First Time the Bull Came in Your Wife... Your Reaction?


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the first time it happened was on our second meeting with our now regular BBC and it was arranged that I would come back from work in my truck at dinner time and walk in on them fucking, I let myself in and made myself upstairs to our bedroom, I could see H on the bed on her back our friend in between her legs eating her pussy, I just sat down on the floor watching as they carried on, it was a major turn on listening to H moaning away as he expertly soon had her quivering and shaking with just his tongue and a finger inserted inside, this carried on for over half hour and she had several orgasms, I just had my cock out wanking and was amazed how he was turning her on, she looked stunning and I had never seen her so intensely enjoying herself. that mesmerised by what was happening in front of me I never heard a horn outside, it was my boss, he had driven past saw the truck and wanted to give some invoices, so I had to go to the door, H and her BBC just carried on. I had to leave them to it or it would of looked odd to my boss. when I got back home about 2 hrs later the BBC was just leaving the house and we acknowledged each other as he drove past me on our road with a very big smile on his face. when I walked inti the house, H was not answering to my call so I went upstairs into the bedroom, she was lying on the bed, covered by the quilt, I kissed her and asked her if she fine and why I had to leave so abruptly. she just looked at me and said" that was the best fuck I have ever had" pulling the quilt back spreading her legs and opening her puffed pussy lips open, she said "he asked me whether he could cum inside me and I said yes" I looked as blobs of thick cum came dribbling out of her, and for the first time in my life I wondered if it made me gay cos I just wanted to get my tongue inside my wife s pussy and clean her? I eventually got to put my cock inside her and it was one of the most erotic feelings I have ever had. just wish we could do it more often


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The first time I witnessed my wife with a black man I had assumed that condoms would be used and I brought plenty along for them to use. It turned out I didn't need to bother because none were used because Dwayne didn't want to use them and Amie enthusiastically agreed that she wanted to take him bareback. Things just got out of my control and as it turned out she ending up taking bare cock from 4 different black men that evening because Dwayne brought along 3 of his friends. Initially they were just going to watch but they all ended up fucking her.
I have to tell you that it disturbed me as each one unleashed their semen deep inside her. I had always considered that act to be for me and me only but I was forced to get over that notion rather quick. I kept thinking I had given up the alpha male role I had enjoyed in my marriage to Dwayne and his friends temporarily. Once they were done I couldn't wait to make love to her and attempt to reclaim her sweet pussy for my own. I had an uncontrollable urge to shoot my seed into her, to somehow compete with their sperm that was swimming around inside her.
Was I disturbed? Yes. Was I turned on? Yes. It was a night of mixed emotions.
We had agreed to use condoms. We were at a house party when she went off with a bbc to a bedroom. When she cam back, she told me to feel her pussy. It was wet and sticky. Cum was still draining. She told me the condom broke the first time. The second time he fucked her without one since the condom broke on the first go. I was stunned and excited at the same time. The next time I was there when he fucked her. The first time he used a condom. As they lay there resting, he rolled over on her and starting rubbing the head of his cock up and down her slit very fast. She couldn't take the teasing and pulled him into her bareback. He shot a very heavy load at the end. I was totally humiliated and felt inadequate watching him pull out. He made me clean my first creampie. P1010013.JPG P1010014.JPG
When Edwin got balls deep in Pam and blew his first load of cum deep within her love nest! Wow! The sight, sounds, smell and excitement was mind blowing! No question about it! It wasn't only Pam's first strange cock since we married, almost nine years up until that night, it was her first ever BBC! Incredible as it may sound, Edwin has well over 11 inches and man "did he ever know how to use it!" He wasn't one of those "slam bang, thank you mam" type guys, he took his time, allowed Pam's pussy lots of time to adjust to his massively big black cocks length and girth and after that Pam rode it better and wilder than any rodeo cowgirl ever rode a bronco. Edwin and Pam started playing at about 11:00 pm that night and screwed their brains out until the sun came up! They did repeat performances for the next five nights we were at that convention, however none of those nights exceeded the excitement and experience of that first night! Lol

Sorry, you did ask a question about my reaction! The most honest answer I can give is "When I can retain my composure long enough to write about it without jerking off, I'll do just that and let you know! OK!"
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It was an accident. We are swingers. Nothing of cuckoldry. We met a young and nice Quenian couple in a swingers party. I fucked the Ebony Queen (beautiful, a goddess) and the black man fucked my wife. Both of us using condom. Unhappily his condom broke when he was cuming and launched a huge load of semen inside my wifes vagina. Terrible. He apologized and she imediattely washed her pussy very much. Days of great distress because she and I, at that time, did not want sons. Even if they were our own.Luckly her menstruation came on time. Just a fright.:eek::eek::eek:
It was with her first steady lover. She had been with him a few times and used a condom. One night, he kept having issues with the condom staying on. She ripped it off him and told him to fuck her. I watched as his bare cock slid in and out of my wife's pussy while i sat in a chair jerking on my little cock. He ended up squirting a huge load into her and she then let me have sloppy seconds. I slid into her wet, sloppy pussy and came after 3 strokes.