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first timers

Well, define 'too much'! For her I'm not so worried about the 'size' thing, as I can't help but feel it would be an awesome experience for her. In what we're talking about here, it would be her 'first time', so I have to work her into the right frame of mind to 'let go and just do it'.
i am a former pornstar and if your girl hasnt been with a BBC before then u might want to get her some lessons before she steps up to the big leauge.. this 10'by 7 will rip here right up..... I can show u better than i can tell u......
Aside from the posts immediately above, which cam from another user, I'd like to get back to the point (and more forcefully) that I'm looking for a 'fantasy fulfillment' for my wife. I'm not throwing her away or otherwise giving her up or any other part of her sweet body; just, as an act of absolute love for her, offering her something I expect she would enjoy without the fear of 'doing something behind her husband's back'; a thing that, trust me, she wouldn't be into (yes, she rocks that much). She wouldn't be into 'being smacked around', or choked or anything else that was violent BEYOND what might be expected from simply taking something into her body as large as what some of you guys seem to sport. Let me know if interested, here or at cspringfield93@yahoo.com.
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