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If you read my last post about Jill's new bull we met at a convention in LA, then you know he was HUNG. I've never seen a cock this big nor had Jill, much less taken one six nights in a row! He was not only big in length but his girth was enormous. We were both quite amazed. T he second night he came over and he and Jill started making out, Jill told me she wanted me to put it in her.

In all our experiences I have never had direct contact with her bull's cock except for some incidental touching when we were both pleasuring my wife at the same time. This time Jill wanted me to take hold of his big cock and put it inside her.

He was kneeling between her legs and had been slapping her swollen pussy with his cock to excite her. Finally she wanted him inside and told me to do it. I took a hold of his big slick cock and guided the thick head of it to Jill's moist opening and rubbed it up and down until he was able to breach her. Once in, I moved him back and forth a few times until he disappeared deep inside her cunt.

As they started to fuck, Jill laughed and asked me if I enjoyed it. I admitted that I did. Not so much touching his dick, but being the one to slide it inside my wife.

Try it sometime. It's pretty damn hot!
I haven't ever experienced being a cuckold yet unfortunately but when the time comes I'll give this a shot! I'm always down to try anything. Not interested in touching another mans dick but if you say its hott I'm down!