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First Time with a Black Man

How many Black men do you think I have been with ?

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So whose brave enough to say what was it like your first time with a black man .

I'll go first.

I was 14 and he was 42 and a friend of my Dad's.

I had always liked black men and kissed them at school but nothing else.

All I can say is the length and thickness of a BBC reaches parts that white guys cannot get to which is why many girls cannot go back to white guys after they have been with black . I know I will never.

Due to his size it was uncomfortable at first but once we got used to it the sex was incredible . I still see him now and he is 70! Just as big and just as virile . Love you @BlackDaddy . 4.jpg
i was 19,when i lost my black cherry....i was in college,and working with my room mate as escorts. my first bbc,was a client,we went out for a meal,few drinks,club and then to his place for sex.