This story was inspired by a post on this site. She told an amazing story, complete with a few pics. I just added a few more details, some imagination and characters.

This story is dedicated to you, wonderful lady who enjoys BBC!

First Time, Now I Understand

Hi, my name is Alisha. This is the story of my first time with a Black Man. Perhaps this story should be titled: ‘OMG why didn’t you all say something sooner!’

A little about me. I am a blond in my mid-20’s, married for two years to a wonderful man, my body of average height, my breasts are C-cup and I keep myself fit at the gym 3 days a week and I cycle on the weekend. During the days when I am ovulating, I get very horny. Oh, and I am the lover to my best friend’s husband, they are both Black, and I am the mother to a wonderful baby boy.

Ok, here is the story:

My husband, Jim, loves me. He’s got a great job. He swept me off my feet when we were dating, but, as a lover, he is standard. Gals, you know the drill (ha). Five inch penis, sometimes gets soft when inside, a few minutes of action and he’s done. Sometimes he will bring me off with his fingers, sometimes not.

Other men love to hit on me, especially the Black Men in my area. The warm sunshine, skimpy cloths I wear, seems to attract the Black Men to me like honey to bears. Jim is ok with it. We joked a lot over it. My girlfriends see it too. Some of them have had Black Lovers. But, all I have gotten in the form of advice is giggles and sly looks along with the occasional story of ‘how good it is’ when I was in college. They never told me HOW good it was.

So, about a year ago, during our lovemaking, I asked Jim how he would feel if I took one of those Black Men up on their offers. It seemed to turn him on right away. We both had a good laugh as we had sex. Jim stayed hard for a while longer than usual. Then we made love again later that night; which is not usual for us, or should I say, Jim.

The idea to take on a Black Lover was planted, but like all fantasy taboos, we never persued it past pillow talk. Let one of these anonymous guys fuck me that came on to me? Never gave it a real thought. But, I could sure use one of those encounters to teaze Jim with in the bedroom. Deep down, I always had a curiosity about Black Men. How they were as lovers; were the rumors true?
So, over a year ago, Jim and I decided that it was the right time to start a family. A month after I stopped taking birth control pills, my horny hormones really kicked in when I was ovulating. I’d practically tear Jim’s cloths off when we got into bed. He was very accommodating, of course, but after three months, the pregnancy tests were still negative.

Then, the weekend of my next ovulation, Jim got a call from work saying that they had to be on a full weekend project for an important client. Neither of us were very happy about that; we were looking forward to a weekend of serious love/baby making. When I told my close friend, Tina, about the situation, she offered to help take my mind off ‘it’ be going cycling and shopping with me that Saturday. What a great friend! Little did I know what I was in for.

Jim dropped me off at Tina’s front door the next morning. I had practically jumped his naked body when he came out of the shower earlier in the morning. Dutiful and loving husband that he is, he accommodated me needs with a quick send-off fuck. I guess he had a lot on his mind because he came quickly in me, so fast that I could hardly tell when squirted inside of me. He gave me a quick kiss and told me to dress fast. As a woman, I needed and expected more when he returned later that night.
Tina greeted me with a big smile that morning at her door. She was dressed in a tee and shorts, ready for a day of fun and sun, as was I. We did a little rollerblading along the beach to enjoy the morning sun, then we biked around town for a bit, lunch and shopping, then a bit of walking in the afternoon. I could feel the eyes of every man on me they passed us. Tina’s good company kept me distracted from the constant thoughts of sex. Tina read my mind when she suggested we head home toward the end of the day and order some great Chinese takeout.

Leo, Tina’s husband, greeted us at their door when we arrived home. He gave us both a big hug and kiss to welcome us back. As he stepped back from me after our hug, I gave him a good looking over. He is just over six feet tall, muscular, broad chested, with huge biccept muscles and muscular legs. I welcomed his male essence in my presence. Yes, I did have a momentary fantasy daydream about him at that moment.
Leo ordered the Chinese food, then poured a glass of wine for each of ‘his gals’ as he called us. He got out the Wii for us to play some games as Tina picked out a movie for us to watch later in the night. The food was great and the conversation was light. I could not help myself from staring at Leo’s form from time to time during the meal. This he noticed but was so polite about it; he did not break eye contact to stare back at my breasts like most guys to. I was so comfortable and relaxed by my friend and her husband’s company.

