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First time irish couple - Vegas

Hi all,

Have been browsing forums for a while and it's the first opportunity i'm getting to post, and not looking to meet fake couples / fake guys that are all talk.

Have a beautiful asian girlfriend and we're going to Vegas next month.

My biggest fantasy is to see her enjoying bbc...yet i don't know how to bring it up. She's somewhat conservative where she doesn't watch porn so can't throw on the interracial porn together, but she does love sex....never been with a bbc but did mention a couple of times "once you go black" etc etc....

I suppose i'm looking for the perfect opportunity where we're both tipsy and meet a nice, smart, good looking black guy and get chatting....maybe if he was a masseuse we could invite him back and let it go from there.

At the same time, nothing similar has happened before, so looking for advice to spice up our holiday and get her onto my way of thinking.

If you can reccomend someone in Vegas, even better :)

Hey, man. Don't give up. Lots of guys here in your exact position (i.e. conservative asian wife; wanting her to try BBC, etc). Talk with various members and learn to weed out the fakes and flakes. One tip though, definitely makes things easier if you can get her to want this as much as you do. And, above all, make sure you tell her you love her no matter what.

You should post a few teaser pics of your wife to get the BBCs interested in meeting up with her or at least a dinner date with you there.
Cheers eyespy07, not sure will a dinner date work as if anything i think it needs to be a chance encounter when we don't expect it! (obviously i will !) I'll have a look through my phone and add a couple of pics tomorrow evening :)

Any other suggestions welcome guys & gals