking out from his crotch. It was Mark's length with Gage's thickness, but it looked bigger on his thinner frame. "Roll on top red there," he ordered.

Rose frowned and looked at Dixie. Dixie just shrugged not understanding, but Jamon grabbed her ass and pulled her up until she was straddling Rose in the middle of the bed. Rose looked up into Dixie's blue eyes as Dixie was on all fours over her. Dixie's breasts were as big as hers and they hung down like udders pressing into Rose's breasts. The bottom of the bed depressed as Jamon climbed on it. He moved Rose and Dixie's legs, making it easier for him to fuck Dixie. "Make him wear a condom," whispered Rose. Dixie looked at her sadly, but shook her head. "Wear a condom," Rose yelled out from under Dixie.

"No mon," said Jamon. "Never have put a sheath on this big boy, never will."

"Dixie?" said Rose trying to warn her friend of the consequences. Dixie didn't stop the Jamaican. Instead, she gasped and her face scrunched up in concentration. Rose knew that Jamon had just entered her. Dixie's breasts began pressing down on hers with each thrust of Jamon's cock. Dixie's arms and legs gave out as she slowly lowered down onto Rose's body. Rose didn't have the view that Dixie had watching Rose get fucked. All Rose could see was her blonde friend's face, but it was all written there. Dixie's brow would furrow with each new inch she took. Her eyes scrunched up in concentration and she winced as Jamon's cock head entered her womb. Dixie threw her head back and sucked her lower lip into her mouth with her first orgasm.

Suddenly the relentless pounding that was pushing Dixie down on Rose stopped. "What's wrong?" asked Dixie.

"Nothing mon. I want you to kiss yo friend."

Rose stared in Dixie's face. Both women looked confused. "What?" asked Rose around Dixie.

"I want Blondie here to give you a little kiss, mon."

"No," said Dixie and Rose shook her head in agreement.

"YYEESS!" groaned Dixie, her body pushing down into Rose's as Jamon buried his cock to the hilt in her.

She whimpered as he withdrew it.

"Kiss her if you want more of this cock."

Rose looked up at Dixie. Dixie's eyebrows rose in a shrug. Rose shook her head no, but Dixie's lips were already coming down to meet hers. Her blonde friend gave her a quick peck on the lips before pulling away.

"No bitches. I want you kissing like you mean it. Dixie, you kiss Red there like she was the one with the big cock in you."

Rose turned her head looking away so she could see herself in the mirror, Dixie laying on top of her with Jamon kneeling between their legs. She watched and felt Dixie move her head down to kiss the sides of her mouth. Then Dixie was turning her head back up until their lips met full on. Dixie mashed her mouth down hard on hers and Rose felt her friend's tongue pushing into her mouth. Rose used her tongue to push back, trying to force it out. Instead, their tongues began dueling. Their kiss turned more passionate. Dixie pulled back long enough to suck her lower lip into her mouth and squeal as Jamon began fucking her again. Then without being told, Dixie brought her lips back down on Rose's. Rose willingly opened her mouth this time. Her nipples were hardening, pushing into Dixie's breast flesh. Dixie's nipples had turned hard the moment Jamon entered her and Rose could feel Dixie's nipples pushing back into her breasts.

"That's it bitches. Get into it," said Jamon.

Rose was getting into it. Dixie's soft body felt so nice touching her skin. Jamon's thrusting cock kept pushing Dixie's pelvis down against Rose's crotch. It felt like Dixie was actually trying to fuck her. Rose began lifting her hips up matching Jamon's thrusts, wishing she was getting fucked again.

Dixie pulled back, pushing her torso off Rose and rearing her head. "Cumming!" she moaned, her eyes rolling up.

Dixie's big breasts had swung up into Rose's face. Rose didn't want to quit kissing her soft gentle friend. She kissed the pale spot within Dixie's tan lines. Her lips beside Dixie's nipple and then her lips were on Dixie's nipple, her tongue flickering over it, sucking the long hard tip between her lips.

"CCUUMMIINNGG!" screamed Dixie louder, her friend's mouth on her nipple and a big black cock filling her pussy.

"So am I bitch," growled Jamon.

"PULL OUT," yelled Rose, taking her mouth off Dixie's nipple. "PULLMMPPFF..." Rose suddenly found her face buried in Dixie's breasts as Jamon slammed his cock balls deep and began filling Dixie's womb with his fertile Jamaican seed.

"JEEEZUS," moaned Dixie loudly. Rose felt her trembling on top of her as she either had another large orgasm or just a continuation of the last one. Hot semen started trickling on Rose's pubic mound as Jamon's sperm began overflowing Dixie's pussy and leaking from it.

Jamon pulled his cock out and sat back on his knees. "Nice tight white pussy, Blondie. You too Red. Rest or go get cleaned up and I'll take ya both to work with me in a couple hours." Jamon got off the bed and left the room.

Dixie shifted herself on Rose's body so that their faces were staring at each other. Their noses less then an inch apart. "That was different," said Dixie.

"It sure was," replied Rose. She didn't resist when Dixie turned her head sideways and kissed her again. Their kiss was gentler this time, more romantic then passionate. It didn't last long. Dixie broke the kiss and rolled off her. Both friends laid on their backs staring at the ceiling. "Wanna take a shower together?"

"Alright," said Dixie.

Dixie and Rose shared the shower. It was different this time from all the other times they'd shared a shower. Previously it had been casual, this time it was a little weird. They stared at each other's bodies seeing each other in a new light. Rose kneeled before Dixie, soaping her blonde pubic region and around her thighs. They soaped each others breasts, bellies, and backs. Rose turned her face up to the stream of water trying to get the dried flakes of Mark's sperm off her and felt Dixie cleaning around her reddish brown pubic hair. She gasped when Dixie's finger slid along her slit and then sank into her pussy up to a knuckle. A second finger joined the first and Rose gasped as her clit was sucked between Dixie's lips. Dixie's tongue flickering back and forth over her clit sent her over the edge and Rose reached down to grab the back of Dixie's head, pulling her head into her pussy as she had a small, but satisfying orgasm.

Dixie quit fingering her and stood up. "Sorry, I just wanted to know what it was like."

"Pretty good on my end," said Rose. They stared into each other's eyes, silent as the shower rained down on them. Finally, Rose broke the ice. "And I thought having a black guy's cock up my ass would be the strangest thing to happen to me this weekend."

Dixie slowly smiled and laughed. "There's a first time for everything, I guess. This is a weekend of firsts it seems."

"And it's only Saturday morning," said Rose, wondering what else might happen to them before Dixie's husband could wire the money to them.


Dixie and Rose slipped into Jamon's camaro for the hour long trip to Islamorada. The Jamaican bartender put the top down and both girls felt the hot Florida sun soaking into their bikini clad bodies. They brought along their BBC shirts for no good reason other then that their tee shirts were the only other clothes they owned at the moment. Jamon told them not to worry about food and drink. He could hook them up with some of their needs and run a tab for the rest. They could pay him back on Monday.

Both girls got some good news when Jamon pulled into the parking lot. The rental company had dropped off a replacement jeep. They were penniless and owned nothing but their BBC shirts, bikinis, shoes, navel piercings, and Rose's cowboy hat, but at least they had wheels.

Saturday was a hectic day at the resort as young Miamians flocked down to Islamorada to party and for some fun in the sun. Their new black friends were busy most of the day. Mark sat in his lifeguard chair scanning the pool. Gage talked to them briefly, but he had to keep patrolling the resort's pools, beach, bars, and dance floor. Jamon was busy at the bar, but served them a few drinks. The Flag girls were as popular today as they had been yesterday. They didn't need Jamon to give them free drinks. Various young men kept drinks in their hands all day. Rose and Dixie danced when the band was on, took dips in the pool or ocean, strolled down to the docks and basically enjoyed the vacation they had planned on having. The four man reggae band, Rasta With Meatballs, even called them onstage and declared the flag girls to be the hottest girls in the Florida keys. The announcement drew a lot of whistles and catcalls from the audience who approved of the band's choice.

The sun had reached it's zenith and was dipping towards the gulf coast when the girls decided to take a late lunch. They headed towards Jamon's bar to order something to eat.

"God bless America," yelled an inebriated young man, saluting Rose's bikini as he passed.

"What can I get you?" asked Siobhan the female bartender as Dixie and Rose sat down at the bar.

"I'm sorry, but could Jamon wait on us," said Dixie.

Siobhan looked over at the tall Jamaican busy mixing drinks. "He's tied up, but I know your situation. I'll run you a tab and hand it over to the big man."

Dixie and Rose ordered some club sandwiches. They checked Siobhan out with a critical eye. The bartender was gorgeous, had long red hair and a body to rival either of the flag girls. Both Dixie and Rose decided they didn't like her, their womanly jealousies against female competition kicking in. Siobhan was wearing short shorts that showed off a great ass and her white tee shirt was tied up to show her tanned flat stomach.

Dixie read the word BLACK on the tee shirt. "What's your shirt say?" asked Dixie curious. Siobhan spread her shirt out above her large bosom. It read, BLACK OWNED. "What's that mean?" added Dixie.

"It means I only give my body to black men," said Siobhan making Rose gasp. "You two know the score. I'm sure each of you had those pussies stretched by some BBC last night." Rose gasped again. "I get sick of white boys hitting on me all weekend, so I always wear some BBC gear to give them the hint." Siobhan pointed down at her spade navel piercing.

Dixie noticed Rose glance at her out of the corner of her eye. "I don't think BBC mean British Broadcasting Corporation," said Rose.

Siobhan laughed. "No, it doesn't. It means your into black men and their big black cocks. I'll be back with your food."

Rose turned and looked directly at Dixie. "Holy shit!" she whispered.

"Holy shit indeed," said Dixie. "We walked around last night advertising we were black owned. Bastard," she added thinking about Gage and the grin on his face when he handed her the two tee shirts. Then Dixie laughed finding it funny. "Last night we were black owned."

"Yes," agree Rose, shivering.

Siobhan returned with their sandwiches. "Let me ask you something," said Dixie. "How did you become black owned?"

Siobhan nodded her head towards Jamon, still busy serving drinks. "Not much to look at is he? Still, he's a very masculine man, confident, self assured, arrogant. He doesn't ask, he tells and you find yourself wanting to obey. I've never met a man with more animal magnetism. I've worked here three years. I was happy, dating one of the charter boat captain and deeply in love with him. We hired Jamon a year ago and as soon as we were alone on that first day he looked down at me and said, "I'm going to fuck you.". I politely informed him that I was spoken for and that if he said anything like that again, I'd have him fired for sexual harassment. By the end of that day, Jamon was running the bar like he was the manager. On the second day, my pussy was getting wet when I worked around him. He kept brushing past me. I'd be bent over the bar and he'd come up behind me reaching up for a glass, pushing his monster cock against my ass. On the third day, we closed the bar together and he fucked me while my boyfriend sat drinking on his boat waiting for me to get off. And you know what?"

"What?" asked Dixie and Rose together, mesmerized by Siobhan's tale.

"I did get off. I got off a lot. I got off so many times I broke up with my boyfriend. I went home with Jamon thinking we were starting a relationship only to have him share me with his roommates. Two days later I was wearing the gear and got my navel pierced so I could display the queen of spades pin, Amir gave me. Jamon's cock makes you do things you never thought you would."

Dixie nodded. "Yes, it does," she agreed, thinking about kissing Rose earlier.

"Tonight my body belongs to Rasta With Meatballs. The lead singer..." Siobhan held her hands out about thirteen inches apart. Siobhan winked and went to wait on someone else.

"Some story," said Dixie to Rose as she took a bite of her sandwich. "Jamon broke her down in three days."

Rose snorted. "You broke down a minute after seeing Mark's cock."

Dixie felt her cheeks turning red. "You didn't last much longer."

Dixie and Rose finished their sandwiches, each a little angry at the other and embarrassed by their actions last night. Then they wandered down to the docks to stare at the colorful fish swimming around in the clear water. "There's another one checking us out," whispered Rose.

Dixie looked up from the water. Sure enough there was another black man checking them out. He had a shaved head and big arms folded across his chest. His skin was brown, but a dark brown. He was wearing a white tee shirt and white shorts. He was standing in the back of a boat several boats down from them, staring at the girls. He was standing right above the engine, the name of the boat spelled out underneath him. The boat was named, BIG ROD. "I bet it's true," giggled Dixie.


"I bet the man matches the boat."

Rose read the boat's name and laughed. Their dark mood from talking to Siobhan earlier lightened up and they went back to dancing and partying.


Rose felt that Dixie was too drunk to drive back to the guy's condo, so they left their rental in the parking lot and went home with Mark and Gage. Jamon volunteered to bring their jeep back to the condo and catch a ride to Islamorada in the morning. They stopped off at a pizza restaurant and retuned with two large pizzas. The four of them returned to the condo, eating pizza for a late dinner, drinking beer and talking. The flag girls had been drinking and buzzed all day long and their buzz stayed with them. Neither had drank this much booze since college. The guys were a little drunk from their shift beers and these additional beers didn't help. All four were pretty drunk by the time Jamon got home. "I see I'm late for the party, mon" he said.

"You gotta lot of catching up to do," said Rose.

"Ja mon. There's a fasta way ta feel good, mon." Jamon pulled a fat joint out of his pocket. He sat down on the couch squeezing Dixie between Gage and him. Dixie had removed her bikini top, then put on the BBC ONLY tee shirt that barely covered her tits and left her belly bare. Rose's bikini top had been rubbing against her nipples so she slipped it off when they got home and pulled her longer I (HEART) BBC shirt on over her top, but the shirt was tight and displayed her breasts nicely through the material. Rose was sitting on a love seat next to Mark.

Jamon lit up the joint and passed it to Dixie. Dixie sniffed the marijuana and shook her head no. Gage took the joint and inhaled a deep hit. He handed it over to Rose who took it. "No thanks," she said, handing it over to Mark who took a hit. "I've never done drugs."

Jamon reached over and took the joint from Mark. "It's a religion to me, mon," he said, sucking a deep hit. He exhaled. "It brings me closer to God." He handed it back to Dixie.

This time Dixie took it. "What the hell? It's been almost seven years since I smoked a joint." Dixie inhaled, held it, and then slowly released it. She coughed once and turned red with embarrassment. "Good stuff."

The joint went around the living room a few more times. Dixie took another hit. "Really good stuff. You should try it Rosie."

Rose smelled the sweet smoke as it passed under her when Mark took the joint. "I couldn't. What would Jake say? He worked on anti-drug campaigns in college. He'd disapprove."

Dixie laughed and kept laughing making Rose frown at her. "Taking a hit off a joint," she choked still laughing, "would be the last thing he'd be disapproving of this weekend." Dixie laughed and the black men joined her. "Just take one hit. One more new thing to try this weekend. God I'm hungry. Is there any pizza left?"

Rose watched the joint go around. Dixie was right. In 24 hours, she'd had three different black men, sucked black cock, fucked black cock, been titty fucked by black cock, and been sodomized by black cock. She'd made out with her best friend and she'd had an orgasm while Dixie fingered her pussy and sucked her clit. Yeah, smoking some dope would be the least of Jake's concerns. "Let me try it?" she asked reaching out for the joint.

Rose had smoked a few cigarettes when she was younger. She closed her eyes. She put the joint in her mouth, inhaled and let her lungs fill with smoke before releasing it. She took another hit and smiled as the smoke escaped her lungs. She felt very relaxed when she opened her eyes. Then she had to rub her eyes, not believing what she was seeing. If pot made you hallucinate, she should never have taken that second hit or tried it in the first place. Dixie's head was bent up as she passionately kissed Jamon. Her shirt had been flipped up and Jamon was gently squeezing and kneading her breast and nipple. What made the hallucination so hard to believe was that Gage had leaned down and was sucking on Dixie's other breast.

Rose stared wide eyed at the scene. She wasn't hallucinating. Her married friend was letting two men fondle her.

Mark put out the joint before reaching over and cupping Rose's chin. He turned her head towards his and kissed her. Rose kissed him back. Mark grabbed the hem of her tee shirt and tugged it up. Rose lifted her arms over her head so that he could pull it off. He grabbed and squeezed her bare breasts before pushing her back so that he could lean down and suck one nipple into his mouth. Rose moaned and glanced back across the room at Dixie. Jamon was now standing and had yanked his pants down. Dixie was sucking the end of his giant black cock. Gage slowly stood up and started pulling his cock out. Rose frowned at what she was seeing. Granted it was sexy, but was her friend really about to take on two guys at once?

Rose fell back in the love seat as her ass lifted up from Mark's tugging on her panties. She glanced down at his crotch. He'd pulled his long cock out of his pants and was stroking it to full erection. She moaned with desire as he ran the fat head of his cock up and down her rapidly lubricating slit. She looked back over at Dixie. Her blonde friend was now sitting up on the couch with a black cock in each hand. Dixie was sucking the end of Gage's fat one while stroking Jamon's cock. Rose groaned as Mark's cock head pushed into her, but she continued staring at her friend. Dixie was now sucking Jamon's cock while stroking Gage. "Get down on the floor, slut," growled Jamon. "I wanna fuck that white pussy."