Leo and I slowly sipped our wine, but Tina had a second, then a third glass of wine during the meal. It was Saturday night, no worries over a few glasses of wine.

After dinner, Tina tried to get us interested in some boring romance film. It was more fun to be next to Leo playing the Wii on the floor. After a few tennis matches, we noticed that Tina had fallen asleep on the couch. Slowly, as we continued to play, our bodies touched as we sat next to each other. As I leaned back to giggle over some play, Leo made his move. He wrapped his arm behind my back and drew me toward him, planting his lips securely over mine to give me a full on kiss.

I kissed him back. The moment I opened my lips just a little, his tongue was swirling around my mouth. It lasted only a few seconds. When we separated, he could see it in my eyes. I wanted him.

Our second kiss lasted a lot longer. Our tongues dueled in our locked lips. I pressed into his lap as both his hands circled around my back, under my shirt and began to caress my back. I hungered for more contact. His powerful male essance was intoxicating to me. I drew my chest up against his, pressing my breasts against the muscles of his chest, giving myself to him.

Leo understood. Silently, he lifted me off the floor with his powerful body. My legs wrapped around his stomach as he carried me, still kissing me, to their bedroom. Holding me back of my neck in his hand, he lowered me onto their bed. With his other hand, he reach out and closed the door. I was about to say something when his lips lowered to mine. Still kissing me, he drew his hands down over my body to my waist. Then, in one swift move, he curled his fingers around my shorts and panties and drew then down past my ankles, to the floor. My married pussy was now exposed and open for him.

Without making eye contact, Leo planted a kiss right below my bellybutton. I fought hard to suppress the giggle that the contact of his lips on my belly made me feel. Then, inch my inch, he kissed his way down to make contact with my trim blond bush. He twirled his tongue across my trim hair until his lips made contact with my shaved slit. I practically came the moment his tongue made contact with my clit. My toes curled in excitement as his tongue expertly parted my pussy lips. My first orgasm came seconds after that. I think I heard a quick chuckle of satisfaction from Leo as I came all over his lips and tongue.

As my orgasm subsided, Leo took the opportunity to reach underneath me and unclasp my bra. Seconds later, I was sitting up as my tee and bra were drawn up over my head. I crossed my arms over my breasts and shivered at the realization that I was now naked, on my friend’s marital bed, about to be taken by her husband, a Black Man. I could feel my eyes widen at the sight of Leo drawing his own tee over his head, revealing his well muscled chest and then reach down to remove his own shorts and boxers.

I think I let out a quick ‘ohoo’ as his stunning Black Manhood came into view. His cock was over 9 inches long, thick, erect and practically pointing straight up at the ceiling. I stared at the beauty of this Black Cock, nicely cut, large thick head and shaft. Leo’s eyes met me own as he drew himself down over me. Our bodies, naked, pressed together.

My breasts were firm and sensitive due to my ovulation. Leo’s gentile, powerful hands cupped both of them. He caressed my breasts as he tenderly kissed each of my breasts. When his tongue made contact with my nipple, a shock went down my spine and to my pussy. As I became wetter, I spread my legs wider underneath him.

Leo read the signal, he brought his lovely cock up to make contact with my pussy. For a few kisses, he let his cock rest against my pussy lips. Then, slowly, he began to move his cock up and back over my pussy, teasing me, sending more shocks down my back as his head, then his shaft drew over the length of my slit. All I could do was moan with pleasure at the though of what was about to happen, and I WANTED it to happen so badly now.

The tip of his cock was now pressing against my lips as if asking for an invitation to enter me. The instant I spread my legs open a big more, he gently pushed his cock toward me, parting my wet lips, securing his pathway. For only a brief second my mind registered that his cock was unprotected by a condom. But, the sensation of his cock in contact with my pussy was overwhelming.

It felt so good, so wonderful, so electric as he slowly tunneled and pushed his way into me. He was SO big! I had to struggle to accommodate him. It felt as though I was being split open, his head pushing deeper into me, his shaft spreading my pussy wider. Leo was such a good lover that he took his time, small thrust followed by deeper thrust, responding to my body. Oh, it was so good I came for a second time!

