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First Time For Everything

I told myself I wouldn't post this letter as I wasn't comfortable sharing this information with the people on the loops. However, someone else convinced me that I should do so after all. I realize that many of you are far more familiar with this particular phenomenon than I am. The fact is that Saturday night was the very first time I had ever done such a thing. My husband and a friend of his, plus another couple who are also close friends of ours decided to check into a motel room to experiment sexually. This was definitely a first for us. I have to tell you I didn't expect the overwhelming stimulation involved in experiencing five naked bodies huddled around two beds in a single motel room. You need to understand that from my point of view we had three beautiful men "servicing" us and that in itself was totally memorable. We didn't take any photographs, although now I realize we probably should have. The thing is, now I truly understand what my friend says about "size queens." My husband is certainly no "slouch" in that department, but her husband and the third man were beyond belief. There are so many memories from that night, that I hardly know where to start. I remember being very jealous and very turned on when I discovered my husband had given a loud and delicious orgasm to my best friend. Of course, I was distracted at that moment by two of the most splendid cocks I'd ever encountered. One in my mouth and the other in my pussy. Both the aroma and the sheer volume of cum in the room seemed incredible. I guess those certainly count as a memorable moments...LOL! But the one thing that leaps to the forefront of my mind is how easy the whole thing flowed through the long evening and how much I DIDN'T FEEL GUILTY afterward. I think I honestly feel guilty about NOT feeling guilty! I suppose if we were the type to keep count, I'd have to say that I had each of the three men three times or more. My friend, who is in her middle months of pregnancy, couldn't keep up so I guess I "picked up the slack" so to speak. All in all, as I told my husband, it was something I'd do again.
Awesome story ,, Your friend was preggo at the time " wow" didn't matter if the men came in her preggo pussy. Next time you do this again try fucking bare back with other men while you are fertile. Guaranteed , the thought of you getting well fucked and filled with baby seed , and possibly pregnant will give you the most intense orgasms.
Hot post catalin, it's great to have friends that one can be that comfortable around. What's to be guilty about? Nothing, it was win/win/win/win/win. Won, thanks for sharing hun, and best wishes to you and yours.