Mark was working the end of his cock around in her pussy to lube it up. Rose's body was responding to it, humping the end of his cock, wanting it deeper. However, Rose didn't want to see Dixie behaving like this. She didn't want them watching her either though the threesome seemed too engrossed in each other to care.
Still, it just didn't feel right doing this in the living room in front of each other. Rose placed the palms of her hands on Mark's chest and pushed. "Stop it! Not here."

"Why baby?" asked Mark, not really taking the hint and still working his cock around.

"I don't want them watching us. Lets go upstairs." Rose realized Dixie had watched her earlier, but her friends sluttiness was making her uncomfortable.

"Suit yourself," replied Mark, pulling his fully erect cock out of her pussy. He held his hand out and she took it. They headed up the condo's stairs. "Let's go to Jamon's room. It's got a nice big bed."

"Sorry about that," said Rose. "I didn't feel comfortable down there. I can't believe she's fooling around with two guys. I didn't know Dix was such a slut."

"Just think of the possibilities," said Mark as they passed the second floor and walked up to the third.

"No way," said Rose. "It's perverse."

He led her into Jamon's room. It did have a King sized bed with only a sheet on it and lot's of pillows. One wall had a poster of Bob Marley on it. A table beside the bed held an alarm clock, lamp, and a bong. Mark spun Rose around and pushed her down on the bed. "Get them legs open," he ordered.

Rose spread her legs wide as Mark kneeled between them and pushed his cock back inside her pussy.


I'm so fucked up, thought Dixie, her head spinning she was so high. She was on all fours before the sofa. Jamon kneeled behind her and pushed his cock in her sopping wet pussy. She groaned. Dixie was looking down at the carpet as Jamon began working his mighty cock deeper and deeper into her pussy. She found herself staring at two large black feet. Dixie looked up Gage's feet and legs, to the fat eleven inch monster sticking out above her head. He slowly kneeled down and lined his cock up with her mouth. This is so fucked up, she thought, but it's kinky and I like it. I had them both last night and this morning so why not both at once?

The married white Southern belle soon found herself sucking Gage's huge cock down her throat while Jamon pounded her pussy hard from behind. At first she hadn't been able to concentrate on sucking Gage's cock and could only lick the tip, but each time Jamon's balls slapped against her thighs, it forced more of Gage's cock down her throat. At some point, she realized, Gage's balls were slapping her chin in rhythm to Jamon's testicles hitting her thighs.

She couldn't talk or moan. Dixie gurgled and choked around Gage's cock each time she came which was about three times at this point. She had a fourth larger orgasm when Jamon slammed his cock forward and held it still. Semen erupted from the end, flooding her unprotected womb with millions of sperm. He held it buried in her, his large cock jerking as it sent more of his seed into her unprotected womb.

Dixie heard a rumbling outside. But ignored it assuming it was thunder. Jamon had kept his cock in her, but was holding it still. She turned her attention to sucking Gage off. He aided her by holding her head and bucking his hips, shoving his cock head up and down her throat. She heard voices and a saw a motorcycle helmet being set down on the loveseat Rose and Mark had vacated.

"Would ya look at that slut," said a strange voice. "Room for one more?"

"Two more," said another voice.

"Nah, we got this one. Mark just took another whore upstairs. Go bother him," said Gage still thrusting.

Dixie wasn't too fond of all this whore and slut talk, but it was hard to speak out with a thick eleven inch black cock fucking one's throat. The fat cock head spasmed around her esophagus. Hot semen hosed the back of her throat. Gage pulled back until the head cleared her throat and the still spurting cock began filling her mouth with seed. She forgot all about the new arrivals as she gulped Gage's delicious sperm down her throat as fast as his cock could pump it.


"CUMMING!" screamed Rose. It was the third one Mark had given her. He was kneeling between her legs, cupping her knees in his arms as he rammed his cock home. He had stopped fucking her and held his cock buried. Rose thought he was ready to blow, but instead he was looking over his shoulder. "What's wrong, lover," she purred, still high on marijuana and orgasms.

"Nothing," he said, turning his attention back to her. He pulled his cock out. "I want you to ride me."

"Gladly," said Rose, rolling over. Mark took her spot on his back and she grabbed his foot long shaft guiding it back into her pussy. She began bouncing in his lap. "Yeah, that's it. I'm gonna fuck that big black cock Mark. I'm gonna fuck it good."

"That's right, get into it slut. Work that tight white pussy. Fuck that black cock."

"Jesus! I'm gonna have another one," she moaned. Mark was grabbing her butt cheeks as she rode him. He squeezed them tighter pulling her down on his cock. Rose screamed. "YES!!! CUMMING!" Her pussy exploded around his cock. Her orgasm was huge. She slammed her pussy down hard on his shaft, wincing from the sudden pain. Confused, Rose ground her crotch into Mark's pleasure giving rod, but there was still some pain only the pain was coming from her ass. Her sphincter spread wide open as a cock head the size of a golf ball slowly slid inside her ass. The initial pain was gone. Now the added stimulation was triggering her massive orgasm to become massive multiple orgasms. "AAH! AAARGH!!! OHMYGOD!! Can't stop CCUUMMIINNGG!!" The new cock pushed deep into her ass. She was still cumming when both Mark and the stranger worked their cocks in and out of her pussy and ass. Rose wondered who it was. The size made her think of Jamon, but it didn't really matter. Mark had been right to tell her to think of the possibilities of having two black cocks. She reared back and massive black hands reached around to squeeze her breasts. She leaned her head back and kissed the black man fucking her ass. Then she fell forwards, mouth open as she screamed in pleasure and found a huge black cock slipping inside her mouth. Another black man was kneeling above Mark's head.

Less then an hour ago, she had been embarrassed at Dixie for taking two black cocks and now here she was one upping her best friend and she was feeling no regrets.


Dixie slowly lowered herself over Gage's cock as he laid on the carpeted floor. No sooner had she taken the entire thing then she felt Jamon's cock head nudging her ass hole. She leaned forward and raised her ass up a little to aid him. She winced a little as her ass spread open for him. Jamon's big size was new to her back there. The two men wasted little time getting started. She sat up a little leaning over Gage so that he could buck his hips, thrusting his cock in and out of her stretched pussy. Jamon hovered over her, reaming her ass out with a good ten inches of cock. Dixie screamed and came all over Gage's cock when Gage leaned up and sucked one nipple between his lips.

"You loving dis, slut?" asked Jamon, gasping for breath as he fucked her ass hard.

"YES! I love it," moaned Dixie.

"What's better then one big black cock, mon?"

"Two... OH GOD! Two big black cocks. Gonna cum again. Fuck me. Fuck my pussy. Fuck my ass with you big black man cocks. JEEZUS! CUMMING!

"Shit! So am I," growled Gage, taking his mouth off her tit. He thrust his cock deep and held it as his seed flooded Dixie's already saturated womb.

Feeling him cum inside her drove Dixie wild. Her orgasm lasted forever, each spurt of Gage's cock prolonging her pleasure. Dixie screamed in pleasure, "AAAH AH AH AAAHH AAAHHH!" Her moaning scream continuing as Gage kept cumming inside her. She was still cumming when she found herself pushed down on Gage as Jamon pushed his cock in hard and his sperm began filling her ass. "UUGGHH!" she cried, having what felt like an orgasm on top of her orgasm.

Dixie collapsed on Gage and closed her eyes. A smile of total satisfaction creasing her lips.


Mark had been close to blowing before the two new guys showed up. He couldn't hold back any longer and Rose felt his hot seed filling her womb. She screamed as she came again and the man in her mouth, pushed his cock deeper down her throat. She fought from gagging and looked up at the stranger. The man was handsome, but brutish looking. Blue black tribal tattoos covered his arms and chest. He was very muscular, even more so then Gage. His hair was cut in a militant flat top style. He looked familiar, but she couldn't quite place him. Another thing she couldn't quite do was swallow his entire cock. His was the longest she'd seen yet. Maybe even a couple inches longer then Jamon's which put the new guy close to fourteen inches long and it was a thick as any of the others. It was like she was sucking on a baby's arm, but his cock was hot and hard, each beat of his pulse making it's veins throb with power.

The man fucking her ass came next. His cock felt strange in her ass. It felt as long as Gage's twelve incher, but her anal lover's cock seemed to stretch out her ass even more. After he came, he pulled out and walked around the side of the bed. His cock was still rampantly erect and she could immediately see why she had felt so stretched by it. His shaft was as thick as Gage's, but the head of his cock was a big knobby crown. It's was bigger then a golf ball, and bigger then all the other black cock's she'd seen. The cock head in her mouth had looked more serpentine shaped where this man's was a big ball on a hard shaft like a tootsie roll pop. The big ball finally started to dip as it lost it's steel and the hard shaft went from angling up, to sticking straight out from the man's beer gut, to angling down, and finally dangling down almost to the man's knees.

Rose looked up at the man's gut. He had a prodigious belly, but is arms were big and muscular. The man was older then she was by a good twenty years, maybe more. He looked down at her grinning. Rose's eyes widened in shock. She started to pull back, but the cock down her throat was suddenly spurting. She turned her attention to the black man she was blowing. She looked up at him as he pulled back so that his cock was spewing his semen into her mouth. She gulped it down, loving it's rich taste even as she continued to be shocked by who she was blowing. The gangsta looking thug grinned as he looked down at her. His hot seed filled her mouth four times before he started to pull back, but Rose wouldn't let him. She grabbed the fourteen inch monster cock, jerking her hand forwards, milking it for every last drop of his delicious seed. She didn't let him pull away until it was drained dry. When she finally released it and the spent cock plopped out of her mouth, she said accusingly, "You're the two men who robbed us."

"I don't know what you're talking about," said the tattooed body builder.

"Yeah, fuck you bitch," added the older fat one. "You and your racist friend. Just cause we're black, you assume we stole from you."

"What's going on?" asked Mark as Rose rolled off him.

"These are the men who robbed our jeep," said Rose, a little scared now.

"BULL SHIT!" shouted fat man.

"Nonsense Rose," said Mark. "There are our other roommates. The loud one is Amir and muscle boy over there is his son Deshawn. They just got back from Key West."

"They're the men who gave us a hard time when we got here," she said.

"That's part is true," admitted Deshawn, "But we didn't rob you. What's going on?"

"Someone slashed their tires and stole their luggage and money," explained Mark.

"So they offered to whore their bodies out to you and Gage for a place to stay," grunted Amir. "My kind of woman."

"No!" exclaimed Rose in horror and a little shame.

"No," said Mark. "We offered to let them stay. The whoring part is just a bonus."

"Mark!" Rose was horrified at what he was saying though she couldn't argue with his logic.

Amir grabbed his cock and tugged on it to make it hard again. "Roll over on your back bitch. I'm gonna fuck that white pussy now."

Rose Clark, white Southern belle, newly engaged to the love of her life, a loyal, faithful, Christian woman, stared in disgust at the obnoxious loud mouth, but found herself on her back, spreading her legs wide to receive his foot long black cock with it's fist sized crown. She'd been with five white men in her life up until this weekend. Two she'd blown and three she'd liked enough to make love to. Now in 24 hours, she'd doubled the number of men she'd been with. This man was a crude obnoxious disgusting jerk, but she found herself moaning as his huge cock entered her. Soon she was screaming, "Fuck me! Fuck me with that big black cock." And soon after that she experiencing the first of several large orgasms as Amir fucked her pussy with a brutish violent abandon. And soon after that, he left a huge deposit of cum in her pussy before walking away and Deshawn took his place, giving her more orgasms and leaving another deposit of seed in her overflowing pussy. She came three more times as Deshawn impaled her, her screams of pleasure muffled as Mark kneeled over her face and planted his big balls on her mouth.

The rest of the night became a blur. The three men took her many more times and at some point she awoke to see Jamon titty fucking her. She fell back asleep just as a big load of sperm fanned out over her head. She felt a man enter her pussy and heard Gage grunting. He gave her another orgasm and at that point it was too much for the young woman. Rose passed out fast asleep, satisfied, but exhausted.


Dixie never made it to bed. She awoke around dawn, sleeping nude on the living room couch, still covered in flakes of dried sperm. She made her weary way to the next floor and stepped into the shower, scrubbing hard to remove the white mess that covered her body. All the clothes that she currently possessed in the world, she'd left downstairs by the couch. Still a little wet, she wrapped a towel around her body and walked back down to the living room. She'd just grabbed her clothes and turned around when she saw Deshawn coming down the stairs towards her. He was nude and magnificently so, for his muscular heavyweight's body with his giant cock dangling down to his knees made him look like male perfection incarnate even despite the militant haircut and tribal tattoos giving him a thuggish appearance. "I'm Deshawn. I see you cleaned up for me," he said, cock rising.

"Dixie," she replied. Dixie saw his colossal cock growing, fattening, and slowly rising to it's full fourteen inches. She immediately let her towel fall to the floor as she stared at it. "How do you want me?" she asked.

Deshawn smirked. "Ride me." He laid down on the carpet and held his dick up.

Dixie obeyed, straddling his large torso and lowering herself until she felt his cock head press against her pussy. She left herself drop a little, gasping as his huge tool shot several inches into her pussy. She slowly raised and lowered herself, feeling his cock working deeper and deeper, pushing against her cervix, entering her womb until it was giving her what only a big black cock can give a woman. "UNNGH! It's so good Deshawn," she moaned. "You have the biggest blackest black man cock in the world."

"Don't you forget it," he replied slapping her ass with the palm of his hand hard enough to leave a red mark.

"Open her ass up Shawn," said a voice behind her.

Dixie looked over her shoulder to see an older black man with a big gut walking up. He was also nude. He was reaching around his big belly and shaking his hardening cock which resembled a medieval mace or morning star with it's big knobby head. Deshawn had been squeezing her tits, but when Amir came up, he released them and grabbed her ass cheeks instead. "Here you go, pop," said Deshawn.

"Pop?" asked Dixie.

"He's my dad."

"And a proud father at that," laughed Amir, spitting in his hand and rubbing the saliva around his ball shaped cock head. It didn't take long before the huge head was pushing against her sphincter.

"OW! OW! OW!" cried Dixie as her rectum was stretched wider then it had ever been before from Amir's big cock head. Soon it pushed into her and she relaxed a bit. After a few minutes getting used to the big cocks in her, father and son began working their penises in and out of her and it didn't take long for her to start cumming again.

Dixie was still in a state of orgasmic bliss, but thought she heard someone moving around in the kitchen.

A few minutes later Mark sat down on the couch across from them. He was dressed in his lifeguard shorts and a white tee shirt. He had a bowl of cereal in his hands. He spooned up some cereal and watched the threesome on the floor in front of him.

"This is one hot bitch," growled Amir. "Her ass is so tight it's fucking milking the spunk out of my cock. I hate the racist tramp stamp on this whore's back, though."

"I shot my cum all over it, Amir," said Mark matter-of-factly while chewing some cereal. "Covered it right up." Some milk dribbled over his lip as he spoke.

"HAHAHAHA," laughed Amir. "I think I'll do that too."

Dixie grunted as both black men picked up speed, fucking her harder. She heard more noises in the kitchen.

Mark looked up from his cereal. "Hey Rosie, whatcha doin?"

"Looking for something to eat," came Rose's voice from the kitchen. "I'm starving."

"I'll give you something to eat. A nice thick protein shake." Mark stood and yanked his red shorts down. His cock sprang right up, hard from watching the threesome on the floor. "Get over here and give me a blow job for the road."

Dixie glanced over and saw Rose appear dressed in her USA flag bikini. Her best friend kneeled and willingly took Mark's cock between her lips. Soon she was sucking it with gusto and Mark arrogantly returned to eating his cereal.

"Shit! Here it cums," shouted Amir. Dixie could feel her rectum stretch and swore that his big cock head must have popped. A gusher of semen exploded from the head and was still ejaculating as he quickly pulled it from her ass. Hot sperm fell down on her back and then a large wad splattered all over the small of her back and several more jets of Amir's seed shot out to strike her tattoo. "HAHA! Covered it right up. Drowned that Southern pride in a sea of black cum. Ha ha ha."

"I wanna cum on her tattoo," grunted Deshawn. "Roll over." He pulled Dixie down on his body and rolled them over so that his muscular weight was smothering her. He sat up, kneeling between her spread legs, still fucking her, but his rhythm was off. Dixie sensed he was about to cum. "I'm gonna yank it out and I want you to get on all fours," he told her. Deshawn glared down at his cock still working her pussy and then at her flat sexy belly. "HA! I've got a better idea. Just stay where you are." He jammed his cock forward, his first strong spray of ejaculate filling her womb. The resulting orgasm had Dixie writhing with pleasure on the carpet. Another wad prolonged her orgasm, but by then he was rapidly pulling it out. His fourteen inch cock was so long, that as it sprang free of her pussy, the next wad struck her chest and breasts. Deshawn inched back and aimed his cock at her stomach. Sperm splattered her entire belly. Thick globs of it struck her ribs beneath her DD chest and the area above her navel. Dixie's orgasm was just subsiding when she was able to lean up and look down her body. The top of her belly was covered in Deshawn's thick white pudding. It was slowly sliding down towards her belly button and her confederate flag pin. "Going," he grunted as the first thick wad slid over her pin. "Going," he said as her belly button filled up with his semen. The stars and bars were barely visible through the thick white fluid now. Dixie sucked her flat stomach in to make a depression. More sperm slid towards her navel creating a pool of white semen on her stomach. "Gone," he said as her flag pin disappeared beneath his seed.
Dixie looked over at Rose. Rose was scooping Mark's cum off her chin and sliding it into her mouth, but staring with fascination at all the sperm on Dixie's belly. Dixie looked down at her belly. She was still holding her stomach in. "Dammit! For the last time, it's not a symbol of racism."