He kissed my neck as my second orgasm subsided. Up to that point, I thought I had taken his entire length. My juices coated his shaft, lubricating our love embrace. Suddenly, he gave a big thrust towards me with his hips, his cock still drover farther into me, opening me and pushing still deeper. He was giving me ALL of his manhood. Oooo sweet the pain of it all! There was pain and bliss intermixed. Leo held my shoulders tighter as he drew his weight against me; I dug me nails into his back as I struggled to accommodate his FULL manhood.

I arched my back against his hold as the third wave of orgasm swept over me. Leo held me firmly, alternately kissing my neck and breasts. As my orgasmic spasms ended, Leo withdrew most of his cock from me. He looked into my eyes and saw that I wanted him back, needed him back. Slowly, his glorious manhood pushed into me again, this time the pain was much less but the electric feeling of him pressing me open was much more.

The sounds of our lovemaking started to fill the room. His cock was now coated in my wetness. There was less effort needed for each stroke. The ridge of his cockhead hit my inner G-Spot with every stroke now, something that I had never felt before. It was mind blowing.

My body responded, my toes curled tightly, my legs circled his hips, almost locking together around him. Leo’s strokes got faster as my own orgasm approached yet again. This time, Leo’s thrusts were deeper, faster and harder. As I opened my mouth to let out a sigh as my orgasm swept over me, Leo thrust deeply into me and held himself there. It was the first powerful jet of his sperm hitting my deep insides that alerted me to Leo’s own orgasm!

My mind was reeling! Leo was cuming inside of my unprotected pussy. “Oh my God, what are you doing! Oh no, stop. Don’t, don’t, don’t stop….I, I want…you”. It was like taking a drug, I was over the edge.
I shook my head back and forth as I was consumed by my own orgasm, my pussy muscles quivering tightly around Leo’s shaft as his cock spasmed inside of me, squirting jet after jet of cum against my womb, releasing all of his swimmers race toward my egg! I was powerless to prevent it, it was happening, and I was enjoying it. I could not speak a word as I struggled, gasping for air, to clam down and catch my breath.

Leo held himself deeply inside of me as my breathing returned to normal. We looked into each other’s eyes, knowing what we had just done. ‘Did Leo know that I was off BC’, I wondered? Did he just impregnate me? Was he ok with that? The thoughts kept flooding in. Slowly, after kissing me on the lips, he withdrew from me. As his cockhead slipped out of me, a wet ‘pop’ filled the room. Leo cradled my head against his chest, his still long and semi-hard manhood pressed against my thigh, wet from our sex.

He held me close for several minutes, then he began to caress my hair and run the fingers of his other hand down my back. My muscles, some that I did not even know that I had, ached. I was so sore down there that I took a while before I could even close my legs. A soreness that even extended to the lips of my pussy. Never had I had sex like this before with any man.

Finally, Leo gave me a kiss on the forehead. He then got up, quickly slid up his shorts and put on his shirt. As I was still stretching out one the bed, Leo returned from the bathroom and handed me a towel. Without a word, I began to clean my pussy with it. The moment I stood up out of the bed, I could feel a trickle of wetness, my juices mixed with his cum, trickle down my leg. I was glad that he was so thoughtful, but the realization of what had happened hit me again. I spent several minutes cleaning my pussy; when I was done, the towel was very damp. Leo threw it into the hamper.

Leo left the room, allowed me to be alone with my thoughts, as I put my cloths back on. Yes, I was concerned about the sperm inside of me, but I was more overwhelmed by the whole experience. Girlfriends, why didn’t you tell me sooner? I never knew a man could be so large, sex so exciting, mind blowing and physically exhausting. For days afterwards my skin and mind tingled at the thought of doing it again. It’s what it must feel like when a person takes drugs for the first time. Even though I knew it was wrong, I so wanted it AGAIN….and soon.

Anyway, I head Jim’s car in the driveway just as I finished fixing up my makeup. Jim was all normal and Tina was all smiles after we woke her up to say good night. But, as I walked to the car, I could feel my panties becoming wet from the cum that was still leaking out of me. I was still too overwhelmed to feel any shame over my actions.

