First time

I remember the first time I saw her take 13 inches. We were in college dating and I was her first (only 4" long when hard, and 1" wide and a little thicker than a marker). It got serious after a year of dating and when I asked her to married she said she didn't want to get married after dating just one guy, so I told her if she wanted too she can date someone else and then we can get married. She had this are u sure look and her face I told her that's what love is all about. We started looking for the right guy and found a guy and found this tall fit black guy in Dallas. We traded pictures and talked for a few months all the time we made a deal no sex. For privacy sake we'll call him De'vonte, he was 6' tall 185 lbs. brown eyes faded hair cut. His dick was REALLY big 13" long about 3" wide and the size of a cock can around. The came when we were to meet him at a hotel in Dallas, I took my wife (then girlfriend at the time,) to buy all new panties and bra , painted her nails did her hair and of course waxed her pussy and ass. I dressed her and we left for Dallas.

When we got to the hotel I asked her how she was feeling she said nervous, scared but very exited. She was worried he would be too big and would not like her tight smooth little pussy. As she sat on the bed in her black mini-skirt with pink trim and white and pink tank top I knelt down in front of her and kiss her feet and told her he's gonna love you. Then 15 minutes later a knock on the door I told her he's here for you and she walked over to the door opened it and smile as she saw this tall well built cute black man who walked in and sat on the bed, she walked over and they talked for a few minutes. She smiled and laugh a they got to know each other a bit my heart was beating so fast and pounding so hard I could hardly hear them; then he moved closer, held her in her arms and gave her long passionate kiss. They began making out the look on her face was priceless she had NEVER been with another guy in her life and now it was really going to happen.

After what seemed like forever, they stopped kissing; he stood up in front of her and told her to take it out, she quickly looked at me with a look that had both fear and curiosity. Biting her lips she raised both eyebrows to see if I would object. I smiled and told her you know what to do. She took a deep breath; exhale then unbuckles his belt and unzipped his pants. His pants fell to the floor and the expression on her face changed immediately as her mouth dropped and her eyes opened wide she saw for the first time the size and shape of a real mans cock. When he saw how tight she was he whispered damn girl you don't have much room do you?. She just smiled and said I told you I was very tight, I guess we're just gonna have to make some. De'vonte smiled and asked her are u ready as he press the head of his huge black cock against the close lips of her pretty smooth pussy and pushed.

My beautiful sexy soon to be fiancé gripped the sheets and let out a sound I never heard before. Ssssss..OOOhhh..Yessss and that was just the head of his cock. I knew that a woman's pussy can get longer during sexual arousal and I also knew that all she's had is my little 4 inch thing, so technically it was virgin territory pass that 4 inches, And that's where he was going. She looked over to me again worried that I might be angry or upset, but all she saw was love and how happy and proud I was of her. She reached for my hand as she bit her lips; he asked do you want me to stop? She moaned no; as I took her hand. He looked her in the eyes and gave her another passionate kiss for a few minutes then asks can you take all of it? My fiancé who we'll call Katherine (Kay) for short, she let go of my hand hugged him then wrapped her legs around him and whipped I can take it all just push until your all in me. De'vonte asked her are you sure? Once I start we WON'T stop. She just smile and bit her lips as she looked deep into his eyes and they began kissing, De'vonte pushed in another 2 inches into her wet swollen pussy and Kay let out another loud sigh ahhhh. She looked at me kneeling beside the bed with both pleasure and pain on her face and mouth thank you. I told her don't tell me tell him, she looked at him kissed him and whispered thank you.

He began working his massive cock in my soon to be fiancé pussy, Deeper and deeper stretching her tight little hole beyond anything she's had. I moved behind them so I could see his BIG BLACK COCK spreading her swollen lips. She was so wet it ran down lubricating her virgin asshole. At this point I had a startling realization, I was more turned on and aroused by this than I was having sex or playing with my little penis. At this point De'vonte had half of it in her then he stopped, took her legs and placed them on his shoulders. Now remember he is 6 feet tall and my fiancé is only 5 feet so her ass was raised up giving him full and unhindered access to her baby maker (uterus), They looked at each other and kissed again then she whispered " give it to me " "give it to me, I want all of it", He slowly but steadily and forcefully push all of it in her until it was balls deep pressing against her baby maker. She let out a LOUD scream Cumming from the pleasure and pain of his big cock stretching her and his cock head invading her so deep. She was breathing heavy as he pulled all the way out and slowly forced it back in balls deep, De'vonte began stroking her faster and faster, harder and harder. The more he did the LOUDER she got and the more she came, he pulled out quickly and she squirted for the first time in her life, Kay licked her lips and instinctively rolled over with her ass in the air. He rubbed  the head of his wet cock still hard and oozing cum between her puffy lips and pushed it balls deep as she bit down on the pillow and let out a yell. Kay raise her head and yelled over and over GIVE IT TO ME, So De'vonte did. He gripped her hip and slammed his cock balls deep over and over and over, then asked her where should he cum?

Biting her lips she looked at me, I told her; tell him. And she looked over her shoulder and I want your cum deep in me. he pulled out and rolled her over on her back with her legs up again he look at me and told me to guide it in her, I took his big cock and placed the head of between her wet slippery lips h when balls deep in one stroke which caused Kay to cry out in PAIN and pure PLEASURE all the while Kay kept yelling loudly "GIVE IT TO ME ". He did this over and over until he emptied his HUGE balls deep in my fiancé well used pussy. He collapsed on top of her and they began kissing again with her whimpering and shaking. She look into his eyes and told him and said thank you sooo much I’ve NEVER cum like that before, De'vonte pulled out and Kay licked him clean kissing the tip. They kissed one final time then I walked him to the door and I thanked him for making her a woman. At this point she was all sweaty and her pussy was filled and soaks with their love juices, I walked over to my bad and took out a small black box which had her engagement ring in it. She looked surprised and said let me get cleaned up, that’s my job I told her. She had a surprised look on her face as she asked, are you sure? I told her this is how much I love you. No matter what happens or what you do I'm committed to you. I place the Platinum diamond ring on her finger, she looked at the ring smiled then looked at me bit her lips and said ok. I laid on the bed as she stood over my face and asked are you ready?

I looked up at her with my mouth open wide she sat down and pushed hard, There was sooo much love juice I could hardly swallow fast enough. Then it happened, she pissed a little; Oh I'm sorry as she tried to just up I grabbed her hips mmm I said as I pulled her pussy harder against my mouth. Her facial expression was one of shock as she said are u serious? I moaned again and puller her down even harder. She raised one eyebrow smiles and said ok as she let out a sigh and began to pee. She held my head to her pussy,  you better not spill she said. I swallowed as fast as I could, it tasted wonderful and was better than water. When she was all done she bent over and I spread her ass cheeks kissed her asshole as she pushed and made her sweet hole kissed me back. I tongue fucked her ass until she came again; I told her I loved her and she fell asleep.