First time was a BBC


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I guess that I should start my blog with the first time I ever had sex. It started me off, I believe, on how I am today. I was about 14 old and it was the summer before my 15th birthday.
My parents had a working farm and there was always plenty to do. It was great growing up there with all the a****ls and chores, it kept me quite busy. One of my best friends during this time was Jamar , an older black man in his late 50's,one of my fathers farm hands. He was tall and strong and for a farmhand and quite distinguished...and my best friend.
I was physically developing and very curious about everything. I'd ask Jamar all sorts of questions and he'd either try to avoid it or redirect me onto something else. This had gone on for a while and I think at the time I was tiring him.
One afternoon , I noticed him going into one of the barns. When he didn't come right back out , I went in looking for him. I walked into the barn and didn't hear anything,I kept looking and going further into the barn when I heard a muffled kind of sound coming out of one of the rooms where we stored some hay. I was scared and wasn't sure what was going on , so I kept quiet. I reluctantly looked through one of the gaps in the wall and didn't know what to expect.
I remember being shocked as well as having this whole new kind of wave run right through me. My jaw just dropped,there was Jamar sitting on a blanket that he had laid out over some bales of hay, his pants down , looking at girly magazines and stroking himself. I just sat there watching him as he did this and all I can say is that this new wave of whatever it was , prevented me from running out. I was so focused and mesmerized with what I was watching, I forgot where I was and knocked something over, alarming Jamar.
He yelled out, who's there? I quietly came around the corner with my head bowed down ..he started to decent himself as he asked me what in the hell I was doing.
I told him that I was watching him and that I was curious about boys and wanted to know how they worked because they were so different. I begged him to continue so that I may watch closer as I sat down and started thumbing through his girly mags.He sat down beside me and told me that it would have to be our secret and that If my parents ever found out, that I would never ever see him again. I agreed and he took himself back out of his pants.
He wasn't as stiff as he was 5 mins ago, but as he stroked it , it started growing again. I was amazed at how that thing grew and looked, I had never seen one up close. I remember it all veiny and as big as my arm. I asked him how long did he do that for, and he told me until he came. I really wasn't sure at the time what in the hell that meant.As he continued, I was feeling all funny and asked him if I could touch it. He said only if he could touch mine. It sounded fair, so I got up and took my shorts and panties off and sat back down. I spread my legs apart and took his hand and put it there. He started to rub my privates and it felt good , he took my hand and placed it on his penis. I was amazed at how soft, yet how hard it was ! He guided my hand up and down, showing me the rhythm he liked. It was so thick and heavy , It was very difficult to keep up that pace.
As I kept stroking , he was rubbing and toying with my slit making it very very wet. He would on occasion slip a finger into me, then pull it out and rub it all over down there. My breathing increased..I felt different. I was looking at his big penis as I pulled the skin back and forth , exposing the very pretty pink head. I ask him If was alright to kiss it, he nodded yes. I kissed the side as if it were my 5th grade boyfriend..then moved up and kissed the sticky wet head.I put my tongue on it and was quite amazed on how it tasted. it was delicious! So , I kissed more and more and before I knew it , I was sucking on it.
He let me do that for a while and then he pulled me off it. He told me that he wanted to kiss mine. He got up and positioned me better on the blanket and started to kiss my slit and ran his tongue through it as well as all over it. All I can remember is that I was losing my mind! He went on for who know's how long, when he came back up stroking his cock. He asked me if it was okay to rub his penis on my slit...I willingly agreed( I knew how soft it was ).
He spread my legs wider and rubbed the end of his penis up and down my little slit..and then rubbed the length of it up through and over my clit, and then back down through my slit again. Everything was so wet, and he kept doing that taking all of the time in the world. Slowly as he would slide it through my slit , he would push the head into it with more pressure. He pulled back and looked down at me and asked me if was okay to go inside of me. Sp far everything felt very good , I didn't the reason to stop. I nodded anxiously, He slid it back into position again and applied more pressure, I felt him entering me. I didn't think that it would fit, It was overwhelming pleasure mixed with extreme pain. It got better when he started to pump into me steadily.
I was lost with him pumping me, he told me that this was the same as watching the horses breed ! He asked me if I liked it,I just cried out like I had never before in my life. Never had I felt anything like this and my body, emotions and loyalties were being realigned.He asked me if I had got my period yet,when I replied No ,he just grunted and released into me collapsing.
We were just lying there all sweaty and sticky. He pulled himself up and out of me, I felt very empty, and dangled his penis in front of my face and told me to clean it off. As I did, he told me that a good woman would always do that for her mate. The taste was what I thought at the time so different and foul..but I wasn't going to disappoint this man, and did as I was told.He got dressed and again told me not to tell a soul ( I wasn't) , and left me there to clean up.
I pulled my panties and short back on and headed on out of the barn.His cum made a mess of me, running still out of me, but I wasn't going to complain.
That was our start to the summer and things continued to get heated up..with him ( now that I look back) conditioning my submissive side......