Jim and I chatted a bit on the drive home. Once home, Jim told me he was too exhausted for sex. Just as well, I was too sore to have sex that night. However, well past 1 am, I got out of bed and took a long, hot, shower. I fingered myself to orgasm, thinking of Jim’s gorgeous cock sliding into me. Honestly, I never thought of the Morning After Pill the next day. And that’s where things got ‘interesting’.

Days later, ok about a week later, the buzz from the sex wore off and the realization hit. I had cheated on my best girlfriend with her husband, on their marital bed. How was I going to tell Tina? I had cheated on my husband, with my best friend’s husband. How do I tell him that? How would he handle knowing that a man he knew had taken his wife? And, given the load of sperm that Jim had deposited in my pussy, my womb, I might be pregnant with HIS baby! How would/could/should I tell him of this possibility?

It was too much. About a week later I called Tina and told her I had something to tell her. Over lunch, I told her the story. Tina’s reaction was far less than I expected. ‘I knew it!, she exclaimed. “I found the damp towel, smelling of sex, when I did the laundry”. We both had a good laugh. Jim had done his best to change the sheets and clean up, then denied about the damp towel. Good Jim, trying to protect our secret.

Tina asked me if Jim had been gentile with me, if he had gone slow with me. Naturally, I gave Tina all the details, including how amazing it was to make love to a man so endowed as Jim. I pleaded with her not to be angry at him. Tina, my good friend, burst out in laughter, saying, ‘there is more of Jim to go around than I can handle’ and ‘it was between friends and you get horny as hell when you ovulate.’ We both laughed good and hard at Black Men’s love of white pussy, especially when it’s sitting right next to them.

Tina could not contain her amusement, she called Jim right there from the resturant to gloat at ‘being right’ about him having sex with me. She even put him on speaker so I could hear him stumble and then admit to us having sex. Then Tina informed Jim that I was ovulating when we made love. He was a bit speechless, so she handed the phone to me. My Tina, taking pleasure in putting people on the spot. So I gave Jim the details and that I had not taken a morning after pill. He said he hoped it would be a Boy!
Tina and I left the resturant as friends and with hugs. Also, with a promise that she’s set up future trysts between me and Leo; her condition was that she be kept in the loop about our love making. She did not want to be left in the dark, nor did she want her husband to form too great an attachment to me, or I to him. I pratically got wet thinking of having sex with Leo again right there at the resturant.

Telling Jim was still the problem. I was going to let it all slide until I was presented with a cause for celebration and a crisis. The next month, I missed my period. A week after that, the home pregnancy kit confirmed it, I was pregnant. Father---unknown.

That night, I made us dinner, put on a simple dress, lit a candle in the living room and told Jim that I had an announcement to make. His eyes lit up; poor man. We sat close, I kissed him deeply and he kissed me back. As I looked into his eyes I told him I was pregnant. He was so excited. He hugged, kissed me and tears of joy were in his eyes. Then, I said, ‘Jim, I have something else to tell you. It’s important to the two of us, important for the three of us,’ pointing to my belly. I swallowed hard and told him, my Jim, of the encounter I had with Leo. All the details, and made sure to tell him about much cum was deposited in my unprotected pussy just before I missed my period.

I didn’t know what to expect from Jim. Anger? Shouting? Crying? Anguish? Divorce?

Instead, Jim listened silently as I started out with the line, ‘remember our fantasy about me being taken by a Black Man?’ I finished, ‘so Leo might be the father of our baby’.

The response was unexpected. Jim leaned over to me and kissed me. When our lips unlocked, all he said was, ‘Oh Honey……Honey, come with me to bed’. From there he lifted me up, grabbed under my dress and practically tore down my panties! He was rock hard, harder than I have ever seen him, when he pulled off my dress while I was on our bed. It must have been a few seconds of kissing and rubbing my pussy before he drove his cock into me. It was like he was reclaiming me as his….and could not wait to do it.
He fucked me with long, hard strokes, not as intense as Leo, but good. I enjoyed every moment of it. My punishment for being the unfaithful and possibly pregnant slut with the other guys baby was amazing sex from my husband!

