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First time here, nervous

I have had a number of threesomes in my life and in the 80s was in a band and our bass player was we endowed. He is longer than I, I am thicker. He and i had a go with a groupy one night.
After that I tried to talk my wife into a session with him but she said it was to close to home.
After that we were vacationed in Mrytle Beach and were doing some crotch watching and spy a fellow of colour who had a very full crotch. turned out he was sitting near us on the beach by himself. Contrary to the rules we were having drinks on the beach and we invited him for a drink. We found out that he was there from DC to golf but turned his ankle and could not golf so he was hanging on the beach.
My wifr was a bigger girl with awesome big boobs and great legs and a perfectly sugared puss.
We chatted for a while and his ankle dressing became loose and my wife offer to assist (she was a nurse). we invited him to our hotel room. Anne offered some ice and went to get a wrap. Before Ann applied the wrap she massaged the leg which seemed to cause his cock to rise. It was hard to miss so Anne;s hands went up hi leg and under his shorts.
Long story short Anne had hot sex with this stranger. He was very long and thick. I lubed him and her and he worked his way in and she came many many times. We saw him once more during the vacation. Very exciting.