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First Time Wife Wants Sexy BBC in Dallas

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Wife finally admitted that her fantasy is to be taken by a sexy well endowed black man. We have been watching IR films for years and a year ago started using a bbc dildo. She acted all the time it was just for me but I could tell she was way turned on. After recent multiple orgasms with her toy she admitted her fantasy. She will be nervous but I can tell she really wants it if we meet the right guy. She wants someone very sexy (great body, nice smile and face), needs to be at least 8in and needs to be non threatening. Not interested in a Bull. Someone cool, fun and sexy. It may become more than a 1 time thing if all goes well. My wife is very pretty soccer mom type. She is 40 but looks like early 30s. We live in Dallas area but could travel to New Orleans possibly.
Chris, what a beautiful hunk of meat! Do you do Asian sluts?

wife4black, we are near Dallas, too. Let me know how your wife's search for black cock goes. If she likes it maybe she can help persuade my wife to go black, too.
Not open for further replies.