"That flag flew over the army fighting to keep my ancestors as slaves," said Deshawn.

"The war between the states was not about slavery," sighed Dixie. "It was about state's rights."

"Leave her alone," said Amir as Deshawn was about to answer her. "We may disagree, but at least we can respect her heritage. Rose, why don't you clean up that mess on Dixie's belly for her."

"Thank you," said Dixie, satisfied.

"Rose sat up on her knees beside Dixie. "Where do you keep the paper towels?"

"Why would you want paper towels?" asked Amir.

"To clean the stuff off Dix," answered Rose, perplexed.

"Why do you want paper towels when you can use your mouth?" said Amir.

Deshawn put his hand on Rose's shoulder and pulled her forwards until she fell over Dixie, her face just inches over Dixie's flat tanned belly covered in wet sticky sperm. "You heard pop, lap it up."

At this point, nothing should have shocked either Dixie or Rose anymore, but Dixie was still surprised as she looked down and saw Rose's tongue flick out to lap up a big wad of white sperm that was sliding down Dixie's rib cage. Then Rose's tongue really got to work, lapping up sticky wet sperm trails, wads of liquefying semen. There's was so much semen pooled in her belly, that Rose basically kissed her belly button and sucked sperm up between her lips. Then her tongue went to work licking and cleaning off Dixie's confederate flag pin. Her lips and tongue moved under Dixie's navel kissing and licking off all the semen covering Dixie's abdomen between her belly button and the top of her blonde pubic hair. Rose sat back up and licked her lips.

"How'd it taste?" asked Deshawn.

"Good," said Rose. "it was cold and I think I like it better hot, but it was still good." Rose pointed at Dixie's belly, now wet and glistening, but devoid of any trace of Deshawn's seed. . "Look Dix, all clean." Dixie's CSA pin glimmered in her navel.

"I still think it's racist," said Amir.


The flag girls rode in silence for a good half hour before Dixie finally spoke up. "This weekend has been different."

Rose looked over at her former college roommate, blonde hair flowing behind Dixie as she drive the replacement jeep. She stared at Dixie who had a dead serious expression on her face. Suddenly Rose guffawed a loud laugh. Dixie's serious expression cracked and she joined her friend in laughing about their situation. "Different does not began to describe it, Dix," said Rose.

"Well, just one more night and we can collect our money as soon as the banks open tomorrow."

"Then we're going home?" asked Rose.

"Hell no! We here for some fun in the sun and to party until next Friday, girlfriend."

"So off to Key West tomorrow?"

Dixie looked serious for a moment. "If that's what you want."

"Just one more night with these guys and we can go finish our vacation. No telling what they have planned for us tonight."

Dixie's stared ahead at the road, a smile slowly creasing her lips. "No telling what they might do to us," she whispered. The road sign ahead showed Islamorada was just two miles ahead. A short time later, Dixie pulled the jeep into the parking lot. It was full of cars from weekend partiers.

The rest of the day went the same as any other day on Islamorada. Two drop dead gorgeous women with bodies to make a stripper jealous walking around a party spot in skimpy flag bikinis were very popular and got a lot of attention. Men kept drinks in their hands. They only visited Jamon when they got hungry for lunch. The rest of the day was spent dancing to Rasta With Meatballs, sunning themselves, swimming in the pools, wading out into the ocean or drinking with many new male friends. When Gage and Mark got off, the girls joined them for shift beers and drank at the bar for an hour. By the time the guys were ready to go home, the flag girls were so drunk, that Gage decided to drive them back in Dixie's rental jeep.

Dixie and Rose went upstairs to use the shower. They chatted, still nervous about what tonight might bring. Rose waited and watched Dixie wash and shower the suntan lotion off her body before switching and Rose started doing the same to her body while Dixie dried herself off.

"I do declare, Miss Clark, but you are starting to get a tan," said Dixie, drying her hair with the towel.

Rose was rubbing a bar of soap over her breasts. She looked down and was pleased to see that the area around her nipples was a lot paler then the rest of her skin. She burned easily and had to protect her skin heavily with sun block, but Rose always felt she looked good with a tan, she just never spent enough time in the sun to get one. "I think you're right," she replied and looked over at Dixie's nude body as Dix wrapped the towel around her head. Dixie was so tan, she could have been mistaken for a California surfer girl. The cup marks around her nipples were a lot paler then the rest of her body. "A long way to catch up with you though. At the rate you're going, you'll be as dark as our hosts."

The two women shared a laugh together. They pulled their bikinis back on and their BBC shirts on over them. Both were getting a little sick of wearing the same thing everyday. Then they went downstairs to find that Mark had gotten home with Chinese takeout.


Dixie drained her beer. They'd finished their Chinese food and had spent the next few hours sitting around, drinking some more, and Gage had even lit up another joint. Both girls had readily agreed to smoke this time, hoping it might loosen them up. Dixie was nervous about what the guys might do to them tonight. She wasn't as nervous as Rose. The last two nights had been amazing. She was ready to take on all five roommates if she had to. Anything to cum like that again. Dixie hadn't really known what she had been missing out on sexually until Friday night. She felt a little guilty for cheating on Billy Ray, but there was also a little bit of resentment growing within her. If she'd known what a black cock was capable of ten years ago, well...

Dixie was laying on the couch. Her feet were in Mark's lap. He was gently massaging them and she was mewling contently. Rose was across from them. She was a little more uptight then Dixie. Rose was sitting on the opposite side of the couch as far from Gage as she could. Dixie knew Rose better then anyone else. Rose wanted it again as badly as she did, Rose just couldn't admit that she was as hot for black cock as Dixie was. Plus, Rose was newly engaged, flush with love for her fiancé and thoughts of their future life together as husband and wife and some day as new parents. Dixie had been the same way when she was engaged.

"Getting late," said Gage.

"When's Jamon getting home?" asked Dixie.

"Sunday night he stays over at Siobhan's," said Mark.

"Shawn and Amir are in Miami. They usually try to score at an all night club. They'll be home if they don't get laid, but seeing as how most of the black bitches in Miami are whores, we won't see them until tomorrow afternoon."

"Sorry to disappoint you," said Mark, "but it looks like just the four of us."

Dixie sat up. "I'm not disappointed," she said, a little disappointed. She half wished Rose would pass out and she could have both black cocks to herself. After last night, Dixie had decided that the only thing better then one giant black cock was two. Dixie stood up and stretched. "Well I'm beat. Which way to my and Rose's room? Are we sleeping in Amir and Deshawns' room?"

Mark stood up and took her hand. "I'll show you where you're sleeping."

Gage stood up next and reached out for Rose. Rose hesitated for a second, but took the proffered hand and stood up beside Gage. They followed Dixie and Mark up the stairs to the second floor. "Well goodnight Mark," said Dixie. "Come on Rose, we're one more flight up. Goodnight Gage. We'll see you two guys in the morning," she said, grinning.

"Come here you," said Mark pulling Dixie towards him. His strong arms lifted her up and threw her over his shoulders. Dixie waved at Rose as Mark carried her into his bedroom. She squealed in delight when Mark smacked her ass playfully.

Mark closed his door and carried Dixie over to his bed, roughly throwing her onto the mattress. Dixie watched him briefly turn his back on her as he set an alarm clock on a nearby bureau and she laughed at the expression on his face when he turned around. She had rapidly pulled the tee shirt over her head and untied the strings on her bikini. His dark eyes roamed her body. "Get over here," said Dixie sitting up. Mark stepped up to her. Dixie reached out, grabbed the hem of his lifeguard shorts and roughly tugged them down. His big black cock sprang free, swollen and rising to attention. "Gimme that big black cock," said Dixie, taking his shaft and pulling the big cock head towards her mouth. She sucked on the flat flared head of his cock before bobbing her head rapidly over a third of his foot long shaft. Dixie paused to breathe and looked up at him while stroking his cock. "I can't wait to get this big black man cock in my pussy again." She took him back in her mouth, moaning as she sucked the head, but Mark placed his palm on her forehead and pushed her back off his shaft. Dixie fell back on the bed before sitting back up. "What's wrong?" she asked.

Mark leaned down and took her hands, pulling her to her feet. His strong black hand rested on her hip and then slid up over her ribs and hefted her full breast. Mark squeezed it and gently pinched her nipple. His other hand slid around to her back, pulling her body into his embrace. His black lips pressed down hard on her pink ones, their tongues dueling, slipping first into her mouth and then into his. He broke the passionate kiss on her lips, but kissed his way over her cheek, down to her neck and then up under her ear. "None of that black cock white pussy black man shit tonight," he whispered. "Tonight, we're just a man and a woman, joining together to enjoy each other's bodies."

This wasn't what Dixie had expected, but she nodded her head eagerly. She grabbed the hem of his white tee shirt and he stepped back so that she could lift it over his head while he used his leg to push his shorts the rest of the way down and off his feet. Mark then took her in his arms and kissed her again.

Dixie found herself lost in his embrace and the kiss. Billy Ray wasn't a weakling, but Mark was younger, stronger, more forceful and passionate. Dixie found herself falling on the bed. Mark followed her down as she scooted back. He kept kissing her on the lips as they adjusted themselves on the bed. He briefly hunched over her and sucked one engorged pink nipple into his mouth while his big cock head rubbed and poked against her wet slit.

Mark finally released her nipple, giving it a little bite as he held himself up and over her body. Dixie spread her legs wider as he moved his hips and his fat cock head slipped inside her pussy. "You're so beautiful," he told her, his cock pushing in deeper. Dixie moaned in awe of what Mark's cock was doing to her. "Your pussy feels so good around my cock, Dixie. I wish I could take you every night." He buried his cock in her, the head pushing it's way into her womb.

"Oooh Mark," she moaned as he completely filled her once again. "I wish you could too," she said meaning it. Guilt began to flood back. She'd expected to be fucked hard again tonight probably by two or more dominant black men. Instead, she was being made love too and it felt more like a betrayal of her marital vows then being fucked like a slut. Worse, her body was responding to Mark's slow thrusts. Her hips rose to meet each thrust of his cock. It didn't take long before her entire body trembled underneath him as she had a large orgasm. Mark arched his back, leaned down and kissed her again as she came.

He worked his cock in and out of her pussy slowly for a good ten minutes inducing two more orgasms. Finally he pulled his foot long shaft free and motioned for her to roll over. Dixie got on all fours a little relieved. Fucking doggy style was more impersonal then being made love to in the missionary position. It wasn't as impersonal as she would have thought. Mark pulled her up and back until she was leaning into him. His large black hands squeezed her breasts while she turned her head and kissed him again. His cock never stopped slowly working it's way in and out of her well fucked pussy. They were like that when he finally came. The control Mark showed was impressive. Dixie noticed him squeezing her tit's a little harder then he had, but otherwise she hadn't even known he was close. He continued thrusting his cock as he came. His sperm struck her womb, triggering one of those big orgasms that only a black lover buried deep could bring. Her orgasm lasted with each spurt of his cock. Mark and Dixie never broke their kiss until his cock grew limp and slowly slipped out of her.

They used the bathroom to clean up and Dixie found herself drifting off to sleep in Mark's embrace. She awoke several hours later, feeling his big stiff erection poking her back, the shaft pressed hard against her ass cheeks. Dixie slipped out of his arms and rolled the sleeping black man onto his back. She crawled down between his legs and began sucking his huge cock. She gave him the slowest, most loving blow job of her life and she was fully convinced he slept through half of it. She managed to deep throat the entire shaft, looking up at him as her nose pushed into his pubes, but still he slept. She bobbed her head slowly, sometimes taking him all, sometimes just sucking half, and sometimes, just letting her tongue tease around the head and pee slit. He began to come out of his slumber. His hips started an imperceptible bucking each time she took his shaft deep. Mark moaned and stretched. She knew he was awake when his hands came down to rub her blonde hair. It wasn't long after that when his cock started swelling. His hips bucked harder and sperm began filling her belly, his cock throbbing down her throat as it pumped one of it's large loads of spunk that those big balls of his produced. Dixie pulled back, letting her mouth fill with his seed twice, swallowing each time. She couldn't figure out why or how a man's cum could taste so good, but it did. She deep throated him, squeezed her lips tightly around his shaft and slowly sucked up, milking the thick slab of dark meat for every last drop of his semen. Mark's seed leaked from the shaft to roll across her tongue again until his cock sprang free of her lips and she swallowed the last little bit. She swallowed it all except for a small bit on her chin. She licked it up and crawled back into the arms of the black giant already asleep again.

At dawn, Dixie found herself being lifted onto Mark's body. She slowly came awake as she reared back, letting her pussy slide up and down his hard shaft as it lay like a fallen redwood on his stomach. She slid back and then squatted as Mark held his cock up and she lowered herself onto his cock once again. She came so hard, so quickly that her legs collapsed and Mark's cock shot straight through into her womb.

Mark's hands came up to squeeze her breasts as she rode him. "I wish you didn't have to leave," he told her.

"Me too, lover," replied Dixie leaning down to kiss him.

He grabbed her ribs to hold her in place and kissed her passionately while thrusting his cock up harder into her pussy then he had last night. He pushed back and took one of the nipples dangling before his face into his mouth. "Stay then," he whispered under her breast. "You mentioned not going home until Friday. Stay all week." He flickered her stiff nipple with his tongue.

"I'd love too," Dixie moaned, cumming as she thought about spending a week with this man. "But I can't."

"Why not?"

"Rose won't go for it. She probably want's to, but...OH GOD I LOVE YOUR COCK! She want's to go down to Key West."

"Ask her." Mark grabbed her waist and started bucking his hips hard.

"OH! Alright, I'll ask, but she won't go for it. Oh god! That's it, stud. Fuck me. Fuck me." Dixie rammed her pussy down into his thrusting cock. She had several more orgasms. "FUCK ME!" she screamed, hoping this wouldn't be the last time.

"Cumming," Mark groaned, thrusting up and feeling his balls began to drain.

"CUMMMIINNGG!" screamed Dixie as she had a huge orgasm, but then every time one of these black men came inside her, she had a large orgasm.


"Oh gaawwdd," moaned Rose, drawing it out and leaning back into Gage as he kissed her neck.

He pushed her away long enough to pull the BBC shirt over her head. Then he pulled her back into his arms. He kissed her neck again, moving his lips down to her shoulders and then to the back of her neck. He took the string of her bikini top and bit it between his teeth. He pulled back, the string unraveling. When he released it from his lips, the string slid down her shoulder blades and the USA flag unfurled to dangle under her breasts. He reached around her back and squeezed her heavy bosom while stooping to bite the string on her lower back. When he released that one, the bikini top fell to the floor of his room. Gage stood back up, kissing her neck and then ear. "I see you're starting to get a tan," he whispered.

Rose moaned and looked at their reflection in the long mirror. She suddenly realized that she had never seen anything more erotic. She was facing the mirror clad only in her little flag panties. A huge black man stood behind her. His big hands reaching around to cover her large breasts, her big pink nipples sticking out between his fingers. "Funny," she purred. "It looks like my breasts are darker then the rest of me."

Gage laughed. One hand left her breast and slid down her ribs, stomach, abdomen, and then it slipped under her panties. Rose watched it in the mirror. She moaned louder this time as one beefy finger found her soaked slit and teased the opening to her pussy. "I see you're good and wet for me," whispered Gage, pushing his finger in deep.

"Aaahhh!" cried Rose as she trembled from a small, but satisfying orgasm. Still she wanted more. "Oh god, hurry up and fuck me," she told him.

"Not tonight," he whispered back. Gage continued to finger her as he stooped again, kissing his way down her back.

"Wwhhyy?" she asked, humping his finger. Rose had been relieved when Gage had taken her to his room. As sexually satisfying as her simultaneous encounter with three black men had been. That kind of debauchery was not for her. Giving herself to one man was enough of a slutty act. One final act of cheating on her fiancé and her oats would be sown. She could go on to her new life as a wife and future mother even if her sex life would be bland and unrewarding after this weekend. Gage didn't answer her question. She watched him take the strings on the side of her bikini into his mouth, pull them untied, and then her panties were falling to the floor. One black hand covered her pubic mound, the middle finger missing as it slowly moved around in her pussy.

