First time this past Monday.

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    So my girlfriend finally set a date to meet her bull and it was this past Monday, now a little background info on us is that we aren't your typical cuckold couple. I don't go in for a lot of the "sensationalized" and romanticized stuff. I'm a pretty big former high school and college football player, so while I like my girlfriend to play at SPH, it's not really small, and well above average thickness.

    I do get off on her doing the SPH stuff though, but I definitely don't do the cleanup or anything like that. More power to guys that are into that, but I like women and while I love the idea of BBC in my girl, I don't want to help put it there or get it ready or clean up after.

    This first one she was meeting a guy she met on Craigslist at a hotel, I wasn't going to be involved but she was going to get some pics and maybe some video for later on. We actually have a great sex life, but my girl can keep going and going, and after a while you get worn out. Even when you really tear into her and she's sore, she still wants more. So while I always had the fantasy of being cuckolded, I think part of me wanted her to find someone to help fill the gaps when I was too tired from work or just couldn't go anymore.

    Her texts to me after her night:

    Soo he dragged me to the end of the bed and this is the first time so while my legs were spread he put the condom on saying how bad he was gonna give it to me

    I was pretty wet even with being nervous so he was able to slide in easily

    Slow at first ... just the tip and then working his way more and more

    Just until I was taking it all .. nice and slow

    Then he took my legs and spread them and started going harder and deep

    Then he started playing with my clit

    he kept calling it BBC ... he would do this round motion when he made the circulation he would go really deep and while he was doing that he would say, "getting that BBC ... getting that BBC in this tight pussy"

    I told him it felt good and I was his dirty slut now

    He tore my bra away and grabbed my tits for leverage .. that felt amazing

    And then he bent down and sucked and bit them

    My nipples were so sensitive

    so I started giving him an hj and he got a little harder but I was ready so I initiated the second bj

    And he got hard quick

    So he got up off the bed and asked me what position I wanted and I said doggie

    So he told me to get my ass over to the edge of the bed and spread em

    So I did!
    So he slid in and started off really slow again and then when I was taking it all in again he started getting rough

    Started off by smacking my ass and going deep when he did

    He kept the pace steady but would go really deep and hard once in a while ...

    yelled out .. letting him know I liked it

    So he kept doing that with the smacking and then he would grab my bra and my hair and go really hard and fast

    I let him know

    Told him how good he was and how great it felt

    So he pulled out and told me to get over to the table

    He wanted me to watch him fuck me

    he told me not to move at the table and I did .. and said if I was gonna be his slut I needed to learn how to listen and not be so hard headed


    So he came over to me .. slapped my ass hard and went in hard and deep and I watched him while he fucked me

    After he told me to not be hard headed and I was gonna be punished I stopped and I think going in hard was my punishment ... though not much of one

    That was hot though ... watching him fuck me .. keeping eye contact with him

    And it felt good ... he smacked my ass then too

    deep ... And we almost came at the same time but I came first and then he ran off to the bathroom again

    Theeen after a while at the table we went back to the bed

    And I got on the edge again and he grabbed my legs and put them on his shoulders

    Which .. whew .. was good and when I came again

    After everything we were on the bed and he was saying how he wanted to have a regular thing and that I was his slut now and I had to refer to him as mandingo

    And he was gonna fuck that tight pussy good

    Him fucking me on the tabke with the mirror .. i've never done anything like that before

    Well the whole experience was that but the table was diff

    Watching his face ... enioying my pussy from behind ... watching him pound hard and deep

    That was my fav

    And so ended her experience. She had a really good time even though she was nervous, but she wont let me share the pics just yet. I guess slow steps towards being more open about it. Although she did tell me some curious things, like that a lot of people have this idea of the BBC being this mythical thing that goes around giving orgasms, and she did have 3, but when we have sex she usually has 6-9 and sometimes more. So she said it was definitely fun and would do it again, but it wasn't some mind altering experience or anything. I asked her if she wanted to be BBC only and she laughed and said she's too greedy for that.

    Well that's the end of this one, hopefully I'll be around more!
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    Thanks for sharing
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    We loved the idea of posting texts.
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    Congrats. .m going to hve my 1ft BBC sex this this Saturday(4 jan)..share sum of ur experience. .