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First time encounter

Having spent years talking about it last night was the first of hopefully plenty of exciting encounters.

Fanaticising about her meeting the man of her (mine too) dreams and getting the satisfaction I could not give we had talked endlessly about her getting ready for a night out with another man. So about a couple of weeks ago we plucked up courage to venture online and find a suitable candidate. Deep down I wasn't sure if as we clicked to upload her profile I was doing the right thing and if I could go through with it. Less than 2 hours later we got a reply, as I started to regret the whole idea Belinda went into a chat room with him and then spent hours on her tablet laughing and typing away and sending countless messages. Later that night we made love like never before, she was soaking wet even before I got started, throughout it she said it's too late now and if I didn't like it I shouldn't have gone on about it so much, she had a point!

The next night the moment she got in she took her usual nighttime bath but this time locked the door, something she never really does. Quietly I crept upstairs and could her laughing just like the night before. Later on she said she had been 'chatting' to her new man again and was fixing up a meeting with him. My nerves were in bits but again she seemed determined to go through with it. Saturday we went shopping as she said she wanted to look good if she was to meet him. Whereas she normally dressed quite conservatively today everything was revealing and barely covered her wonderful figure. Our last visit was to the lingerie store and she must have spent an age choosing the most daring bra and knicker set whilst now and again quickly typing into her phone, on the way home her mobile rang and she spent the rest of the journey laughing and giggling again,, asking if he liked the photos, she told me later she had sent him a selfie when she was in the changing room.

So last night came and after rushing back from work she spent the next hour in the bathroom, when she finally came out she looked so different, almost like someone else, my eyes were on stalks and I think my trousers may have been telling the same story. With barely another word spoken she pecked me on the cheek, asked me to wish her luck and was out the door. As she walked down the road I stood in the window as hard as a rock but shaking like a leaf, tonight was for real, no more talking and fantasising, the night we had spent so long talking about was happening right now and soon she would be in bed with another man, somebody else to give her the orgasms I could never give. As she went round the corner and out of view she turned, waved and blew a kiss in my direction, a few more seconds and she was gone. It was happening, she had taken my fantasy and was about to make it real.
What seemed like the ages the night dragged and dragged and the only thing I could think of was what was happening, what had I got us into and what they were doing. Another 30 minutes went by when from nowhere my mobile rang, as I went to get it I suddenly thought what if it was belinda? What would I say? Answering the call it wasn't her but her mother, why did she have to ring tonight of all nights? Must have been the most awkward call in my entire life as I had to think on my feet and come up with where her daughter had gone?, who with? I quickly said she had gone out with a colleague from work and would get her to call back if it wasn't too late. Another hour or so went by when my mobile rang again. Thinking it was going to be another set of awkward questions from someone else I didn't want to talk to I let it go to voicemail. It wasn't another set of questions I would have to blag my way though but actually Belinda, she said to wait a few minutes and check my phone again, said nothing else but wait and see. The longest few minutes passed and my mobile chirped with a message, what followed was picture after picture of them together each time a little less dressed, the last one was a picture showing her underwear laying beside a bed. Another few minutes went by and another call, Belinda again asking if I had got the photos and if I could leave the door on the latch as she wasn't sure what time she would get home. As she rang off I could here a deep voice saying 'was that your husband? Did you say you were sat on my cock as you were talking.
I put the phone down not knowing what to do next, do I wait up for her or do I go up to bed as I had an early start at work. I decided to sit up, every few minutes looking at the clock, every noise outside running to the window. Just after 1:30am a car pulled up and looking through the gap in the blinds I could make out Belinda leaning over and kissing her date on the cheek. As she came through the door I pretended to be asleep for a little while and making out I had been asleep on the couch much of the evening. Kicking her heels off she came into the room, smiled, winked and said what a good evening they had had together. After pouring herself a glass of wine she said did I want to go up to bed. Yeah, let's, I answered. Just as she slipped into the bathroom her phone rang, as she pulled the door shut she winked and said 'won't be long'. I got into bed and a little while later she came out totally naked and carrying her underwear clenched into her fist. getting within distance she threw them in my direction, reaching out to catch them I could not only smell cum but see it soaked into the gusset. As she got into bed she said sorry about the state of her pants but he didn't like wearing condoms so had gone without, this wasn't planned, shit. This was the only thing we had said she wouldn't do, but on her first time and she had already gone too far.
She then asked if I wanted to fuck her, and if I thought I could match her earlier excitement, quick as a flash I pulled my boxers off and she hovered above me slowly pushing deep onto my raging hard on. As she settled onto me she started to grind away with cum dribbling down from her lips onto my cock and settling on my belly. As she started to speed up she stopped and reached over to grab her phone flicking through it she turned the screen in to my direction and said that is what was spilling over me, a picture their cum. Pulling the phone away from me she said that she needed to make a call, thinking she was about to ring her man I couldn't believe it when she left a message on her mothers phone saying she had had a beautiful evening and enjoyed her friends company, as she rang off she pushed down and said I want you to fuck me like never before, I tried but couldn't stay in and kept slipping out. She then raised herself and slowly rubbed her soaking pussy up and on to my chest until reaching my face when she pushed down smothering my entire face, she pushed and rubbed her pussy all over my face demanding me to fuck her with my tongue, without hesitation I pushed my tongue deep between her lips and licked for all I was worth. As I downed his and hers juices she asked if I had had a good evening and if I still wanted her to sleep with other men now she had proved she could do it and got much satisfaction from her encounter, pushing her up for a breather I said ok but next time I wanted to watch through a window or doorway, anywhere but nearer to the action and I was happy for her to fuck who she wanted, when she wanted as long as she came home in the same state and let me clean her up. She told me she wanted to watch me wank as she sent him a text, as she typed she said what the message was, that I had failed in fucking her and was I now wanking my tiny dick and she would speak to him in the morning, she finished with half a dozen kisses, putting the phone down she turned away and said goodnight. I pushed my hand between her legs and pushing my fingers into her I said 'yes, you could say it was a very goodnight. Now I can't wait for her next evening out, she pushed onto my hand and said she hadn't realised how good sex could be and tonight was the start of the rest of her life, she had turned my fantasy into reality and had loved every minute.
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