Gage stood again, his free hand slipping between her thighs and slapping them until she parted her legs. Rose moaned in protest as he removed his finger, but her moan turned to a squeal of delight when Gage stooped again and guided his cock inside her. It must have been hard on his back. Gage pushed her down until she was bent forward and pulled her back into his cock. Rose stared at her face in the mirror. Her expression lit up with pleasure each time he pushed his cock deep. She'd never known sex could feel this good. He fucked her slowly from behind for a good ten minutes before tiring of the position.
Gage pulled out and pushed her towards the bed. She climbed on the bed and laid down on her back, opening her legs for him. She stared at his fat eleven inch cock, swollen and engorged, wet her juices as he lined it back up with her pussy. "Oh, fuck meee," she purred as his cock slipped inside. Gage said nothing as he leaned his strong dark body over her, his weight pressing down, enveloping her, possessing her as his cock slipped it's full length inside her. Rose trembled from another small orgasm. His cock was slowly fucking her as he hunched his back and kissed her deeply on the lips, tongues teasing each other. He broke the kiss as Rose gasped from another orgasm. She dug her fingers into his back. The slow pace of his fucking was driving her crazy. "You feel so good in me, Gage," she moaned. "Hurry up and fuck me. Hard, give it to me hard."

"No," said Gage. "You're so soft, so beautiful. I want this to last. I want to be in you all night."

Oh no, she thought. Not like this. Rose opened her eyes in fear. "Please Gage. Not like this. Fuck me. Give my white pussy that big black black man cock."

Gage snorted. The words seemed strange coming from Rose's mouth and she probably agreed. "I bet that's something you never thought you'd say," he grunted.

"No, but it's true. You're fucking me like my fiancé. I need your big cock fucking me hard." Rose's body was writhing in pleasure beneath him. She was humping up into the slow thrusts of his cock. She needed him to fuck her hard and treat her like a slut, but the need was psychological not physical. "Please," she begged.

"Oh Rose, you're so beautiful, so special. What an amazing woman you are. I love being in you."

"Please," she begged again. "Please fuck me you bastard." He nails were digging deep into his back now. Her body was starting to tremble. She was going to cum and cum big. Still Gage wouldn't fuck her, he was making love to her. He was treating her like Jake would treat her only Gage was better at it. Gage's big cock went twice as deep and stretched her three times as much as her fiancé's smaller penis. Scary emotions flooded Rose's brain. Her feelings towards Gage were growing to match the feeling she had towards Jake. "Stop," she pleaded one last time.

"I can't stop. You feel so good Rose... Ungh.... I think I love... you're so tight... I think I love y... gonna cum soon... I love... can't hold back... I love y...

"I LOVE YOU TOO!" she screamed as the pending orgasm began to break.

"I think I love your white pussy," Gage concluded. The first powerful spurt of cum hosed inside her womb.

NO!!!! she screamed silently in her head. The orgasm exploded from her body. NO!!! Rose couldn't stop cumming. Her body was literally leaping up into his spurting cock. Her pussy was contracting inwards, squeezing his shaft, milking every last drop of his seed inside her. NO!! He arched his back again and they kissed passionately as he continued to cum and her orgasm never slowed until his cock finally quit jerking. YES!!! Her brain screamed as she came down from the most powerful orgasm of her life.

Her amazing lover wasn't done with her either. He kept his cock buried, grabbing her and rolling over onto his back. Rose sat up, grinding her satisfied pussy into his spent cock. She could feel his pulse inside her pussy as his cock slowly came back to life. She rode him then, confused by her emotions. Gage had been the first black man to take her and the first to break her. In the future, she and Dixie would discuss the moment that they became true sluts for big black cock. At first Dixie would say that for her it was the moment Mark stepped out of the shower and she saw his big black cock. Rose shook her head and replied, "For me it was the first time I was made love to by a black man, that Sunday night with Gage. Dixie nodded. "You're right," she replied. "It was that Sunday night with Mark that turned me." It was the Sunday night that turned both of the Flag girls, but neither was quite ready to admit it.

Rose came several more times as she rode him and he came about twenty minutes later. She had another big orgasm when he came. It exhausted her so much, that she collapsed on the hard black body beneath her and fell straight to sleep. Rose awoke some hours later. Gage was still inside her, but his limp cock only penetrated half way. She slowly rose off him, their conjoined crotches a sticky gooey mess. His big testicles produced so much cum that one load had nowhere to go after filling her womb, but two loads left a wet puddle on their crotches and bed. Rose slipped into the bathroom, showered, and cleaned herself as best she could. She crawled into bed forty minutes later and snuggled up into her lover's arms. She quickly fell back into a contented sleep.

She awoke at dawn and reached down to fondle Gage's mighty black cock. It hardened at her touch. Her pussy wanted it, but she felt a little sore, so instead, she slipped her body down the bed and took him in her mouth. Rose proceeded to give him the best blowjob she could give a man, licking and teasing every inch of cock meat before slowly sucking it deep down her throat. Her reward came twenty minutes later when his big cock hardened and blew it's load straight into her stomach. She pulled back letting him fill her mouth not understanding how a man's seed could taste so good. She loved every last drop of his hot sperm. She wanted more after his cock finally went limp. She wanted to taste it every day if she could.

Her pussy was still sore, but she wanted him inside her. "I want you again," she told him, taking his limp cock back in her mouth.

"Girl after that blow job I think my cock needs some time to rest," groaned the big black man.

"I want you in me, one last time," she said, but her ministrations weren't working.

"Last night doesn't need to be the last time Rose. You can stay with us all week if you'd like."

Rose gave one last suck on his cock before giving up. "I'd get this cock all week," she moaned, fondling his shaft. Even limp and spent, Gage's cock was two or three inches longer then Jake's. "I'd like that." Rose squealed with delight. His cock had just extended another inch and plumped up some. "I don't think Dixie would go for it. She's not on the pill and already she's risked a lot this weekend. My god, what a stud you are," she told him, now stroking his fully hard cock.

"Get on all fours," he ordered.

Rose felt Gage enter her from behind. His cock slipped deep. She needed no foreplay with him. Her pussy was wet and ready to receive his cock. "OH Gage, I want your black cock deep inside me again," she begged.

"You got it. Talk to Dixie. I want you to stay here all week."

"YES!! OH GAGE! I want that too. I'll talk to her. I want to fuck you all week long." Tears rolled down her eyes, the joy of spending the rest of the week with Gage making her cry and she was about to cum again.

"Not just me, Rosie. You'll have to fuck the rest of them too. For the rest of the week, you'd be a true slut for black cock."

"Anything," she screamed as she came. "Anything for you Gage," she moaned as she came down from her orgasm.


Rose waited in the jeep outside the bank and felt relief flood through her when Dixie walked out waving an envelope full of money. Customers and passersby stared, not used to seeing a woman in a confederate flag bikini inside a bank. In fact, the tellers had given her a hard time about her lack of clothing until she explained her situation. She had thought the BBC ONLY half shirt would have been a worse thing to wear inside then just the bikini. "Got it. I'm starved. Lets go get breakfast," said Dixie.

They got more stares at the closest diner they found, but this was a beach area and women in bikinis were very common. They ordered a hearty breakfast of eggs, bacon, toast, and some fresh fruit. They gobbled it down ravenously, happy they had their own money to pay for their food and were no longer dependent on their new black friends.

"So ready to go to Key West?" asked Rose, cautiously feeling Dixie out.

Dixie hesitated and finished chewing a strip of bacon. "Ready if you are?" she replied, not committing.

"Lets get going then," said Rose, cleaning off her plate. "It's what, a two hour drive?"

"Just about."

"If we see a department store, we'll stop and buy some clothes."

"Sounds good," said Dixie. "So we haven't talked about it, but how was your night?"

"Pretty amazing. Yours?"

"The best of my life. It was good for Mark too. He asked me to stay the rest of the week."

Rose nodded, rising up from the table as Dixie laid down money for the bill. "Gage asked me to stay too."

"Of course they did. We're the hottest bitches in the Keys right now. Look around you, all these men want us to stay with them."

Rose looked around. They were indeed the subject of lustful stares from every man nearby. They left the diner and continued to get stares from every man in every car that drove past them or passed them on the sidewalk. "Hell, girlfriend, we're the hottest bitches in South Florida."

"The entire state of Florida."

"The East Coast."

"Fuck that. The flag girls are the hottest bitches in the whole damn country, planet, and universe." Dixie held out her fist for Rose as they neared the rental jeep.

"Flag girls rule," said Rose, fist bumping her best friend. "Lets roll."

They climbed in the jeep and aimed it South for Key West. They were silent for a half hour. Dixie finally spoke as they passed a sign for Islamorada. "You know, now that we got money," she said. "I wouldn't mind stopping off and swimming with the dolphins."

"Me too," replied Rose. "I'd love that and maybe we could go have a drink and say goodbye to the guys?"

"That's a great idea."

Weekdays were a lot slower in the Keys then a weekend. Rose and Dixie had no problem getting a space for a dolphin swim at the nearby Theater of The Sea. Feeding and swimming with dolphins actually turned out to be a bit of a distraction from their weekend of interracial debauchery.

They were still wet from their dolphin swim as they strolled over to the resort right next door. "We'll need to stretch out our money," said Dixie. "We don't have credit cards and the last time I stayed in Key West the rooms were really expensive."

"We should stay closer to here."

Dixie shook her head. "Just as expensive up here too. You won't find a cheap room until you're North of Miami."

"Maybe we should take the guys up on their offer," said Rose, nervously. She put it out there, wondering how Dixie would react.

Dixie froze. She turned to face Rose. "Oh god Rosie, I want to stay with them. Do you? Please tell me you want that too?"

"Oh Dix, I do," cried Rose, pulling Dixie into her embrace. Some guy walking by whistled at the two bikini clad girls hugging. "But what about you? You might get pregnant."

Dixie shrugged still hugging her friend. "It's too late to worry about that. I was right between cycles when I picked you up to start our vacation. If anything I'm already pregnant. Hopefully, it's Billy Ray's. We tried several times before I left home."

"I'm worried about you Dix," said Rose. "These black cocks sure seem like better baby delivery vehicles then Jake or Billy Ray."

"You got that right," said Dixie laughing. "Don't worry about me. What's done is done and I'm all about the fun."

"This place sure is different on a Monday," said Rose, looking around. Indeed, the place was almost empty. Every bar was closed, but one and Siobhan was working it with only one guy sitting on a stool. They could see Mark guarding the pool, but he had no swimmers and only a good looking young couple sunbathing. The band wasn't playing and the stage was empty. Out in the water no boats were pulled up on the sandbar partying, but there were a few sailboats and fishing vessels out on the water.

"Lame," said Dixie. "Maybe we should just go on to Key West." She looked over at Rose who was staring at her in surprise. "But we'll come back here to spend our nights." Dixie winked.

"Lets see if Gage is in security," said Rose, a smile growing from ear to ear. She frowned. She used to smile like that each time she'd see Jake when they had first started dating. She shrugged it off, hoping she could get her emotions under control by Friday when they had to head home to their men. They arrived at the security door and Rose knocked.

"Come on in Rose and Dix," yelled Gage's voice.

Rose opened the door. The damn smile returning when she saw Gage sitting at his desk. "How did you know it was us? Are you really so cocky that you knew we'd be coming to see you? I bet you think we're here to take you up on your offer to stay the week too?"

"Aren't you?" replied Gage with a cocky grin. "And I've been watching you approach since you left the dolphin swim." He gestured with his head over to the security monitors.

Rose looked over, embarrassed to realize not only that Gage knew it was them because of the cameras, but also to see Amir and Deshawn standing in the room.

"So is Gage right?" asked Amir. "You two want to stay the week?"

"Yes, we talked it over and thought it might save us some money."

"BULL SHIT!" roared Amir.

"Shut up," Gage told him.

"What pop means," interrupted Deshawn, "Is that you're staying in hopes of getting some more black cock."

"That's not it at all," said Rose, looking for help toward Gage.

"Admit it," said Amir.

"Rose, is this true?" asked Gage, calmly. "How about you Dix?"

"Yeah, it's true," said Dixie, shamelessly.

"Rose?" asked Gage again.

"It's true," said Rose, looking down at her feet.

"Good," said Gage, sitting back in his chair. "Now I share everything with my roommates. If you stay with us, you're going to live the lifestyle."

"What lifestyle?" asked Dixie confused.

"The lifestyle of a slut for big black cock. We make the rules and you obey. Your bodies belong to the black man."

"Yeah, we take any hole we want," said Amir. "Whenever we want."

"That's right," added Shawn. "Rule one is no clothes in the apartment unless we tell you to. You come in that door and you strip naked."

"I don't want them leaking all over the carpet," said Gage. "You may wear panties when your pussies are full. Still interested?"

Rose was a little horrified, but Dixie said, "Yes." What were they getting themselves into?

"You've got nothing to be afraid of," said Gage reassuringly. "You are to serve us sexually. You will obey any order given you by a black man. You are to cook for us. Clean for us. You are to do our laundry, especially the bed sheets. It won't be much different from the weekend and you're free to leave at anytime." Gage winked at Rose and it made her feel better. She'd already had every man in the house and she did kind of want to experience being double penetrated again. "Amir, do the honors."

Amir pulled some white clothing boxes from a shopping bag. The bag was white with black letters. BBC LOVERS BOUTIQUE, Miami FL, it read. "Here," he said, handing Rose and Dixie each a box. Then he took out two more and slipped it to them.

"Ooo, a dress," squealed Dixie, holding the skimpy white dress up. It was a slutty looking two piece outfit. The top was a halter, barely covering the bottom of her boobs. The front had a slit that would show a lot of cleavage. The right part of the top was a black queen from a deck of cards and she was holding a black spade up that covered the left part of the top. The bottom of the dress was a short skirt. It looked like the bottom of the queen and had several spades on it. The outfit left Dixie's entire belly and ribs bare. Dixie lowered it into the box.

Rose pulled hers out. It was also a white and black queen of spades dress, but not as skimpy. Hers was one piece and also low cut. The skirt stopping high on her thighs. The whole dress looked like a queen of spades. Her ribs and stomach would show thru as strips were cut out of the dress from the bottom of her breasts to virtually the tops of her pubic hair. These strips circled the dress, front, sides, and back.

"You got to be kidding," said Dixie, holding up the bikini in the next box. The cups were jet black, small and shaped funny. She held one out in her palm. The cups were black spades with flesh colored strings running up from the top to tie behind her neck and strings at the base to tie behind her back. Rose looked into her box. Her top was identical. The panty was small. Another black spade would barely cover the pubic mound. In fact, Rose figured both she and Dixie would need to trim the tops of their pubic hair lower to fit in these bikinis. The rear of the panty was also a black spade. The material that rode up her hips was flesh colored and wouldn't be readily visible. It would appear as if both women were wearing spade pasties over their tits, pubes, and ass. "You are kidding right?"

Rose agreed with Dixie. "This has to be a joke," she said.

"Nope," said Amir. "Pack the flags away for the rest of the week. From here on out, you're the spade girls."

"Go ahead and put them on," ordered Deshawn.

Dixie held hers up and looked at it critically. "This thing isn't going to cover much more then my nipples. Where can we change?"

"How about that room?" asked Rose, looking at a closed door, labeled conference room.

"How about right in front of us," said Gage, incredulously. "You don't get it yet. You belong to us and you will obey. The spade gear shows your preference and servitude to the black man and as long as you are with us, you will display it proudly. Rose, I hope you stay with me, but either strip and put that bikini on or walk out of here and never come back."

Rose stared at Gage with an expression of sadness and surprise. She saw something fall to the floor out of the corner of her eye. A glance down showed her the CSA flag bikini top on the floor. Dixie was already untying her panties. Dixie seemed quick to obey and Rose began to wonder if her friend had a subservient streak. She wasn't sure what to do when she felt Dixie's hands behind her pulling the string behind her neck and the USA flag joined the confederate one on the floor. "Come on Rose, if they go too far, we can leave," whispered Dixie in her ear. Gage smiled at her and nodded. Rose reached down and untied her own panties, never breaking eye contact with Gage and she was happy to see that he appeared pleased with her decision.

"You two are fucking incredible," said Deshawn, staring up and down their bodies. He reached down and adjusted himself.

"Yeah, I thought Siobhan had a killer body," added Amir, shaking his head in awe. "But you two, your bodies are built for big black cock, tits, ass, you both is the whole package."

"Ah thanks, I guess," said Rose.

"Yeah, thanks," said Dixie, turning around so that her back was to Rose. "Tie me."

Rose tied Dixie's bikini string around her neck and then Dix did the same for her. They helped with their backs too and each did her own panties. Rose noticed a healthy tuft of reddish brown pubic hair sticking out around the low cut panty and Dixie had a good bit of blonde pubes showing.

"Gentlemen, I give you the spade girls," announced Gage, clapping. Amir and Deshawn clapped too, Deshawn throwing a whistle into the mix.

It was as bad as Rose had feared. There weren't any mirrors, but if her own bikini looked anything like Dixie's, then they stood a risk of being arrested for obscenity.

"And now, I think I'd like a blowjob," said Amir, undoing his belt. "On your knees Blondie."

