First time input

If you have read any of my contributions, you know that this whole idea was suggested to me by my daughter. She has now offered to set me up with one of her friends if I want. I am so horny from the idea, but would love some feedback from experienced first timers.

First, is it to weird the my first might be someone who has also been with my daughter?
If I go through with it, where do you suggest I let it happen?
Since I have never been with anyone but my hubby, I am worried about diseases. Does anyone have a brand suggestion for a comprehensive test?
Should I allow him to cum inside on the first time? Why or why not?
Finally, should if involve my hubby some how? No, he does not know I am thinking about this. But I can't get over the thought of laying with him after and having him lick me after. Thoughts?

Thanks in advance for your input.
Your daughter suggested this? Wow...beyond hot! I'm not experienced in the lifestyle yet, so I hope some others help you out. But, I do think you should definitely do it. It's beautiful that your daughter wants this for you.


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That's kind of funny that you would ask "should I allow him to cum inside me on the first time" ... :p
The fact that you think you'll really be in the position to make that decision indicates your lack of knowledge of the average black male. If you're a white female, and particularly if you're fertile and not on birth control, you should plan on getting large doses of black man "baby batter" pumped into your baby factory equipment regardless of whether you want it or not. It's THEIR primary mission and drive to knock you up, if at all possible. ;)

As far as it being weird that your daughter is volunteering to set up you up with some of her black stiffs ... yes, it is weird IF your daughter is the biological daughter of your husband. But, I'm thinking she's a stepdaughter to your husband ... is that a fair assumption? Your profile says you've been married 17 years, anyways! :)

Also, you say here that you've never been with anyone "other than your husband", yet in a earlier post you talk about cheating with other men when you're on business trips ... I'm kind of confused there. Have you been with other men or not? :confused:
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