Jim took me several more times that night. I will never forget it. What a little happy slut I was. After the third time, Jim paced around the bedroom for a while. Finally, with his dick waggling around and dripping from our sex, he said, ‘it will be ok, however it turns out, we will make it work.”

I went to bed that night, curled up in his arms, content and feeling safe with my husband. Jim refused to allow me to wear pajamas to bed that high, so when we woke up the next morning, he spread my legs, licked me to orgasm and mounted me again. Later, after breakfast, we called Tina and Leo to tell them that we hand news for them that we needed to deliver in person.

When they arrived, we had the candle lit in the living room and all the shades up to let the sunlight in. Jim did the talking. Such a good husband. Tina and I hugged and cried and smiled about being pregnant. Leo then stood up and walked toward me. We hugged closely for a while. I know he wanted to give me a kiss, but he just patted me stomach.

”Are you both okay with keeping it?” he asked in a sober voice.

Jim and I both shook our heads, ‘yes’.

After all was said, we all went out to the beach and took a long walk together. Jim and Leo spoke together in private for a while as Tina spoke to me. She wanted to know when I wanted to ‘see’ Leo again. She told me that he wanted to continue to ‘see’ me and that as the potential father, he wanted to be close to me. And honestly, I wanted to go fuck him so badly again! We all made plans for the baby to be Black, Leo’s baby.
But, Jim was the one to remind us that he did have sex with me that morning before going to work, before I had my first BBC. Yeah, sure, it could still be his. Sure his weak little sperm, no orgasm from me, against Leo’s massive cock, huge load and multiple orgasms. Who’d you bet on?

So, the weeks rolled into months as my belly continued to grow. The announcements, the showers, the congratulations and the preparations all went as usual. But, I got to have sex, lots of sex, with both my husband and my Black Lover. Hubby, sweet Jim, got to have me once or twice a week, usually in the middle of the week. Friday and Saturday nights were reserved for Leo, plus, when our schedules allowed for it, Tina would slip out of their house and Leo would entertain (fuck) me for a few hours during the week. Jim would sometimes have to deal with sloppy seconds.

The sexual bond between Leo and myself has grown deep. It IS like a drug. His strong firm body, massive manhood, our lovemaking---I can’t think of going without that. Leo would sometimes come over for the evening because having sex at Leo’s place with Tina there was just too strange. Jim would leave us alone and busy himself downstairs, sometimes on the computer, sometimes wanking off, sometimes reading or doing work. The upstairs would be reserved for me and my lover. On several occasions, Leo would spend the night and I’d get to rid his glorious morning hard-on at sunrise. He loved to cup my swollen breasts while I rode his cock as the sun shone into the bedroom.

Needless to say, Leo and I became very bonded. For the baby, of course. Sure, of course.

When that big day arrived, my contractions started early in the morning. Jim drove me to he hospital and Tina and Leo arrived a few hours later when I really started going into labor. The nurses even allowed Tina into the delivery room to hold my hand and put cold presses against my face. Jim was excited and stoic at the same time. He knew there was every chance to seeing a black baby exit out of me. Jim left the delivery room when I started the final pushing.

It was Tina that brought Jim the news. “Jim, you are the father of a lovely white baby boy.” After all that. From Tina’s description, Jim burst out in tears and practically dropped to the floor at hearing the news. My baby is a lovely, healthy and white.

In that little time before he rushed out for work, he got it done. Gave his sperm just enough of a head start to get the first one ahead of the rush. That sex with me that I made him do before he dashed on to work.

In just a few months I was able to lose most of my baby weight. My body looks fit and trim and the sex drive is WAY back to normal. I’m still on BC as I breastfeed and take care of our Son. But, in a few more months, Jim and I would like to add to our family.

Tina and I have discussed it. ‘You have to give your husband a chance at it’, she has counciled me. I know. But the sex with my Black Lover is so intense, so special.

Perhaps we could make a game of it. Poker, winner gets to spend the night with me. Or, take them both in one night, they get to draw straws to see who’s cock goes in first, then they can have me as many times as they like, or can get it up. That would be fun.

Or, perhaps, I can make my decision my own way. I know my body. I know when I am ovulating. I just decide the man for me when it is time. Pregnancy Taboo sex makes me so horny……..