Rose watched her friend fall to her knees as Amir whipped out his twelve inch cock with the big knobby head. He whacked Dixie across the face with it several times. "Now suck it ho," he growled and Dixie took the head of his cock in her mouth. Definitely a subservient streak, thought Rose again.
"You too, slut," said Deshawn. Rose looked to Gage for support, half hoping he would stop this now and they could spend the rest of the week together just the two of them on some beach somewhere sipping cocktails and making love night and day... "NOW SLUT!" roared Deshawn. Rose fell to her knees before him, a little scared at his angry demeanor. "You pull it out."

Rose nodded, undoing his jeans and reaching in. Deshawn had an absolute monster of a cock pushing fourteen inches. That made him five inches longer then Gage's eleven incher and Rose had once had a boyfriend the same size as the difference between these two hung black men's cocks. She pulled it out and it hardened rapidly in her hand. His cock looked big, but it also looked natural sticking out from his over muscled heavyweight's body. She leaned down, kissed the long serpentine head before opening her mouth to suck it in, but Deshawn pushed her head back. "Whaaaht?" she asked, confused.

"Ask me first before you suck it," he told her.

"Can I suck your cock?"

"It's may I, but say it right."

"May I suck your cock?"

Deshawn yanked his cock from her hand , grabbed it by the base and smacked her forehead with it. "Not good enough."

Rose winced and ducked from his hard steel club of a cock. It was so big and black it reminded her of a police baton. "May I suck your big black cock?" she squealed.

"That's better," said Deshawn. He quit smacking her and stepped back so that he could point the giant club straight at her mouth.

Rose took the dark snake head between her lips and started bobbing her head. She'd just gotten started when she heard Amir shout, "FUCK!" Dixie was stroking his cock forward, cheeks bulging as she swallowed his load. Rose swore her friend was making a contented purr as she swallowed him. "Don't got the stamina I used to," explained Amir, apologetically. He wasn't telling it to Dixie though, he was ashamedly explaining it to his son and Gage.

"No problem," said Gage, "I'll keep the slut's mouth busy." He stood and pulled his cock out moving to take Amir's place. Rose felt a strange pang of jealousy as if Dixie was sucking her man off. She went back to focusing on getting Deshawn's monster cock off. She did her best servicing the humongous shaft, taking him as deep down her throat as she could. Deshawn had a lot more stamina then his old man. His granite cock matched his hard chiseled body. He lasted a good twenty minutes with her bobbing her head as fast as she could, stroking the base of his shaft and kneading his balls. When he finally came, the first wad caught her off guard, Her head was back so that the cock head was in her mouth. She was just about to swallow it again, when her mouth ballooned up with sperm. It shot out from her lips, making her gag. Rose lost control of the monster as she choked. His cock slipped free of her mouth, the huge balls shooting load after load of his seed on her face, breasts, and in her hair. Deshawn's sperm was rich and thick. It was the best she'd tasted of all the men. "Sorry," she gasped, wishing she had gotten to taste more of it.

"Just do better next time," said Shawn with an arrogant smirk. "Pop, we gotta get down to Key West."

"Shit! You're right. See you sluts tomorrow night," said Amir.

Rose stood and watched her best friend giving Gage a slow loving blow job. Dixie wasn't just trying to get him off. She was worshipping his thick black cock. "I um need to go shower," said Rose.

"Hmmmphh," grunted Dixie, waving bye without pausing in her blow job.

"I'm getting close. I'll send her to you when I'm done. I got work to do after all," said Gage. He had been cool and collected, but now sweat was breaking out on his forehead.

Luckily, the security office was right around the corner from the woman's showers. Rose slipped out and into the bathroom. She sighed with relief when she realized the toilets and showers were empty. Deshawn had soaked her entire upper body with sperm and there would have been no hiding it. She thanked god this was Monday. If it had been the weekend, there might have been a waiting line for the showers.

Rose stepped into the shower without removing her new bikini. White globs of semen speckled the black spades that covered her nipples. She washed her body and hair, getting his cum off her. When she cut the shower off, Dixie was waiting outside the stall for her. Her blonde friend was smacking her lips contentedly. She hadn't spilled a drop. "Lets go get a drink," suggested Rose.

"Alright, but I'm not really thirsty," replied Dixie, smacking her belly and winking.

They headed over to Siobhan's bar. The few guests walking around did double takes and stared at their spade bikinis. Siobhan only had one older couple at her bar. The woman gave the spade girls a disgusted look, but the man's eyes lingered as long as they could before his wife caught him. Siobhan looked up and grinned at the spade girls. "Welcome to the club," she said as they sat down.

"Two margaritas and make them strong," ordered Rose.

"Coming right up."

Rose and Dixie watched the sexy redhead mix their drinks. Siobhan was wearing short shorts and a queen of spades halter top that covered her breasts, but left her sexy belly bare. Like most redheads, her stomach was pale white and freckled. It was fit and flat, yet curvy. "So what are we in for?" asked Rose when Siobhan returned.

"Don't worry about it. The guys will show you a great time. You'll do things you never ever thought you'd do."

"We've already done that," said Dixie.

"I'm sure you have, honey," said the red headed bartender.

Dix and Rose would have liked to talk with Siobhan some more, but two young guys decided to join them at the bar. They were good looking and cocksure. They looked so young, that Siobhan checked their IDs. They eyed and smiled at Dixie and Rose's new bikinis, but didn't seem to realize what it implied. "Let's go," said Rose before the guys could gather up the nerve to hit on them. They grabbed their drinks and walked away from the bar. "Let's just go sunbath," said Rose. She didn't feel comfortable wandering around in this bikini yet. In truth, they weren't much skimpier then the flag bikinis, but Rose was a little uncomfortable with the message they sent. To anyone in the know, Dixie and Rose preferred black men and they liked advertising it.

"Can we find Mark?" asked Dixie.

"Sure. Maybe he has some lotion. I'm showing some flesh I don't normally show."

They found some cots near Mark's lifeguard chair and spent the rest of the day with him. When it came time to close the pool, Dixie stood up and said, "We'll meet you at the bar for your shift beer."

"No," said Mark, pulling out his wallet. He removed a fifty. "Here's some money. Go buy us some pasta and chicken. Enough for just for four of us I think. I need you to pick up some chips and a couple cases of beer. Whatever's on sale. Got it."

"Ah- sure," replied Dixie.

Here it goes, thought Rose. We agreed to be their sex slaves and maids for all intense purposes. "Anything else?" she asked, sarcastically.

"Yeah, you can wash my sheets and Gage's too. I assume, you two made as big of a mess last night as Dixie and I." Mark laughed and playfully smacked Dixie's spade covered ass. "We'll be home by 6:30. Have dinner ready for us."

"You got it boss," said Dixie.

Rose wondered if her friend was as submissive with her husband. They started walking away. "Hey Dix, I'm not wearing this into the supermarket."

"Good call. I guess we'll have to put our dresses on."

Rose and Dixie retrieved their boxes from security. Gage handed them over and said, "Let me see how ya look." He watched their bikinis fall to the floor of his office and stared as they put their dresses on. He nodded his approval at their new look. The dresses were the sleaziest things either of the girls had ever worn, but they looked sexy as hell in them. The men in the supermarket thought so too. They got as many stares in there as they would have wearing their bikinis to shop.

They arrived back at the condo. Both girls carried a case of beer inside to the kitchen, then they returned to their jeep to get the groceries. Rose took her bag straight to the kitchen. "How about I get dinner started and you can do the laundry," she called out to Dixie. Her friend didn't answer so Rose turned around. Dixie was pulling the dress off by the door. "What are you doing?" she asked.

"You know the rule. We aren't allowed to wear clothes in the house," said Dixie as she now pulled the Spade bikini top off freeing her large breasts.

"Nobody's home yet, Dix."

"Rules is rules and I for one don't want to be caught by Mark or Gage, let alone Jamon, Amir, or Deshawn disobeying the rules." Nude, Dixie walked to the kitchen. She opened the case of beer, took one, and popped the tab. "I'll go do some laundry."

Rose watched Dixie's ass shaking as she walked up the steps to get the bed sheets. "Maybe, you're right," she muttered. Rose put the groceries away before adding her dress and bikini to Dixie's by the door.


Dixie put a load in the dryer and started another load of wash. Doing laundry daily was definitely a downside to having so much sperm in one's testicles. She had some wait time for the load to finish, so she decided to take a shower.

Dixie went back upstairs to use the shower. When she finished, Rose was standing outside in the bathroom. "I see you had the same idea I did," said Rose.

"Seems like it." Dixie stepped out and Rose stepped in. She quickly toweled herself off and went through the cabinet under the sink. "You think the guys do this kind of thing a lot?"

"What?" called Rose from the shower.

"Have women over. There's bags of toothbrushes, disposable razors," she said as she moved up to a drawer. She opened it. "They even have some makeup and a curling iron."

"Doesn't surprise me. I'm pretty sure these guys are oversexed," said Rose.

Dixie had found a pair of scissors, trimmed the top of her blonde pubic hair off and was shaving it when Rose stepped out of the shower. "Need to keep it trimmed if we're going to wear those spade bikinis," she explained.

Rose nodded and watched Dixie shave as she dried her wet body off. Rose suddenly laughed. "Damn Dix, you tan fast."

"What do you mean?"

"Look at your breasts."

Dixie looked down at her bare tits. "I see what you mean," she said, snorting back a laugh. Her tan lines had already begun to take the shape of a spade. "I bet the boys will like that."

Rose noticed the curling iron plugged in and makeup spread out on the counter. "What are you doing?"

"I'm gonna make myself look good," said Dixie, winking. "You should join me."

"Hmmm, why not?"

When Mark and Gage got home, they found Dixie and Rose waiting for them nude by the door. Their pasta dinner was waiting for them on the table and upstairs the beds were made. Dixie was completely nude, but Rose hadn't quite obeyed the order. She was wearing her high heeled sandals, but the men didn't seem to mind. Both Dixie and Rose had curled their hair. They were wearing lipstick and eyeliner. Their nails were painted a bright red.

Dixie stared into Mark's eyes hoping he would be pleased with what he saw. She was very much smitten with the black lifeguard. Truthfully, he wasn't any better in bed then Gage or Jamon, but there was something about his being her first black cock. She'd remember the night he first took her more clearly then she'd remember losing her virginity, or sleeping with Billy Ray for the first time, or her honeymoon. I wonder if Rose feels the same about Gage, she thought, glancing over towards her friend who was staring at Gage with as much adoration as Dix was giving Mark.

"Good job, girls," said Mark. To Dixie's horror, he walked over to Rose, leaned down and kissed her on the lips. Rose glanced at Gage first, but then she was passionately kissing Mark back. Mark then came over and kissed Dixie with as much passion as he'd shown Rose. He did reach out and squeeze Dixie's left breast though. When he finished, she saw that Gage was kissing Rose and squeezing both her breasts. When he finished, he came over and did the same to Dixie.

"Lets eat, I'm starved," said Gage.

Dinner was strange. The four sat down at the table like a normal family would except for the fact that Rose and Dixie were nude. They had a normal conversation like anyone else would. There was one exception and that was when Rose dripped spaghetti sauce on her breast from her nipple to about an inch above it. She was reaching for a napkin when Gage stopped her. He leaned down and licked the sauce from her breast, sucking her nipple between his lips. Dixie watched her friend moan and close her eyes. She squirmed in the wooden chair and Dixie guessed that she would be leaving a wet mark on the seat. When her nipple was clean, Gage sat up and continued the conversation.

"Excellent," said Mark, sitting back and patting his belly.

"Yes, my compliments to the chef," added Gage. "I'm going to go shower. You two can wash the dishes and make sure you wipe the table down."

"Alright," said Dixie. She noticed Rose was frowning. Apparently Rose didn't like being bossed around as much as she did. Billy Ray was bossy and Dixie had settled into a routine of obeying his commands, but then she was a kept woman and he controlled their money.

After the girls had done their chores, Mark came down in sweat pants and a white tee shirt while Gage went up to shower. Mark walked over to a closet and pulled out a green tablecloth. He threw it over the table and straightened it out. He then retrieved from the closet a set of cards and poker chips.

"Having company?" asked Rose.

"Second Monday of every month is poker night," said Mark, not paying her too much attention as he set the table up.

Gage walked downstairs. He was barefoot, wearing tight shorts and an open Hawaiian shirt. Dixie glanced at him and then asked Mark. "What do you want us to do when they get here?"

The doorbell rang.

"You can start by getting the door," said Mark.

"Like this?"

Mark paused to stare at Dixie. "Answer the fucking door," he told her calmly.

Dixie stared back at him for a fraction of a second. The doorbell rang again. Mark narrowed his eyes until she stood up off the couch. "Yes, sir," said Dixie.

Rose watched in shock as Dixie went towards the front door. Her nude friend was about to let complete strangers see her body. Rose couldn't take it, turned to flee up the stairs to hide her body from the new arrivals, but she ran smack into Gage's hard muscular body. "Go join your friend and welcome are guests," he told her.

Dixie looked back at Rose and Gage, then turned her attention to the door. She reached out to open it, hiding her nude body behind the door and peeking her head around. "Ah- welcome," she said, meekly.

Three black men entered the condo. The lead froze when he saw Rose walking naked towards him. The last guest didn't see the nude woman until he reached out to close the door behind him and unveiled Dixie's nude body. He did a double take as he stared at her breasts, belly, and pussy. "Holy fuck," he growled softly in an island accent.

Dixie smiled, then turned to Rose when she heard Rose gasp. The leader had reached out to squeeze Rose's breast. Rose was standing straight, shivering a bit as his black hand fondled her. She looked nervous and scared, but her nipple was hard as a rock. Dixie felt a hand on her tit and looked down to see the man she'd surprised was fondling her too.

"Guys," said Gage walking over to them. "What's up," he said, fist bumping the leader who's other hand was still squeezing Rose's tit. "This is Rose and the other one is Dixie. They'll be serving us tonight during and after the game."

The leader looked at Rose and then at Dixie and back at Rose. "Holy fuck mon, dese are da flag girls!"

Dixie recognized the newcomers. "And you're Rasta With Meatballs."

"Dats right," said the guy fondling her tit.

Gage said, "Rose and Dix, this is Marley." Gage pointed at the leader. Marley was near thirty. He had dreadlocks to his shoulders, shorter then Jamon's hair. He was rather average looking except for yellow teeth that dragged his looks down. Dixie noticed Rose's eyes move down to his crotch and flicker back up to hide her glance. Dixie glanced too. Marley did have a huge bulge. She remembered, Siobhan holding her hands about thirteen inches apart when describing the lead singer's cock and clearly Rose had remembered that fact too. "Marley's da man," said Gage, fist bumping him again. "That's Sammy," he continued, nodding at the second man. Sammy was rather short and thin. He was in his mid thirties. Average looks and sported a black mustache. His hair was slicked back, not the usual little curled hair black men had. "And this is Reno." Reno was the one now fondling both of Dixie's breasts. She was gasping, trying to fight from moaning in pleasure as he pinched and tugged her nipples. Reno was the most decent looking of the three. He was very fit and muscular, but not as big as Gage. His face was hard and tough looking, head shaved, but he had an angular sideburn that went straight down before turning towards his mouth meeting the other sideburn in a thick mustache, but no beard.

"Wasn't there a fourth member of the band?" asked Dixie.

"Ja, he married though," said Marley. "Wife don't let him go out to play, mon. No booze and no gambling."

Marley moved his hand up from Rose's tit to her shoulders. He gently started pushing her to her knees. "I'm not going to be able to concentrate on poker with dese lovely ladies walking around ere nude, mon," he told Gage. "Let me blow a load down her throat and we can get started."

"Be my guest," said Gage.

Dixie found herself being pushed to her knees by Reno. She glanced at Rose again who was staring in awe at Marley's swollen thirteen inch cock in her hand. Like Jamon, he was uncircumcised. Then her attention turned to Reno's swollen crotch. Without being asked, her hands came up to fumble with his jeans, undoing the button and pulling down his zipper. Her hands were shaking and Dixie was surprised to realize that she wanted to see it. She wanted to suck off this complete stranger she had met just minutes before. She reached into his bulging underwear and wasn't disappointed when her hand closed on the swelling shaft. She tugged his cock out and his underwear down. She stared with lust at the huge black cock rapidly hardening in her hand. It was another uncircumcised monster. Reno's cock was as big as Deshawn's, the urethra sticking out fourteen inches from his scrotum. Dixie hefted his balls. They were monster's too and possibly bigger then any of the black men, she'd seen. As she leaned forward to take him in her mouth, Dixie noticed that his pee slit appeared bigger then any of the men she'd sucked. Reno was going to be a heavy cummer.


Marley came quickly. Rose didn't know if it was because her skills at handling black cock were getting better or just because it had been awhile for him. She was a bit disappointed at first. Marley excitedly grabbed her head and shoved his cock down her throat. Most of his seed shot straight into her belly and only when he relaxed was she able to pulled back so that she could taste him. Only a little bit was left to roll on her tongue and from what she tasted it was good stuff. She wasn't disappointed long as a smaller cock was aimed at her mouth and she turned her head to swallow it. She looked up to see Sammy's face as she swallowed his shorter cock and by shorter it was still twice the size as any of the white men's she'd seen. Sammy's cock was also hooded, sleek, but thick giving it a stubby appearance. His balls were heavy and full, as big as Jamon's. He would ejaculate a lot and not wanting most of it to end up in her belly before she could taste him, Rose concentrated on sucking just the end trying to sense when he was getting close.
She heard a gag and then a cough. She looked out of the corner of her eye and could see Dixie had just gotten a massive load of cum blasted over her face and breasts. The blonde's upper torso was literally dripping with sperm. Reno must have cum so much, Dix lost control of his cock. He was guiding the still spurting head into her mouth even before she stopped coughing.

Rose didn't have time to focus on her friend as Sammy's cock was hardening. She pulled back sucking just the head, jerking his shaft and soon her cheeks were expanding out as her mouth filled with sperm. Her guess had been correct and his ejaculating cock outpaced her ability to swallow, semen began squirting out around her lips and she coughed, catching a blast on her forehead and in her hair as his cock sprang up.

Rose looked over at Dixie and the two blushed sheepishly.

"Go get cleaned up," said Gage, pointing to the two girls.

"Yeah, lets play some poker," said Mark, shuffling the deck of cards as he sat at the table.

Rose followed Dixie upstairs to the bathroom. The two cleaned up and Rose had to wet her hair to get Sammy's sperm out. Dixie finished first and returned to the game. When Rose felt clean enough, she walked downstairs. Mark, Gage, Sammy, and Marley were at the table playing on hand. Dixie was in the kitchen getting two beers. She wondered where Reno was, but heard a toilet flushing and saw him come out of the downstairs bathroom. "Hey, I thought the bathroom wasn't working," she said, walking over to the table.

Dixie's having to use the upstairs bath was the reason she had seen Mark's cock in the shower and the event that precipitated both Rose and Dixie going black.

"I fixed it the other day," said Gage, staring at his hand. "Go fill this with chips." He handed her an empty bowl.

"And bring me another beer," said Sammy.

The game lasted four hours. Halfway through, Reno sat out a few hands. He grabbed Rose and bent her over the couch, pushing his huge cock deep into her pussy and fucking her hard for a good fifteen minutes. Before he had finished, Dixie was sitting in Marley's lap, riding his big cock to multiple orgasms. After three hours, Gage turned sideways while playing poker and told her to blow him. Dixie did the same for Mark.

Reno was the big winner. He scooped up the last of the chips and Rose watched him reach over to grab Dixie's hips. He lifted her on the table and soon her friend was screaming in pleasure as he slammed his fourteen inch cock home as fast as it would go. Her head hung over the edge of the table and Gage stood, pulling his fat cock out and pushing it past Dixie's lips. Rose watched the action until she noticed movement towards her. Marley, Mark, and Sammy had all stripped and soon she found herself engaged in her second foursome. She bounced in Marley's lap while Mark reamed her ass and Sammy fed her his coal black cock. She lost track of time for awhile after that. She could vaguely remember at least four of the men came in her pussy and she thinks she took two loads up her ass. She was relieved when Mark and Gage bid farewell to the band members well after 2:00am.

Marley looked over at the sperm covered girls and shook his head. "I don't know how you guys do it," he said to Gage and Mark. Then the three men left.

Gage yawned. "Man, I'm beat. Get this place cleaned up and you two can do whatever you want."

Mark followed Gage up the stairs. "See you in the morning."

Rose watched them go then turned to glance to Dixie who shrugged at her. "I got the beer cans and trash, you get the sperm," said Dixie.

"Gee thanks," replied Rose, turning to survey the many pools of black seed on the carpet, couch, table, and still leaking out between her legs.

Dixie finished before Rose and disappeared upstairs to the shower. When Rose finally felt the living room was clean enough it was close to 3:30 in the morning. Exhausted, she stumbled upstairs and took a hot shower. The hot water felt good on her sore muscles and she finally started to feel clean again. She dried herself off and opened the door to the bathroom, dreaming of sleep and a soft comfy bed, but instead smacking into a black brick wall. Jamon was standing at the exit wearing only boxer shorts.

The Jamaican roommate looked down at her nude body. He took her hand and led her to his room. For the next forty minutes, Rose found her hips rising into the thrusts of Jamon's mighty cock. As tired as she was, he still got her off four times before his hot seed flooded her womb and he fell asleep on top of her. Rose's eyes slowly closed just as Jamon started to snore.

It seemed like she had just fallen asleep, when she felt a hard smack on her ass. Gage was standing over her. Jamon was laying on his side covering most of her body. His big cock had plopped out, but the bulbous head still pressed against the entrance to her pussy. "Get up and make me some breakfast," said Gage.


.Dixie took a quick refreshing morning shower to wake up. She bounced down the stairs and took a big whiff of the smell of breakfast coming from the kitchen. She smiled as she entered the kitchen. Jamon and Gage were eating a big plate of pancakes and bacon. Gage was greedily stuffing his face while Jamon was sitting back with his eyes closed. Dixie smiled at them and reached out for a slice of bacon, but Gage smacked her hand away. "You can eat when the laundry is done," he told her, gruffly.

"OH FUCK!" grunted Jamon.

Dixie heard slurping sounds under the table and peaked down to see Rose furiously pumping Jamon's spurting cock. She shook her head and returned upstairs to get the sheets off the beds. Mark and Gage had been exhausted and gone straight to sleep. Dixie had ended up sleeping upstairs in Amir's empty bed. Jamon's was the only sheet to show signs of fucking last night. At least, she'd only have one load of laundry to do today.

Dixie carried the sheets down to the laundry room and filled the washer. She started it and turned around to see Gage watching her. Gage's strong arms grabbed her hips, easily lifting her and setting her down on the vibrating machine. He was wearing his security tee shirt and shorts. "I feel like bustin a nut in that white pussy before work," he said, letting his shorts fall around his ankles. His cock was already rising as he grabbed it and began rubbing it up and down her wet slit. "You want this black cock?"

Just the sight of his fat eleven inch salami had her pussy lips glistening with her arousal. "You know I want that big black black man cock, stud," she told him, gasping with pleasure as the big head pushed it's way deep into her pussy. She spread her legs wide open and then wrapped them around Gage's waist as he began slowly fucking her. Gage leaned down and planted his dark lips against hers. Their tongues dueled as his cock head pushed it's way into her womb. "Aaaaah!" she groaned. "Your big black man cock is making me cum.

"That's it slut, cum on that black dick," he growled, pushing her back so that he could kiss down to her big breasts.

"Oh shit!" she cried. "I'm going to cum again." Dixie couldn't believe how fast the second one was coming.

These black men always gave her multiple orgasms, but this one was right on the heels of the first. "CCUUMMIINNGG!" she screamed as her nipple was sucked between his lips. "OHGAWD!" The wash cycle kicked in just as she was cumming. The violently shaking machine sent vibrations throughout her pussy. The added stimulation turned this into her biggest orgasm yet and as the machine continued to shake, her huge orgasm seemed to last for minutes. It was just fading when she had another one as the machine gave one last violent shake and the rinse cycle began. Dixie half thought she'd die from the pleasure and it only got better when Gage slammed his cock forward and began filling her womb with his fertile seed. That orgasm left her sprawled backwards on the cold machine. Gage pulled his cock out and his sperm began flowing over the edge of the washing machine. "That was some fuck, lover," she groaned, weak from summing so hard.

"Thanks," said Gage, winking at her as he pulled his shorts back up. "I'll see you at work later. Get this mess cleaned up before you drive down to Islamorada."

"Yes sir," said Dixie. She watched him leave and then tried to slide off the washer, but the wet semen on the edge was so slippery, her ass slammed into the floor. "OUCH!" Dixie rose, rubbing her ass. She limped a little out to the kitchen looking for paper towels. Mark was sitting at the table, eating a plate of food as voraciously as Gage had earlier. Rose was still under the table sucking his dick now instead of Jamon's. The sounds of her throat sucking turned to gulping just as Dixie grabbed some towels. Rose was still under the table as she grabbed Mark's red shorts around his ankles and pulled them up his legs for him. Dixie felt a strange twinge of jealousy after seeing her friend suck Mark off. He had been her first black man she felt a certain attachment to him.

Dixie cleaned the semen off the washer while the dryer was on. She returned to the kitchen. This time Rose was alone, but still under the table wiping some drops of semen off the floor. The men had left and the two best friends were able to sit down and eat. Neither felt strange sitting down naked at a table and sharing breakfast. She told Rose about the amazing fucking Gage had just given her on the washing machine and swore she noticed a tick in Rose's eye. It sure looked like Rose had the same feelings for Gage having been her first that she felt for Mark. After eating, Rose did the dishes and Dixie remade Jamon's bed with the now clean dry sheets. They dressed in their spade bikinis and drove down to Islamorada.

Tuesday was as dead as Monday had been. They got plenty of looks from the few guests there, but both were getting used to the stares. Siobhan was working the bar and they ordered two beers from her, but neither felt like drinking. "Lets go look at the fish and then we'll just go lay out by the pool all day."

"Alright," replied Rose. "Maybe take a little nap." She yawned loudly. Neither woman was getting much sleep.

Dixie loved the water and everyday they'd been at the resort, she came down to the docks to look in the clear Caribbean water. She never got tired looking at all the colorful fish swimming around. She pointed out three gold and blue striped fish swimming past them to Rose.

"Allo ladies."

The girls turned to see the dark skinned black captain sitting back in a deck chair on the back of his boat, the "Big Rod".

"Hello," said Dixie.

"Hi," said Rose.

"I like your new bikinis very much. They are tres bien."

"Thanks," said Dixie. "I'm Dixie, this is Rose."

"I am Robert," he told them, pronouncing it in French as Row Bare.

"Nice to meet you," said Rose. "You're Haitian?"

"Oui," he smiled at them. "It seems like I wont have any business today. Why don't you let me take you for a ride? I know a nice little reef for snorkeling."

The thought of snorkeling in the blue sea thrilled Dixie and she eagerly accepted. Robert held out his hand and helped both Rose and Dixie on board. After a little preparation, he cast off and pulled the boat away from the dock. Both Dixie and Rose were thrilled to get a free boat ride. Dixie sat in the rear fishing chair and Rose leaned over the rail as they slowly watched Islamorada recede in the distance.

The Big Rod gunned it's motors once the boat passed the outer sandbanks. There were some other boats out, but not a lot. A couple of guys fishing stared and waved as the Big Rod passed their boat. Robert cut the motor about forty minutes out of the docks. Dixie stood and leaned over the rail. The dark form of a small circular reef could be seen just under the water off the starboard bow. Already she was thrilled to see myriad types of fish swimming around. She suddenly got a little nervous when the dark form of a large ray swam past under the boat.

"This is a good reef for snorkeling, non," said Robert, dropping anchor. "I have gear in the storage compartments over there. He had stripped off his shirt and was wearing only khaki shorts.

"This is very nice of you," said Rose.

"Yes, very kind," added Dixie, staring after the manta ray.

"Well I do expect to get paid," said Robert.

Dixie glanced at Rose. They had assumed he was offering them a free ride and neither woman had hidden much money in their skimpy spade panty. "Um," said Dixie, turning to face Robert. "We didn't bring much..."

Robert stood by the steering wheel. He had dropped his shorts and was slowly stroking his black cock to full erection. "You sluts can start by blowing me. If you're good, I'll let you snorkel awhile before I fuck you."

Rose turned to look at him as he spoke. "Jesus!" she exclaimed softly, staring at his cock. Robert had a big one. Unlike the Jamaican's, the Haitian's cock was cut. It pushed thirteen inches and was as thick as Gage's.

It was very streamlined, smooth except for some black throbbing veins and the head didn't flare up much. Dangling under it were some of the biggest balls either girl had seen yet on a black man. "What makes you think we'll suck that thing?" asked Rose, staring at the huge cock. Dixie noticed her friend's tongue come out to lick her lips.

Robert walked over to her, his big cock bobbing before him pointing the way towards the dark haired woman. One large black hand came out to squeeze the black spade stretched taut over Rose's breast. "This spade gives me the right to use you as I please," he told her. When he pulled his hand back, Rose's nipple was embarrassingly erect under the thin material. Robert turned from Rose and reached behind Dixie to cup her breasts. He bent down like he was going to kiss her neck, but instead took her bikini strap between his teeth and pulled it loose. "You do know what that outfit means," said Robert, letting go of her breasts long enough for the bikini to fall to the deck.

"Our bodies belong to the black man," moaned Dixie as Robert pinched her nipples.

"They can take any hole they want," added Rose.

"Tres bien," said Robert, releasing her breasts and moving around to sit in the fishing char. He leaned back and sat on his lower spine so that both Rose and Dixie could kneel on either side of the chair. His cock was huge, black and rampant. It stuck up and out, pointing out to sea over the motor and above the words Big Rod written on the stern of the boat. "Take those bikinis off," he ordered. He reached out and pulled the string on Dixie's panties. The panty fell to her feet. Rose reached behind her and pulled the string behind her neck and the one across her hip holding her panty on.

Dixie was the first to kneel beside him. Robert's streamlined cock head was in her mouth and down her throat before she knew it. She closed her eyes, bobbing her head, trying to take his cock deeper when her nose bumped into something. Dixie opened her eyes and saw Rose was kissing the shaft closer to his pubes. Dixie pulled off the huge rod and both she and Rose licked up and down the sides of Robert's giant black cock. He groaned in delight.

Dixie held her tongue out and flat, licking up the thick shaft to the head. Rose was doing the opposite. Her tongue was pressing hard against a bulging blue-black vein and working it's way down his cock. Dixie didn't particularly feel like sharing. As soon as Rose reached his pubic hairs, Dixie slipped her tongue up and over the urethra before stretching her jaw wide to accommodate the big head. She started bobbing her head as fast as she could go. His cock pushed farther into her throat, slipping deeper with each bob of her head. She lost it for a moment, the gag reflex kicking in, forcing her to pull her head back to catch her breath. Rose quickly took her place. Dixie was secretly pleased to see that Rose hadn't swallowed nearly as much as she had before Rose's gag reflex kicked in. Dixie jumped back in. This time she was determined not to let his size stop her.

Dixie had his cock halfway down her throat when that bitch Rose grabbed the base of the shaft and started pulling it towards her. Dixie wasn't about to stop blowing Robert's big cock. She reached up and grabbed Rose's wrist pulling it off the shaft. She inhaled deeply through her nose and the next thing she knew, she was kissing Robert's pubic hair. Robert groaned with pleasure and sat up quickly. One strong black hand grabbed the back of her head and began guiding her speed up and down his cock. Dixie saw movement out of the corner of her eye. Robert had grabbed Rose's head with his free hand and was pushing her down. Dixie was leaning over Robert's knee, sucking his cock and Robert guided Rose between his legs and right up to his huge splayed out balls. Dixie could see Rose licking them while she rapidly sucked Robert's swelling cock. With little more warning then that, his cock bucked in her throat and she felt it pump a big load of semen into her belly. She pulled back wanting to taste him, his cock never seemed to stop pumping the entire time. As the head cleared her throat, her mouth was suddenly filled with the hottest most incredibly delicious sperm she had tasted yet. Dixie moaned, gulping it and gulping the next load. Each jet of cum, hosed the back of her tongue, tingling her taste buds as she swallowed it as rapidly as her mouth filled. Robert's swollen testicles were certainly living up to their promise. She felt pressure on her shoulder just as his next blast of semen failed to fill her mouth completely. Dixie swallowed giving in to the pressure and was pushed back, Robert's cock springing free of her mouth and shooting a wad of sperm on the deck that would of put a year's worth of her husband's ejaculate to shame. Rose pushed Dixie farther away from the spurting cock before taking her place. Her lips closed around the head. Her friend moaned in pleasure and dismay. Rose seemed to find it every bit as tasty as Dixie had, but there wasn't enough for her. Rose was furiously jerking the base of his shaft trying to squeeze every last drop of Robert's semen from it. Finally, Robert seemed to have had enough and pushed Rose back and off his spent cock.

"You sluts can really suck cock," said Robert. "Why not go swimming and let me recover some."

"Alright," said Dixie. She reached out and hefted his balls. "Jesus, do these things hold a lot of cum. I've never swallowed so much in my life." Rose gave her a mean stare and turned to look at the puddle of semen on the deck. For a moment, Dixie thought Rose was about to lap it up, but she didn't.

There were no other boats around and the three of them stayed naked while Robert helped them put flippers, masks, and snorkels on. When they were finished, Rose and Dixie climbed down a ladder and into the water. They swam off together at first. Dixie was delighted at all the brightly colored fish swimming about and thrilled when she noticed a the tail of a brown shark sticking out from under a reef's outcropping. She had seen nurse sharks before and knew they were nothing to be nervous about. She swam around trying to spot the stingray again, but never did. She had lost track of time and realized Rose was nowhere to be seen.

Guessing what was going on, she swam back towards the boat and moved her faceplate to the top of her head as she climbed the ladder. The sounds of fucking preceded her view. Rose was bent over the port side's railing getting a hard fucking from behind by Robert. They were angled such that Dixie could see Robert's huge cock sliding in and out of her friend's soaked pussy. Rose started squealing continuously as she came. Dixie watched for a few minutes before allowing herself to fall backwards into the water. She swam around again for awhile, this time her heart filling with joy when a small sea turtle swam close to her.
After about twenty minutes or so, Dixie noticed Rose was back in the water. This time, Rose had her bikini bottoms on, but was still topless. Dixie slowly left her friend and made her way back to the boat. As she climbed the ladder, she found herself staring at Robert's dangling black cock. She smiled and looked up his fit body to his smirking face. She smiled at him never breaking eye contact as she reached out from the ladder and grabbed his soft cock. A couple strokes and she felt it hardening. Robert stepped back pulling his cock from her hand and allowing her to climb into the boat. A few minutes later and she was having her first orgasm as she rode his magnificent black cock on the deck of the boat.

Dixie threw her head back and closed her eyes as she bounced in his lap. She focused her mind on the thick black shaft moving in and out of her pussy, the strong black hands mauling her breasts and tugging on her sensitive nipples, and on the warmth of the sun heating her face and body. He brought her off several times and was about to have another when she felt rain hitting her. Only it wasn't rain, Dixie opened her eyes to see a dripping wet Rose standing over her and pulling her mask off her head. A second later, sperm had her womb expanding outward and she found herself experiencing one of the biggest orgasms of the week Robert's big balls began pumping what seemed like a gallon of his thick seed into her womb and pussy.

Dixie climbed off his spent cock watching it plop down onto his hard stomach as she stepped off him. "Go clean up," he told her as his semen began dripping onto the deck. Dixie stepped over the railing and jumped in the water. She swam out a bit, kicking her legs trying to work his semen out of her and noticing white globs of cum floating out from her pussy. She used her hands to scoop some more out before swimming back to the ladder. When she climbed up the side, Robert started the motor and she saw Rose was on her hands and knees cleaning the sperm off the deck with a cloth. A moment later and they were heading back towards the Keys.

"No need to cover up those big titties yet," he told them and the two girls remained topless.


Rose was a little jealous. Robert had given her a great fucking, but definitely seemed to prefer her blonde friend. Even now, Dixie was standing up by the Captain's chair flirting with him as he steered the boat. He had one strong arm wrapped around her fit waist. They laughed about something and he leaned over, sucking one of Dixie's nipples into his mouth. She didn't care so much that he preferred Dixie. Everyone had their preferences, but Dixie hadn't shared his big load with her. The little she had gotten had tasted amazing. His semen was as thick and as rich as pudding. Rose was about to walk over to him and ask if she could suck his cock when Dixie leaned over and whispered in his ear. Rose could just make her words out. "You haven't fucked my ass yet," said Dixie.

Robert climbed out of the chair and glanced over at Rose. "Steer the boat," he told her. "Just aim it for those two islands in the distance."

Rose found herself steering the boat while Dixie leaned over the railing screaming, "Fuck my ass, Robert. Shove that big black cock in my ass." The big Haitian slammed his cock in and out of her ass as hard as he could.,

Boat traffic began picking up. Rose grabbed her bikini top and put it on while Robert pulled Dixie off the railing and lowered her down to the deck while never removing his cock from her ass. Rose was just starting to get nervous as the boat neared the islands with their surrounding reefs and shallow waters, but Robert groaned that he was cumming and pumped Dixie's ass full of his seed. He pulled his cock out of her ass, squeezed his shaft until his remaining cum shot out onto Dixie's butt cheeks, and took over steering the boat after pulling his shorts back on. "Clean that up for me," said Robert and Rose found herself scrubbing cum off the decks again as it dripped from Dixie's ass. Dixie quickly pulled her bikini on.

Robert piloted the boat back into the docks at Islamorada, but this time he pulled the boat straight in instead of backing it in. The girls had to climb up to the prow to step out onto the dock. "Hurry back," said the big Haitian.

Rose looked over at Dixie as they walked down the dock. Dixie smiled back. "Robert wants to fuck me again," explained Dixie. "I'm going to go get a shower and meet him on the back of the boat. I hope you don't mind."

"That's fine," said Rose, feeling a little jealous. "I'll go find Gage after I shower."

Being a weekday, the resort was slow. Dixie and Rose showered in separate stalls as the restroom was empty and they were alone. Rose could hear Dixie humming in the next stall. Her friend was in a pleasant mood after her encounter with Robert and looking forward to more with him. A part of her wished Dixie was in the same stall with her, crowding together under the spraying water, bodies pressed together. Jamon had made them kiss and Rose had teased her friends nipple as Jamon fucked her. Then things had gotten even stranger, Dixie had willingly gone down on her in the shower and it had felt good, even getting her off. Rose had also licked Deshawn's sperm off Dixie's stomach. A woman's touch was softer then a man's, gentler and smooth. Not as good as a big strong man, but good nonetheless. Maybe, it was a good thing, Dixie was in a separate stall. They'd done some strange things the past five days and regardless of what happened, their relationship would never be the same.

They stepped out of the shower at the same time and Rose's eyes took in Dixie's beautiful wet body glistening in the light from the shower and as her eyes came back up to Dixie's face, she noticed that Dixie's eyes were sweeping over Rose's body too. Rose watched Dixie towel herself dry and pull her tiny spade bikini back on while Rose did the same. Dixie fiddled with her bikini strings and nodded satisfied that they were well tied. "I'm not sure, how long Robert is going to want me," said Dixie. "He's had a long day and even black men have their limits." Dixie stepped closer to her. "I'll look for you when I'm done and if not..."

"I'll get a ride with one of the boys." Rose watched Dixie lean forward to kiss her on the cheek, but she turned her head slightly and Dixie kissed the side of her mouth before pulling back. "Have fun," said Rose. Dixie winked and they left the restrooms together. She felt a twinge of jealousy again as Dixie hurried off towards the docks and Rose for a brief moment wondered if she was jealous of Dixie or maybe jealous of Robert. She shook her head to clear it of these strange thoughts. She wasn't a lesbian or even bi, but these men had awakened something inside her. Rose felt like she was becoming a truly sexual being. Even the caress of the cool evening air on her nearly nude body felt sexual as it hardened her nipples.

Rose stepped out onto the sandy area near the stage and looked around the resort. It was truly a dead night. The one bar that remained open during the week didn't have one customer and Siobhan wasn't around. Mark was by the pool and he did have a couple with a toddler playing in it, but there was no one else around. She decided to seek out Gage in the security office nearby. She knocked, but there was no answer. Rose tried the handle and the door opened. She stepped inside, but the security office was empty. The door to the conference room was cracked open and noises were coming from it, but before Rose could check it, an image from the security cameras caught her attention. Robert and Dixie were standing on the back of the BIG ROD, kissing and holding each other closely. Rose felt a thrill go through her when Robert pulled the black spades off of Dixie's breasts and began fondling them. The two sank to the deck and out of sight except when Dixie's torso appeared slowly bouncing up and down. "Oh god, fuck me." Rose stared at the screen not realizing it had sound. "FUCK! FUCK me." The voice wasn't Dixie's. Nor was the voice coming from the screens. It was coming from the conference room. "I'm CUMMING!!!" Oh no, thought Rose. Gage had another woman in there. "Me too, slut," growled Gage's voice. "Here it cums." Rose felt like crying. This certainly wasn't her day. First Robert had given most of his attention to Dixie and now Gage had another woman. She felt a strong affection for the security guard as he had been the first black man to take her. She felt jealous when he fucked Dixie and the thought of him with another woman felt even worse. She shivered at the lustful memory of the night Gage had made love to her and taken possession of her mind as well as her body. Jealous, she had to know whom Gage was fucking. Rose stepped up to the door and slowly pushed it open. Gage and Siobhan looked over at her.

The room was a small meeting room. It mostly held a rectangular table that would seat six. Two chairs on each side and one on each end. Siobhan was sitting on the edge leaning back against a pile of luggage. Her legs were spread wide and Gage was between them. His cock was buried in her pussy. "Hi Rose," said Siobhan, pleasantly.

"Yeah hi," grunted Gage. "You want something?"

"No," said Rose, shaking her head. She felt sorry for interrupting and hadn't wanted to get caught. "I was just looking for you. Sorry, I didn't mean to..." Rose's eyes left the embracing couple and moved to the luggage Siobhan was using to prop herself up. "HEY! That's my luggage!" Rose looked in shock at her suitcase and Dixie's was there too. All their luggage was on the table!

Gage looked over at it. He stepped back out of Siobhan's spread legs. His big cock plopped free. "Oh yeah," he said, looking at the luggage. He turned to face her, his big cock sticking straight out, but bending slightly. A long strand of semen dangled from the end. "Your luggage," he said. "Your luggage, your lugg... Great news. A state cop stopped a car down closer to Marathon and found it full of stolen luggage."

"Oh god, that is great news," said Rose elated and fighting off tears of joy.

"It appears nothing was touched," continued Gage. "The thief was caught red-handed and you won't even need to testify."

"Dixie will be thrilled," said Rose. At first glance, she'd been a little suspicious finding her luggage piled up in here, but Gage's words reassured her. A few doubts lingered however. "How long have you had it?" she asked, turning to face him and scanning his eyes for any sign of deceit which was difficult as her eyes wanted to move down his hard muscled black body and stare at his engorged cock.

"Just a few hours. I saw you leave on Robert's boat and decided to wait for you to get back. Then Siobhan distracted me."

Rose didn't notice any tell tale signs he was lying and she did let her eyes glance down to the fat black cock she had come looking for before she looked away and back towards her luggage. "Wow, I'm so relieved."

"I'm happy we could do something for you," said Gage. "Now tell me why were you looking for me." Gage watched her as she glanced at the sexy redhead and then back towards him. "Tell the truth. Siobhan is a spade girl too."

"I wanted to suck you off," said Rose, gulping and glancing towards Siobhan. The pretty bartender grinned back at her and winked. "I wanted to taste some cum." Rose looked down at her feet in embarrassment.

"Come here," ordered Gage. Rose approached him still looking down at her feet. She could see a steady trickle of sperm dripping down off the table and pooling on the floor where it was leaking from Siobhan's pussy. "Good girl telling me what you want," he said. Rose stared down at his cock and watched it swell up a little. "Now I'm a little spent at the moment, but I know where you can find a fresh load of cum."

"Where?" asked Rose.

"There," said Gage. His strong hands grabbed her shoulder and turned her to face Siobhan. He forced her to take a step closer and her view point rose up to observe Siobhan's well fucked pussy. Siobhan's labia was red from the hard fucking and Gage's white seed poured from the opening. "Eat some of that while I recharge."

"Gage... I" Rose tried to object, but Gage's strong hands were bending her down. Siobhan spread her legs wider as Rose's face approached her pussy. At first, Rose's lips came down on the pool of semen dripping on the table, her nose pushed right between Siobhan's labia. Rose's tongue came out to lap up the cold semen and then she licked up, tasting the hotter flesh between Siobhan's legs, lapping up Gage's sperm as it poured from the redheaded girl's pussy. The sperm on the table had been cold. The leaking sperm was warm, but as her tongue wormed it's way into Siobhan's pussy, Gage's seed turned hot again. It was every bit as hot as it was pumping straight out of his cock. Rose pushed her mouth into Siobhan's pussy and licked Gage's sperm out of it as fast as she could. Siobhan moaned, grabbed Rose's head and pulled it into her pussy while she raised her hips up into Rose's thrusting tongue.

Rose lapped away, enjoying her first taste of a woman's pussy. She licked Siobhan's labia and twirled her tongue around Siobhan's clit before sucking her clitoris between her lips. Then she licked back down, thrusting her tongue in and out of Siobhan's pussy like she was fucking it. Before long, she was no longer doing it to clean Gage's cum out of Siobhan's pussy. She was doing it because she liked it. She looked up Siobhan's sexy body as she ate her out. Siobhan had redder hair then Rose did. Her pussy was a thin strip of wispy red. Siobhan was also paler then she was, but not by much and Siobhan's pale skin had a lot more freckles. Rose stared at the black spade pin adorning Siobhan's navel, then up at the redhead's large pale breasts. Siobhan had paler nipples then either Rose or Dixie, but they were long, fat pinkish erasers, engorged with desire as they struck out from large saucer sized areola that blended in smoothly with the pale white flesh that was Siobhan's skin. Siobhan suddenly arched her back and moaned as she came. Rose found her mouth filling with the woman's sweet nectar and another load of semen pushed out by the contractions in her womb.

"Fuck that's hot," growled Gage.

Rose felt Gage's strong hands on her hips and then one hand slapping her thighs to make her spread her legs wider apart. She felt his hard cock pressing against her pussy and then her face was pushed hard into Siobhan's wet pussy as Gage pushed his cock in with some force. His cock slid easily inside her now. Her pussy was growing more accommodating of the black monsters it had been encountering the last five days. Rose continued eating Siobhan's pussy while Gage fucked her. Siobhan came again just as Gage's big cock had Rose cumming. Rose's moans were muffled by the wet pussy in her face as her own pussy contracted around the eleven inch black cock buried inside it.

Gage fucked her for a good twenty minutes after that. Rose never quit eating Siobhan's pussy and the red headed bartender did have one more orgasm while Rose had three more before Gage slammed his cock forward and flooded her womb with his seed. This triggered another larger orgasm that almost made Rose collapse to the floor. When she recovered, Siobhan had slid back away from her mouth and Rose found herself with her face in the small puddle of semen that had leaked from Siobhan's pussy, dripped off the table and pooled on the floor. Rose shook her head as she came to her senses. She pushed herself up off the table. Gage was still inside her. His cock was jerking every now and then, shooting little squirts of ejaculate inside her. His cock had lost some of it's steel and after another few minutes, he slid his deflated cock out of her.

Rose rested a moment leaning against the table. Gage had just fucked all the strength out of her body. Rose summoned some energy and managed to turn around and hop up on the table in the same spot Siobhan had been sitting in. She watched as Siobhan pulled a short white halter on over her large breasts. The halter had black lettering that read, BLACK OWNED, on it. The bartender then pulled a black spade bikini bottom just like Rose's on and short shorts on over that. The shorts were cut low and Rose half expected to see a small wisp of red hair peaking out or the top of a black spade. Siobhan slipped her small feet into flip flops before bending down and kissing Rose on the lips. "Thank you," she whispered.

Rose watched her leave the conference room and the security office. When she turned her attention back on Gage, she was disappointed to see that he had already pulled his pants on and covered his cock up. He pulled his gray security tee shirt on over his muscular torso. "Get this place cleaned up. I'm late for my rounds," he told her before he left the office.

Rose did as she was told. She pulled her bikini on, slipped next door to the showers and cleaned the sperm off her face and thighs before returning to the office. She found some paper towels and cleaned up all the sperm on the floor and table. When she was finished, she took the opportunity to go through her luggage and was thrilled to see that everything was there. Her purse held her wallet filled with money, credit cards, and her check book. Nothing had been stolen.

Rose happily left the security office. She wondered down to the docks and saw the BIG ROD was rocking in the water. She smiled, no longer jealous that Robert had preferred Dixie. Bored, she walked around a bit before shyly wandering over to the bar. Siobhan smiled at her and Rose felt her face growing as red as Siobhan's hair. The red headed bartender finished mixing some drinks for a young couple at the bar before walking over to check on Rose. Rose ordered a margarita which she happily paid for with her own money. She didn't care for feeling beholden to people, even Dixie who had plenty of money. After making her drink, Siobhan came over and talked with her as if they were old friends, but neither brought up their afternoon encounter with each other.

After an hour had passed, Dixie showed up. "I'm telling you these black men are amazing," said Dixie, sitting down. "I'll have what she's having," she told Siobhan. "Despite his busy afternoon, Robert managed to fuck me twice more and I sucked him off just before leaving to find you."

"You got a bit..." Rose motioned her finger to the side of her mouth where Dixie had a small glob of semen on her lip, but Dixie missed it. Rose found herself reaching out with her finger and scooping it up before cleaning her finger off in her mouth.

Dixie stared at her and continued. "I finally started to detect a decrease in his semen the last time I sucked him off."

Siobhan set Dixie's margarita before her. "You talking about Robert? Damn, does that black man have some good tasting jizz."

Rose and Dixe both turned to stare at her and found themselves nodding their heads in agreement. "He sure does," said Dixie. "They all do."

"I've found that bigger balls produce thicker pudding," said Siobhan. "The more consistency, the better the taste. If you ever go back to white men and I don't know why you would, you'll find their little teaspoon of runny semen tastes like crap. That'll be five bucks for the margarita or do you want to run a tab?"

"I got it," said Rose, plopping a five down on the bar.

"Where'd you get the money?" asked Dixie, squealing with delight when Rose told her about the luggage.

After finishing their drinks, Rose and Dixie returned to the security office and found Gage there. He helped them carry their luggage out to their jeep. He then gave them instructions on what to cook he and Mark for dinner. Rose and Dixie drove off for the supermarket to buy dinner. They each pulled on the same clothes they had worn when they arrived at Islamorada five days ago so that they could shop.
Mark and Gage came home to find chicken and potatoes waiting for them. The two nude women served the men their dinner and without being asked, crawled under the table and gave the two men some very loving blowjobs. Afterwards, they did the dishes. Rose was the last to leave the kitchen as she put the dishes away. When she walked out into the condo's living room, Dixie was snuggled in between Mark and Gage on the couch watching TV. Rose was on her way to join them, when the door flew open.

"Fuck yeah!" shouted Amir, seeing Rose standing there nude. "That's what I like to come the fuck home too." Amir charged Rose like he was about to tackle her and she found herself thrown over his shoulder watching Deshawn following them up the stairs to their room on the third floor.

Rose may have started out the day disappointed, but things changed fast when she spent the next two hours being double penetrated by a horny father and son.


Dixie stirred in her sleep. Something was pulling on her arm. She was engulfed by the body of a large black man, his spent cock still inside her. It was a struggle to turn her head and see what was disturbing her. She peeked out from under Jamon's chest and blinked in the darkness until Rose's image came into focus. "AWWW... What do you want?" she yawned.

"Aaww," said Rose yawning in response. "Get up and get a shower. Amir and Deshawn want to take us to Key West today."

"Really! Help me out." Dixie wiggled while Rose grabbed her arm and attempted to pull Dixie out from under the giant black man. Instead of sliding free, her squirming had the opposite effect on the cock plugging her pussy. "Shit! He's getting hard again! I'll meet you there."

Dixie spread her legs wider as Jamon came awake and started fucking her again. Her body reacted quickly, her hips lifting up into Jamon's thrusting cock. "Fuck me Jamon, Give me that big cock," she growled at him. Fifteen minutes later, he grunted at sperm began filling her pussy. This time his cock did plop out and the half sleeping black man rolled off her. Dixie climbed off the bed and walked downstairs to the shower, hunched over with one hand cupping her pussy to keep his sperm from leaking out.

"About time," said Dixie, dressed in her spade bikini.

"Jesus Rosie, it's dark outside."

"Amir wants us to himself today and he wants to leave before the others wake up. Now hurry up and shower. Put your bikini on and grab your dress. That's all you'll need.

Dixie showered and dressed. She came down the stair to the smell of bacon and toast. Rose was serving Amir and his son breakfast. The girls joined the black men for a quick bite and soon found themselves climbing on the back of Amir and Deshawn's motorcycles after storing their dresses in containers on the bikes. Dixie was behind Deshawn. She wrapped her arms around his broad chest as he pulled out of the driveway.

The sun came up soon after they left. Though tired and exhausted, Dixie found herself enjoying the morning. It was warm and beautiful outside. The sun sparkled on the blue water under the myriad of bridges they passed over. The powerful motorcycle throbbed under her legs as she wrapped her arms tighter around the strong man steering the bike. One hand slid down his chest over his hard flat stomach. She found the base of Deshawn's cock and slid her hand over the long shaft as it traveled down one pant leg. It swelled at her touch. The bike suddenly sped up and caught up with Amir and Rose. Shawn honked the horn to get his dad's attention, then took the lead. Soon he turned off into a private parking area on the gulf side and Dixie found herself leaning over his bike while his huge black cock fucked her from behind. Next to them, Amir was doing the same to Rose.

An hour later, they were on the rode again. The men stopped off at Big Pine Key and showed them a fresh water hole with a couple alligators in it. Soon after that, they entered Key West and Amir and Deshawn gave them a tour of the island. The beach area was filling up as they circled the island. Amir led them inward and through the above ground cemetery. They rode past the Hemingway house and climbed the Key West lighthouse. After a quick lunch, the girls pulled their Queen of Spades dresses on and they hit some clubs. Key West was a lot busier then Islamorada and the various bars had a decent crowd that seemed fascinated with the two big black men and their sexy white women. After a long day of drinking and dancing, they walked down to Mallory Square to watch the sunset and the street performers. Then they had a quick dinner.

After that, things got strange.

"Aaaawwww," yawned Dixie.

"Tired?" asked Shawn.

"Yeah I'm tired," she replied. "You guys don't like to let us sleep much."

Amir laughed. "Sleeping is what you do in bed with white men. Black men use beds for fucking especially when we're with stacked white bitches. No get them dresses stowed." He checked his watch. "We're heading home soon and we'll show you what black men do in bed with white women."

"Can't wait," said Dixie, exhausted, but smiling at the thought of having Amir or his son between her legs again soon. Hell, maybe Gage would grab Rose and she could take both father and son on. "Why do you keep checking your watch?"

"Got somewhere to be in five minutes," replied Amir, straddling his bike. "Take the dresses off and mount up." Rose climbed up behind him after stripping back to her bikini and stowing the dress on the bike and Dixie did the same for Deshawn. The motorcycles pulled down Duvall street, leaving the busy section and heading for the quieter section of the island. When they reached the water, they turned the bikes right, heading to the Southernmost point one street over.

The Southernmost point in a big striped buoy and tourist stop. During the day, they had visited it and encountered tourists taking pictures and vendors hawking goods. Now, it was quiet, but for the occasional car passing by and a Hispanic man leaning against a parked car.

Without shutting the bike off, Amir rode up to the man and took a small duffle bag from him. Amir quickly secured the bag in the storage compartment holding her dress. After that, he pulled forwards and Deshawn took a bag from the man. Once the bags were secured, the motorcycles turned around and drove along the Southern end of the island. "What was that?" yelled Dixie in Amir's ear.

"Nothing," he replied, turning his head.

"Is it drugs? You guys are drug dealers?"

Amir pulled over in a parking space along the public beach. "Alright, what's the problem?"

Dixie climbed off the bike. "I don't want nothing to do with drugs."

"Damn, I didn't know you guys were dealers," said Rose, joining her and equally concerned.

"We ain't dealers," said Deshawn. "And if you don't like it, you can stay here."

"So those aren't drugs?" asked Rose. "Let me see in the bag."

A cop car suddenly slowed down and drove past them. The policeman driving stared at them until Amir waved. The cop's eyes checked out Rose and Dixie's small bikinis and then assuming nothing was wrong, he drove off.

"If it isn't drugs, then what's in the bag?" asked Dixie.

"Drugs," said, Amir. "It's Wednesday night, probably a kilo of coke per bag, some pot, X, and maybe some heroin."

"FUCK!" said Rose and Dixie together.

"But we ain't dealers," said Deshawn.

"Shawn's right," added Amir. "We're mules. We just run the stuff from Key West to several modeling agencies up in Miami every week. The agencies place the orders, we meet the supplier here, and then run it up to South Beach. Been doing it for eighteen months now. We get a grand per trip."

"I'm not comfortable with this," said Rose.

"Tough shit," answered Amir. "Now get on the bikes or do what my son says and stay here." Amir started the engine again.

"I don't like this, Dix," said Rose.

"Me neither," she answered.

"If you're staying," said Deshawn starting his motor. "Then I want our bikinis back."

Rose and Dixie looked at each other. "Last chance," said Amir. Dixie was the first to move. She walked up to Amir's bike and climbed up behind him. "Good choice," added Amir. "Now just hope we don't get stopped cause now you is accessories." He took off out of the parking spot. Deshawn and Rose soon followed them.

Dixie felt a little less nervous after they crossed the bridge from Key West. She half wished she could lay her head down on Amir's back and take a nap, but that would have been too dangerous. She almost did doze at one point and when she woke up, the roar of the motorcycle sounded even louder. She leaned back and roaring motorcycle engines filled her ears. They were surrounded by motorcycles, at least twenty of them.

Dixie looked around in alarm. The gang was riding along with Amir and Deshawn. Almost all the gang members were wearing black leather or jean jackets with the arms ripped off. The back of each jacket had the image of a snarling black panther on them. It was dark and she couldn't see the entire gang, but every bike near her that had a helmet-less rider or wore a helmet, but had bare arms, was showing black skin. The gang appeared to be all black men.

A motorcycle pulled up close to her left. Dixie glanced over at the rider. He wasn't wearing a helmet. His features were very African, dark black, flat nose, and big lips. His face was hard, but his eyes were hidden behind goggles. The man wore a do-rag over his shaved head. His arms were bare and very big, maybe even bigger then Gage's. His eyes ran up and down her body. He pulled ahead a little and fist bumped Amir as they rode side by side. More bikes came up alongside her and she lost sight of Rose behind Deshawn. All the riders checked out her body. The engine suddenly slowed a little. The biker beside her gestured off the rode and all the bikes including hers turned off an exit and pulled up to a secluded beach area.

Amir pulled into a parking space and the other motorcycles pulled in beside them. The parking area was dark and didn't have lights, but the moon was full, reflecting off the ocean illuminating the small beach. The sandy beach was small and the water was close to the parking lot. Off the lot, several picnic tables and a few free standing grills were arrayed around palm trees.

"Damn girl."

"You is one hot white bitch."

"Look at these big ass white titties."

Dixie found herself turning around nervously. She was surrounded by black men all turning their admiring lustful gazes on her scantily clad body. She heard Rose squeal somewhere behind her. Dixie turned to catch a glimpse of her friend, but the man who had commented on her breasts suddenly grabbed and squeezed them. She gasped in surprise at this stranger's boldness. The string on her bikini tugged behind her neck and her spades fell forwards. "Oh my," she gasped when her bikini top was yanked from her breasts.

"Fuck! I've never touched pink nipples before," said the biker squeezing her breasts. His fingers moved to pinch her nipples and Dixie found herself becoming wet.

"Me first," said a deep voice.

Dixie looked over to see the biker who had worn the goggles. They were now up on the do-rag on his head. His arms were huge and covered in blue tribal tattoos that were hard to make out in the dim light. She assumed he'd gotten them in prison. All the black men milling about looked like ex-cons. "Come on Stan," whined the man playing with her breasts.

"Wait your fucking turn," growled Stan. He held out one massive black hand that completely swallowed Dixie's when she reached out to take it. Her pussy gave a little squirt when she touched him. Her nipples were already hard from the chill in the night air and the man who had been pinching him, but now her entire areola started puffing up as her arousal grew. Stan led her over to his motorcycle and with little ceremony had her bend over the seat. Dixie found her panties being pulled off and then, a strong hand was slapping between her legs, getting her to spread wider. A big knob ran up and down her labia. "Well, well," he chuckled. "The white whore is already wet for me."

"UUGGHH!" Dixie was pushed hard into the seat of the bike as Stan's big cock head entered her. "JEESSUSS! That's... a... big... cock..." she gasped.

"You like big black man cock, dontcha slut?" growled Stan angling his big cock so that the head could push through her cervix.

"I love big black man cock," replied Dixie as Stan began to fuck her. His cock was huge, in the Deshawn or Jamon size range. In other words, a really big pussy pleaser. "Fuck my white pussy with that big black man cock," she told him.

"Now that's what I'm talking about," shouted Stan, slapping her ass hard with the palm of his hand. The surrounding black bikers laughed and stood watching their leader fuck Dixie's pussy.

Dixie heard another squeal just as she had a powerful orgasm. She looked up and saw Rose's nude body thrown over the shoulder of powerful young black giant. He carried her over to a picnic table and sat her down on the edge. The man kicked the seat out of the way and struggled to get his pants down as he stepped between her legs. Rose's white legs wrapped around his hips as the couple started fucking on the table. Dixie came again, breathing heavily against the hard seat of the motorcycle. When she looked up, Rose was now on her back while another man had moved around the opposite side of the table and had shoved his cock down her throat.

A fat ten inch cock suddenly bobbed before her face blocking her view of Rose. Dixie looked up at the man. He was pudgy and had a large gut sticking out over his cock. He was also older, past sixty and had bad teeth. He moved closer and shoved his cock down her throat. Dixie couldn't move much and he just grabbed her head, guiding his cock in and out of her throat. It was one of the shorter pricks she'd seen on a black man, but it was also one of the thickest. She almost choked on it when Stan's cock erupted in her womb triggering a huge orgasm.

Stan finished cumming and yanked his cock out. "Where the fuck did you find these sluts, Amir?" asked Stan.

"Just around," replied Amir's voice just as another cock took Stan's place. It was another big one, though not as big as Stan's. It gave her a decent orgasm just as the old man's cock started cumming down her throat. He shot most of his load in her belly and she only tasted a little of his sperm when he pulled his cock out. It tasted old and stale like the man, but it was still thick. The man fucking her pussy came and Dixie had another big orgasm.

Dixie was still gasping for air, when strong hands pulled her off the bike and to her feet. She stumbled as she was led by two more men to a picnic table near Rose. Two different men were with Rose now. The one between her legs had pushed her legs up and back so that he could fuck her ass. His thick black cock was buried deep in her ass and he was trying to push more in. Rose's head was now hanging off the table. Another man straddled her head. His balls hanging right over her mouth. He was sliding his foot long cock between Rose's breasts, fucking her big tits with delight.

Dixie found herself in a similar position. A third man was fucking her pussy while another man had his cock down her throat. This time she didn't cum until the man inside her pussy did. The next man pushed her hips back so that he could fuck her ass. The next black biker decided to titty fuck her the same way Rose had gotten titty fucked. After the man fucking her ass came, another man took her pussy. The man fucking her tits grunted and she felt semen strike her belly. "Fucker," growled the man between her legs. "Ya got yo shit in my pubes." The man fucking her tits pulled away and for a brief moment, Dixie had some release for her sore neck and stretched jaw. The man fucking her came, pulled his cock out and shot a last bit of sperm on her tits. She watched him walk away and it occurred to her that he hadn't made her cum. For the first time, a black man had failed to make her cum.

Dixie looked over at Rose and for a moment she thought the poor woman might be passed out. Stan was fucking her. He had her legs pointed up so that his head was between her feet while he pounded away. Rose showed little reaction to being fucked by Stan's mighty cock. When she finally did show signs of life, it was to turn her head sideways to cough like she was about to vomit. A young black man blocked her view of Rose and guided his twelve incher down her throat just as another man pushed her hips up and took her ass again. When the man fucking her throat came, she suddenly felt like throwing up to. There was simply more cum then there was room in her belly. The cock in her ass jerked and spewed it's pudding deep in her bowels. A torrent of seed followed the retreating cock to pour out of her ass. Another man shoved his cock down her throat. This time, she weekly pushed him back just as he was about to cum. His seed tasted every bit as good as Robert's had, but there was simply no more room in her stomach. His sperm quickly overflowed her mouth and poured down her face, covering her nose, eyes and getting in her hair. She did the same for the next two men to cum in her mouth too until her face had become a mask of dried flaky and wet sperm.

And so the night went. Dixie lost track of the men who had her. There had been at least 20 in the gang and it felt like every one had been in either her mouth, pussy, or ass. She had quit cumming hours ago and sex had ceased being pleasurable. Not that the sex hurt. Her genitals were too numb to feel anything. There was pain, but it was from holding her legs apart for so long, from cricks in her neck, and her back hurt from rubbing against the hard wood on top the picnic table. She wasn't even awake for the last hour or two that men had continued fucking her.

A bright light woke her up. Dixie blinked as she opened her eyes and they became adjusted to the light. The sun's fiery orange ball was halfway up over the ocean, but the image was white and blurry. Her legs still hurt and she tried to close them, but something was keeping them spread. She heard a grunt and raised her head to see a black man still fucking her. He finished cumming and pulled out. There was fresh wet semen on her face too, but she must have been asleep when the last man came in her mouth. Finally she was alone and she managed to scoot back so that her head wasn't hanging over the edge any more. Dixie fell asleep, but it must have been only minutes for when she opened her eyes, the sun wasn't far above the water. The view was still blurry until she wiped the sperm out of her eyes.

There was a roaring in her ears and Dixie quickly covered them at the loud noise. Nearly every motorcycle in the parking lot had started their engines at once and then singularly or in pairs, they left the small secluded beach.

"Go get cleaned up. We need to get going."

Dixie weakly raised her head and looked at Deshawn. He was pulling his shirt on and she assumed that at some point he had made use of her body along with the rest of the gang. "Can't move," she gasped.

"Sorry, but pop and I have an appointment in Miami to make." Deshawn grabbed her arms and pulled her up to a sitting position. He then threw her over his shoulder. "Shit girl, you're a wet mess," he complained.

Dixie saw Rose laying spread eagled on her back on the next picnic table as Deshawn carried her down to the water. Rose appeared to have gotten it every bit as hard as Dixie had. For a moment, Dixie feared that her friend was dead until Amir appeared and Rose groaned as he threw her over his shoulder. Dixie was suddenly flung off Deshawn's shoulder as he dropped her in the ocean water. She hit the water hard, but not too hard as it was shallow and her ass sat down on the sandy bottom soon after hitting the water. The chill in the water woke her up enough that she could start washing the semen off her body. A second later, Rose splashed down beside her. The two woman were silent as they did their best to clean the cum of twenty black men off their bodies. Dixie saw that Rose was using handfuls of sand to clean herself. She copied Rose and found that sand was the next best thing to a washcloth. She still felt dirty when Amir impatiently announced that they had to get going.